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Everything You Need to Know About Mink Hair

mink hair

If you are in the hair industry business or just enjoy different hairstyles you might have come across the term ‘Mink hair’.

But if you haven’t, the article will teach you what it is. Generally, I have heard friends who love mink hair.

They are luxuriously soft and beautiful yet they exude beauty thereby enhancing your own beauty while making you feel confident in your skin.

So, What Is Mink Hair

Simply put, it’s a term that refers to the highest quality of hair extension. It’s originally from specific human donors.

mink hair

Although it takes its name from the animal called mink. There’s no animal killed to take the fur from.

The vendors just use the term to refer to the highest quality of hair. In high quality, we mean the softness, silkiness and durability.

Mink hair is just the best hair in the market and let’s say an even better virgin hair.

The virgin hair, is it mink hair using another name?

The hair types have close similarities. The virgin hair is often taken from a single donor who is alive and their hair has never been subjected to any chemical treatment.

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This factor makes the virgin hair more versatile, easy to work with and accepting of a new color.

In addition, since the hair is sourced from a single donor, it flows in one direction. It further blends with almost every hair texture.

Although the hair is similar in some way, it’s not the same as virgin hair as you will see in the following subtitles.

Is There A Difference Between the Mink Hair and Virgin Hair?

Yes, they are different. Remember we said the mink hair is a better quality of virgin hair. Below are the differences you ought to know.

  • The quality

Statistics show that mink hair is the highest quality of hair extension in the market today. The manufacturers work to ensure the hair is the thickest, lusciously full and contrary to most beliefs longer than your regular virgin hair.

One thing that is similar about the hair is that the follicles flow in the same direction. Since it’s extra soft and it flows to the same side, mink hair is tangle resistant. For this reason, you can wash the hair and comb it as you like.

It has a higher density than most other hair types yet it’s light. This makes it stand out as a hairpiece that is on a level of its own. It’s further unlikely to frizz which makes it ideal for other humid states. Although virgin hair is also of high quality, it doesn’t have such high density.

  • The longevity

It offers the best results as human hair and the hair type is more durable. Naturally, if you care for the virgin human hair properly, it can last up to 18 months. Some will even last for more years.

Now, mink hair will take longevity a step further. The normal mink hair will last a year or two years depending on how much care you give it. An even higher quality of hair will last between 2-3 years.

Mink hair is the type that will hold its brown natural color well. What’s more, you can color it to your desired color. It holds bleach and dye well. Mink hair is your obvious best choice if you need a high-quality weave.

The Facts That You Should Know About Mink Hair

  • The name mink is purely a great marketing strategy

The name mink has nothing to do with the animal mink. It’s actually a name that a company came up with and the clients got excited about and as you expect the company rode on with the name.

Of course, it refers to an even higher quality of hair but if you have been avoiding the hair in the name of the fact that it uses animal hair then know that the hair contains no animal fur.

One thing you should be careful about is the fact that everyone wants to make their hair just a little bit expensive by naming it mink hair. One would even call their Brazilian wavy hair mink hair so that they can accrue higher profits and sales.

  • Does the mink hair really come from the animal?

The answer is simply No. I would say, the reason why the hair is referred to as mink is that the mink animal has dark brown and silky hair. It further has short hair which would make great eyelashes but not really the hair extensions.

Of course, if you want the real mink hair then you must get it from the animal called mink. However, for the hair extension, it just refers to the pure human hair. In other instances, the hair is often from a single donor.

  • Is the mink hair fully short?

Yes, the mink hair is short and that is the hair from the animal. But we say that the hair used on the extension has nothing to do with the animal. So, since the hair is made from human donors, the hair is usually long or short as you would love them to be.

But Where Does It Come From?

The way by which the mink hair became popular is through vendors marketing it to their clients. You know in marketing, if you are selling a worthwhile product, it’s bound to sell high.

However, notice that the vendors have to be smart in the selling. They will tell you anything just so that you buy.

Nevertheless, people use the word mink hair to describe top quality hair. They refer to the softest, glossy, non-tangling, non-shedding and every other feature that would describe a high-quality hair.

The hair has no classification that it comes from a particular place. You can call it any classification you would want to. We could find Peruvian mink hair, Indian mink hair Brazilian mink hair.

The hair comes from Asia, Europe, South America and just about anywhere manufacturers source the authentic human hair.

Is It Good for You?

Many different vendors may use the term mink just for marketing and not really for the mink hair. It’s important for you to know various things if you intend to buy a great product as you will see below.

Unfortunately, although the mink hair type has been in the market for a while now, there’s still no universal standard to show how the mink hair should like. In fact, it may seem hard to compare one mink hair from one company to another.

However, if you are looking to buy the authentic mink hair, check the following.

It should be 100% human hair you don’t expect it to have a blend of synthetic fibers or animal hair or just about any other thing. It’s purely from a human donor.

The hair weighs about 100g for the sew-in type. Although it’s voluminous it shouldn’t be weighty.

Ensure its double stitched since the wefts shouldn’t by any means shed its hair strands.

It has the Remy hair characteristic and the cuticles are facing a single direction. This ensures that you don’t experience too much tangling.

Is it a single donor or multiple donor hair? This is the one thing that makes the hair even more unique because it comes from a single donor. This way you expect the follicles and cuticles to flow in a single direction. Also, it has a single color.

Although some people say they could come from multiple donors, if you will source hair that is from multiple donors then it seizes to be called a mink hair and it instead becomes virgin or Remy hair.

Should it be single or double drawn? Sometimes you want the hair that is long all the way to the tip. In such cases, you should choose the double drawn one instead of the single drawn. Single drawn works best for short hair.

Styling: a great quality mink hair should have a non-issue to style.

Maintaining the Mink Hair

Considering mink hair is quality hair you ought to take good care of it. Most of these human hair extensions require that you take care of them the same way you would with your own natural hair.

  • Wash it with recommended human hair extension products

There are different items you may use to wash your human hair. One thing in common is that you should only wash them with sulfate free shampoos and conditioner. The last thing you need is for your shampoo to strip the hair of its natural color, oils and moisture.

The conditioning makes it easy to manage and enhances its shine and softness. If you can deep condition it ever once in a while then you will be having the hair over a long time.

Your hair is weakest when it’s wet so you shouldn’t brush it at such times. Avoid even popping the hair because you should avoid frizzing. The hair is manageable because of its lubrication and you should maintain it at that level.

  • Drying the hair

Only use the right procedure for the drying of your special human hair. Put it in sections then dry them thoroughly. If you will use the hairdryer, remember to wear the heat protectant spray. This helps to smoothen the spray for easy styling of the hair.

When drying the hair, be very gentle. Don’t use towels that will tangle the hair. Just pat dry the hair instead.

  • Styling it

Use a soft hairbrush to comb the hair as this will reduce the tendency to shed. You should, by all means, avoid the tugging and snagging of the hair.

If you do this, the hair will develop split ends. Note that the hair is prone to develop split ins so, avoid things that will cause it.

What Is Brazilian Mink Hair

Let’s just say that this is mink hair from Brazilians or those who have the Brazilian kind of hair. The hair is only accepted if it’s from a select group of people. They are known to produce a select high quality, soft and glossy hair type.

One thing you should however understand is the fact that since there’s still no uniform way in which the hair should look. Therefore, one type of hair that other people call Brazilian mink hair may not be the same as the one another company calls mink hair.

Contrary to most beliefs, not most Brazilian hair types are from brazil. You will find the hair also coming from other parts of Asia and Europe. As long as the donor has hair that is similar to the texture, look and feel of the Brazilian hair, their hair is called Brazilian hair in the market.

Characteristics of The Brazilian Mink Hair

Since this is the most sought after the hairstyle, it’s important to know how it looks.

The reason why it’s sought after is that it’s soft, durable and with a thicker density.

  • Notice that while you know your regular 8A hair type to be thick, this Brazilian hair is thicker.
  • They have the cuticles flowing in one direction and it also has tapered ends.
  • It further enjoys a natural shine with a full body that is also luxurious.
  • It has low to medium luster. Its density makes it frizz resistant.
  • The mink hair further holds curls for longer.

Mink Hair Bundles

This is in general terms in reference to a woman with average head. If you are going to make the hair short at about 10-12 inches then you need about 2 bundles of the hair. This bundles cuts across most hair extensions.

If you would love to make the longer hair of about 14-24 inches then you should use 3 bundles. If your head is bigger, you should add the bundles to 4 or 5. But consider the leave outs you have for the closure or frontal that may influence the number of bundles you use.

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Notice that a set of purchase will mostly come with 3 bundles. For those who love straight hair extension, you should consider using this hair type as it’s considered to be the grade 10 A. Thus, you can style as you wish or wash it just the same way you do with your natural hair.

In fact, you can apply color and heat just as you would with the natural type.

Mink Hair 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles 

We all love to look good right?

This hair features 100% human hair body wave. The hair is cut directly from young donors who have nothing but healthy hair. They take the grade 8A quality of hair with its workmanship. The hair doesn’t get to the seller without passing through quality control for a proper check.

The hair is double weft using the machine which ensures it remains clean, neat and not layered. The body wave Brazilian hair is shed free and tangle resistant. You will sew everything easily.

It has its cuticles facing a single direction to prevent the possibility of tangling. More so, it features the softest, thickest and bouncy hair type you will ever have. The hair has high elasticity that makes your hair easy to style and improves its outlook.

Since most weaves develop split ins you would be afraid that this would be the case for this hair but it’s not. The hair has the healthiest ends. You don’t expect split ends, dry ends rather you have smooth and soft texture through all its strands.

Malaysian Virgin Straight Hair Mink

This is your proof that not all mink hair types are Brazilian hair. It features a hair type that is 100% unprocessed and it comes in black color. Take a look at the hair and you will realize how thick it is.

The hair looks full and gives you that full look. The hair is at grade 8A which is at a level of one of the highest qualities of hair. The hair simply comes in as a Brazilian hair wave. You can dye the hair to whichever color you wish.

To make it shed-resistant, the hair is double weft using a machine. This hair contains no chemicals and you don’t expect foul smells. It’s easy to use, so, simply treat it as your own and when you want to curl it just go for it.

Expect to have it for more than 6 months if you properly care for it.

The Marketing of The Mink Hair

Most consumers have complained that the hair they buy that are often referred to as mink hair are often not. Hair vendors will use the name for sales.

Would you really blame them?

I think we shouldn’t because unless they know how to market, your hair extension may just rot in their stores. You see the marketing strategy is nothing less than the way we often give our hair extensions a grade 7A, 8A among others just to sell.

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While there’re no notable characteristics to say you are buying this premium hair, you will need the characteristics earlier mentioned so that you purchase the right mink hair.

Moreover, don’t just go buying the hair, conduct research especially on the terms that regard the different hair extensions.

Never buy a hair type with all the negative reviews to be on the safe side.

What I think

From the article and the research, it’s best to conclude that the mink hair extension just refers to the hair that is of the highest quality in the market. If you get the real one then you know that the hair will last longer and be luxurious to you.

Nevertheless, don’t be fooled by vendors who just convince you that a hair type is mink hair. It might not be. Conduct your market research before buying the hair.

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