Frontals compliment your weave bundles best. A majority of the women experience the receding hairline just as a good number of experiences hair loss. Thankfully with such frontals, you will achieve a more natural look.

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Our 3 bundles and a frontal make it easy for you to style the hair however way you want to. These hair bundles deals give you a more natural look. The frontal has a breathable mesh allowing your hair scalp to breathe. With this style, therefore, you will achieve a high level of comfort.

What about the frontal?

When you want to achieve a more natural look, use the frontal. Although frontals are much popular today, they still make the best solution when you want a celeb look.

Our frontals are great, especially since they are handmade. The factories only pick the finest strands to attach to the lace base. Also, we use all the Remy hair for these frontals as well as the bundles.

For even more security, we use the swiss lace to make sure it lasts longer. It’s a stronger type of lace base that can stand a level of manipulation. However, make sure you don’t scratch it a lot.

The base is further ideal because its invisible. Not many people will tell that you are wearing a frontal.

The quality

Generally, all the bundles on this list feature the use of high-quality hair. These bundles use the Remy hair option, which you know has the cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction.

For this reason, the hair appears soft and shiny. This is because the thick strands are moist. Nonetheless, for it to serve you longer, you longer, you will need to use the best products to retain the moisture.

All the bundles are further nicely secured. We use the double weft method to make sure the strands are secure. Notice that the hair never tangles nor sheds because of this quality.

Virgin Remy hair is the closest to the healthy natural hair we have. The only difference is that it doesn’t receive nourishment oils form your scalp.

Its versatile

You will have the hair coming from the different parts of the globe. We have Brazilian Indian Peruvian and Malaysian hair. All such hair has various admirable features, and depending on what you like, choose the one that works for you.

We have the thick and healthy strands that you can fold, pull up, or even let flow. They let you style them in very many different manners.

They come in different lengths to let you choose the length that works for you at different times.

Mind you; they have frontals to deliver a natural-looking style. You can part them anywhere you want.

Which texture are you interested in, though? We have the curly, wavy, and straight hair for you to use.

When do you use the 3 bundles and frontal?

Are you looking to achieve an average to long length style? You will need the three bundles and a frontal. We want you to make a natural flow of the hair.

Of course, though, it depends on the style, you want to achieve. Some styles will need more bundles, even when the hair is short. Ask your stylist for guidance before you buy it.

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