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Malaysian Remy Hair – What You Need To Know

Our Malaysian Remy hair may be the most versatile shiny, luxurious, and flawless hair in the market. The reason for this is that the hair is exotic and natural from the healthy donors of Malaysia.

Malaysian Remy hair is one of the world’s favorite hair. It blends naturally with most hair types; you can also use it for different styles, yet it’s durable.

Although this hair has all the best sides, if you are going to buy it, you need to be careful so that you make a legitimate purchase.

What is Malaysian Remy hair?

While this may seem to be an unnecessary question, I believe that some of us do not know what Remy hair is.

The Remy hair is still high-quality human hair with minimal to no processing. Often it includes the dyeing or perming of the hair. Such hair comes from a single or two donors with the same hair characteristics.

Therefore, Malaysian Remy hair is just the Remy type of human hair that comes from Malaysia.

Features of the Malaysian human hair

The hair is shiny and lustrous

One characteristic of the Malaysian hair is that it’s shiny. The hair looks vibrant, smooth, colorful, and bright, especially when you don’t wash it yet. It’s ideal for use by those women who love to take professional photos. Remember, the hair will soon lose its shine.

It’s superior quality.

If you are going to buy the hair themes, Malaysian Remy hair, don’t worry, we guarantee you that the hair is the perfect quality and choice.

This hair is flawless, luxurious, and beautiful, with all the cuticles intact and aligned. What that means is that the hair can retain the moisture it receives. And this, therefore, means that with proper care, the hair won’t dry out.

Such hair comes from young and healthy donors from Malaysia. This is why it still has such a positive review and features. Mind you, these donors never subject their hair to any kind of processing.

Its density

Often the Malaysian hair has a higher density. And for this reason, you don’t have to wash it all the time.

It’s versatile

I mean, it’s the Malaysian hair, so you can be sure you can use it for your dream style. Do you want to make straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, or any other texture between? You can.

Also, the hair comes in varying colors since it’s a Remy color. However, you can have it in its natural color, which is often the off black and dark brown colors. So this gives you the leeway to choose the color you would love to have.

Also, you will have varying lengths. You can have it as short as you would wish to and as long as you would wish to.

This hair is most significant because you can use it to make wigs, especially the lace wigs. You can style it; however, you wish. You can also create the clip-ins, tape-ins, and weaves with it.

You can have the hair in different textures too. The hair comes in a straight, curly, or wavy style.

Its appearance

Even when you haven’t touched the hair, you will love it. The hair is soft, vibrant, and with the perfect texture definition. It makes it easy to blend with natural hair just because it looks more natural.

It doesn’t matter which hair texture or type you have, this hair will blend in easily with your natural hair.

This hair is perfect for curls.

Do you want to have curly hair? Well, how about order the Malaysian hair? Malaysian hair is famous for holding on to the curls longer. So whenever you want to make the curly style choose Malaysian curly hair.

Easy to maintain

The one thing that will make anyone want to use a hair type is how easy it is to maintain it. Well, this hair is the best and easiest to manage. This hair will make things easy for you because you can manipulate it as you wish to.

You can further style it in different manners you want to. The only secret is to make sure you use the right method and products to care for it.

Advantages of using the Malaysian Remy hair

When we are talking about the Malaysian Remy hair, we are talking about one of the top quality human hair. Unlike most other vendors’ hair, our hair contains no mix of other artificial hair. We use 100% pure human hair.

It will boost your confidence.

When you use this hair, you can be sure to attain a higher level of confidence. It will take you just a few minutes to hours to change your look, making you look stylishly elegant.

When you wear the hair right, you will get heads turning because they can’t believe you have such beautiful hair.

It makes you attain the right texture, volume, length, and color. Whenever you don’t feel so good about yourself, you can use the hairstyle change. In this case, wear the Remy hair to boost your confidence.

You have a wide range of styles to try.

Which style would you like to try? This hair comes in a wide range of styles; therefore, you are free to choose the one you think works for you.

Straight hair: this gives you an elegant formal look. It’s one of the most popular styles you can ever have. When you want to attain straight, sleek and shiny hair then check out this hair.

Loose wave: you can use it to increase the volume with ease. It has more defined waves.

Body wave: this is one of the most popular options we can ever have. It features the use of almost straight hair but with large waves. The hair, in this case, has thick and full ends.

Curly hair: one of the most common hairstyles is the curly hair. In fact, it looks much closer to the afro hair.

Does it create an instant length, color, and volume?

What are you looking for in the Remy hair? This hair will give you instant volume, instant length, and instant color, too, if you would like to.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for; we have them. If you want to keep changing the lengths, you can buy a short length today and wear a long one tomorrow.

You can also wear your natural color today and another color tomorrow, it’s all your choice.

With this hair too, you can have the perfect volume and thickness of the strands. The hair will appear thick from the root. This is what makes it look voluminous yet healthy.

For different styles

If you would like to try the different styles you can with this hair. The question is, how creative are you? If you are nicely creative, you can make the hairstyle of your dream with this simple Malaysian hair.

It offers protection to your natural hair

Are you afraid that your natural hair is getting weaker? Well, you can use this Remy hair to cover your natural hair inadequacies. Also, it will prevent more damage. Some environmental conditions may cause frizz, and when you use the Remy hair, then your natural hair remains safe.

Additionally, you can color the hair since it’s a Remy type. This is a good idea if you like the different colors instead of trying them on your natural hair.

It offers lesser maintenance.

When you use the Malaysian hair, you don’t have to manipulate your natural hair. Meanwhile, this hair will offer you some easy work as it maintains the perfect and smooth exterior. It’s easier just to brush it into place. The hair looks healthy and vibrant at all times.

You won’t experience bad hair days anymore. When you don’t feel like styling your hair, you can use the wigs for the same.

So why do people like the Malaysian Remy human hair

When we are in the world of hair extensions, one of the most common hair is the Malaysian Remy human hair.

The hair is durable

Since we are looking for and talking about the Remy hair options, you can surely serve you longer. It has cuticles intact and aligned, which keeps the hair shiny and moisturized. Nonetheless, you can maintain the hair with the right products.

Often the hair will last more than a year. If it’s a wig, you can expect to have it even for 24 months.

The hair’s natural-looking

Since we have the Remy hair, it looks more natural. One can’t tell you are wearing human hair if you chose the perfect quality. Also, get the professional stylist to attach the hair for you.

This means that no one questions whether the hair is your natural hair or not.

For the volume

Some of us have thin hair, and this can be so tough on women. When you use our Remy hair, you will instantly attain the volume you are looking for, which makes you feel healthy.

In fact, you don’t need many bundles because the hair is already thick.

It’s versatile

If you have always wanted to attain a new style, but for some reason, your natural hair can’t make it possible, you can use the Remy hair. You will create the different styles of your dream with it.

The buying guide

You must remember to check the following points to avoid buying the bad hair when you wish to purchase the Malaysian Remy hair.

The type

It’s one thing to say you want the Malaysian Remy hair and another to know the exact type you would like to buy. So to chew it more, do you want the temporary or permanent hair?

How will you attach the hair?

Clip-in: this is a more temporary choice. You use the clips to attach the hair on your natural hair; then, at night, you have to remove them.

Tape-in: the difference here is that you use the tapes to attach the hair extension on your natural hair. It’s semi-permanent.

Wig: this is another one of the temporary choices. Although nowadays you can use the glue method to have it stay on the hair for a week or two, this style is temporary. In most cases, you can decide to use the wig for a day then remove it if you wish.

Sew in: this is another popular style that’s more permanent. Here you will sew the wefts on your natural hair. This is one of the most durable style, but you should make sure you seek the help of the real stylist.

Microtube: here, you will use the micro rings to attach the hair onto your natural hair.

So the question is, how are you going to attach the hair? This will guide you to the perfect hair to choose from. It tells you whether to choose the bundles or the wefts types.

What texture?

Another question to answer is the type of texture you will use. Would you like straight hair curly or wavy hair? All of these hair options are great for the different styles, but you will need to choose the one that works for you.

What length?

You must know that the hair comes in different lengths. Therefore, the first thing to do is to understand what length interests you the most. Whether short or long, you have the perfect choice at your disposal.

What color?

You can decide to order the natural color or the colored version of the Malaysian Remy hair. Different people like color versions, and you can use the hair color to spice up your look.

Will you buy it online or offline?

Remember, there are very many vendors across the globe. You can find the vendors online and offline. It’s easy to know the hair you are buying when you purchase it offline. This is because you can see it, touch it and know whether it’s the one for you.

If you buy the hair online, though, you need to do the following. Confirm that the vendors you are buying from have been in business for a long time. This tells you that they are stable, and therefore, they can also sell good quality hair.

Be careful so that you don’t buy the bad quality hair.

Check their reviews

When you are going to buy the hair online, you will need the reviews. They guide you in choosing the right hair. The verified customers give you their accounts in regards to the hair they bought.

Ensure that you read those with detailed reviews, but if you notice that the buyers aren’t giving you details, then maybe you can’t trust the review as such.

What’s your budget?

You can almost have the hair at any budget of your choice. Of course, if you want the best, you may have to part with more dollars. When you know the amount you are willing to spend on the hair, though, you will make it easy to choose the hair you wish to use.

Will you need a lace closure?

Today most of the hairpieces we use have closures and frontal, but you can choose to work without. If you need closure, you can order the bundles that come with the closure to save on cost.

Why buy the hair from hair theme?

Well, because we have your interests at heart. We want to bring you the very best, authentic, and perfect hair at the most affordable rate.

  • We have a wide variety.

We know people will want different hair types. That’s why we bring different lengths, textures, colors, and styles.

  • We sell high-quality hair

We source the hair from healthy Malaysian donors, and you can be sure the hair is healthy and good looking. It has the cuticles intact and aligned, and the hair will also last long.

  • We deliver the hair first.

First off, we won’t charge you for shipping. We offer free shipping to our buyers. But the best part is that the hair will reach you in less than five days. Your hair will further reach you in good condition so you can trust us.

  • We are here to help

Our sales team will answer any of your burning questions before you can decide to order. This makes it easy for you to receive the guide on the right hair you can buy. You can send us an email if you have a burning question, and we will get back to you.

  • Our reviews

And since you may think this is just blubbering, I say you can check our reviews. Our buyers are often satisfied. They receive the hair in good time, and they are also satisfied by the hair type.

Is this hair for me?

The question is, do you like looking good? Then you should choose the Malaysian Remy hair from hair theme. We only sell the very best hair. The hair is easy to manage, and you can have it for the different styles of choice.

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