What Is Peruvian Hair – Learn Everything About It Before Buying

If there’s a time I often dread in regards to my hair extensions, it’s normally the time when I need to go buy a new hair extension and here’s why.

There are many choices to go through from color to texture to length and even to type the list is just endless.

You are lucky if say you have chosen the type of weave that suits you best like for example Peruvian.

Peruvian Hair

Although getting the virgin Peruvian hair has always been hard since the hair isn’t readily available, this hair type is one of the best you will ever have.

So, let’s not assume that everyone knows what Peruvian hair is.

There are many people who are afraid of trying out new hair because they don’t know much about it. Today we discuss Peruvian hair in details.

What is Peruvian Hair?

Peruvian hair is just that hair that is best referred to as the multipurpose hair. It comes up as one of the most popular hair types you can ever have.

The hair is by the day earning the trust of many around the globe especially because it suits both Caucasian hair and afro descent hair.

The hair is not only comfy but it’s also natural, lustrous, silky and light. If you can buy yourself the 1000% virgin human hair then quality abounds for you.

It looks so natural that unless someone knows hair extensions well, they won’t know it’s not your natural hair.

Where Does Peruvian Hair Come From?

Just so you know the Peruvian hair comes from the country Peru which is to the West of South America.

The hair is mostly collected from remote villages in the country. However, there aren’t many donors since the country doesn’t have such a high population.

In addition, the occupants of the country include a mix of both Indians and Spanish immigrants. The hair can be straight wavy and sometimes curly.

It is naturally either light or dark brown. The hair is further coarse and thick.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to source it no wonder it’s quite expensive in the market. The best part is the fact that you only need a few bundles to make for a full look.

If you are looking for hair that is very adaptable, look no further than Peruvian.

Peruvian hair is often untouched by any form of chemicals which means it has retained its cuticles. Therefore, it’s easy to style and it’s tangle-resistant.

Unique Characteristic of Peruvian Hair

  • It’s nicely coarse

While most people think that coarse hair is not something that makes a hair type beautiful, I’m here to tell you it does. Especially when you find the Peruvian style coarse hair that is also dense. This makes it blend with a number of hair textures.

Mind you, it’s coarser than the Brazilian and Indian hair. But wouldn’t you just expect that? I mean it’s a blend of two richly textured hair. The fact that the hair is coarse it works so well with thick hair.

  • Easy to manage

This hair has a nice level of shine and it holds curls so well. What’s more, whenever you are looking for a hairstyle that’s easy to style, consider the Peruvian. Since its mostly virgin it holds color pretty well.

Moreover, if you like to rock the curly hair, this might just be your on the go-to style

  • It’s durable

The hair characteristics make it durable in that it will combine your Brazilian hair strength with the smoothness of the European hair. With proper maintenance, this hair will last long.

  • It has volume

The hair structure is such that it has a thick body compared to many other hair types. This hair requires you to use just a few bundles. If you use more it will appear unnatural.

  • The hair is easy to maintain

This hair is the best because it needs just a little maintenance to retain its original stature. In fact, for those days when you can hardly care for your hair, it will still maintain its good look.

Learn to follow the care and maintenance routine and then you will have the hair retaining its shape without tangling.

  • The hair is healthy

In its natural state, it still maintains the same look because it was taken through minimal to no processing.

Reasons Why You Should Use Peruvian Hair

  • The hair is luxuriously natural

There’s nothing that will make a hair type so appealing than the fact that it feels as though you are wearing your natural hair. This is because the hair is normally a virgin hair type that is directly cut from the donors.

It’s then passed through minimal processing or no processing before it docks the market. It’s normally soft, smooth and tangle resistant. It features a medium luster which makes it even more normal.

  • It blends with most hair types but especial the colored hair

Its coarse and high density are the exact characteristics of black American hair. For this reason, it will look so close to your natural hair. It further gives the hair just the right shine.

  • It’s versatile

The hair gives you various patterns that you may choose from. You see you can use the weaves for different functions because you can have them wavy, straight and even curly. The one type that is more popular is the virgin Peruvian body wave.

People love this style at different times of the seasons. It’s comfortable and bouncy. Aside from that, their curly wavy structure also looks so good you would think they are your own hair.

  • The hair is comfortable

Not only is the virgin Peruvian hair soft but it’s also light. This is to say that once you clip it on your hair you won’t even think that you are wearing an extension.

Just imagine that if you were to wear 4 bundles of hair you wouldn’t still feel like you are wearing an extension. That’s how great they are.

Peruvian Weave Hairstyle

The Peruvian weave hairstyles will come to you in 3 types

  • Peruvian straight Hair

Peruvian 3 Tone Ombre Straight Human Hair Bundles With Closure 1B 4 27 30 Color (2)There’s nothing that defines beauty more than the hair which happens to be the crown of beauty. You will now understand why most women will do anything to keep their beauty. For those who know, Remy Peruvian hair is your best hair in the market yet again.

It actually works well for the Peruvian straight hair bundles. It’s the healthiest hair you will ever have in the market today. Aside from that, more women are choosing it because it’s the most natural-looking hair that tends to blend in with almost all hair types.

The hair is longer and maintains great durability. The best part is further that you can achieve any of your desired look with the straight hair because it’s easy to style. It further comes in various lengths.

In summary, the hair is beautiful and durable with a great luster and shine.

  • Peruvian wavy hair

Peruvian Loose Curl Bundles, Human Peruvian Loose Curly Natural Hair Weave (2)Maybe we should just say it already, this is the most exotic hair you will find in the market. The hair is one of the very soft hair and silky ones. Although it’s voluminous you don’t feel the weight on your head.

Even though it’s wavy you can rest assured that it doesn’t tangle. This is because the hair cuticles face the same direction. It has a natural feel and it remains luxurious with a great luster.

For the wavy hairstyle, you may choose between body wave, loose wave, natural wave, and deep wave. The Peruvian hair is a low maintenance hair that offers you the versatility to style it as you wish.

If you have minimal time to make your hair then choose the Peruvian wavy hair. It will suit you if you are going for the not too straight hair.

  • Peruvian curly wave

Afro Kinky Curly Peruvian Clip In Human Hair Extensions 7 Pieces120g per set Natural Color (5)This features the 100% virgin human hair thus its quality remains uncompromised. This one works to enhance your beauty. Even the curly hair type happens to be among the most treasured hairstyles in the market.

The curly hair type suits all those people who have curly hair. The hair holds your favorite curls nicely and it will further curl even when it’s still wet. It comes in various colors but one thing you should know is that they are taken from a single donor.

They are tangle and shed resistant. It further remains soft and gorgeous. When you are wearing the curly hair, wear just a few bundles. Too many bundles will look unnatural.

The Cost of Peruvian Weave

There’s no roundup cost that we should say is for Peruvian hair. All I would say is that you expect it to be a little pricey since it’s rare. You can get a weave for hundreds of dollars yet you can also get it for thousands of dollars.

It all depends on where you are buying it from and its quality as well. Some people even buy hair for as low as $30.

1. Bestsojoy 10A Peruvian Virgin Hair Body Wave

Whenever you are looking to buy a high quality of human hair, you should look no further than this 100% virgin human hair that’s unprocessed. It looks so good on anyone who knows how to rock.

I like that is soft and shiny with a great hair luster. You don’t have to use many bundles to achieve a full look. You only need 3 bundles. The hair is full and thick without split ends. Check the weft and realize that they are tight and neat.

Since it’s double weft, you don’t expect any form of shedding. The cuticles flow in one direction, there’s no such thing as tangling. For the case of styling, you can bleach and dye the hair if you don’t want it in black.

What’s more, I’ve seen people make it straight and it still look its best. Just remember to straighten it at 150 degrees only. Maintaining this hair is a breeze, treat it the same way you do with your natural hair.

2. Ali Julia 10A Peruvian Straight Virgin Hair Weave

Even when it comes to straight hair, Peruvian hair will still give you the best one to choose. With this hair, you receive the premium hair quality that is not just clean but also high quality. This hair is natural and soft which makes it a good choice.

The hair features a 100%remy hair that you can dye to your favorite color. It comes with a natural hairline for the finished and natural look. It’s silky, smooth and very clean. The way its weft doesn’t allow for shedding.

It gives you a grade 10A of the natural human hair which means the hair is of the highest quality you can have. It’s not affected by heat and temperatures. It makes you look your very best. They only make the hair using hair from healthy hair of a young girl.

How to Take Care of The Peruvian Hair

Without proper care of your weave, the durability is compromised. To take care of the weave you should wash it regularly then deep condition it.

  • Comb it

Like almost every other hair extension and even natural hair before you begin washing the hair, you have to comb or brush it with the aim of detangling. You can use your fingers first to detangle it from end to top. This helps you to stop the shedding.

Then use a wide-toothed comb to finish detangling.

  • Wash it

You see when you keep washing your hair with shampoo you will easily strip it of its natural oils and moisture. This then contributes to its quick drying. Its best to co wash the hair instead. However, do wash the hair with shampoo once in a while to get rid of buildup.

Wash the hair in a downward motion with a great clarifying shampoo. Next, thoroughly rinse this hair.

  • Condition it

When you finish washing it, use a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner. Go ahead and use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the conditioner to all the hair strands. If you are instead using a co wash, use the same method described here to wash the hair.

  • Deep condition it

If need be, deep condition the hair. This should be done after 2-3 weeks. You will need to moisturize it. Once you apply the conditioner, wrap it for some time so that the natural oils can seep into the strands.

  • Dry it

I know you may be tempted to blow dry the hair but you shouldn’t. Keep the hair on a wig stand then let it dry naturally. If you are wearing the hair, just let it dry naturally unless you have no time to wait. You may use the blow dry under cold heat.

  • Comb it

Always use only the wide-toothed comb to style the hair. This will help you avoid shedding.

Note: you should only use cold water for the hair and never ever hot water. That will not only burn it but it will dry it too.

Washing Body wave

When it comes to washing the body wave the procedure is the same except you should at least oil it to maintain its body. As discussed below.

  • Apply natural oils

After washing, apply natural oils that will help your hair maintain its body and if it’s wavy, it will enhance the waves while making it shiny and silky. Only use the natural oils for this purpose. These oils include coconut oil and olive oil.

  • Sleeping

Cover your hair with a silk scarf to maintain its flowy nature while avoiding the tangles and drying that you will sometimes experience. Always braid the hair when you want to sleep before you begin to sleep.

Caring for Your Curly Hair

When you have the curly hair, don’t overdo the washing just clean the scalp and use the right products for the cleansing process. Only use the washing products meant for curly hair. Make sure the shampoo and conditioner are free of sulfates and alcohol.

Replenishing it: once you have it all clean, replenish the hair with sufficient moisture. Always remember to use the conditioner every time you wash your hair with shampoo. Alternatively, co wash the hair. You can also deep condition your hair and oil treat it.

Learn to only air dry the hair if it forms frizzes. Once it’s dry you can use the leave-in products that are designed for curly hair. A good one is a curl activating cream. You can also leave your hair with some argan oil.

3. Remy moisture lab system

I always trust products from the Remy company and I can attest to the fact that this shampoo has been of great service with my hair extension. The shampoo not only cleanses your hair but it moisturizes it as well.

The shampoo is also great at preventing tangling of your hair. Its ingredient composition allows you to use it for your natural hair, weaves, and wigs. It’s a silicone-based product that will seal the shaft thereby locking in the moisture.

It has the UV safe formula that you may use to block the damaging effects of the sun. The shampoo doesn’t strip your color and it instead brightens it.

4. 909 Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

This is another set that will be of great service to you. This is because it’s designed for 100% Remy hair. You can use the shampoo to wash and revitalize the hair safely while you moisturize it using the conditioner.

It will gently clean your hair with the aim of keeping even the bonds safe. The conditioner, on the other, hand moisturizes your hair to get rid of harmful microbes. It contains silk amino protein to lock in moisture and add the shine and strength to your hair.

You can use it with whichever hair you have including the bonds. No more having some gunk and muddy hair extension as a result of bad quality shampoo just use this 909.

5. Heat Protectant Plus with Argan Oil

The thing that destroys the weave and any other hair type the most is normally heat. This spray is meant to help you when you need to protect your hair from heat caused by drying and styling tools.

This spray will; penetrate your hair follicles making it resistant of any form of damage. You won’t develop split ends and frizzes. It’s a great moisturizer, protectant and detangling agent that maintains the shine of your hair.

It works on all hair types including your natural hair, weaves, and wigs. What’s more, it will leave your hair smelling great and revitalized.

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Peruvian vs Brazilian hair

Peruvian hair Brazilian hair
This is one of the softest and lightest hair we have in the market today. Outrightly beautiful and versatile hair. It comes in different colors and lengths.
Texture · It’s coarser than Brazilian hair.

· It further comes in a deep brown color, light brown and many other dark colors.

· It also holds the curls well since its thick in volume.

· It feels soft to touch and it’s shiny.

· It will hold your curls well and remains smooth in the different textures.

· It’s also coarse and will handle styles like the best waves and curls.

Manageability · Easy to manage and requires very little attention. If you are busy and can’t attend to it and you will still have it looking its best. · You will need to maintain it if you are hoping to have it last long
Volume · It’s bouncy and voluminous. This gives you that youthful look plus you don’t need a lot of bundles for it. · It’s bouncy and thick but not as much as the Peruvian one.
Heat · It’s resistant to heat and sun damage. · You might have to use the heat protectant spray to help it with the heat resistance.

Is Peruvian Hair Better Than the Brazilian One?

Both of these hair products are great products. In fact, they make for some of the best hair types we have in the market. They blend so well with your hair and it doesn’t matter the hairstyle you choose. They will both serve you.

For elasticity, go for the Peruvian hair and even use the heat tool on it because it’s rarely affected by heat. The versatility of the Brazilian hair, on the other hand, is something pleasing to those who like to style their hair in different ways.

They both have their strengths and weakness so it depends on what you are looking for at any given time.

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