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Malaysian Curly Hair Vs Brazilian Curly Hair

Anyone who has naturally curly hair may never understand why women without such hair crave for the curls. The curly hair that it makes feel and look healthy but also sexy and young. You don’t need to have the curly natural hair since you can use different kinds of weaves we have today.

Malaysian curly hair is famous for holding on the curls, but the Brazilian curly hair is equally great.

About Malaysian curly hair

Of all the different hair types, this hair is ideal for those times when you want to have the curls last longer. As we all know, the human hair our factories use to make the curly hair is from Malaysia.

Of course, the Malaysian women donate the hair as part of some rituals that regard their commitment to their religion.

Although this happens, it’s not as common as it is in India, which is why Malaysian hair is rare. Nonetheless, the hair is silky, shiny, and with the perfect luster.

You will find the hair in an off-black color but sometimes even the dark brown color. So you get to choose the one you would like.

Characteristic of the Malaysian hair

Premium quality hair

If you order the virgin hair type, you can be sure it’s of the highest quality. The virgin hair has all the cuticles intact and aligned. This means that the hair will look as shiny as new for a long time. It will also keep looking stylish and smooth.

Notice that the quality is unparalleled because the hair came from legitimate sources. Of course, this ultimately means that the hair will cost you a little more than usual.

It has the perfect luster

One distinctive characteristic of the curly hair is that it’s silky, shiny, and soft. Since the curly hair is a virgin type, it has a high luster, which means it will keep the glossy finish.

The hair is luxurious and with the perfect softness. So it’s upon you to make sure you maintain the hair for enhanced durability. You will have the hair maintain the color vibrancy.

Its durable

Remember, we mentioned that the hair has the highest quality. Therefore the hair will last longer. You can wash it and restyle it if you like to make it look nicely healthy.

The high-quality hair extensions will make it possible to prevent heat damage. Therefore you will have the hair serving you over a long time.

Its ideal for curls

Of all the types of hair in the market, this hair is the best when it comes to holding on to the curls. It will make you look stylish while sustaining the curls over a long time.

This hair is nicely versatile, which therefore means that you can restyle it. Also, It has the perfect density and texture to sustain the curls better.

It has volume

It will enhance the volume of the hair instantly and even create the perfect bounce for the hair. Of course, since the hair has thick strands, then it will attain the ideal volume in an instant.

Remember, the hair density makes it nicely voluminous and bouncy this hair is nicely thick; therefore, it will look perfect on anyone.

About Brazilian curly hair

Like the Malaysian hair above, this one comes from the South American country-Brazil. Although the donors don’t have to donate the hair since they don’t need to follow any rituals, a few Brazilian do donate their hair for money.

The authentic kind of hair is easy to blend in with the natural hair. That’s the primary reason why it’s more accessible.

Its one of the most loved hair extensions types because you can use it for any hair texture and style. It’s the most popular style among women of different races. Also, if you need to have leave outs, you won’t need to relax your hair since it blends in naturally with your hair.

One thing that stands out about the hair is that it’s soft and smooth. You will, in fact, enjoy the vibrancy and the versatility of the hair.

The characteristics of the Brazilian hair

The hair is versatile

Well, Brazilian hair is naturally versatile. When you use the curly hair, you will notice that you have several styling options you can try.

The hair is the perfect choice you can use if you like to change it from time to time. You can restyle it to another texture if you would like to. Remember this curly hair comes in varying lengths and the different colors too.

Its high quality and the most natural

The Brazilian hair you see here is the best quality. It has the cuticles intact and aligned; therefore, you can manipulate it as much as you like. It further has the perfect shine since it has the moisture within the strands.

This hair came from human hair donors, and this then means that the hair has the perfect cuticles. This also means that the hair will maintain the shine and smoothness.

The appearance

Anyone seeing you with the curly hair will think it’s your natural hair just because the hair has the perfect texture and coarseness. It looks natural and excellent with vibrant colors too.

The curly hairstyles

Malaysian curly hairstyles

Malaysian kinky hair



One of the most common styles we have is the kinky curly hair. Such hair is excellent since it looks more like our natural hair. Mind you; the hair comes in as long or short as you would like it to be. It will immediately enhance the volume and the length of your hair, making it look nicely healthy.

Did you notice the shine and the smooth textures? Such hair is, in fact, easy to maintain if you know how to tousle it around. I love that you can let it flow or style it however way you would like to.


Malaysian Loose curls



If you don’t like the very tight curls, you should use the Malaysian loose curly hair. Such hair is very versatile as you can change its texture if you wish to. Remember, you can even change the texture to straight or wavy if you like to.

Notice though that if you use the long hair like this, you can have the high note as you let the other sides and back of the hair flow with ease. The good thing is that the hair maintains the shine and the healthy look throughout.

Short curly hair



If you love curly hair, but you enjoy the hair short, you can still make it work. Such thair then looks more natural because it seems like the general afro style anyone has. This style will make it look like your natural hair.

In most cases, people think such a hair type is yours. Notice that she even created a little bang there to amp her style.

Brazilian styles

Loose curly hair



One of the most common hairstyles is this curly one. The fact that it’s long makes it just as stylish. You can have the curly hair help you create any styles: ponytail, braided look, high updo, and more.

The curls are further not so defined, and the advantage to this is that it makes it easy to style and manage. You can, of course, use the loose wave as long or short hair if you like.

Curly kinky hair



This is one of the most popular hairstyles because it looks like our natural hair. You can have it as long or short as you would wish to. Here you will enhance the volume and the length in an instant.

If you want, you can also use it to create the bangs or let it just flow. With proper care, this hair will serve you over a long time. It looks much natural since it’s in its natural color, but you can also color it to spice it.

Malaysian hair vs. Brazilian hair

There are, in fact, more similarities on the hair, although it further has many more differences too.

The differences

  • Easily natural hair

The Brazilian hair looks much more natural than the Malaysian hair. It will blend with almost any texture, so you don’t have to relax your hair. Both of the hair has the perfect coarseness, but the Brazilian hair bleeds in easy.

  • Which hair holds the curls more?

We have always known the Malaysian hair to have the perfect capacity to hold the curls compared to other hair types, including the Brazilian hair.

This hair is soft, but then it will still hold the hair curls even longer. Nonetheless, since the Brazilian hair is coarse, it will keep the curls even better.

  • It’s bouncy

Both of the hair types will deliver the perfect bounce you need. This is because they both have thick strands. It will however, depend on how you take care of them.

  • The style

There’s no style you won’t create with either of them. They both will create perfect and dream styles to make you look and feel good.

  • The shine and silky texture

Malaysian hair has a higher luster than the Brazilian hair; this is why it maintains the shine more than the Brazilian one. However, after a few washes, the hair will generally lose its shine.

  • The origin

Remember, curly hair comes from different places. One type is from Brazil, and the other is from Malaysia.

In a nutshell, the Brazilian hair is fuller, luxurious, and bouncy. Malaysian hair, on the other hand, is soft, thick, and with the full body.

Both the hairs are further silky and shiny, but after a few washes, your Malaysian hair will start to lose its shine.


  • The hair is from willing human donors. Many women are eager to donate their hair in exchange for money in these two countries, Malaysian and Brazil.
  • The hair is virgin, so it has a natural movement, and the cuticles are intact and aligned. With such hair, you are sure there will never be shedding and tangling
  • If you want, you can make the hair wavy, curly, or straight. This is all a personal choice. And even if you bought the curly hair, then you can change the texture if you wish.
  • They maintain the hair vibrancy and flawlessness, which then means that you can choose either of the two.

How to take care of both of the hair

Of course, how much care you give the hair will determine how long the hair will last. Both hair types require you to care for them. However, the Malaysian hair will require even more care to maintain the luster.

  • Clean it

Remember to use just the nourishing shampoo. We have shampoos that will infuse your hair with moisture. Also, check to make sure you don’t use the toxic shampoos.

  • Condition it

Another major factor of consideration is often the conditioning of the hair. Remember to deep condition it from time to time, but in between the washes, you can use the toxin-free leave-ins.

  • Styling products

Remember, you can use a few products like the light oils and mouses, but you have to be careful as you don’t want it to weigh the hair down.

Do you want to buy either of the two?

I won’t tell you that one is better than the other, but I can tell you where to go and buy the hair. Visit hair theme shop today for the most authentic, luscious, shiny, vibrant, and smooth hair types. We have several options in our shops that you could take.

This hair comes in different colors, including natural color.

We have many options you can choose from. They vary in length and texture too.

The hair is further affordable, and you will have it in less than five days. Remember, we won’t charge you for shipping.

Which one is better?

Well, it all depends on what you are looking for. On one end, if you want the shiny, soft, and luxurious feeling, you can choose the Malaysian hair, but if you wish to the coarser texture that’s full and with the perfect shine, then order Brazilian.

Both of these hair types are great, and mostly it’s all about preferences.

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