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5 Amazing Neymar Haircuts You May Want To Check Out

In a very short time span, Neymar has achieved a big focus and several accolades as a footballer. But besides that, he has also emerged as quite an eccentric person with very adventurous haircuts and hairstyles.

Here is a list of Neymar’s eccentric hairstyles that he has sported over his emerging career as a young footballer.

1. Santos, May 2010 Mohawk


Neymar’s appearance in Santos in 2010 May set the fashionistas talking about the Mohawk that he sported in the field. This is reportedly, the first time he sported a Mohawk and soon it became his trademark.

This is not a wild Mohawk but a baby one that he could tame.

The little spikes in the center of his head looked pretty avant-garde as many would say and very spunky.

2. United States, August 2010 Mohawk


In the friendly match against the US, Neymar appeared with another rendition of his favorite haircut, the Mohawk. This was more carefully stylized and looked more exhibitionist.

The hair was longer or higher and was distinctly styled into a Mohawk with razor-sharp edges.

This time Neymar changed from his natural hair color that is black and colored it a lovely shade of chocolate brown. Suits him well, we’d say!

3. December 2011, Faux Mohawk


In the Club World Cup match, Neymar sported a very eccentric faux Mohawk or a Fauxhawk as many term it with bleached ends that went into the spikes. This looked more ostentatious and grand than the other Mohawks he has sported.

4. Switzerland January 2012, Messy Fauxhawk


Every time you would think that Neymar cannot style the Mohawk differently, he struts in to surprise you and prove you wrong.

On January 2012, on the occasion of receiving the award for the best goal of the year at Ballond’Or in Zurich, Neymar sported the Fauxhawk again and this time around, with a muted color.

With the dapper suit, we’d say, this hairstyle suited him quite well. The ends of the hair on the back of his head were longer instead of a fade that he generally sports and the top section was styled into a Mohawk that bent forward.

5. Olympics, 2015 Mohawk+Mullet


During the Olympics game in August 2015, Neymar styled his hair into a mullet and added elements of his favorite hairstyle, the Mohawk to it with spiked shooting out randomly.

This was finished off with a headband. Trust Neymar to make the most out of his hair!

Fashionable and adventurous hairstyles are not new in the world of football players. But we’re sure Neymar Jr. Is taking it to a whole new exciting level.

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