Thick Vs Thin Hair (Thickness and Hair Density)

Thick Vs Thin Hair

With the increase of natural hair popularity, there are hundreds of terminologies used to describe different things about the hair. You will hear of thick, thin, fine, straight, curly, coily and wavy among others. A few years ago, I would ask why do I have to know them anyway? Today I know the essence, without … Read more

10 Weave Braid Pattern Ideas For Hair Sew-In

Straight back braids for a sew in with part or bangs

The foundation of a good-looking weave is in the kind of braid you use. While you don’t have to make best-looking braids because they aren’t going to be seen outside anyway, they should be firm yet not so tight. They should also follow a pattern. The pattern matters more than anything else you could think … Read more

The 25 Dope Haircuts For Black Men


It is always every man’s dream to have that dope hairstyle that makes him stand out in a crowd. Regardless of the fact that you love your professional or casual style, you want that haircut that makes you smart as this automatically boosts your confidence. When looking at the black men haircut, like other male … Read more