What Are Microlink Hair Extensions – The Comprehensive Guide

Hair extensions are first taking over the worlds hair industry. With every new day, we find new hair extension styles. This makes it a challenge to understand the majority of them.

There are very many styles of attaching the hair extensions. You can clip in, tape in, bonded, or sew in. The sew in style is the most popular attachment style among those with curly hair. But today we focus on micro link hair extension.

What Are Micro Links?

These are by far the smallest, yet undetectable hair extension styles that you may use to add volume and length to your hair. in this case, you don’t have to use adhesives like glue for the attachment of the hair extension.

micro link hair extensionYou use the tiny metal links to attach a few extension strands to your natural hair. This links or better known as tubes are either attached using the aluminum or copper. They may have the silicon layer or not, but they give you a better grip.

The method used to attach the link is clamping the links together. This secures the extensions to your natural hair. The process is what we refer to as linking your hair along with your natural hair.

Is Micro Linking A Healthy Option for You?

You attach it by clamping a few strands of the hair extension to your natural hair. After using the hair pliers to clamp the hair, you will notice that the hair lies down flat. A significant characteristic of the style is that the application is mess-free.

It’s true to say that the hair is by far one of the healthiest options. You need no glue nor any other harsh chemicals to attach it. You don’t even use any chemicals to extract the hair from your head.

This is what makes it by far one of the safest methods to use. This style allows your hair to grow long and healthy below the hair extensions.

Microlink Hair Extensions

The hair extension you use for the micro link style is re-usable if applied and removed carefully.

Since you can wear the style over a long time, it keeps your hair healthy and safe.

Not many people can tell the difference between your natural hair and the hair extension because it looks like your hair. It allows you to enjoy the styling versatility. Moreover, it will enable you to care for your natural hair.

It’s discreet since not many people can even tell you are wearing the extension. ┬áIn fact, with the style, you can get yourself a ponytail style, or any other high up style of your choice.

The secret is to use the smallest and few loops at the edge of your hair. Always try to put the loops a few centimeters from the hairline and edges.

They won’t damage your hair because you use no chemicals and glue. It’s upon you to be careful when removing the hair. This ensures that you don’t damage your hair like some other extensions do.

How to Install Micro Link Extension

When you want to install the hair extension, buy the micro links. They are further ideal for use by those who have short hair or need to add volume to the hair. Are you after the density or reviving your thin and loose curls? Micro link is your best bet.

Begin by cleaning your hair before you install the extensions. This is because it’s easier to wash your hair when you have no extension.

Section your hair to rows. This makes it easy for you to tell where to fix the extensions. Another thing is that you don’t want to install the ring very close to your roots.

Microlink Hair Extensions before and afterTake a few strands of the hair extensions and insert in the link. Next, take your natural hair and add to the link. Go ahead and clamp them together, then move to the next section.

Remember to not apply the extensive micro links to the edges, especially if you intend to style it to a ponytail.

Continue to do this until your whole section is done then comb it as desired and you are good to go.

How Long Will It Take to Install the Hair?

You should know that these extensions might take longer than most other extensions to fix because it’s a strand by strand method. For a professional stylist, it will take you anything between 2-5 hours.

If your stylist is slow or you are attaching a little more extension, it should take even 6-8 hours.

When Do You Get the Hair Maintained?

This hairstyle can last up to six months. But after about two months you should take yourself to the salon for a checkup. They will help adjust the rings if need be or trim the extension ends. Sometimes they even add extra hair if they need to.

After about three months you can adjust the hair extension or give it a touch-up. But always let your stylist do the touch up for you.

Is Micro Link Hair for You?

It’s easy to know whether the micro link hair is for you or not. But you need to answer the following questions.

If your hair is naturally healthy and thick, know that you can use the micro link hair.

They are further ideal for anyone because the installation is gentle. The hair bonds are usually secured over a long period of time.

They even act like your natural hair since you can treat them and color the hair.

Since it feels and looks like your natural hair, it’s easy to style it. They, in fact, require that you don’t heat them close to the bonds.

Micro Link Hair Extension Cost

Many factors determine the cost of the extension. Some of these factors include the number of strands you use, where you are installing the hair, and how many strands you are going to use.

You can either use the human extension or synthetic hair. For the micro link extension, you should get a hair type that is close to your natural hair in texture and color. But, expect the strand by strand method is often pricy.

The micro link can cost you up to $1000 for the whole process. However, you will find places when you can make the hair for less than $1000. Be prepared though that you will be using about $250-$300 every time you need to go for maintenance.

The Pros and Cons of Micro Link Hair Extension

The pros

  • While it’s more ideal for those with thick hair, it works with every kind of hair. This includes those experiencing balding.
  • The hairstyle is versatile since it allows you to color the hair. In addition, you can style it asyou want.
  • Most of the time, links are very tiny. They are only about 1mm; thus, they won’t harm your natural hair.
  • You may use it on whichever part of your head you wish to. It doesn’t matter about the hair conditioner you have or not.
  • For the micro link style, you are allowed to swim or steam your body while wearing it. Rest assured that the bonds won’t loosen.
  • It then allows you to wash the hair more frequently than other hair extensions. They aren’t spoilt when you wash then.

The cons

  • There are a few disadvantages of having the micro link hair extension.
  • One major disadvantage is that they might damage your hair especially when you have thin hair or you do not install it properly. Sometimes even the removal part may lead to damage.
  • If you don’t install the hair properly chances are that they will weigh your hair down. You wont even notice the weight until you have the hair washed then its wet.
  • You will feel the links on the head so it is hard to sleep in them especially if it is your first time.
  • For the first few days, you may experience discomfort on your head because of the new hair installation. If you install the hair close to the roots it is even worse as it will become itchy.
  • If you decide to remove the hair on your own, the chances are that you will damage your hair but also experience pain during the process.

Which Kind of Hair Should You Use for The Process?

I have been installing this micro link for a long time. In fact, I still wear micro link a lot today. I must say that the only hair that I have found useful after trying different hairstyles from different regions is Brazilian hair and Mongolian one.

Of course, you can use the other hair types from other regions like Indian hair and Peruvian hair, but my all-time favorite is the Brazilian. Mind you; the hair still requires high maintenance.

Micro Link Hair on African American Hair

Even those with curly hair can use the micro link extension. The only difference is on the kind of hair you utilize. Always use the Yaki hair or kinky hair since they are designed for those with the curly hair.

On the other hand, some black women usually straight perm their hair before they can attach the micro link hair extension style.

Of course, you should know that for micro link hair, its best to leave out a lot of natural hair. This makes it easy to blend the hair.

Youngsee 14″ Micro Link Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair

This features a 100% Remy hair, and since you use it for the micro link, you won’t damage your hair. Aside from being harmless, the hair is undetectable. They use tiny micro rings, remember.

Although it appears black, its color is not entirely black from the package. You should know that before buying it. The hair comes in looking straight though it’s a little wavy due to the packaging. It should take last for at least two months but remember to take care and maintain it.

Moresoo 16 Inch Micro Link Extensions Human Hair

The hair used here is just the human hair and then its human-made. It features the 100% salon hair that is tangle-resistant and shed-resistant. It’s silky and soft, yet it’s quite easy to put on.

You can straighten the hair, curl it or even wave it if you like. If you, however, would love to color the hair, you should do it professionally. Remember you only use the professional hair pliers for the process.

This hair will blend naturally with your own hair especially when you have the black hair. It comes with even smaller links. This makes it easy for you to apply where there was no other extension able to reach.

You won’t have restrictions as to whether you can swim or not. As long as you remember to wash it and dry it properly after swimming, you are good to go.

Yesurprise 1000 Silicone Micro Link Rings 5mm

Now when you need to extend your hair or increase the volume, you will need these items to do so. They come in as aluminum and micro silicone whereby the two layers are made of silicone, and the single outer one is made using the aluminum.

These layers are used as a protective mechanism for your hair. It has the copper-lined standard links that will work as beads. The rings are often so small, round and even made using copper. They are further lightweight.

They are durable, and they will last longer if your hair takes a little longer to grow. This links, rings, and beads come in different colors to suit different hair colors.

Where to Buy the Micro Link Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are available in most of the significant professional salons across different major cities. They are further accessible in the hairline industry offline. They are readily accessible across the globe.

When you go online, though, with big shops like Amazon, you can’t miss these items. eBay is the other online store, but you can also visit AliExpress for the different products.

Nevertheless, whenever you are looking for high-quality products, visit the different manufactures of the different kinds of har.

Micro Link Hair for Those with Thin Hair

I know a few friends with thin hair who use the micro link hair and their hair has never gotten damaged. That’s why I think we should talk about it here.

For those of you with absolutely fine hair who have no other solution for them, this is your best style. They are easy to style and easy to take care of. This hairstyle looks great on anyone but especially anyone who has typically thin hair as it becomes voluminous.

However, with all its useful properties It will weigh your hair down. This might cause more thinning and shedding. Unless it’s installed by a professional and you aren’t in a hurry to get rid of them so that you wait for the bond to loosen you might damage the hair.

Therefore, the hair isn’t for you when you have very thin and fine hair. Also, if you have short hair you should expect that the hair won’t work for you as it may slip off a lot plus it won’t blend easily.

Does the Micro Link Hair Damage Your Hair?

We have been told that the micro link hair extension doesn’t damage your hair since it uses no glue, not tapes. But then when you go across the internet, you find several people claiming that the hair damaged their hair.

This has caused more confusion for several people. Now, as someone who often uses the extensions, I would say I don’t believe everything mentioned on the internet. This is because our experiences differ at different times.

Just because your hair got damaged doesn’t mean it will damage another’s hair as well and the vice versa. Remember, several factors are into play, in this case.

Who did your hair? What kind of hair did you use? Did you properly maintain the hair? These are a few of the questions you should ask before making a conclusive decision. It will help you know whether the hair is good or bad.


What’s the Quality of Your Hair When You Are Installing the Micro Link?

Look, like even your skin or other parts of your body, when you are healthy, the hair strands are normally healthy as well. In fact, strong hair is the word to use, in this case. The hair is typically thick enough but also elastic.

Normally curly or kinky hair can stretch to 20% more than its original length when dry and 50% more when it’s wet before it begins to break. Therefore, you can never cut the hair unless it’s in itself unhealthy.

The only reason that will lead to breaking is when you pull it abruptly and with a lot of force. Thus, the hair fiber is strong, and if you have healthy hair, you can never break from the micro link pull.

Notice that if you decide to use the micro link, you should know that generally your hair is expected to be strong. But that doesn’t mean it won’t break.

The Basic Upkeep

It shouldn’t be hard for you to keep up with the micro link extension. But you need to exercise caution when you are taking care of the same.

Wash this hair with the moisturizing hair product every after a week or two. This will keep the hair in good shape. Remember your hair needs to be nourished to maintain its body. Your extension isn’t nourished from the scalp and thus it’s your duty to keep it healthy.

You can further use other products that work towards moisturizing the hair. The serum will make your hair look shiny and healthy.

Remember, when you are washing your hair as well, some product will make the hair dry. So, you ought to use other products that moisturize it to counter the problem.

Lastly, take time to tighten the micro link extension after a month or two. This will ensure it maintains a great outlook.

How to Remove the Micro Link Hair Extension

While you can decide to remove the hair by yourself it’s only safe to use the help of a professional. However, note that the stylists use the hair pliers to break the hair link bond.

Start by secluding the natural hair from the hair extensions. This will show you the row that has the micro link hair extension. Work on the sections one part at a time.

Now, using the pliers to squeeze each micro link in the opposite direction to how it was installed. This will quickly open the links. If necessary, though use a small tug to open the link.

Continue the process until you have gotten rid of all the links. Then work on the strands by removing the balls that have been formed from using the extension over a long time.

Use the tail comb to get rid of the balls. Comb this hair slowly. Use the tail end of the comb.

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Wash the Hair

Washing the micro link should be a non-issue because you never use adhesives for the hair extensions. However, you should aim at getting rid of the oils and dirt on the roots.

You might not necessarily get rid of the dirt in one-off washing so take your time and wash it many times.

Ensure you use the right clarifying and moisturizing shampoo. Massage it on the scalp gently then rinse it thoroughly.

Next, deep condition the hair. Always use the hair products that are free of sulfates and paraben as well as oils. Always focus on the ends when using the conditioner, and this will keep them healthy.

Try and avoid the use of oily product on the hair.

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To Style the Hair

Last on the list is the fact that you shouldn’t shy away from using heat tools on the hair. You can use the blow dry and hairdryer as well. Do not brush or comb the hair while it’s wet as it remains vulnerable at that time.

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