There's no more need to worry about your hairline because we sell you the best 360 frontals to cover the entire hairline. It also allows you to use man different styling methods as you secure the natural hair. Those who experience receding hairline benefit from these frontals.

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For a full look, use the set of 360 frontal with the 2 bundles. Depending on the length you are after, this set will give you the fulfilled look. Anyone who likes to be stylish should use this set as it gives you a natural look. No one will think you used the weaves.

Lets Talk of the 360 Frontal

When you want to look gorgeous, you will need to use these unique pieces. I agree that there are so many vendors selling them, but none is like hair theme’s 360 frontal. The frontal features the perfect construction that makes our hairline look natural.

The lace front makes it easy to transform your look in no time. Besides, the affordability of the set makes it appealing.

All the frontals here are handmade. Other bundles are machine weft, though. The factory solidly chooses the quality hair; then artisans gently attaches it to the durable swiss lace base.

Such hair won’t shed or tear if you are gentle with it. You can use it when you want to make any hairstyle. For the natural flawless and good-looking hair choose this set combo.

A Wide Range of Options

Of course, different people will want different hair. Thus, we have to you the various options for you to find the hair that works for your lifestyle.

We have Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian hair for you to choose the best one for you.

You will also find the best textures to make it easy to achieve your desired style. You can use our curly, straight, or wavy hair.

Hair theme is the best place to source this set of deals for a more stylish and natural look. All the hair frontals thus have the pre-plucked frontal.

The hair further comes in different lengths. You should choose the best length that works for you. Of course, for a more natural look, use just 4 inches more than your natural hair length.

The Bounce and The Look

It matters how the hair will look on you. That’s why we choose the shiny options that also have deep colors. We all want to stand out in a crowd. The hair makes it easy to look elegant while also maintaining your style.

Our hair choice is lightweight and voluminous, but it gives you the perfect bounce. You want to look like you are wearing some natural and healthy hair. This style will provide you with an instant transformation while allowing you to look your best.

Should You Buy the Set

Well yes, but the question is, are you stylish and loves to try new things? This style will serve you best. It lets you be creative with the weave style.

The set is cheaper than when you buy all the bundles and the frontals separately. Also, it can be tough to find a matching frontal.

What length are you after? Depending on the length, the bundles will either serve you or not. Often the short to average length will work with this set.

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