Everything about the Peruvian hair is just amazing. This is especially true since it blends well with all the different kinds of hair. Now when you are using the Peruvian 360 frontal, you make the style even better. The all hairline frontal makes it easy to style your hair.

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The flexibility that comes with using such frontals is all anyone creating a new style need. When you are reaching for the most natural look that’s easy to manage, you can use our frontals. This set will only bring the best facial features of your face.

There will be no need to find the perfect match for your frontal as we have the bundles already. You will also find it much affordable than buying the hair separately.

No More Search for The Best Hair as You Have Found It at Hair Theme

The best of the best

Peruvian hair comes in shiny and soft but with the best color. This is because we collected the hair from healthy donors. Besides, the operation that involves hair harvesting is an ethical process. You are safe to use the hair.

We clean the hair to make sure you never have to fight lice. Also, we want you to come back again, that’s why we keep the hair being attractive.

When you are using the 360 frontals, you can be sure to achieve any style you like. Remember, you can part the hair wherever you want or even pull it to a high ponytail.

We have a variety of textures

We know different people want different hair textures. You can buy the body wave, straight and curly hair. So, before you go out to buy the bundles, know the style you want to achieve. This will guide you to the right texture.

The frontal

Well, this hair has the best quality lace base. We focus on the frontal because it’s more visible than other parts of the hair. The base is invisible, so unless someone touched your scalp, they wouldn’t tell it’s a frontal. We also have the meticulously handcrafted frontal.

We aim at making sure the hair doesn’t start shedding out prematurely—still, it’s upon you to take good care of the hair. If you keep scratching it, then you will soon damage it.

We have the premium quality hair

All the hair we use is healthy and from healthy donors. This means that they have the cuticles intact and aligned. That’s why you will notice they are smooth on the outside. Such hair will not tangle, but neither do they shed.


When you need the hair that will last longer, use this set. Our hair options have a lifespan of more than 12 months. But it’s upon you to make sure you use the right products. The frontal will have a lifespan of about 6 months but with the proper care.

Take It All

Explore the wide range of options we have. We aim to make sure you are comfortable with your choice. We give you a wide range of lengths and textures.

The hair has healthy ends, so you know it will last longer. It doesn’t have the split ends that will damage the strands in time.

All the bundles, together with the frontal, come at an affordable rate. I’m sure you won’t have any other place offering you such great deals.

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