Get the flawless, luxurious, stunning, and good-looking water wave bundles today. Everyone enjoys the wavy hair, but not everyone buys the right wavy hair. At hair theme, you will get the natural hair that's further gorgeous and blends easily with your hair.

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With these bundles, you will look and feel gorgeous. We love to deliver only the best hair bundles. Notice that we only use the virgin Remy human hair for this category.

When you want the most versatile and resilient hair, choose the water wave bundles. It’s further universal and will look good on almost anyone’s head.

More About Water Wave Bundles with Closures

All hair bundles here have closures to make it easy to achieve a full look. Besides, you don’t have to search for closure separately. We already have a matching one. When you buy in a set, then you save big.

The hair bundles contain 100% human hair. That’s to say; it has no synthetic pieces mixed in. The human hair donors are from Malaysia and India.

Both bundles have different and unique features. Thus, you should choose the hair based on what you like.

Use these bundles to achieve any style of your dreams. If you want the bounce, the shine, or the waves, you will make it with this hair options.

The Bundles Are All Secure

You will love that we have secured every strand using the double weft method. This keeps the hair from shedding.

Also, our hair retains its moisture since it has the cuticles intact. This means the hair won’t dry and thus no shedding expected.

Also, the hair never tangles. Notice that the hair maintains a smooth outer texture since it has all the cuticles aligned in one direction. This helps it to retain moisture as well as avoid the tangles.

These bundles and closure are in their natural black color, which means we haven’t taken them through any form of processing. It’s in its natural state, which makes it ideal for those times when you want to color it. Also, it gives you a natural look you need.


In this case, we are using the most natural form of human hair. The best advantage is that it will maintain this stature over a long time. You will need to take good care of it, though, if you want it to maintain its bounce and structure. All our hair options will last up to 12 months.

Remember to use the right weave products to use in taking care of it.

The hair blends seamlessly with your natural hair, and it can move freely.

Additionally, you can change its style to straight or curly if you wish. It can stand heat styling at 450˚F.

The Closure

This is everything for your weave. It gives you a complete look as it makes it look like the hair is growing from your scalp. The closure base we use is strong and durable; thus, it will last longer. It’s further invisible and the exact hair you need for the perfect finish.

Would Hair Work for You?

Of course, it would.

Do you like to enjoy the ocean waves on your hair even when you aren’t at the beach? These bundles are totally for you.

Anyone who loves to be stylish will find this hair surprising. There’s no style you can’t try with the hair. The closure is also just the perfect finish.

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