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Loose Wave Vs Body Wave Vs Deep Wave Vs Curly Hair Vs Straight Hair

Loose Wave Vs Body Wave Vs Deep Wave Vs Curly Hair Vs Straight Hair

We all love extensions, right? But do you know the differences and the quality of each texture of extension since there are so many types of hair weave?

Most women just know the color and length of the hair they are often after but when it comes to texture, not many people can tell the difference.

This is especially true for loose and body wave hair. They have vast similar features but their differences are equally notable.

Loose Wave Vs Body Wave Vs Deep Wave Vs Curly Hair Vs Straight HairI know this because I have been a victim to it. You will find that the hair is amazing and you love it but the thought of the differences baffles you because there are just too many versions of the same kind and unless you are in the hair industry, you really can’t tell the difference.

What is body wave?

This is basically a type of hair extension that normally constitutes of loose curls that make the S shape. This S pattern is formed through the entire hair extension.

body wave hairIt’s further normally shiny and with the perfect appearance. The hair looks so natural and it blends with almost all hair patterns.

If you give the hair a keener look you will realize that the waves of the hair are more relaxed. This type of hair is further great when you are thinking of blending the hair. The waves are a little between the curls and straight hair.

If you like straight hair but don’t want it to be bone straight, then you should choose the body wave.

Eliana 8A Brazilian Hair Bundles Body Wave

If you are not sure you want a very straight hair, buy yourself this body wave hair. Not only is it made using the unprocessed human hair but it’s also tightly weft to make sure it doesn’t shed.

The hair has the tight elasticity and bounce which makes sure you maintain the youthful look. The hair is further long enough to allow you to style it differently. Also, the hair is easy to manage.

You won’t have to worry about allergic reactions because it has no chemicals.

Features of body wave hair

The hair is characterized by massive volume.

Body wave hair is mostly 100% human hair. You know what that then means right? In simple terms, you can do anything you always do to your natural hair to the hair extension.

Since it has large waves, it’s easy to maintain.

It usually has a great luster depending on where you sourced it from.

Your body wave curls will disappear after a short while. But you have to make the curls if that is what you enjoy.

Here’s how to keep the body wave wavy

Within a short time of buying the hair, it will begin to straighten up. This is something that normally catches most people’s attention. But this is expected especially because the hair has looser curls don’t you think?

When you wash the hair once or twice you will notice that it begins to straighten up. Below are some of the things you need to do in order to make sure the hair maintains its structure

When you wash the hair, use a clean towel to dry the hair but make sure you are gentle for the process. Next, let it continue to dry without you using heat. Air dry it and when it’s done, you can add some oil onto the surface of the hair.

Next, comb that hair with your fingers. Do that from the ends to the roots of the hair. Remember, you shouldn’t apply too much oil on the surface of the hair. Roll the hair with your hands in bits.

After that, you can apply some amount of mousse on the hair. You can then continue to roll the hair as you follow the curve pattern. Remember, you don’t need to use so much mouse because then the hair will attract dust.

Give the hair some time to dry out naturally. Don’t use the drying tools at all as that will just damage the hair.

Always let the hair dry out slowly.

What Is A Loose Wave?

This is a kind of wave hairstyle that normally has the big curls that are also loose. This is where most people feel confused because the hair looks pretty similar to the body wave one. But you should know that the loose wave has a little tighter curl than your body wave.

Loose WaveThe hair, in this case, is not too tight neither is it too straight. The reason why most women love this hair type is that they are usually more natural and fluffier.

JINREN (TM) Brazilian Virgin Hair Loose Wave Hair Weave

The double weft hair is made tight and neat to prevent shedding. Made of purely human hair, the hair is nicely thick and bouncy. From the hair design, you will have no split ends and also the full ends that appear healthy.

For that youthful look, use the JINREN loose wave. It’s easy to style and maintain. Just make sure you don’t use the tiny toothed combs with this item.


  • The loose wave is made from hair 100% human hair.
  • They have smaller curls and tighter ones but they aren’t even too tight.
  • For the loose wave, you have the curl pattern being tighter than that of body wave.
  • Depending on where you are sourcing the hair from, it normally has a high to medium luster.
  • The loose curls don’t flow in a single direction.

Brazilian Body Wave Vs Loose Wave

With the definitions given above, you will agree with me that the differences between these two hair types are minimal. Nevertheless, the minimal difference is what makes it easy for you to decide which hair you prefer.

While both hair types are known to have volume, the loose wave hair has more volume than the body wave one. This is particularly true for the Brazilian hair. Therefore, if all you want is a full and bouncy look, you should choose the loose wave hair.

The loose waves are then curlier than the body wave one. When you are buying the hair, what comes to mind is whether you want to buy the curlier hair or the straighter one. There’s no better hair than the other in this case, it’s all about the personal preference.

The loose wave curls will last longer. For the Brazilian body wave, washing your hair once will make the curls disappear already. Therefore, if you wanted a hair type that has more lasting curls you should choose the loose wave hair.

Loose wave hair is where you find the waves being loose. Infect they don’t even flow in the same direction. Body wave, on the other hand, you will have the waves on the whole bundle of hair. The waves are placed together which then means that the hair is less bouncy.

When it comes to styling, the loose wave will look even better than the body wave with different styles you try.

Loose wave hairstyles

  • Half up half down

Half up half downSlay this youthful look with your long and wavy loose waves. You have the high up style showcasing your facial features and I guarantee you will have heads turning. Also, let the tied hair flow onto the side of your face.

  • Loose wave side part

Loose wave side partSimply make a side part that lets you develop some bangs on the side. Let the hair flow with the middle part to the end forming some reasonable waves. Don’t forget to slay the baby hair for a more authentic look.

  • Loose wave ponytail

Loose wave ponytailWe all love some ponytail, mostly because it works to give you both casual and official look. Simply hold all the hair on the side or high on the crown of your head to achieve a great ponytail look.

Deep wave

The deep wave pattern is quite close to the curl pattern. They normally have the same texture as that of the loose wave, body wave, and natural wave. The only difference is that the hair has tighter curls or waves than all the above.

Deep WaveThis one is one hair extension that is voluptuous yet it looks so nicely normal. Here’s what you should know, in order to have the deep wave for a longer time, you will need to maintain it.

NewYou Brazilian Virgin Deep Wave

This hair features a 100% unprocessed hair and it’s from a single donor. This hair is double weft to keep it from shedding. The wefts are further made tight and neat. This hair further has no split ends and it maintains a high elasticity.

Being human hair, you can restyle it as you wish and color it when you want to.

How to take care of the hair

  • To wash the hair

Like any other hair, before you begin the washing process, make sure you comb it with your fingers to ensure the strands flow freely. This then means that you get rid of all the tangles. You should make sure the hair has zero tangles.

Remember, the only way to sustain the hair is in using the right shampoo and conditioning. This will ensure the hair stays hydrated.

  • Drying the hair

Although you may be tempted to use the dryers, you shouldn’t. Let the hair dry on its own. The dryers are the items that normally strip the hair of its natural nutrients.

  • Brushing the hair

While there are many combs in the market, you should avoid using the combs on the deep wave as that will destroy the waves and curls.

Further reading: Best Brush For Hair Extensions

If you have to use a comb, let it be a very wide-toothed comb and start combing your hair from the ends to the roots.

  • At night

Tie your deep wave hair to a single twist especially if it’s long. Next, cover the hair with a satin cap. This will make sure you don’t tangle the hair.

Bottom line, make sure you use good quality shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and heat protectant at any given time.

Benefits of Wearing the Wavy Hair

There’s a reason why we have a number of sub wavy hair, people like them.

  • Wavy hair gives you a youthful look

This has been the saying for ages and today, I’m beginning to believe it. The waves first are effortless to achieve and feel like you are carefree. There something attractive about the wild nature of the hair, they make it appear as though your hair is voluminous and with great texture.

  • Easy maintenance

For anyone who is not a fun of styling the hair, this might be the style for you. For the wavy hair, you only need to wash it then style it a little bit while rejuvenating the waves with your fingers. The hairstyle normally just goes with the flow.

  • The hair is naturally voluminous

With the waves, you appear as though you have much more hair and you know what that means right? You look younger with the style.

  • Wavy hair is a blend of the best of both worlds

Remember, waves are in the middle of straight hair and curly one. The straight hair normally has limited volume which makes it not so good looking. On the other hand, curly hair has a problem with the frizzes.

The hair gives you volume and you don’t need so much care yet it’s bouncy and will still be looking good.

  • The hair products are more effective with the wavy hair

Unlike other hairstyles where you have to use a lot of products because the waves won’t absorb the hair products, this hairstyle for some reason absorbs the hair products.

Body Wave Vs Deep Wave

There’s a clear difference between the body wave and deep wave. The difference is majorly on the curls. Remember the body wave curls are looser forming an s shape. The deep wave hair, on the other hand, is almost curly.

When it comes to the caring of the hair, the body wave doesn’t need too much care because it has slight waves. Deep waves, on the other hand, are almost looking like the curls which means that in order to maintain the waves, you need to take so much care about them.

Once you wash your deep wave curls, you should be ready to take good care of it because only then are you sure the hair will maintain its structure. The problem with this hair is that it tangles quick. Use the right products to keep it safe from tangles.

The body wave hair is generally soft and full which makes it match your beauty accessory.

What Is Curl Weave?

Curly Hair

This features a type of hair that has small and tight curls. This normally makes the hair look more voluminous than most other hair types. The hair is fluffy which makes it hard to flatter your face shape. You will need a curling tool to keep it curled.

Amella Hair Brazilian Curly Hair Weave

There are many types of curly weaves but this is just a single one of those. It appears shiny and luscious. The hair is double wafted and it further has a high elasticity. This hair can be straightened, curled, bleached and stretched.

The hair remains tight and neat. It won’t experience shedding and there won’t be tangles. It will remain soft and shiny. The hair is made using pure human hair without additional animal hair.

The similarities

  • Not most people are able to tell the difference between the two.
  • Their curls appear to be almost similar. Nevertheless, curl patterns differ.
  • They aren’t easy to maintain as they all contain tight curls and tangling is mostly inevitable. The hair normally appears strong but that doesn’t mean that it is strong. They are delicate and you must give them proper maintenance for them to work for you.

Deep Wave Vs Curly Hair

They both make your hair appear rich and full. You can also style the hair easily.

You might not see the clear difference between the curly weave and deep wave but the curly hair usually has even tighter curls.

Below Are the Major Differences

Although both hair types are made of curls that are tight, the curly hair has even tighter curls that are even tinier.

They are both thick but then the curly hair appears thicker because they have small and tight curls. The deep wave looks good because it will flatter your face more than the curly hair does.

The curly hair although loved by many requires extensive maintenance failure to which it gets dry.

What Is the Straight Hair?

This is self-explanatory as the hair has the strands being sleek straight. You will also have the hair being luscious straight yet long. They are normally smooth and give a more professional look.

If you can get the purely virgin hair, this hair should be of high quality that will normally serve you over a long time.

QinMei Brazilian Hair Straight Bundles

This features one of the highest quality hair from a great brand. This hair is cut directly from the human donors and that makes it a high-quality piece that you can restyle, color and bleach. The hair is made with the tight wefts to prevent the shedding possibility.

The hair is soft and thick with no split ends. It’s further not dry and that makes it easy to manage. For that professional straight and sleek look, go for this straight hair.

Straight Vs Curly Hair

If you are familiar with the hair industry you will know that both of these hair types are high quality.

For most people, the curly hair gives the youthful look. That is normally because of the way the hair flatters your face and appears more natural.

With a good style, the straight hair will serve you best as well.

It’s way easy to maintain the straight hair than it is to maintain the curls. Note that, you need to have the curls being curly and this is the hard part. Combing the curly hair, for example, is never easy.

For the straight hair, you don’t have to worry about this, you can use even the tiny combs and it will still work as long as the hair has no tangles.

The products you use: you have to be careful about the products you use with the curly hair because you don’t want to diminish your curls.

Volume: for the hair that has a high volume you can proudly say that the hair looks more natural. Curly hair usually has more volume than the straight one. You don’t have to use a lot of hair bundles for the hair.

  • Middle part deep wave style

Middle part deep wave styleI’ve found that with the recent closures it’s easy to just let the hair flow so that you showcase the curls. If you like you can make the deep wave take on the color blue black.

  • Deep waves with a frontal

Deep waves with a frontalHere is another deep wave style that gives you the full look yet maintaining a youthful look. You only need to part the hair on the side and let it act as some side bangs.

  • Deep wave loose ponytail

Deep wave loose ponytailYou can hold a loose pony with your hair to achieve the style above. Also, let some hair strands flow on the front of your face. This style will take you minimal time to make yet it’s inevitable to turn heads with it.

  • Afro curly style

Afro curly styleDo you like afro hair?

This is your chance to rock the good-looking afro hair. All you have to do is make sure that the hair is maintained to a level where you still have the curls being curly.

  • Afro curly hair with a side bang

Afro curly hair with a side bang

Even with your favorite afro style, you can work the hair to form a side bang. Since the hair is curly, it appears voluptuous. The curls are also nicely defined which means you won’t have to spend hours combing it.

Conclusion- which hair is best

With all that said, you should notice that we have so many options to choose from. Also, all the hair types have their best features.

This is why I say there’s no yes or no answer. Which hair is best is dependent on a number of factors which include where you want to use the hair, your facial features, personal preferences among other factors.

There are times when you want the wavy hair and at time curly but other times you prefer straight. Whichever hair you choose, I believe with the right style in mind it will look good on you.

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