Do you dream of wearing the long, sleek, and stylish tresses? Order hair theme's straight 360 frontals with bundles to get a complete and natural-looking style. It further lets you style it however way you want when you have a stylish hairline.

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You can heat-style the hair to change the texture from straight to wavy and curly. Therefore, you will achieve different textures with one type of hair. It will make you look stylish but also ready for the red-carpet walk.

Such hair is what some women celebrities have used in their walk of fame moments in the past. Did you know though that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the same?

Enjoy the Celebrity Style Hair

You can wear the hair to any event, whether the official or party events. We have the coarse-textured straight hair as well as the smooth ones. This gives you the different looks, but of course, for black women, the coarser texture is fine.

Take a closer look

Zoom in to check the hair texture you want to invest in. You will notice that its clean but with very healthy ends. This hair feels soft to touch, and you will feel so perfect as you run your fingers on it. The good thing is that it will still feel the same on your head.

The hair is shiny thanks to the moist strands. It maintains a natural-looking shine of the natural hair. For this reason, if you use the right length, most people won’t tell it’s not your natural hair.

It’s, therefore, on you to maintain the shine by using the right weave products. The hair also looks and feels voluminous. This makes it feel like you have the best natural hair.

The best quality

This hair will stand out since it has thick and elastic strands. This gives you the room to style them as you wish. You can fold the hair, pull it high, or even let it flow.

We source the hair we use from healthy donors. The only hair you will find in this category is, therefore, virgin Remy hair. This has the cuticles intact to contain the moisture within the strands. It’s no wonder it maintains the smooth texture and shine too.

We are careful only to choose those hair options that are double weft. This keeps the hair securely held in position. And if you, therefore, use it right, you will have it serving you over a long time.

The frontal

The solution to achieving the most natural look is to use the 360 Frontal with bundles. Since it covers the hairline to the back, you can pull the hair to even a ponytail.

We use the best material that will last long. The swiss lace won’t cause an itchy sensation. Not only is the lace base invisible it’s also durable.

The hair artisans further make sure they hold the strands right on the base of the hair. When you take care of it, then it will serve you longer.

No shedding

You will love this set because it never sheds. Remember, we have all the strands held in position. So, make sure you never let it dry.

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