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Permanent Hair Extensions VS Non-Permanent Hair Extensions

Types of Hair Extension

Are you ever surprised like I am when I see celebrities on movies wearing a pretty long type of hair only to have a short wavy one in the next episode?

It’s all about the hair extension world.

There are so many extensions in the market, both permanent and non-permanent.

Since this hair isn’t from your own roots you expect it to have some advantages as well as disadvantages.

However, the thing is that you need to decide which hair suits your needs at any given time.

If you would love temporary or permanent hair extension is a question only you can answer.

What Do We Mean by Permanent Hair Extension?

These are extensions that are meant to stay longer on your head.

For this reason, they are best installed and removed by salon professionals.

We can also say that they are hairstyles that are attached to your hair and normally so close to your scalp in a permanent way.

As the hair keeps growing, the extension moves a distance further from your scalp and the stylist then helps to readjust it.

How Long Do They Last?

Permanent hair extension will last from 4 weeks and over. Sometimes it can go to six months depending on the care and maintenance you give to it. The key to an increased lifespan is on the maintenance you give it.

Types of Permanent Hair Extension

 Permanent Dreadlock Extensions

Keratin hair extension

This involves u tip hair extension. They contain keratin bonds that are normally lined with silicone. The silicone is attached to your natural hair strands. The hairstylist simply does this by placing your natural hair in between a U TIP then you seal the hair to the keratin bond.

You do it using a hot extension tool. This melts the glue and then get to secure your natural hair. Mind you, the glue that is used in this process is keratin glue. Keratin is a protein content that you will find on your natural hair.

Here you are allowed to put your different shades of color to the hair or just match your hair shade. They further come in small strands allowing you to put as many hair strands as you wish.


  • It gives your hair a natural finish making it look so much like your own hair. It’s even better when you have highlights and low lights.
  • Your hair appears fuller and thicker permanently as you can’t remove them when going to sleep.
  • The hair is quite durable Nd if you will properly maintain it, it can last to six months.


  • It uses both the glue and heat which are both damaging to your hair.
  • You can’t reuse this hair
  • The method requires practice from the stylist failure to which they may damage your hair.
  • Installing it is a process that will take so long.

Micro link hair extension

This is another one of the permanent styles where you feed the strand of hair through a link or bead. You just use a few strands of extension together with your own hair. Next, you can clamp them both together.

Micro link hair extensionAs you can see, this may take a long time because they are going for the strand by strand method. The best thing about it is that your hair becomes fluid which means that it can move and flow naturally. No one will even tell that you are wearing extensions.

It’s a great method for those who would love to add highlights. You should remember to take on regular maintenance if you want it to last longer. See your stylist every after 6-8 weeks. It will take at least 3 hours to install.


  • They are reusable.
  • It’s safe since it uses no heat nor adhesive for the installation.
  • If you will take proper care of it, it will last over six months no wonder we call it permanent.
  • The hair gives you a more natural look when you compare it to other extensions.


  • It is uncomfortable post application.
  • It takes longer to apply and since it’s a strand by strand method, expect it to take up to 8 hours in application.
  • You may sometime see the beads especially if you have very thin hair.

Tape in extensions

The hair simply comes in small tapes of 4 cm each that you then install between your natural hair. You install this hair to your head using a special polyurethane tape. This is one of the most popular hairstyles today that takes about an hour to install.

tape in hair extensionIt’s a hair fusion method. The tape in hair extension is invisible to detect and therefore flows to match your own natural hair. The tape is further a see-through tape. For its removal you must use a glue remover otherwise you will damage your own hair.


  • With proper maintenance, it lasts about 6-8 weeks.
  • It takes less than an hour to install if your stylist is experienced. Although it’s a permanent style, the installation process is quick.
  • The hair is lightweight and comfy to wear.


  • Some people develop an allergic reaction to the tape
  • If you are using it and you have thin hair, the tapes will be noticeable.
  • Don’t use it if your hair is short or you have oily hair.

Sew in hair extension

This is another common method of permanent hair extension. It simply entails wefts of hair that you will cut to your desired size and then install to your braided natural hair.

Since it covers your hair completely in braids, you may use the extension to rock all the different styles you have always wanted.

It’s a safer method since you use no heat nor do you use any adhesives. You can also make cornrows less tight.


  • This is by far the safest method as it uses no heat nor adhesives for the attachment process.
  • It’s very hard for them to slip off your hair as other extensions do.
  • It can last up to 3 months with proper care.


  • It will cause tightness on your head post application. Ensure your stylist doesn’t make the braids too tight as that will lead to hair damage.
  • It takes longer to apply although it depends on the person applying it.

Non-Permanent Hairstyles

Simply put, these are hair extensions styles that you wear on a daily basis only to remove them in the evening before you sleep.

Rarely do you sleep in them. They are great for those who are transitioning or they who don’t like wearing extension every day.

Also, if you are fond of changing your hairstyle every day, this may be what you need to wear. On the downside, you need to set time aside that you will use in the application as well as their removal. That is crazy if you have a busy schedule.

Don’t worry, once you get how to attach them, the process is so quick.

Another important tip is you shouldn’t shower in such extensions.

Clip in hair extension

This is by far the most popular method and therefore I bet you have heard about it. The reason why they are popular we would say is because they are easy to install and maintain at the same time. It further blends in perfectly with your natural hair.

Clip in hair extensionYou can use this as a non-permanent method that you wear and remove in the night.

For those familiar with the style, they don’t need the help of the stylist to apply it. The wefts come with clips that you should attach to your hair yourself.

Some people decide to use them for 3 months plus straight. Remember though to use the right oils in your hair maintenance.


  • Easy to attach infect you don’t need the salon to attach them.
  • Other permanent hair extensions are often pricey but not the clip ins.
  • It takes you just 10 minutes to change your look.
  • You only wear them when you want to. This means that the lifespan is prolonged as opposed to those extensions which you wear on a daily basis.
  • You don’t have to over wash them or style them thus they maintain their luster and nice style.
  • You experience no pain when wearing the hair and you don’t expect to damage it either.


  • The full volumized hair is only there for a few hours as you don’t sleep in them. This is also a lot of work installing them and removing them every day.
  • Not the best choice for you if you have thin hair. This is because they will slip out easily.

Flip in extension

 Flip in extension

This is another one of the non-permanent hair extensions.

Do you know of halo hair extension?

This is that kind of hair. It’s a big weft of hair that’s attached to your hair using a string that stretches to cover your head.

Place the big weft of your hair on the crown area. Thus, wearing it should take only 5 minutes at most. You will enjoy it even if you are a beginner. It’s easy to get all the lengths you like as well as volume and thickness.

Are you a woman on the go and you have no time so you have to style your hair in the midst of other business meetings? This is yours to rock.  It changes your style in an instant. Also, you can pack it and apply it whenever you are ready to, thus enhanced portability.


  • They are the quickest extension to wear.
  • This hair is harmless to your natural hair as you don’t use clips, wefts, adhesives, bonds nor heat.
  • Just like you apply them quickly so do you remove them in a heartbeat. This makes them ideal for that busy woman.
  • You add the desired volume and length to your hair in an instant.
  • Since you use the attaching wire you would ask is it noticeable? The answer is no it isn’t as it blends well with your hair.
  • They are often light and thus they will blend perfectly with your crop.
  • No allergic reaction to your scalp because everything used to create the hair is environmentally safe. Besides, it doesn’t have to come to contact with your scalp.
  • It will never slip from your head like the clip ins and tape ins do.
  • The hair is utterly comfy to use.


  • You shouldn’t swim in them nor should you sleep in them.
  • If you wish to rock hairstyles like updos this extension is difficult to use.

Hair Wigs

Finally, this is the last method of non-permanent hair you have. They too are classified among hair extensions and you will all agree that they serve you greatly.

Human hair wigsIt gives you full head coverage, making it ideal for those who suffer from hairless.

Nevertheless, you can use them to try something new for yourself.

There are so many kinds of wigs in the market and you must get something to suit you if you are looking to do it. You can have a full lace wig, 360 wigs, or lace frontal.

You further have the chance to customize the wig and make it your own style. No wonder, celebrities use it to change their look overnight and even act in them. They are easy to use such that you may wear them and remove them as you like.

Other kinds today use glues to attach and this means that it can then last at least a week.


  • They mostly look natural which means not many people can tell if it’s your hair or not. We all want that natural look and while our hair may not grow that long or have such a wig body, you can use the wig to achieve your perfect look.
  • They are easy to put on. you don’t even need the help of your stylist with this hair. The same way, removing it is easy.
  • Are you suffering from hairless? You don’t have to lose your confidence anymore. Just use wigs to cover for your hair loss problem.
  • They are comfortable to maintain as you just treat them the same way you would your natural hair.
  • You have the choice to use it on hundreds of different styles.
  • You don’t need your natural hair to wear the wigs all you need is the wig itself.
  • They will last long especially because you don’t wear them frequently.


  • A good human hair wig is normally expensive.
  • They sometimes look bulky especially if you don’t apply it well.
  • Can come off in public areas which will then embarrass you.
  • You must style it and maintain it to increase its lifespan.

Permanent Hair Extension Prices

The cost of such an extension will depend on the type of extension you are looking to buy. The more the extensions bundle the higher the price.  As you have seen there are many types of permanent extensions and so are their prices different.

Overall though the hair extensions will cost you an average range of between $300-$4000

  • Fusion and pro-bond extensions

These ones are by far the most expensive types as they entail a lot of work and more hours to attach. They are also going to need maintenance for them to keep looking good. They come in at about $800 and sometimes cost you even up to $4000.

This depends on where you are getting the extension.

  • Tape in

Averagely you will find the tape in extension at about $500 but that is to the lower side. They can go to a high of $1500 depending on the hair you use and where you are attaching it at.

  • Hair halo

This one is another common hair extension that is easy to install. The amount you spend on the extension will depend on how thick your hair is and how long you want it. Generally, though for fine hair you spend $199 medium hair $329 and thick hair $429.

  • Sew in hair

This is another one of the most common hair extensions that will cost you between $150-$400. Remember, there are other factors that determine these costs.

  • Clip ins

Another famous one that will cost you anything from $200-$500. There are a number of factors that determine the price and they include the hair length and thickness.

  • Wigs

Let be clear on something, you can get a wig that will cost you less than $100 but if you want the quality ones then you will have to part with some thousands of dollars.

Read the complete guide to know more about the Cost Of Hair Extensions.

Best Permanent Hair Extension

Is there really a kind of extension that we would say is the best?

I don’t think so. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Moreover, they suit different people at different times.

The kind of hair that a person with thin hair for example wears isn’t the same as the one anyone with thick hair will.

If you have straight hair and kinky hair, the extensions you ought to wear differ. So, there isn’t one hairstyle that we would say is greater than all. They are all great hairstyles that have advantages and disadvantages for different people.

Let’s Talk About Permanent Hair Straightening

This is another method that most people are opting for when they are tired of using hair straightening tools.

It’s basically where you decide to perm your hair straight.

I know you have heard of the term straight perm. This method straightens your hair and curls for a set duration of time. You can use a handful of options to get the permanent hair straightening. They use a chemical composition to permanently change your hair construction.

  • The Japanese straight perm method

This style is also referred to as the thermal conditioning or rebounding. The most common treatments used for the process. This Japanese treatment straightens your curly hair completely.

The process will take you hours to complete so you should only install it once you have enough time at your disposal.

How long the straight perm lasts depends on how fast your hair grows and the level of maintenance you give it. If you will style your roots once they are grown then the straight perm should last about 6 months before they begin to look unruly again.

Does It Have Any Side effects?

The fact that it changes your natural hair construction should tell you that yes it does have effects.

  • The treatment might dry out your hair off its moisture and sometimes even alter the color.
  • You can experience hair loss especially when you go to an inexperienced stylist.
  • If you already have dyed the hair or treated it, this will only add to the hair distraction. It means there’s too much processing of the hair for it to handle.

Permanent Dreadlock Extensions

There are those who are looking to wear dreadlocks but they aren’t patient enough to let them grow. Here, all you need is the lock extensions. You can get the virgin Remy hair that is cut from a human donor and then treated.

This is normally used by those with dreadlocks to increase the length or volume of your hair. Most choices available in the market allow you to color them but the only problem is that they take long to attach to your hair.

The good thing about lengthy dreadlocks is that you can style them differently.

Permanent Hair Extension for Thin Hair

You have seen that the shorter way to the thick and long hair is in the extensions. You will use the permanent styles but the best ones for anyone with thin hair is usually:

Clip in hair extensions are the best but they need you to have a knowledgeable stylist to work them.

Sew in weaves are further great because they will keep your hair braided. Just make sure the cornrows aren’t too tight.

Tape in hair extension: most people argue that it’s the best choice for anyone with thin hair. But like clip in hair extension, go to an experienced stylist or else the tapes will be seen and they will further damage your hair.

Halo extensions: I like these ones because they don’t strain my scalp or hair in any way. It’s just wearing a wire and then removing it when I’m off to sleep. You don’t use adhesives or any clips and therefore the hair remains strong. It’s the best we have for thin hair.


Whether you choose permanent or non-permanent hair is a personal decision. One thing though, you will need to consult with your stylist or conduct research when you are thinking of using the beautiful semi-permanent styles.

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