Long Hair Vs Short Hair: The Different Long and Short Hairstyles

Growing up, this has been a question I ask myself so many times.

Some people say I look good with short hair while others say I should always wear long hair. I know most women can relate.

Long Hair Vs Short Hair

While so many love making long hair, there are a number of those who love short hair and wish they would look as good as others do in short hair.

But the one debate on social media is, which hair is best, short or long?

For me, the question is always which one gives the best of you at any time.

Unique Hairstyles for Those with Long Hair

While most women yearn for long hair that they will even wear long wigs, other people who are born with naturally long hair can hardly style them. They are in fact overwhelming to them. I’m here to show you the best styles for this year.

1. Layered styles

Layered styles

I think long and layered hairstyles look fantastic on almost any woman with long hair yet they are the simplest to do. So, you must agree with me that you are in the right place since this is my first hairstyle choice for you.

Layered hairstyle will add volume to your long hair and allow for flexibility. The secret is to have your stylist show you how to best wear the layered style.

2. Curly golden-brown long hair

Curly golden-brown long hair

How about rocking this style on one of your important date nights?

You simply make long layered hair that has gold tones accentuation. With its pieces of golden-brown color, you have the lighter shade brightening the hair. The hair has long spiral curls going down the back.

In the end, you have a feminine style that showcases your healthy hair that is also voluminous just like we had mentioned. Layered hair increases your hair volume.

3. Platinum blonde layering

Platinum blonde layering

This long layering style features the perfect style that you may use to diminish your strong facial features. This platinum blond layering style is the perfect style for your blond hair. It works to achieve voluminous hair that is luscious and healthy.

The layers make it bouncy yet blending with your facial features. This hairstyle will give you curls that modernize it and improves your outlook. Some people may choose to have darker roots which then gives the hair a perfect blend.

4. Chocolate fountain style

Chocolate fountain style

Even when you have thin hair you should still rock it. This showcases the longest free-flowing tresses and you can even rock it with your short hair. it further rocks the soft lines of the chocolate hues. This hair will create attention and make onlookers mesmerized.

It has a few layers that are long and soft. It flows down to your shoulders giving you the perfect full look. With the hair, you won’t even notice that you have thin hair. Forget about the boring tied back style that you wear on a bad hair day. this hairstyle utilizes your creativity.

5. Half up Ponytail

Half up Ponytail

When you have long hair all you want to do is to create more volume. But when you feel like you now have no more clue as to which style you could wear, the half up ponytail should be your best bet.

We all know ponytail to look good on Arianna Grande but did you know that even you with your long hair could rock them? I like that ponytail generally boosts your confidence. It makes you believe in yourself and stand tall.

You can modify this style to your liking but one thing you must stay sure is that you will look good. It makes you feel like your hair is full and yet long. The best part is that you can go with it to official functions as well as partying hypes.

6. Braided hairstyle

Braided hairstyle

As it was said in the ancient days, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. When you feel like you want simplicity, you can just braid your hair. Understand that braiding the hair is not only classy but also a trendy style that has been in the market for ages.

The hairs vary from simple braided hairs to curvy braid and to even voluminous braids. Apart from this braided style, you will see different kinds of braids mostly because it’s the female beauty secret.

7. Sleek straight

Sleek straight


Do you want to be the Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and many other celebrities who love their hair being sleek straight? This is your chance to rock it. For all I know, the straight style has never gone out of style.

Look around and you realize that the sleek straight style is being rocked by all and sundry. If you are Asian especially the Chinese the hair will naturally be sleek and straight. However, if yours doesn’t naturally go straight, use the hot iron to straighten it.

Start blow drying or hot combing the hair from one section as you go to another. Remember to give the hair a high-quality oil and other nourishing products with the aim of giving it a glossy shine.

8. The buns

The buns

Buns can fit the different occasions you have. From a date to official duty, these buns are the easiest to rock especially when you want to make a quick hairdo. The trick is to be as creative as you want to and as relaxed as you choose to.

You can make the twisted buns without spending a dime. It should take you less than 10 minutes to make the pretty bun and off you go to your parties or fun events. For most people, it looks complex but it’s actually not.

9. Simple chignon

Simple chignon

Are you looking for the dignified look? This is exactly what you need to give you the lady like dignified look for your hair. With the hairstyle, you will be looking like the epitome of class in no time.

The Pros and Cons of Long Hair

The pros

  • It’s versatile

You are spoilt for choice as to what you can do with this hairstyle. It’s easy to make any style and each style has an easy updo.

  • It keeps you warm

This is especially so if you have thick hair. During those winter days, your long hair will keep your head warm and ultimately warming your body. You can even use it to cover your face and neck area whenever the cold temperature docks in.

  • The flip

Who loves to look sassy?

The flips will give you exactly that feel. Most musicians and actresses could use this style during their shows. It would make it easy to flip the hairstyle.

  • Boosts your confidence

Having long hair makes you able to style your hair in different methods. Long ponytail, for example, gives you an over the top confidence. I’m one person who loves long hair and I know when it is well kept, I become more confident.

  • Age is but a number

With long hair, you will look modern and even younger. Remember you can rock the modern styles with long hair regardless of your age. If you will maintain and style it nicely, the hair will remain attractive.

For a long time, we have believed that the long hair makes you look younger and it does just like short hairstyles.

Remember there’s just a few of you who are able to pull the fringe. Most of the women have no such strong scalp to keep the hair long so enjoy the long hair when you can.

  • You enjoy the showering process.

If you love washing your hair with the different kinds of shampoo then showering will feel like a walk in the tropical island. Your hair makes you feel confident and rejuvenated when you finish cleaning it.

  • You maintain your glamour wherever you are

The fact that you have long hair makes you attract attention wherever you are. In fact, to men, the longer your hair the more attractive you are.

  • Whichever face you have rocks the hair

There’s no face type that we would say don’t rock the long hair. In fact, if you have some points on your face that you don’t like too much you can camouflage them. Unlike the short hair which needs you to have certain face types, the long hair looks gracious on anyone.


  • It gets caught in everything

While long hair is amazing you will find it in every part of your house. Your hair remains on the car door, necklace, brushes, cabinets. Long hair means lots of tangles. To help stop the hair tangling, comb it frequently then add more conditioning.

  • So hot in summer

Just the same way the hair protects you from the cold temperature it will make you feel extremely hot during summer. This makes it hard to work with but you have to train yourself to make it work anyway.

  • It takes hours to give it shape

The fact that you can give your hair a desirable shape is undeniable but it will often take you a long time. On the contrary short hair takes you just a short time to shape.

  • It takes a long process

Long hair is beautiful naturally but you ought to use a lot more products to maintain it. It may frustrate you if you don’t use the right products and be gentle with it. Wash your hair regularly and make them look healthy with cream and masks.

Even when you are washing the hair, it will take longer to get wet shampoo and eventually clean.

  • You must visit your stylist on a regular basis

The more you have long hair the more you need to take the hair to the salon. You will need to cut the edges frequently thereby getting rid of the split ends.

Wind is your enemy if you want to style it down. The problem is that it will get on your face and even ruin your make up. In the end, the hair gets so tangled up that it becomes hard to comb.

  • You have less volume

The longer the hair the lesser the volume. This happens to be too weighed down and therefore frequently sheds.

Short Hairstyles to Try In 2019

Short hairstyle is more than a trend for many, it’s a lifestyle. It actually gives you the liberation you seek in taking care of it. From bob cuts to lobs and to pixie cuts you are spoilt for choice. It’s easy to maintain yet so playful.

You also have a whole bunch of hairstyles to use for it. Whether you are going for party events or official duties short hairstyles will help you look your best.

10. Short bob with tapered back

Short bob with tapered back

I would describe this look as simple, stylish and sleek. It features a silhouette finish. You simply have it napped at the neck area. It has a bowl-shaped cut with feathers. It covers even your ears.

Coming in golden brown color, it has a great finish and you can go with it wherever you wish.

11. Cute textured bob

Cute textured bob

If you have medium to fine textured hair, this would be ideal for you. The cut is meant to create an illusion of a full hair. If you want to rock this hair best, it should fit your regular lifestyle. For example, if you like wearing the hair down, this style will definitely suit you.

It makes your hair look fuller with great texture. It has great layers and the fact that it looks full and thick makes you also feel young in style.

12. Tapered undercut pixie

Tapered undercut pixie

I would describe this hairstyle in one word, Bold. From the young to the old, the question is actually how bold you are. It has an edge and tapered side that give a great flow of the lines which will create attention to your hair.

Whenever you feel like you are ready for a new look and you don’t mind the change, consider wearing this style. It particularly suits young girls looking for a new and edgy style. It won’t work for you if you go to a conservative job.

13. Asymmetrical side sweep

Asymmetrical side sweep

Look your best and look younger with this hairstyle. It looks like a messy asymmetrical style that still brings out the femininity in you. You can style this hairstyle in many different ways to bring out the soft edge.

It works best with those who have smaller faces with finer and straighter kind of hair. Even if your hair is fine, the messy look makes it voluminous. Just remember to give it last spraying to maintain the great shine.

14. Side parted blunt bob

Side parted blunt bob

You can describe this as a wash and go style. It will basically suit those with a crazy and quick lifestyle. You can never go wrong with the bob cuts. You only need to add some variations for improvements.

It will only work if you have the right hair tools and hair products that keep the hair shiny and richly textured. This straight across cut is popular among many women today maybe this is because it works for you on casual and formal occasions.

For more variations, wear the style in a curly form or even make it straight. The best thing of all is that it brings the best of you.

15. Stylish short curly hair

Stylish short curly hair

The wavy hair is a trendy style that is still here to stay. With the current style that calls for straightening the hair often, wavy style is yet to compete for all attention. However, if your natural hair is all wavy then this style would suit you.

The waves are great when you need to add motion to the tresses. Wash your tresses and all the hair with a moisturizing shampoo before conditioning the hair as you would wish. You could also apply the curl enhancer to make the waves more defined.

This will then keep your tresses shiny and healthy. You can blow dry them then tousle them with the fingertips. Curl enhancer you have applied will hold the waves in place.

16. Short balayage

Short balayage

Even with short and medium hair, you can still rock this hair. The balayage choice here looks subtle yet natural to try. It has a few shallow curls and she, therefore, goes ahead to just let= them flow.

It serves as a great choice for casual and official occasions. You can accentuate it by adding more color if you like although your blonde or other natural hair colors would work great.

17. Short hair lob bob with micro bangs

Short hair lob bob with micro bangs

Make it shorter than that if you like. It works as a great bob cut with a sleek line and thick body. The hairstyle is a bold look yet it gives you a timeless style. The hair product you ought to use here is the kind that can smoothen the look.

It will serve you if you are on the edge and are fashionable. It works with almost any face shape and skin tone. It’s easy to style for those who have straight hairstyles. If you have a curly texture, for example, you may work at achieving the straight look for longer.

18. Dark edgy pixie cut

Dark edgy pixie cut

This is an on the go-to style for those with short hair. Some girls will just rock the pixie cuts like this one. It’s your classic best if you enjoy the short hair. The secret here is to make the back clean and sharp.

On the sides, make the sideburns longer in front of your ears. Then when you go to the top of your hair just make the spikes. It suits the celebrant mood as well as the official ladylike look.

19. Short layered hairstyle

Short layered hairstyle

Who said layered style works only for those with long hair? Even those with short hair can rock the layered style. The style gives volume to your hair and it can work with both those who have short hair and even those with long ones.

Whether you have thick or thin hair, you can rock this hair regardless. What I like most about the hairstyle is that it works to give you the younger look.

20. Side swept hairdo

Alternatively, you could rock the Meagan good side swept hairstyle. It will make you wow onlookers. Simply have the side and the back side cut short. Also, you can make it as close to your head as possible.

Next, you should create some bouncy curls using the rollers and curling iron. You should then give your hair the seventies flip. Meagan simply curled them outside. Remember to create the dramatic sweep over your face.

Pros and Cons of Short Hair

The pros

  • They are the best to wear during summer

During summer, the short hair makes it easy to remain cool. In fact, your neck area remains cooler than when you have longer hair. The other good thing about this short hair is that you can maintain the health of your hair when they are short.

  • Short hair will help you get rid of the split ends

If you decide to cut your hair short today, chances are that it will assume durability. This is because you get rid of the split ends allowing it to grow in a healthier manner.

  • It takes a shorter time to style

Regardless of the style, you intend to wear, it takes you a short time to style the hair as opposed to when you are styling your long hair. Some hairstyles will take you even 5 minutes to make.

  • You will use fewer products

Since the hair is short it will take you less shampoo and conditioner to clean it. In addition, you will only use a little bit of nourishment oils and cleaning products.

  • Gives you the professionalism

Within a few minutes with your short hair, you are all set and ready to go for your professional meetings. Of course, most long hairstyle will win you a place in dating apps, however, short ones give you power in the boardroom.


  • Lacks more versatility

Compared to the long hair, you can’t have so many styles for the same hair. If you like flexibility where you may make the layered style and a ponytail bun the next day, this style won’t work for you.

  • Compatibility

Long hair looks good on almost everyone but not the short hair. With short hair, you have to find the style that suits you. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t fit everyone.

  • Will it give you dating prospects?

The thing is that most men love long hair and, for that reason, with your short, hair they won’t see you. If you are looking for a date, you ought to make the hair long.

  • For the bad hair day

Every so often we develop bad hair days. With the long hair, you can easily pull it back but when you have short hair you will have a problem to nurse your bad hair day.

  • Takes long to change the hairstyle

If you don’t like the hairstyle it will take you a long time to let the hair grow. Unlike the long hair where you would simply change the style.

Do I Look Better with Short or Long Hair?

For most people, long hair is easy and on the go-to hairstyle. I haven’t yet seen someone say that they look bad in long hair. However, there are a number of factors that determine whether you will rock the short hair or not.

Research has shown that your jawbone will tell whether you look good in long or short hair.

Just hold a pencil under your chin horizontally and a ruler vertically under your ear. Now measure the distance from the ear to the pencil and if it’s at 2.25 inches you are okay wearing short hair but if not go back and wear the long one.

In addition, your face shape matters.

Round faces, for example, work best with long layers and bangs. Don’t wear short hairstyles and ponytails because that will make your hair even rounder.

If you have an oval face then you are lucky because you can rock any style.

Square faces work best with long hairstyles that will soften the frames of your face. Also, work with any hairstyle that will add height to your bangs. You can further soften the jawlines with the long bangs

Heart face will work best with the curly wavy that is soft and frame the face. You can further use the soft bangs and choppy layering’s.

Diamond face works best with most hairstyles. If you can have a blunt shoulder-length cut or wispy bangs it will work well for you. The bangs will also soften the edges.

Is Short Hair Better Than Long Hair?

I think there’s no right answer for this. While over the years most people have said that long hair is better and sexier, this is not always true. It all depends on how you wear the hairstyle and which one is best for you.

Also, if you like to wear hair that is easy to manage, you should go for short hair. But if you like flexibility, long hair is the way to go. Ultimately no hair is better than the other. They both have their pros and cons.

I would say the hairstyle choice is actually a more personal preference.

Long Vs Short Hair Which Is Sexier

What makes a hairstyle sexier?

I would say it’s how well it suits you and your face type. You would make the short hair sexy just as much as you would make the long hair sexy. Most men love the hair reaching at least the shoulder length.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who enjoy shorter ones. Remember the saying beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder? It works on here. Both hair lengths are sexy and beautiful.

It only matters how confident you are wearing them and whoever is looking at them. What one finds sexy isn’t sexy to the other. So, go for those short bob cuts or long layered hair and enjoy the attention.

How to Make Short Hair Look Longer?

There are those of us whose hair can’t grow as long as we would wish them to. In such cases just follow the tricks below.

  • Use hair extension

I can gladly say there are hundreds of hair extension styles in the market today. If you want to rock the longer hairstyle, why not wear the long wigs, make fusions and clip in extensions among others.

If you can afford a few bucks then you will have all the extensions to look for and use. the best way is to buy the human hair and tape in your natural hair or add the micro bead extensions.

  • Straighten the hair

Whatever the case, straightened hair makes your hair longer than they look. You can use flat irons and relaxers or blow-dry to achieve this look. Of course, we all love waves, but all the waves will shorten your already short hair.

Make the hair silky straight and enjoy your good hair day.

  • The center part

The center partThis is best used by those with round and oblong faces. Having the center part created will increase the length on one side as well as the other. Just make sure you balance your face.

  • Make layers

Adding layers on the hair calls for you not making blunt cuts instead make the layers. They ensure you develop longer and good-looking hairstyle. Remember the essence of this is to create an illusion.

  • Add shine

If you can make the hair even shinier then it will appear longer at a first glance. Remember don’t overdo the extension as that will make people know where your hair starts and ends. Just do everything in moderation.

Here, create a bounce and moderation which makes people won over where the hair begins and ends.

  • Volume

When you enhance the volume of your hair you increase the length. You can use the product that works to lift the roots.


There are many myths concerning hair.

  • Some people say short hair is cheaper but that isn’t always the case.
  • They also believe that you can’t wear hair extension on short hair but you can.
  • Other people say long hair is better than a short one but that is about personal preferences.

All in all, when it comes to hair, whether you are a man or woman it only matters what you like best. If you think short works best on you go for it but if long hair is your thing enjoy it. Don’t be misled by the opinions of others outside of yourself.

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