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100 Mens Fade Haircuts To Personalize Your Look

The first step in a fade hairstyle is to simply shift your hairstyle sensibility. The fade hairstyle and the comb over fade emerge out of a creative trend towards a singular look and outlook. For charisma and appeal, the fade hairstyles and comb over fades are perfect choices.

These highly craved haircuts begin by clipping short or shaving the sides with graduated progression into a fuller top. Top sections of the fade hairstyle, the uppercut, can be short, straight (or straightened), curled, spritzed, wild or tamed.

A comb over fade, with the uppercut usually parted and trained in one direction, can be worked short, spiked, combed to one side, back, forward, or in an uppercut peak.

The bottom sides and back of the fade or comb over fade hairstyles, the undercut, can cover the entire haircut base, have a narrower span, fade only on sides, grow into longer back strands, or extend higher towards the crown.

Check out these stunning comb over fade hairstyles to get inspiration for your own hair.

Interesting Comb Over Fade Hairstyles Ideas for Men

Comb over hairstyles have been popular for ages. Now you have a chance to choose the best fade hairstyle to suit your look.

Browse the 70 different comb over fade hairstyles for 2021we are offering here and you will find the one that will dazzle you.

1. Comb Over Waves


A comb over fade can be freely long on top, stiffly moussed, or short and spiked to the side. This luxuriant uppercut rests slightly to one side in meticulous layers and waves that set off the low fade undercut.

2. Taking a Stand


A high fade hairstyle, both under and over, shows off chiseled facial features, as its structure squares into form. The gelled uppercut stands proudly at the forehead and rolls into form along the crown.

3. Symmetrically Spiked


Unlike a comb over fade, a fade hairstyle works well with coarse straight hair. Here the fade merges into the uppercut as it’s trimmed along the hair strand growth direction.

4. Clipped to Precision


A more subtle fade hairstyle, with a gelled in place shorter uppercut, fades both upward and downward into sideburns and a full beard. True hairstyle art.

Comb Over Fades – a Popular Hairstyle

Achieved with electric clippers to trim the undercut, both fade hairstyle comb over fade hairstyles are universal requests in barber shops and salons. Fade hairstyles and comb over fades are also one of the most difficult hairstyles to accomplish.

Precision is essential Many times fade hairstyle undercuts are shaved at the sides and back. At times on straighter hair, fade hairstyle and comb over fade undercuts are clipped rather than shaved. The strands of the undercut are then flattened in gradations proceeding from the uppercut to the hairline.

Clipped or shaved, the undercuts of both the fade and the comb over fade are graded into progressively brief and thinner layers towards the hairline. This process many times extends until the hair is no longer visible – a technique called ‘to the skin’.

5. Trail Blazer


With a trailing uppercut, this comb over fade brings uniquely attractive variety to the haircut. The clipped curves of the undercut smoothly subside beneath the long, sweeping locks of the uppercut to combine their patterns in flourishing appeal.

6. Top Story


The thinly clipped undercut of this fade hairstyle accents the gelled-to-the-side uppercut that turns this hairstyle into a comb over fade.

7. Artistically Faded


Artistic in design and message, this finely tuned fade hairstyle has a brief undercut that merges into stylized sideburns and facial hair.

8. Radical Comb Over


An exquisitely rustic transition between a tapered and radical fade, this ambiguously parted comb over fade gives off ample masculinity.


An expert and imaginative hairstylist can recommend and fashion a comb over fade or a fade hairstyle that will give kudos to your face and build. Although a round face may be challenged by a fade hairstyle, a comb over fade may work well. So not to worry.

A fade hairstyle or a comb over fade can probably be worn by you. The key is to keep the undercut of the comb over fade or fade hairstyle shaved or finely clipped, and the uppercut of a fade hairstyle or comb over fade well trimmed.

It is the uppercut of the fade hairstyle that builds the structure, while the smooth lay of the comb over fade uppercut stands out in artistic contrast to the undercut.

The cut in a fade hairstyle is prime for men with thick hair or hair that is a challenge to maintain. The comb over fade is perfect for men with straighter hair, as its style can take various forms.

With a lively mix of fade and comb over fade hairstyle ideas that trend in current fashion, these haircuts are all but certain to support your look.

9. Comb Over Fade Flip


Handsomely flipped, this youthful and lively comb over fade attracts admiring looks with a loosely clipped undercut and a parted uppercut gelled into tossed peaks.

10. Impeccably Level


The smoothed swirl of this low and perfectly brushed fade hairstyle’s undercut and uppercut finely meld as the undercut merges, to the skin, into deftly fashioned sideburns.

11. Precision Sweep


Here the clipped precision of this tapered fade hairstyle undercut shows expert technique, with further expertise displayed in the sleek, seamless flow of the uppercut.

12. Combed Astern


A uniquely interesting twist on a comb over fade, here the uppercut is gelled in a defined progression toward the comb over fade back, separated completely from the undercut.

Fade With An Expert

A barber with an expertly steady hand is an essential operative in styling a fade or a comb over fade. Sculpture is the overriding attribute of the fade hairstyle, while layered clipping is the finite requirement for a comb over fade.

In a fade hairstyle, the form, rather than the strand style, is the strength of a cut. Hair with texture and curl works best with a fade hairstyle, as the more texture and the tighter the curl pattern, the more easily sculpted the hair. In contrast, flow and precision in the undercut is the overriding requirement for a comb over fade.

While both the fade hairstyle and comb over fade undercuts can be wider or narrow, in both hairstyles it is most common to see a two-inch undercut. A creative and skilled barber can also cut designs into the fade or into an comb over fade hairstyle.

Both fade hairstyles and over comb fades are responsive to an array of artistic hairstyle options.

13. Layered Waves


Layers upon layers of an expertly trimmed uppercut define this fade hairstyle. Undercut gradations are stratified into a to the skin hairline.

14. Combed Apart


Stylized with a distinctive part, here a comb over fade swirls in a high uppercut with a to the skin gradation in the undercut.

15. Stripped and Faded


Along with a smoothly razored hairline, the cool hint of a part sets off this low tapered fade hairstyle.

16. Highly Coiffed


Here a high uppercut on a fade hairstyle is a unique look that shows off ample curly waves.

Don’t Try Tapered Fade and Comb Over Fades at Home!

You can accomplish tapered fade hairstyles and comb over fades at home with electric hair clippers, but shouldn’t. Most homemade fade hairstyles or comb over fades look homemade. Both the fade hairstyle and the comb over fade, along with other fade looks, require artistic precision.

A well-trained barber or hairstylist can best serve up your fade or comb over fade in high style fashion. By request, a talented hairstylist can add a longer comb over fade on top, a cut-in part, shapes and designs, added color – even a mohawk. The curl and texture of African American men’s hair are best for the structure of a fade hairstyle with a shaved undercut.

Straighter hair does well with both fade hairstyles and comb over fades in which the undercut is clipped in graded layers.

17. Retro Fade


Reminiscent of the 30’s, this comb over fade has a classic old Hollywood look. Parted in a retro tradition, the uppercut accents tapered sides.

18. Faded To Impress


Impressive in its clean-cut presence, a fade hairstyle here sets off tradition with a stylized part above a tapered undercut.

19. Fade It Forward


The front of this fade hairstyle faces forward through the uppercut technique as well as the brushed grooming. Cut to the skin, the undercut, in contrast, accents the height.

20. Turfed-Out Fade


Diversity reigns with a tuft back that braces the undercut of this fade hairstyle, while descending from the uppercut. Celebrate the difference.

21. Extended fade


This fade style extends down to the whiskers and the beard. The “slightly shaved” look is a great addition to any fade style. If enough effort is put into making the lower part of the face be an extension of the upper part, the fade will look extremely stylish. Keeping it neat is vital.

22. A real fade


Fades can be done on all types of hair. However, a real fade will look the best with the thick locks. Keeping a bunch of hair on top will give a fade an outstanding look, while maintaining a manly feel. Styling for the top part of the fade can differ.

23. Get creative


Creative hairstyles always stand out in the crowd. So, getting a creative fade is a great idea to catch other people’s attention. However, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the fade will look as though a disobedient child got hold of the scissors.

24. Lateral combed over fade


A laterally combed over fade looks good on any type of hair. However, it requires careful supervision in order not to allow it to become messier than it should be. Good quality styling gel is the lateral comb over’s best friend.

25. Low fade


A low fade leaves as much hair on the sides as possible, while keeping the fading pattern obvious. The shaved part of the haircut starts at the ear line, while the top part of the fade requires some serious scissors work. A good choice for those who aren’t ready to try anything extreme.

26. Fade + beard


A mid-sized beard is always a good addition to a quality fade. A nice scruff is a great way to keep the focus on the manly style of the haircut. However, it is important to keep a nice-looking scruff from turning into an unkempt full-sized beard.

27. Swept back high fade with geometrical elements


This haircut might seem simple at first, however creating it is not that easy. The swept back fade with geometrical elements is a complicated style, appreciated by many celebrities.

28. Geometrical classic


Geometrical shapes are not an obstacle to a classical fade hairstyle. Several well-made lines, as well as curves, can make the haircut look very stylish, while keeping the classy look. Adding a geometrical beard to the look is a great idea as well.

29. Rough and jagged fade


Curly hair doesn’t mean a fade is out of the question. The lucky curl owners can experiment with a rough and jagged fade, which is low maintenance and adds some style to the disorderly curls. Curly hair doesn’t mean disheveled style anymore.

30. Square fade


A square-shaped fade will fit only a certain face type. Owners of oblong and round faces can easily sport a squared fade and look very fashionable. A square fade requires a lot of hair on top, which is great for hiding some unpleasant chubbiness.

31. Traditional fade


The traditional fade shows a soft transition from long hair to skin without any extreme shaving lines. Such fade can fit any style. However, it requires proper regular maintenance. Can be worn with a neat scruff.

32. The young and the restless


This type of fade is favorite style of the Justin Bieber generation. While it might look out of place on a mature male, it is a great idea for a teenager. Such fade hairstyle just screams “young and beautiful.” However, it is important to know when the time comes to turn it into something else.

33. High fade


A high fade is a bold way to get rid of all but several inches of hair. While it doesn’t fit everyone, as the traditional fade does, it is a great way to deal with unruly hair without any cosmetics and frequent visits to a hair salon.

34. Contrast fade


The higher the contrast between the layers, the more interesting the highly-contrasted fade will look. Leaving enough hair on top might be a hassle to take care of, however,it is well compensated by the fashionably looking results. Such fade will need frequent maintenance.


35. Scissors only fade


Such fade is done by using scissors only. No shaving is allowed. This fade might take a longer time to do than other types of higher fades, but the result looks very neat and stylish. A scissors-only fade is a good choice for anyone.

36. Wavy fade


Those who don’t want to get rid of the long waves can still get a fade haircut. Wavy hair on top can delicately fade on the temples. If shaving is out of the question, very short cut can be done for the lower layers. The longer the hair on top, the longer the lower layers can be.

37. Sharp fade


Shaving off most of the hair except for the very top part is an easy way to combine a stylish fade together with a low-maintenance cut. A sharp fade is a great idea for a hot summer or beach vacation.

38. Comb over with curves


Comb over fades look great together with slightly shaved curves in the temple area. Keeping this combination intact provides a new and fresh look for those who like to take a little step away from the classics while keeping a stylish cut.

39. Geometric cut


The geometric fade makes use of geometric shapes and straight lines to create a unique haircut. The sharp lines and triangles make any cut look special and leave a lot of room for imagination. The  liberty of expression is the key.

40. A polished fade


A well-polished fade is an essential part of a classical macho look. This fade is impeccable, has nothing extra and looks good with an expensive suit. Such haircut is a great way to show style since it has a no-nonsense feel about it.

41. Round curves


Curves are another good way to emphasize the style of a fade haircut. Curvy hairline has a soft feel to it, while a spike keeps it real. Maintaining the curves is a hard job, which is worth doing to keep the stylish modern cut.

42. A simple fade


When all else fails, trying the simplest fade might do the job. Choosing the simplest fade to suit the face shape as well as personal style is always a winning deal. A fade doesn’t need to be complicated to be fashionable.

43. Colored fade


Coloring one’s hair might be a bold move, but it will surely create a fresh and new look. Choosing a color might be a hassle, but the result is often drastically amazing. The worst part of the colored fade is regular coloring sessions.

44. A temple fade


A temple fade is a form of a low fade. The fading in this haircut is done in a more abrupt fashion. A temple fade (also called a Brooklyn fade) was one of the most popular haircuts in the early 2000’s and then regained popularity in 2011.

45. Cool and short


Getting the hair spiked up on top, while sporting a short fade on the sides, is a popular rising generation trend.

46. The disheveled fade


The disheveled look never goes out of style. This is a great choice for those, who don’t like a lot of maintenance but want a stylish fade. This style doesn’t require any hair cosmetics as well as hairbrushes. The just-out-of-bed look is extremely popular among modern movie stars.

47. Be modern


The modern fade will take some serious clipping. The shaving part gets easier while the scissors are awarded the intricate design work. In 2016 the longer upper part of the fade is in style, so spending some more time in the salon is imperative.

48. The shorter the neater


The shorter the fade, the neater it looks. Curly hair might require a short fade in order to have a well cared- for look. A short fade is always in style and is a great fit for those who frequent the gym. Such cut is low-maintenance and dries fast.

49. Brush it back


It might take a while to make it look perfect, but a combed over fade is one of the most widely-used fade haircuts this year.

Learning to brush it backwards is fairly easy. Keeping it there is a little more complicated. Some good-quality hair gel will do the trick.

50. A very short fade


A very short fade is perfect for those, who want most of the hair to be removed in order to cut salon visits to a minimum. Making a short buzz is not as stylish as a fade, so leaving a little hair up top is a great way to make your cut fashionable.

51. Faded Side Part


The school boyish charm of the faded side part hair style retains its flavor and is worn by men across the world.

52. Cool and Classic


Neatly combed hair with thin cut sides and an undercut to accent the comb over is a great look which can be worn anytime – anywhere.

53. Tousled Comb Over


This tousled hairstyle is a great wearable to achieve that perfect cute boy image and can very easily be styled on medium hair by simply brandishing top hair to one side and using a medium spaced comb or simply using fingers. The hairstyle looks at its best when worn with a short stubble.

54. Cool and Clean


This hairstyle dates back to the nineties and has been given a modern day flair by the professional hair stylists. The look involves a spiked front which is neatly combed to one side.

55. Curly Side Parted and Undercut


Medium length hair look amazing when side parted and accented with a defining undercut. For the style to look better it is important to have faded sides which disappear towards the end.

56. Well Groomed Waves


This hairstyle is ideal for people with a slightly rounded face and helps in attaining a balanced look. The sides are cut short and the center mop is held vertical using wet look gel.

57. Fresh and Fun Cut


An ideal look which can be worn to office without giving up on the funkiness and flair. It is best suited with a low cut beards.

58. Haute Handlebar Haircut


This is the best hairstyle to complement handlebar moustaches as it has a small curl at the end of the comb over. A short stubble along with the same can work wonders towards enhancing the overall look.

59. Classic Side Parted Comb Over


The vintage look still mesmerizes onlookers if carried out with grace and confidence. New gen stylists recommend a small beard with the hairstyle.

60. Long Comb Over for Straight Hair


Swept back sides and long and straight hair left to hang on side is a great look for people with long and naturally straight hairs.

61. Comb Over with Bleached Top


Bleaching the top section of the comb over not only highlights the hairstyle but also is very photogenic. Many celebrities wear this look to events and social functions.

62. Very Short Textured Hairstyle


Very short hair can be textured using comb or skillful use of fingers. This look can be worn with a short stubble to parties and casually as well. People with pointed facial structure are the best people to wear the hairstyle.

63. Messy Comb over Hairstyle


The sides a trimmed and the top hair are combed over and ruffled using fingers to give a messy look. It is a great party hair style.


Countless variations of fade hairstyles and comb over fades are regularly requested by hairstyle enthusiasts. One popular fade is a tapered fade hairstyle, which graduates smoothly from the hairline of the undercut into the fade hairstyle uppercut.

Another popular variation on the fade hairstyle, as well as comb over fade, is the radical fade.

In a radical fade the undercut ends abruptly at the uppercut, forming a defined separation between the two. Three additional looks that are popular as fade hairstyles and comb over fades are the high, regular or low undercuts. Plus, elevated, regular or low uppercuts register the height of the hairstyle.

Regular trips to the barber to keep the hairstyle neat and precise, ensure that the fade and comb over fade offer a lot of hairstyle for a minimum of fuss.

64. Long comb over fade


Keeping the bangs long is a great way to come up with a long comb over, while keeping the hair short on the sides makes an impression of a fade. Since the hair is kept pretty long, this hairstyles requires some maintenance, although a messy look will do as well.

65. Lateral comb over


Combing the hair over to one side is a great way to diversify the regular comb over. Bangs should be left long enough to make the comb over, but short enough to make it easy to handle. Some hair gel and about two minutes of work is required to keep this style neat.

66. Tousled comb over fade


This comb over fade requires plenty of work, but the result is truly amazing. A lot of volume on top and shortly trimmed sides provide a very interesting look, which will make any man stand out of the crowd. A tousle is always popular among the girls.

67. Undercut with a spike


This combination of an undercut with a spike is a variation of the comb over fade, which will keep you satisfied. The look is very easy to achieve and doesn’t require much maintenance. The style here is obvious.

68. Side parted undercut 


The side part is a great solution for men who want to try something different. Any simple comb over can be easily tuned into a side part. While an undercut is a great idea for the lower part of the hairstyle.

69. High asymmetrical comb over


Asymmetrical comb-overs are gaining popularity. A high asymmetrical comb over is bound to turn some heads. While a high comb over is a little harder to achieve, it doesn’t really need much maintenance.

70. Fohawk styled comb over 


This partial comb over has some fohawk elements, which make it very stylish. This fashionable hairstyle requires little maintenance and is easy to achieve by using some hair gel. A fohawk comb over will fit any face type.

71. Taper fade


Taper fades are very popular right now. Such fades are a modified version of a more widely known undercut. However an abrupt level change is replaced by a soft and less noticeable fade. The popularity of this fade comes from the variety of ways it can be styled.

72. Side part fade


The side part fade means growing longer hair on one side and leaving shorter hair on another. There are several ways the top part of the fade can be styled but keeping the clear parted hairline is a must. The fade is popular for its asymmetry.

73. High fade


High fade is one of the most popular types of fades out there since it doesn’t require any drastic changes. Such fade will be a great idea for those who want to try doing the fade for the first time. There is practically no shaving involved.

74. Mohawk


The mohawk is a sharp fade which involves shaving most of the hair on the sides and leaving a thin strip on top. This style is often popular among the younger male generation, since it really stands out and catches the eye.

75. Geometrical fadelatest-fade-haircuts-for-men-4

Playing around with geometrical shapes while shaving the sides is what makes this fade one of the most popular types of fades out there. Here the imagination can run wild to create any kind of hair art.

76. Combed over fade


Those who want a low maintained fade can opt for this combed over option. The barber will leave long enough hair on top of the head to make a stylish comb over. The hair can be left short enough for the comb over not to be too obvious.

77. The voluminous top fade


Keeping a lot of volume on top while making the classical fade on the sides is another way to let the short hairstyle stand out. The popularity of such fade comes from its uniqueness. And its the unqiueness that requires a lot of hair care.

78. Military fade 


The military fade is the most popular style among young men, who don’t want to bother with styling their hair daily. The military fade differs from an induction cut by the shaved geometrical shade and the appearance of hair levels.

79. Faded fohawk  



The faded fohawk is a creative idea to make a fade that really stands out. The shaved layers are done to emphasize the short hair on the temples and to draw the attention to the voluminous mohawk on top. Unfortunately for some, this style requires some maintenance.

80. Pompadour fade


The pompadour is always a great attention catcher. Mixed with a faded hairstyle it becomes a real winner. This is one of the most interesting modern types of fades out there. Maintenance here is a big must.

Hopefully by now you know which latest fade style will fit you best. Any one of the ten fades will make a man look outstanding and will add him a great amount of style. Remember, a good idea would be to start with a simple fade and then continue to experiment.

Fade Hairstyle for Men with Beard

81. Long taper fade with a younthful stubble


If you want to look younger, opt for a slight stubble with a long taper fade. Such fade is achieved by making layers of several lengths on top of your head. This hairstyle will need regular brushing and timely visits to a hair salon.

82. High fade with a long chin curtain


If you are bold enough to grow a long chin curtain, then a high taper fade is a cakewalk. Shave the part above your ears, leave a thin strip of longer hair on top of it and then go wild with a long top. There are many ways to style this haircut. You can go from a comb over to a mohawk and from a wild look to a sleek one.

83. Classical taper fade with a soul patch


Soul patch is an interesting beard choice all on its own. So, the hairstyle doesn’t have to be too creative. If you are using your imagination with a beard, then you can easily opt for the classics on top of your head.

84. Slight chinstrap with a side part


A taper fade with a side part is a great idea for men who have straight and thick hair. It is a wonderful way to keep the hair neat. The layers don’t have to be too obvious, just as long as the sides are shorter then the top. A slight chinstrap will make the image complete.

85. Highlights with a stubble


A slight and neat stubble is a pretty all purpose beard, so the top hair can be experimented with. If you are bold enough to sport highlights on your taper fade, then your image will surely look young and original. Give them a try!

86. Mohawk with a full beard


A mohawk is always a great choice for any man regardless his beard style. However, if you are ready to grow a full beard, your image will be absolutely fantastic. In order not to overdo the volume, keep your mohawk combed over.

87.  Thick mane with a chinstrap


If your hair is very thick, you can opt for a classical taper fade. Leave about 3 -4 inches on top to allow your thick hair to be standing up without any hair gel. This style will look great with a very short chinstrap.

88.  Pompadour with neck stubble


A pompadour looks amazing on a taper fade. The sides are layered, as they would be in a classical fade, and the top is left long enough to style into a pompadour. The contrast between the length is well highlighted by the chin and neck stubble.

89.  Outstanding side part with a full beard


If you’ve gone through the rounds of growing an incredible full beard, then you can easily go forward and experiment with the taper fades. Make a side parted taper fade by brushing your long hair to one side. Keep it in place by using a lot of hair spray.

90. Side swept fade with a balbo beard


Classical taper fades look great when the top part is swept to one side. You can either sweep it slightly or go for a more dramatic appearance by making a side part. If you want symmetry, then don’t over do it. A balbo always looks neat with the classics.

91. Long bangs and a circle beard


If you want to go for something outstanding, you should try a taper fade with side part and long bangs. This hairstyle will surely make you stand out of the crowd. Such haircuts look great with neat beards. So, if you’ve got a circle one, go for the long bangs.

92. Textured taper fade with a short hollywoodian beard


If you are in the process of growing a hollywoodian beard, you can easily go for the movie star look. A classical textured taper fade is a popular choice among celebrities. It creates a clean cut and sexy look many men are after.

93. Spikes and a chin strap


Spikes never go out of style. So, if you’ve got a long taper fade, get some hair gel and make some spikes with your fingers. This hairstyle is great for men with long faces, only when there is a chinstrap to go with it.

94. Full taper fade with a mustache


If you are a fan of your thick and straight hair, you can go for a full taper fade. This means that you will need to leave your locks as long as possible. However, you must remember, that the longer your hair is, the more maintenance it will require.

95. High crest with a short boxed beard


If your hair is thick and curly, you can make an easy-to-maintain high crest on top of your head while keeping the sides slightly faded. The short boxed beard will become a wonderful addition to the style. However, don’t make it long or your face will appear really elongated.

96. Spiky and clean shaven


If fade hairstyles for men with beards seem too complicated for you, then you can try an all purpose spiky taper fade with a clean shaven look. However, you should remember that beards are in style today, so you might want to grow at least a stubble.

97. Windblown fade with a full beard


If your hair is fine and long, you can create a windblown look with the top part of your taper fade. Spray the hair with a little hair spray and let it take its own shape. In any case, a full beard will take most of the attention away from your hairstyle.

98. Sleek look with an extended goatee


Looking sleek is a great idea for men, who don’t want to bother with touch ups during the day. All you need to to with your fade is to style it with a lot of hair gel. Brush it to one side and apply the gel throughly. A neat extended goatee will make you look even sleeker.

99. Very short taper fade with a chin curtain


If you don’t want to bother with your hair, opt for a very short taper fade. You will need to shave most of the hair on the bottom, while leaving some short layers on top. All you will need to do is some morning brushing.

100. Wet pompadour with dali mustache


If you are about to get an outrageous look, which will really make a statement, we would recommend you to get a wet pompadour with dali mustache. The combination of these two styles will surely make you stand out of the crowd.

Tired of simple haircuts and want to always be in style? Then these 20 interesting fade hairstyles for men with beards should have been of great help to you. You can easily mix and match the tops and the bottoms. Good luck!

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