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40 Best Mens Curly Hairstyles In 2021

Whether you are the proud owner of naturally curly hair or you recently decided to go with the new texture trend, you are probably in need an updated walk through the top men’s curly hairstyles of 2021.

Despite the fact that curly hair is not easy to tame, it is the kind of hairstyle with infinite possibilities when provided with the right volume and face shape.

What Face Shape Goes Best With Men Curly Hairstyles?

First of all, how can you determine your face shape let alone know if it is suited for men curly hairstyle pair ups? Grab a mirror, comb, and a bar of soap and follow these steps:

  1. Pull your hair backward with a comb until your forehead is clear.
  2. Using the soap bar, trace your face shape until you end up with one of the following: triangle, oval, rectangular, square, diamond, long etc.

And now to answer the main question: What face shape goes best with men curly hairstyles?

It is definitely the triangle shape. But, why? Because it requires more volume on the top of your head in order to distract people from your thin cheekbones. Check out these burst fade mohawk haircuts for usher black men.

Is Styling Curly Hair That Hard?

Before you go murderously on your perfect men curly hairstyles, you might want to hear this. Instead of chopping off your hair, think about your barber.

Is he a professional? Is he experienced with curly hair? Because, it takes an expert to master the architecture of on – point men curly hairstyles.

In case your hairstylists haven’t told you this yet, there are a lot of easy ways to manage waves and have them look pristine and flawless in no time. So, take a minute to check out our gallery below of the latest trends in the curly hair world.

#1. Curly Undercut


Let the volume do the talking by chopping off the sides really short down to a number 1. It is considered one of the easiest men curly hairstyles because it requires little effort. All you need to do is:

  1. Dry your hair from the roots using a blow dryer in order to life the hair upwards and create volume.
  2. Keep the curls neat, moist, and glossy by rubbing some hair pomade on your hands and then combing your hair with your pomade filled fingers.

#2. Curly Comb Over The Side


This one suggests a more edgy taste rather than the usual and casual everyday look.

Get rid of one side of your hair completely while growing out the other side long enough for it to dangle its curly locks on your face. Pair it up with a full beard to complete the whole rebellious look.

#3. Less Shampoo


It is known that the chemicals used in shampoos strip your healthy hair away from its natural oils leaving it to be completely dry.

Therefore, shampoo less in order to keep your healthy hair in the safe zone.

#4. In Between Curls And Waves


In short, all that this style need is:

  1. Blow drying until the curls are in place.
  2. Apply mousse throughout it all.
  3. Finish with a blast of fixative hairspray.

#5. Condition More


Applying hair conditioners should be a vital part of your daily routine life.

Curly men hairstyles don’t look great without a little bit of effort, so start your research on what kind of conditioner you should choose starting with leave – in conditioners and reach oily conditioners.

#6. Come As You Are


The good thing about having curly hair is that it holds its charm within its twisted curls. It doesn’t need wax in order to shine in the spotlight.

You can come as you are and still be treated like the fashion icon of the evening. It looks fuzzy and cute and that’s exactly what everybody aims for.

#7. More texture


Another thing you need to keep in mind when seeking men curly hairstyles is that you need to inform your barber of your hair thickness in case he isn’t already aware.

For example, if it’s naturally thick, then you have to ask the stylist to shape it using layers in order to keep the texture without harming the weight.

#8. Windswept Waves


This design works best on medium length hair. The barber won’t need shears, it can be simply trimmed using styling scissors.

You can embrace that unkempt look by simply scrunching your hair with your fingers during drying it. And, voila!

#9. How To Brush Curly Hair?


Do you find it almost impossible to brush your hair every morning when you get out of bed?

Only men with curly hair would relate to this struggle! Brushing your hair when it’s wet is probably the only valid solution to this crisis. It will reduce the chance of split ends and easy breakage.

Tip: A wide tooth comb is recommended for less damage.

#10. Take Me Back To The 80s


This is the kind of men curly hairstyles which were really popular for black men back in the 1980s and 1970s.

Instead of “swag”, they had “groove” and instead of moderate curly hair, they had the full-on bob hairstyle. So, if you think that these were the golden ages then, it’s time you make a statement and give these old hairstyles a try.

#11. Lay Off The Heat


Be careful not to go with too much straightening. Why? Because I would damage your hair and leave you with a poor quality for instance: frizz over curls.

Don’t ruin your perfect curly men hairstyles and try this advice by going a week or two with straightening. See? Your natural curls are attempting to revive themselves.

#12. What About Undercuts?


Cutting the sides really short will help you focus on a less portion of your curly hair. So, this way you actually have a chance at making it perfect.

Use a round brush to curl your hair strands backward while blow drying it to get that sexy effect shown in the picture above.

#13. The Curly Quiff


These kinds of men curly hairstyles require short hair on the back and side with a medium to long hair on top of your head. Because a quiff is nothing without its volume.

But how can you end up with these perfect curls with that smooth finish? Use the brush to pull hair backward and keep on defining the curls until they scrunch into their place.

#14. Curly Bob


Let your natural curls grow out on their own and ask your stylist to shape them according to their thickness and your face shape.

Quick Tip: Decrease frizz and increase manageability by using oil products and leave in conditioners that will help keep your hair moist.

#15. The Crazy Trends


No need to comb, cut, or dry. Curly men hairstyles nowadays have reached a whole new level of laziness and effortlessness by choosing to go out without lifting a finger whatsoever. And what do you know? It looks really stylish!

#16. Random Curls


Comb your hair up and to the side instead of backward using a vent brush to lift the hair up. And use your hands to randomly sway the hair using wax to maintain its glow.

#17. Long And Lustrous


If you are aiming for the long men curly hairstyles, then this one is probably a good example for you. Let your hair grow out naturally and hold down your curls from making a scene by using the magical salt spray.

What are the advantages of salt spray?

Salt spray is the ultimate spray for males with curly hair. It helps hold down the hair in its place while keeping their soft and smooth texture instead of turning them into crispy and rigid curls.

#18. Pair it Up


When you are a newbie in the curly men hairstyles world, you’ll probably need to go easily by choosing to focus on your hair for the moment and pair it up with a short bead that doesn’t require a lot of effort.

#19. The Black Man Frizz


Nothing compares to the natural looks of black men curly hairstyles. They have this natural frizz effect that looks great when cutting short, especially with an oval shaped face.

#20. Wavy Fringe


For this cut, you would want to keep most of the length. No regular annoying trips to the barber shop required because these kinds of men curly hairstyles are designed for your lazy preferences.

How To style it?

  1. Apply a small amount of curl enhancing mousse and scrunch it a little with your fingers to nourish it and help create the relaxed waves.
  2. Don’t go cheap on the hairspray as it is your secret power supply of the evening.

Therefore, being born with natural curls is a blessing rather than a curse. Consequently, all you need to do is follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks on how to maintain the coolest men curly hairstyles and you will be good to go.

Moreover, don’t forget that your attitude and confidence in your whole new look has a major impact on how people will react to it.


A rounded shape of curly hairstyle surrounding a masculine face balances facial length with width.


How to do:

  • Wash and towel dry, leaving hair damp.
  • Run a half palm sized measure of creamed controller for curly hair thoroughly into hair, avoiding scalp.
  • Dry naturally.


Think of yourself in a medium curly hairstyle that closely covers your head and frames your face. Here a textured freestyle creates it’s own manly appeal.


How to do:

  • Finger comb a half palm sized measure of hold paste from directly behind the crown towards the front.
  • Dry naturally.


Curly hair cut into the shaggy layers of this hairstyle is amplified, lush and thick.


How to do:

  • Shampoo and condition with curl control products.
  • Towel dry, leaving hair damp.
  • Finger comb a half palm sized measure of light or medium hold cream, depending upon the degree of hold you choose.
  • Dry naturally.


Tight, silky and curly, strands stand separately in a short cut, flaunting perfection and proving that curly hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes.


How to do:

  • Shampoo, condition and towel dry.
  • Finger comb a half palm sized measure of medium gel through hair, avoiding the scalp.
  • Massage evenly throughout.
  • Arrange in curly fashion with a natural comb.
  • Air dry.


Curly strands find their own way, as locks alluringly tumble in a hairstyle that alluringly defines curly.


How to do:

  • Permit hair to air dry.
  • For a natural finish, thoroughly finger comb a checker size portion of matte style cream into hair.
  • Separate strands into curly arrangement with finger tips.


Strands layer in equal lengths on sides along the curly hair pattern while longer locks drift on high. The result is a curly hairstyle faceted with upturned waves.


How to do:

  • Acquire an expert hair stylist for the cut.
  • To maintain, finger comb a half palm sized measure of styling cream from mid lengths to ends.
  • Air dry.
  • For a clean look, keep facial hair to a minimum.


Ambiguously free with mixed straight, twirled and curly strands, this wild abandon in a hairstyle presents notorious charisma.


How to do:

  • Run cutting edge with this look, fashioning curly strands with styling gel from mid lengths to ends while
  • keeping roots to mid length free and pliant.
  • Combing fingers into curly locks to the roots, lift strands from roots for bounce and fullness.
  • Pull certain strands into strings.
  • Dry naturally.


In a hairstyle of ambrosial manliness, breezy waves undulate in curly symmetry atop brief sides, swirled closely against the scalp.


How to do:

  • Acquire a prime stylist to achieve the haircut.
  • To maintain, finger comb a half palm sized measure of styling cream, training the curly top towards one side, and sides in rear-facing swirls.
  • Dry naturally.


In this men curly hairstyle, thick curly texture is pulled out into corkscrewed strings. An amply luscious ‘afrodesiac’ can be your virile look with this curly technique.


How to do:

  • Shampoo, condition and towel dry hair until damp.
  • Massage moisturizer throughout hair.
  • Finger comb a half palm sized measure of hold cream through curly strands from mid length to ends.
  • Pull the curly thickness along a straight line.
  • Dry naturally.


A hairstyle of precision artistry, this cut razors in curly and curvy side-hugging wisps. The curly formation then releases a side-parted top of thickly poised waves that merge into the opposite side of curly hugging wisps.


How to do:

  • Acquire an expert stylist to reproduce this cut.
  • To maintain, finger comb sides in a curly forward direction with a half palm measure of styling cream from mid length to ends along the grain of the cut. Retaining hair products away from the scalp keeps curly hair buoyant.
  • Train the top into curly form with the same measure of styling cream.
  • Dry naturally.


Nobly masculine and curly, strands are compactly waved in a neat, close curly cut with sides trained back along the scalp.


How to do:

  • Acquire a prime stylist to achieve this cut.
  • To maintain this hairstyle, first shampoo, wash and towel dry.
  • Finger comb a liberal measure of curly look hold cream throughout hair.
  • Comb hair along the grain of the cut hairstyle.
  • Dry naturally.


Blunt and curly with a front-shaved Caesar standard, this hairstyle is fashioned by the haircut design.


How to do:

  • Acquire a prime stylist to achieve this curly hairstyle cut.
  • To maintain, first shampoo, wash and towel dry.
  • Finger touch a liberal measure of curly hairstyle holding cream throughout hair, avoiding the scalp.
  • Comb hair along the grain of the hairstyled cut.
  • Dry naturally.



How to do:

  • To get this naturally curly texture, wash, condition and towel dry to damp.
  • Finger comb moisturizer throughout hairstyle strands.
  • Apply a half palm sized measure of curly hairstyle holding cream from mid lengths to end.
  • Finger comb curly hairstyle cream to strand ends, starting at mid lengths.
  • Air dry.


In this hairstyle, long, waving tresses overlay shoulders with he-man passion. Thickly stunning, this fully loose and curly hairstyle is abundantly masculine.


How to do:

  • Wash, condition and towel dry hair to damp.
  • Starting 2 inches from the scalp, finger comb an ample measure of moisturizer into curly strands, then apply curly hairstyle holding cream, through long locks. Do not rub.
  • Dry naturally.


Shaved sides bend your look into radical lure and give a shout out to loosly curly top height. Straight hair can be also curly. This curly hairstyle comes through cut and mousse.


How to do:

  • Acquire a prime hairstylist to achieve the hairstyle cut.
  • To maintain, wash, condition and towel dry to damp.
  • Apply a moisturizer to top and sides.
  • Apply a mousse styling cream to top and shape into a curly look.
  • Dry naturally.


Like a Renaissance portrait, the brushed-back appeal of this curly look is timeless. Artistic lengths set off the chiseled face in enduring curly hairstyle splendor.


How to do:

  • After washing, moisturize and towel dry to damp.
  • Finger comb a half palm sized measure of curly hairstyle holding cream from mid lengths to ends.
  • Pass a large tooth comb through curly locks, combing sides towards the back.
  • Toss and arrange into a free curly presence on top and back.
  • Dry naturally.


Pull the curly look forward for a hairstyle that gets you noticed. Brushed close on the sides, the top curly design takes center stage.


How to do:

  • Wash, moisturize and towel dry to damp.
  • Apply a half palm sized measure of creamy mousse to the curly top and sides from mid lengths to end.
  • Brush sides downward and pat along scalp.
  • Fashion the top into curly and wavy design, pulling the hair forward.
  • Dry naturally.


Trained into a curly architectural composite, the engineered flow of this curly hairstyle is no less than royal.


How to do:

  • Acquire an expert hairstylist. Much of this curly style is in the grain of the cut. The hairstyle is cut along its curly pattern to easily fall into curly hairstyle structure and accented texture.
  • To maintain, wash, moisturize and towel dry hair to damp.
  • With finger tips comb moisturizing shine mousse through the hairstyle from mid length to ends.
  • Comb style into curly place.
  • Air dry.


Curly only on the top, this hairstyle sports the reason for taking straight to curly. Perfect with facial hair, the curved top brings a bold overlay to a gallant look.


How to do:

  • Start with a traditional cut that’s slightly long atop.
  • Wash, moisturize and towel dry.
  • In one direction lightly rub moisturizing mousse along sides.
  • Comb a quarter sized measure of moisturizing mousse through top strands, avoiding the scalp.
  • Form top into a curly curved shape.
  • Dry naturally.


Swept back into curly waves, facial features pop within cresting contours. With a hairstyle that accents the facade, facial hair becomes added artistry.


How to do:

  • An expert hairstylist can best trim hair on the sides, allowing the curly presence. Top lengths are retained or trimmed long for smoother curly waves.
  • To maintain, wash, moisturize and towel dry to damp.
  • Finger comb a half palm sized measure of curly hairstyle holding cream through strands from mid lengths to ends.
  • With finger tips train curly hair back on top and along sides.
  • Dry naturally.

While the curly hairstyle is your choice, you may wish to consult a hairstylist for the curly hair cut that best suits your facial form, head shape and body build. Enjoy the experience with a new curly hairstyle!

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