Mesut Ozil Hairstyles You May Want To Check Out

There used to be a time when being a soccer player was just about playing a good game. These times are long gone. Now sports stars don’t just offer their fans a great time watching them play, they also create the most popular fashion trends.

Many fans are closely following what their favorite soccer stasr will do about their hair and right away go to their stylist to get the same haircut. While sometimes, soccer players do a good job taking care of their hair, there are times when they come up with something quite outrageous.

Mesut Ozil is popular for some not-so-fashionable haircuts as well as some very popular ones. Many men are thankful to their idol for making the haircut choice easy.

If you are about go get a fashionable haircut that your favorite star is sporting, don’t forget to think about how it will actually look on you.

Consider your face shape, skin color and hair type. Perhaps it is completely different from someone like Mesut Ozil and the result will not be as great as you expect.

However, if your parameters are about the same, then you can easily enjoy sporting a fashionable hairstyle, which is bound to be as popular as it is for Mesut Ozil.

Mesut Ozil likes to change his hairstyles quite often. Every year his fans have something to contemplate. In 2013 he went for a long haircut with highlights.

Then in 2014 he decided to go short and made a rather popular taper fade with a side part. He also created a strip on the left side and became one of the few World Cup players with a classical haircut.

He liked to leave the front part a little long than the classics and sometimes had it combed over.

In 2015 he stayed with a taper fade. Sometimes he allowed the sides to grow a little longer and made the strips go further around the back.

However, overall this look was quite suitable for both a footballer and an idol for many fans. In 2016 he is following through with what works best.

However, there are many ways to go about s a simple taper fade. Ozil has played around with the length and the way he styled it. Sometimes the top part was combed over and sometimes left loose and messy.

It seems he knows a thing or two about how to use hair products and is not afraid to do it.

mesut-ozil-hair-stylesArsenal star spends some time considering his appearance. He does his best trying to look as stylish as possible. In fact, he takes pride in following fashion. Here are some things he said about his hair and style.

“I bring my own grooming kit to the game – moisturizer, gel and shampoo,”

“I like to take care of myself. Football players like to take care of themselves and pay attention to the way they dress.”

“I think as a human being you need variety. You can’t just do football, you need a combination. Football is of course my main focus, which is a lot of fun and I love to be on the pitch. “But I have other interests beside that, like fashion or being with my family.”

While he thinks he has chosen the best hairstyle out there, we ere still waiting for Mesut Ozil to come up with something different.

We thought we have seen it all: shags, bobs and just messy dos. But he came up with something new and improved to show us. As a man who cares for his hair, Ozil is bound to make our day with a hairstyle to flaunt.

Whatever he chooses next, his fans are ready to imitate him and the girls are bound to appreciate it. Ozil likes to add some chinstraps and neat stubbles to his hairstyles. Perhaps he will grow a beard next? All we can do is wait and see.

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