Enjoy the complete install and instant transformation with our long and flawless weave. Are you one of those who loves long, flawless locks? Choose our 4 bundles with closure. It's easy for you to find the matching closure.

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It doesn’t matter whether you want to make a sew in or the glue in options. With the set, you can quickly achieve the natural-looking styles. If you are one of those who enjoys performing the full and voluminous look, chose these options.

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The appearance

Our bundles often look the same. They are high-quality pieces that will maintain a high level of shine. In this case, we talk about the natural-looking shine. Natural hair often looks smooth and shiny. Thankfully, this is the same texture you get with this hair as well.

  • The bundles look full and voluminous

The one thing that makes the bundles attractive is the fact that they look full. This means that you don’t have to use a lot of bundles in the same style. It further means that you have the same weight; thus, your head doesn’t feel weighed down.

With such volume, the hair then retains the bounce and makes it look natural.

  • The hair is soft

Whether we are talking of the curly, straight or wavy hair, they maintain the soft texture. The hair feels good as you run your hands over them. Well, this is the same way it will feel on your head always remember. It will never cause an itchy sensation even to those who have sensitive skin.

The best quality

The hair features the use of virgin Remy hair, which means the hair looks so much like your natural hair. It also has its cuticles aligned and intact. Therefore, it never tangles. Unlike other hair types, our best options will never tangle.

Remember, you must care for the hair to make sure it doesn’t shed or tangle. Dryness will often damage the hair. Nonetheless, we only sell moist and shiny hair; thus, it maintains it’s in decent quality.

The versatility

Different people want different things, just the same as different people need different hair.

Color: we have the hair coming in its natural black color for those who are reaching for the most natural style. If you, however, want a different color, choose our colored weave options.

Textures: Between the curly, wavy, and straight hair textures, you will find the best style to use in our site. Chose any style that feels and looks natural to you.

Lengths: when you want long hair, you need to use the four bundles. But even then, we have different lengths just in case we have one person who enjoys the voluminous hair.

Before we let the hair come to you, we check and recheck it to make sure it has all the best features. Also, we make sure it doesn’t have lice.

Even if you wore the hair every day, it would still look good on you. The closure, though, is a way to make sure you look as natural as you need to.

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