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Everything You Need to Know About Microbead Extensions

Microbead Extensions

We are all thankful for the hair extensions today. It has made our work easier.

Hair extensions come in many forms most of which include the clip ins, sew-ins, fusion among others. One of the newest trends today is the microbead extensions.

Microbead Extensions

For me, this has been the most legit hair extension style. And believe me when I say I have tried them almost all.

The problem is that hairstyles keep changing. One minute we have clip ins, next people are all wearing wigs then fusion and the list is endless.

If you are anyone looking for ways to increase the volume and length at the same time, the microbead extension may just be the answer to your quest.

They will give you the best of two worlds

This method gives you a combination of both the volume and thickness making your hair look healthy and luscious. You place these wefts with the beads and then sew it on your hair.

The beads are normally lined with silicone as a method of protecting your hair and making it secure. It’s easy to apply since your stylist simply pulls a few strands of the hair through the beads using the micro loop wand.

Then, you clamp the bead down to ensure the weft is in place. This method of application is called the fusion technique. This technique minimizes damage while making sure it’s all flexible and with easy movement.

The beaded wefts are normally easy to manage according to most women.

What Are Micro Link Extensions?

What Are Micro Link ExtensionsThese are also called beaded extensions. Microbead is the link between your hair and the extension. They are extensions which gets you to secure your natural hair with small metals or plastic rings. You will clamp them around different parts of your hair.

The hair extension you use has a link on each strand. It’s ideal for those who love to wear their natural hair and don’t like to braid the hair.

With this method, you use no glue, tape or heat which has a tendency to damage one’s hair. The layer of silicone even keeps your hair safe from damage. They are natural-looking yet durable to use. Most people also prefer them when they are hoping to style their hair frequently.

The Micro Bead Hair Extension

There are several micro beads hair extensions. The different colors match the different skin tones. You will also have different sizes that fit the different areas of your hair and the thickness as well.

You don’t have to use the same link sizes for each part of your head rather different links for the different parts of the head.

Are they discreet?

Yes, they are. You can wear a ponytail with this kind of hair. The way you do that is to make sure you use very tiny beads around the hairlines and the thicker links or beads should be placed in the middle or further away from your hairline.

This means that not many people will even notice you are wearing extensions. Although the hair is fake you still achieve a natural look with it. This is the closest you will come to achieving that natural look.

Every time you are applying your hair extension it’s always your desire to achieve that natural look. Lucky for you because this hair feels natural since you are attaching a few strands of hair extensions to your natural strands.

This hair further lies flat and seamless making it appear more natural. This style makes the blending of your hair and the extension less of a hassle.

In fact, your hair moves around easily than when you are using other hair extensions forms like clip-ins and wefts.

What Kind of Hair Should You Use?

Brazilian hair has been voted the best kind of hair for a long time. It features a very strong structure which means you won’t damage it even with the treatments you use when installing the hair.

It’s further advisable that you choose the Remy hair which means all your cuticles will be facing the same direction.

The one reason that makes the hair unique is the fact that you don’t have to use glue, tapes, sew in methods to install the hair. Instead, you use a tiny bead for the process.

How Long Do I Take to Attach the Hair?

For most people, it’s a complicated method to apply the hair. However, with practice, it becomes an easy process. It’s even the easiest and real way to cover your hair. In the end, you develop a reliable and durable piece of hair.

For you to apply the hair on the full head, you will have about 100-150strands of hair. It should take you at least 2 hours to attach the hair. This hair will make you reveal the goddess in you. However, like all other hair extensions, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

The pros

  • It’s safe to apply the extension using this method. You don’t need to use the adhesives or sewn in methods which have been accused of damaging one’s hair.
  • They are easier to remove compared to styles like fusion where you have to use a glue remover.
  • Since the method uses the individual strand style of attachment, you continue to enjoy the bouncy and attachment of individual strand attachment.
  • They last longer than most other methods and close to how long the human hair extensions last. The bonds will stay for long on your hair while maintaining their gentleness.
  • You can dye your hair and not fear that it will damage the hair.
  • Micro bond lets you style the hair as though it’s your own hair. You don’t have to fear using heat on your head as other extensions. Only remember to use medium heat and don’t put the heat directly on your head.

The cons

  • The hairstyle isn’t healthy for you if you have unhealthy hair.
  • Some people complain about headaches after the application.
  • Although most people say they are safe, they aren’t safe to use with your thin or fine hair.

How Long Does the Style Last

There’s a common misconception that the hair requires frequent retouch. Well, note that as you have your hair continuing to grow the hair extensions begin to slip off the ring. Nevertheless, you should only retouch it after at least 5 weeks.

Meanwhile, make sure you follow the set procedures for the salon visits. What I like most about this hair is that just like your regular human hair, you can re-use the hair as long as you will take good care of the hair.

As a general rule, this hair will last anything from 4-6 months. Remember all these depends on how fast your hair grows. Additionally, how well you are taking care of the hair will determine whether it lasts or not.

How Much Does the Micro Bead Cost?

Understand that with all the hair extensions you choose, the difference in cost is determined by the type of hair you purchase and the location it’s from. Other factors include the experience level of the stylists.

Statistics indicate that the hair will cost you roughly $400-$1000 and more.

Will It Damage Your Hair?

The answer to this question is a definite no but only if you know how to maintain the hair. In addition, if you rightfully install the hair, chances are that you will most probably develop healthy hair.

Your professional stylist should also be the person who removes your hair. This is because unless you remove the hair right, you might just experience massive hair shedding. The worst thing you should do is set the extension too close to your scalp.

This will not only cause itchiness but also discomfort for the first three weeks after installation. While you may decide to just remove the hair anyway, if you remove the hair early you will damage the hair. This is because at the time your hair is normally still too tight.

At all times, because the microbead extension features a delicate process and hairstyle, you should use the services of a hair stylist. They should remove the hair for you as they also install it. Otherwise, it’s likely that you will spoil your hair.

How About the Care and Maintenance?

Well, hair extensions call for a lot of care and maintenance if they will serve you. Caring for the microbead hair extension requires that you use professional help as well as consistent methods to care for it.

When you are wearing the extensions, ensure you see your stylist after every two months. If you don’t visit your stylists, chances are that you will damage your hair. The stylist should know how to take care of your microbead extension.

If you are going to use any products, use them cautiously so that you are sure it won’t cause the slipping.

Combing and brushing the micro beading extension

The extension may pick up on your texture and look so natural but remember they aren’t your natural hair so you have to do some extra work when it comes to nourishing the hair. Don’t even over manipulate the hair because if you do then the hair will begin to slip.

When brushing the hair, use nylon boar brush and loop brushes on those tresses. Brush the hair nicely even to the roots of the hair. Don’t allow your hair to tangle.

How to wash the hair

While you may be tempted to wash the hair as frequently as you do with your natural hair, avoid the need to wash it. In fact, if you want to sustain the hair over a long period of time, avoid the frequent rigorous process of washing the hair with strong chemicals.

Notice that you should be very careful when washing the hair. Be careful about where you apply the shampoo and how you rinse it. Always remember that the hair isn’t growing from your roots.

Begin by combing your hair to get rid of all the tangles.

You then need to wash the hair following its growth method. This you can do following the top to the ends of the hair. The method will help to avoid tangles.

You should always avoid rigorously scrubbing your head as that will lead to the slipping of the extension. Also, the circular motion creates tangles and frizzes. In the process, wash even your scalp.

All this time you should make sure you stroke the scalp as opposed to rigorously scrubbing it as that may lead to the loosening of the beads. Always use the right shampoo to you sustain the hair extension.

Never use the shampoo that has paraben, suphate, protein or silicone. You may need to condition your hair but you shouldn’t apply the conditioner to the beads and bonds as this will automatically loosen the bond.

Only apply the conditioner from the mid-range to the ends. This will help to prolong your hair lifespan. Ask your stylist for advice on the best shampoo and conditioner you can use for your hair.

For drying, just squeeze out the excess water. You can then pat dry the extension. Let the hair air dry first, getting rid of the better part of the water you used before you can blow dry it. Don’t ever sleep with your wet hair as this will completely destroy it.

Taking care of the extension

Often times you may find a great hair that blends with your natural hair. Always use the hair that allows for different coloring if you like to color the hair.

You can use the heat on your hair but, you should always follow the set protocol on how to heat your natural hair. you should use limited heat on the hair and if possible, use the heat protectant spray before you start blow-drying the hair.

In all fairness, you ought to keep your hair from damage. Make sure the heating tool is used further away from the beads and bonds to avoid the melting possibility.

Sleeping with the hair

Before you sleep, you should ensure that even if you went to sleep, your tresses won’t form tangles. If you can, remember to wear a silk scarf, making a loose style braid will keep your hair safe and you can use the satin bonnet.

Here is the most undetectable hair in the market. It even offers you durability. You, in fact, don’t need heat for the installation either do you need adhesives. It’s easy to apply and further easy to remove.

You can balayage the hair or use the different coloring style to give it darker colors. Be careful when using the different dyes to color your hair. The beads are made using the silicone material which is easy and safe to use.

This hair will always feel silky and soft if take care of it. Your hair further won’t tangle or shed. The high-quality hair features all the human hair and not a mix of animal hair and synthetic hair. With this hair, there are no tangles and no shedding yet it feels silky and soft to use.

You can comfortably style the hair, wash it and then restyle it again. You are therefore free to use whichever method that keeps your hair feeling natural. It will last to 6 months if you properly take care of it. This is the high-quality hair that even popular people love to use.

Installing the Hair Extension

Before you begin the process consult your professionalism. Let them check your hair to see if it suits the micro link extensions. They will also let you know how many packs are fit for you and which style best suits you.

The installation should take anywhere between 1-3 hours. It will all depend on how fast your stylist now is.

Begin by cleaning your hair, drying it and then straightening it.

Once you are done with this process, divide the hair to about an inch from the neck of your hair. For the installation do not place the extension to the edge of the hair. Just leave about a cm on either side of the head.

Next, pass a strand of the hair to the clear loop then pull your hair strand into the small brown bead. Next, this bead is clamped.

Never place the beads close to the roots of your hair. Leave a cm distance away from the roots. If you install the hair too close to the roots chances are that it will be painful on you.

If you can’t use the cm measurement then use the width of your hand to tell you the gap between your loop and the scalp.


Since this style might be new to you, I know some of the common questions you may ask and I will answer them below

  • Do I expect my hair extension to fall out?

The answer to that is simply no. They don’t fall out on a normal occasion. This is because in most cases the hair is nicely installed. Generally, if these strands fall out it must be for a reason.

It might just be because your stylist didn’t clamp them tightly or the other reason is normally that you have put conditioner on the bonds and have therefore loosened them. Remember, you can feel it sliding out and if this happens, just slide them out yourself to avoid embarrassment.

  • Is it painful?

If you go to a specialist in the field of extensions and they apply the extensions properly, it won’t hurt. You will experience some level of discomfort during the application followed by some minimal level of pain for a few days.

This is usually the result of the change in the weight of your hair. Other than that, you expect no other form of pain.

  • Can I color my hair?

It all depends on the kind of hair you used. If you used the 100% Remy’s hair, you can color or dye it to your favorite color. Nonetheless, always use darker colors as opposed to lighter ones.

  • Can I sleep normally?

Yes, you would sleep the normal way you always do. You will not even know that you are wearing extensions.

  • Am I obliged to use certain products with the hair?

No, however, seek consultation from your professional stylist to let you know which products you should use. Remember you aren’t supposed to use certain oils, shampoos with a lot of oil and a lot of moisturizing agents.

  • Is it noticeable?

No, it’s not. Often times the beads are installed in the hair so you won’t notice that you have beads. What’s more, the microbeads you choose will be the same as the hair extension which means everything will blend in together.

  • How long should I use the hair?

There’s no stipulated time as to which you should use the hair. It’s all about how much care you give the hair.

  • Can I use hot tools on the hair?

Yes, you can, only makes sure you don’t overheat the beads especially if they are made of plastic.

Who is not fit to use the extension?

There is no set restriction as to which hair type shouldn’t use the extension although you should consider the customization of the hair. However, if you have fine hair or hair that has been weakened by the use of bleach, it’s advisable to use small micro links while taking a lot of hair.

You shouldn’t also use the hair if your hair is shorter than 4 inches. Let it grow out a little before installing the beads.

What is the I Tip Hair Extension?

Some people call it the shoelace tip. This is a flashpoint or a pre-tipped variety of hair extension which you use to connect the piece. To work it you need a hook or loop and microtube then the pliers.

This is where the small parts of your hair are attached to the hair near the roots and using a small bead. With each pack of the I tip hair pack, you have 20 strands of the hair. Now each strand comes with a small shoestring like piece which will hold all the pieces together.

You will use about 5 to 9 packs of the strands. This, therefore, means that you can use about 180 strands of hair. It works the same way as the microbead extension only this is even smaller.

A single strand is made of a gram of hair. The good thing about this hair is further that it lasts for a long time. When it’s time to remove it, you will know it since your hair grows naturally. The beads are also further away from the scalp.

For this reason, you have no choice but to visit a stylist every so often. They will then make sure they adjust the beads.

This style like the other micro bead styles will take anything between 3-6 months.

How to Apply the I Tip Extension

  • Begin by cleaning your hair and even moisturizing it. You should apply extension on clean hair.
  • Part your hair into the horizontal section. Next, get a hold of the top layer of the hair and pull it upwards. Go ahead and use a clip to secure the hair here. As you may notice this will give you access to the strands underneath.
  • You should have access to the lower section where you intend to install the hair.
  • Use the pulling needle to hook through the I tip tube. The tube remains on the lower section of the needle thereby exposing the hooked end.
  • Take a small section of the hair where you intend to attach the first extension. It should, however, fit through the sections effortlessly.
  • Next, hook your needle an inch away from your scalp and onto your hair. Pull that needle towards you as you secure the tube. Your aim here is to slide the hair section to the tube.
  • Use your fingers to hold the tube in place at approximately one inch from your scalp. Push the extension up towards your scalp. Now, you will hold the hair and the extension together
  • You should have the extension pliers which you may use to flatten the end to the hair. This makes it fuse with your hair.

The Dos and Don’ts Of The I Tip Hair

The dos

This is just one of the other many hair extensions. You should, therefore, brush them often to make sure they don’t tangle because if they do then you lose the hair.

  • Opt for the clarifying shampoos if you can find it, use the paraben and sulfate free shampoo. The reason why we prefer to use the clarifying shampoo is that it cleans all the residue.
  • You should always avoid all-natural products as they contain a lot more proteins. Too much protein is bad for the maintenance of your extension.
  • Use the conditioner but ensure you don’t apply it to the roots of the hair. You can apply them to the ends of the hair and the mid-height but not the roots.
  • You can leave your conditioner in for at least 5 minutes. Next, comb through it to remove all the tangles then rinse it.
  • You can treat your hair on a weekly basis.
  • Remember to wash your hair immediately after exercise. Also, dry it immediately after you wash it. The bonds are known to swell when wet and if you will continue to leave them wet, they will crumble.
  • By all means, avoid tangles. Wash your hair following the vertical movement motion.
  • Always apply the heat protector before using hot tools. Also, you could apply oil to the ends of the hair to keep them tangle free.
  • Sleep while having loosely plaited your hair and remember to brush your hair before you wash it.
  • If possible, only wash your hair in the shower and not in a bath. You should wash your hair following its growth format.


  • Although it’s said that the hair will last for more than 3months, you should change the spectrum after 3 months to avoid damaging your own hair.
  • Only use the hair dryers once you have applied the hair protector. You are encouraged to use the dryers. Don’t let the hair dry on its own
  • Never use the shampoo on the tip because this is bound to cause crumbling of the bonds.
  • Only use a certified spectrum to adjust your hair extensions.
  • Try not to expose the hair to sunshine over a long time,
  • Wear the swimming caps to avoid the chlorine from tampering with your hair.

VeSunny 18″ I Tip Remy Hair Extensions

You should trust this product for being a great product because they only make the hair thick and soft. Ve sunny uses a special technique to make the hair unique when compared to other types.

The item is durable and lasts 3 months before the need for maintenance. The hair is silky and straight it features the use of 100% Remy real hair as the raw material. They use the natural hair cuticle as alignment.

These cuticles reduce the tangles and mimic natural hair flow. The tips can be applied to your hair professionally with micro rings. No heat is required, for this reason, the hair is harmless to your hair.

Moreover, the hair is virtually undetectable. Place your pre-tipped hair under your natural hair

Caring for The I tip extension

  • Always consult a stylist and take care of these steps.
  • Make use of the shampoo and conditioners that are sulfate free. They will make the hair durable.
  • You can make and style some ponytails, messy buns or up-dos. However, wear them loosely.
  • Always use heat protectants whenever you wish to use the hair tools.
  • Only follow the basic bottom technique of washing it.

Removing the Microbead Extension

Before and after micro link images

Before and after micro link images

Before and after micro link imagesConclusion

We all enjoy hair extensions, but for you to sustain the beauty that comes with it, you should know enough about the hair including how to care for them.

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