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10 Cool Marley Twists Hairstyles In 2021

Marley twists are becoming the protective style that you want to rock, because of the insanely unbelievable ratio scale of the time, it takes to style them in relation to the time they last.

Here are 10 astoundingly gorgeous Marley twists that will make you want to take a shot and try them, so make sure not to miss any out!

#1: Jumbo Marley Twist


A lot of women now are opting for Jumbo Marley Twists, instead of the small ones.

Although they are hard to style because of their size, with those beautiful twists you can always find a solution for this hair dilemma. With a little bit varying the lengths and thickness of each twist, you will get a different hairstyle each time.

#2: Short Marley Twist


Here’s a livelier look of Marley twists. Not only are the twists short, but each is of a different length giving off a more voluminous look.

With these gorgeous waves, whatever you do now, each twist will be bouncing on its own accord.

#3: Pencil-Sized Twists


Pencil-sized twists are beautiful twists to go with when you don’t want to stand out.

With this size of twists, you can avoid the tension on your hair and get them easily washed!

#4: Braided Marley Twists


Unlike jumbo Marley twists, small twists can be easily styled into a wider and a more trendy variation of styles.

This head turning style can be easily achieved by creating pencil-sized twists, then taking the top half of your hair and wearing it in a braid to one side of your head.

#5: Faux Updo


This is one different method of using Marley braids. Instead of letting them down, or creating solid twists, you can try a faux updo.

This style is not as common as normal Marley twists, which intrigues the observer’s curiosity and interest.

#6: Blond Marley Twists


Be more creative with your Marley twists through using different hair colors.

You can use the normal subtle colors like different shades of brown or black, or build up your courage for a more daredevil-ish look by using bold colors like blond and blue.

#7: Top Knots


This is one unique and easy style to go with when you need to tidy up your hair in minutes.

A top knot is an easy do-it-yourself hairstyle that doesn’t require much time to create, all you need is thin Marley twists or braids and a YouTube tutorial and you’re all good to go!

#8: Accessories Play a Part


When you have short Marley twists, it’ll be a little harder to go for knots or braided twists.

A good way to stay in style is to add accessories like a fedora, glasses, earrings and necklaces which will call attention towards them and give you a trendy look, even with untouched hair.

#9: Single Sided Mohawk


One of the many styles you can do with Marley hair is a Mohawk.

This single sided Mohawk consists of tight braids from one side and letting the rest of your hair spread over the other side.

#10: Marley Twist Crochet


Marley Twists are perfect protective hairstyles and can go with any season especially fall. With these Marley twists, you can try and vary the sizes of each strand by increasing or decreasing the amount of hair you’re including and get a perfect hairstyle for any event.

Top 3 Marley Hair Brands

Marley hair comes in many brands that you might get confused as to which brand is better since as it’s well known, Marley hair isn’t created equal.

Choosing the right brand while still maintaining your budget won’t be much of a headache anymore with the top 3 brands of Marley hair we’ve compiled for you here.

i) Janet Noir Collection



ii) Vanessa Marley Braid



iii) Femi Marley Collection


Those three brands of Marley hair hold great curls suitable for any style you’re aiming for, be it jumbo Marley twists or flex rods those are your to-go-with brands. And the best thing about them? It is that their prices range between 4 to 5 dollars each!

Those Marley twists, and depending on the style, take about 2 to 3 hours to complete. But you see… that is not the point! Depending on how much you take care of them, they can easily last for about 2 months! And THAT is a ratio scale to compete with.

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