Malaysian Sew In (Malaysian Hair Weave Extensions Technique)

When you are looking for more security for your hair extensions, you should use a sew-in method. But instead of focusing on the old model of sew-in, you should venture the newest way called the Malaysian sew-in process.

One thing that is making this style more popular today is the versatility that it comes with. So well, let’s find out more about the style.

What is the Malaysian sew-in method

The Malaysian sew-in method is also called the Malaysian braidless sew-in method.

This is a method where you use a thread instead of the regular cornrows or braids. And this is then your base to attach the hair extensions.

We, therefore, use the silicon band to become the anchor to your weft weave. In other instances, you place the hair extensions in rows on the head once you have set the silicone beads beneath. This will then create a track on your head. Now start sewing the tracks close to your scalp where you have the silicone beads.

When you reach the end, then you can blend it with her natural hair. Now, although the method looks easy to use, you should only seek the service of a professional for it.

How to make the Malaysian sew-in method

Clean the hair

Like any other hair, you will need first to clean your hair and condition it. Use the enriching shampoo and the conditioner. This will make it easy to blend, and it further will be easy to sew in the tracks.

Dry it and straighten

Don’t braid on the wet hair; instead, take time to dry it out first thoroughly. Also, blow dry it to get it to straighten up like the hair you are using.

When straightening the hair, you can use the flat iron to make it flat and nicely smooth.

Part the hair

You can then part the hair into small sections. Next, go on to attach the hair using a silicone band. Also, use the special pliers to tighten bands and then add more bands to create the proper surface area for the sewing. In the process, you will further relive the head of tension.

Once you prepare these parts, then you can sew the weaves over the parts. Go on with the process to the end of one track then flat iron the hair to blend it in.

Keep going with the process until you reach the crown part of the hair.

Some people may decide to use a closure at the crown part, which is okay since it makes it even more natural. But, you will need to have some hair leave outs too.

For a professional stylist, you will find that this method is much easier to achieve than the traditional style. The fact that you can have it on for up to 12 weeks makes it even better.

Features of the Malaysian sew in style.

One thing about this style is that its unique and nothing like your traditional method.

You don’t have to braid

When we talk of the sew-in method often, what people think of is to braid, but here you don’t need to. This is a savior for those who experience pain when they braid. So this style will also let you attach the weave extensions on the hair, making it invisible.

It won’t even form the lumps on the hair; neither will it also leave bumps. Forget about the painful braids too here; you don’t have to use them.

No more damage

You won’t need the glue on the scalp, which is good news since most women suffer from hair damage caused by glue. This won’t even hurt, and when removing, go back to the professional for the process.

The process is durable.

Notice that the hair will last about three months, which is time enough to enjoy a different style with unnoticeable hair extension.


Its natural-looking

This style looks more natural than even the traditional weave method. Since it uses the beads and you attach it on your natural hair, it can lie flat on your scalp. This ensures that one can’t tell its not your natural hair.

It’s easy to wash your hair

Remember, when you have the braids, it will be hard to reach your scalp and the natural hair beneath the weave. Well, this is not the case when you have this method. The shampoo can go deep onto the scalp, making it easy to clean the hair.

Even when it comes to caring for your natural hair, then its never been this easy. Remember, the natural hair is alongside the weave, which means all the products you use can reach the hair. It’s easy to use treatments on the hair, so when you remove the hair weave, the hair will still be healthy.

You can try a wide range of styles with it.

If you want the ponytail, half up half down, side-swept, pompadours, and more, you can try them with this hairstyle.

It will last longer

One thing that makes any style appealing is if it will last longer, and this one surely does.


It’s costly

Since it’s still a new style and only professionals can do it, it is one of the very costly ones. Depending on where you are, you can use $500-$2000. This is a high price for so many people considering you will have it on for only three months.

It will help if you like lengths

This style requires you to have some hair length so that you can blend it in, which makes it look better. Also, it will look much better if you use the long or medium length extensions. You will only enjoy it more if you like to wear the hair to updos or ponytails.

Your hair

The style is better if you have relaxed hair for it to blend in quickly if you are black. You want your natural hair to be unnoticeable. If you used natural hair, then one can tell the difference.

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