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Do you ever find yourself wanting to take on the lavender color that Katy Perry loves to wear?

Trust me, I do. While men and women love to color their hair or take on different shades, they have used all the different colors the world has to offer. Rarely do you see people in bright warm color although today lavender is the in color.Lavender Hair Color

More and more women in recent years are choosing more vibrant colors.

This includes the Kylie Jenner’s blue hair color, Nicki Minaj’s pink color and many other hair colors. But today we focus on the lavender color.

Talk of hair goals, lavender color is mine.

There are so many shades of lavender you could apply as you will see below.

Let’s be clear.

Are you interested in lavender or you are interested in purple? These two colors are used interchangeably.

Most people think the color is the same but there’s a thin line difference. While they are both formed when you mix blue and red colors, they are not exactly similar.

Here’s the thing, when you have a rich tone of blue used in the blend of the two what you form is lavender.

Purple color, on the other hand, normally takes on the increased red or increased blue.

So, lavender is just the pale form of purple. But if you are going for purple you could have a wide range of shades like orchid, indigo, magenta the list is endless.

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Who Would Rock Lavender Hair Color the Best?

This color is versatile and it will work with most skin tones although it works best if you have the light brown eyes or hazel ones.

It increases the depth of color so if you are brown this is for you. The color is best suited for spring days.

If you specifically have light skin with cool undernotes you will definitely rock this color just make sure you choose a great hairstyle as well.

The Best Lavender Hairstyles

When you have such a hairstyle that calls for attention the last thing you need is to turn people off by choosing all the wrong style. Below are the style choices we think.

  • Metallic lavender lob

Metallic lavender lobMetallic lavender lob

There’s one thing about tousled wavy hair, they always turn heads. They are stylish and the fact that you are wearing a lavender color on takes it to another level of greatness. The waves, in this case, make your long bob cut shorter and even funkier.

This style is a type of ombre color where you have the darker purple at the top and metallic pale purple blend to the bottom. Oh, how good is that.

  • Vibrant lavender style

Vibrant lavender style

Sometimes all you need is this shiny look to boost your confidence. The trick is to ensure your hair is in good condition. Ensure to condition your hair more often to maintain the health of the hair.

From fancy events to official roles this hairstyle will work for you. If you, however, use this style on your hair that is healthy I guarantee you will have it looking great.

  • Pastel lavender pixie

Even when you have short hair you can rock the color lavender. Use the pinkish addition to the pixie cut. If you have the heart-shaped face this style will make you as youthful as you are.

  • Lavender highlights

Lavender highlights

This is for those who aren’t bold to color their entire head the same lavender color. Just ensure you have a dark hair base to work with. It’s great to have lavender hues so consider taking it to another level.

I like this highlight because it looks more official and you can rock it at any time while even making those favorite updos.

Types of Lavender Hair Color

1. Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor #090 Lavender

When it comes to dyeing our hair, the process can be so nerve-wrecking. Consider the fact that so much could go wrong and cause damage. Of course, if you will follow the right procedure, the right dye will make everything so easy for you to do.

Choosing a hair dye like this one will make this process a whole lot easier. You do not have to worry about having to mix different ingredients and that’s why we have it listed as the first of the options we have.

What’s more, did you know that you don’t need gloves with this hair dye? Once you finish up dyeing your hair, just rinse your hands. Talk of hassle-free dyeing of your hair. It’s a semi-permanent dye and for that reason, it will last between 9-12 rinses before it begins to come off.

This is more ideal for anyone who can’t commit to color over a long time. And the deal gets even better since it’s budget-friendly.

2. Directions Hair Colour – Lavender 88ml Tub

This color comes to you in a number of shades. It comes in a range of vibrant as well as exciting ones. For the better color shade, when you pre-soften the hair, you are sure to achieve better coloring since the hair color penetrates deep into the shafts.

If you want, you can mix the shades with the different colors to come up with your favorite and unique shade. The good thing is that although it’s not a permanent dye it will take longer on your hair even if you have treated it hair.

It takes you just a little 15-30 minutes to process the hair. This will most probably stain your hands and forehead so you should wear gloves and use the Vaseline on your forehead to keep it free from staining it.

Before you apply it on your head though consider conducting a pretest so that you are sure that it’s the hair color you are after. After you use it, remember to maintain the hair using the right products.

3. L’OrĂ©al Paris Feria Pastels Hair Color, P12 Lavender Dusk

Every time you visit a salon, you will always have the stylist suggest to you the option of using the l’oreal hair color. This is for a reason; they have some of the greatest hair products you could ever have.

In regards to the hair colors, it has about 130 shades of color with most of them being adored by many. This soft and dusty color is custom blended by the greatest colorists. It’s best designed for those with light hair although if your hair runs on darker shades this might not be for you.

It’s safe to use with your color treated hair you won’t experience any damage to your scalp nor the itches you often feel. Nevertheless, if you are re-dying your hair, give it a two weeks break when you intend to use this color for your hair safety.

4. EZN Shaking Pudding Hair Color Korean Beauty

Isn’t it just everyone’s dream to look their best? If this is you then go for this Asian style hair color. This is a quick and easy DIY hair dye. You can use it at home as long as you will follow the guide and take good care of your hair.

The hair is ammonia free with no odor. It further has the hair protein called keratin that will help your hair maintain its health. This is a clear coloring method that’s also gel-like and it still offers you a clear coloring since it delivers the hydrolyze keratin and silk.

It will ensure each of your hair strands receives color. This color, however, requires that you should know how to blend the ingredients in order to come up with the exact color you need.

5. Garnier Hair Color Sensation Hair Cream

This features a rich permanent hair color creme that has rich pigment and gentle on your scalp. The hair will last longer than you expect. This brand offers you a number of vibrant colors and lavender is one of them.

It further gives you grey coverage. It also has the after-color conditioner which is infused with wild rose oil. You will have the hair maintain its softness and silky texture from the tip to the roots. You further receive an applicator brush to make it all an easy process.

I like that you don’t have to think about buying other necessary products that help you in the coloring outside. It comes with the developer, after conditioner, gloves, instructions and hairbrush.

Notice that you can even balayage your hair if you would love to. It’s a cream that will not only change the color but further make it silky shine with grey coverage. It’s easy to apply since it causes no mess no drip cream.

6. 4 x La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Dye

Here is your ready to go hair color. The hair color though is semi-permanent and will serve you for 4-8 washes. This item comes in about 34 shades with lavender being one of them. Even if you decided to mix these hair colors they would still work fine.

It works even on your already chemically treated hair. Don’t forget to give the hair enough maintenance to ensure the color is rich and your hair maintains its health.

Does Hair Dye Expire?

I think we are all victims of buying the hair dye, using it then the remains we leave on our shelves for so long that we even forget we had it. When you stumble upon it a few months later you want to dye with it again.

So, what normally stops you is the question of whether the dye ever expires. Most companies indicate on the package that their dyes have a lifespan of 3years while others say the lifespan is infinite. Whether that is true or not is upon you to find out.

Does the hair dye that you already opened expire?

You have probably used a dye then had some leftovers and wondered if it ever expires. Statistically, we are told that after you open the dye it takes between 1-2 years to expire. This is the color that is professional dyes.

Semi-permanent ones also claim to have a lifespan of 3-4 years shelf life but once you open it, expect to get it spoilt within a short while.

How will you know it’s expired?

  • Swelling bottle

If you notice a swell on the bottle it simply means that air has seeped into the dye. This results in oxidation.

  • The lid

Sometime you might have the dye being contained in a hard container. In such an instance, it might be tricky to tell if it’s spoilt but you can see that from its lid.

You will notice a yellow or orange color around the lid. This shows you that air got into the bottle and oxidation took place.

  • Open the bottle to check the content

The way you will know its expired is if you notice it has completely changed its color.

Spoilt dyes will sometime separate or are murky like you have to shake it to regain its construction.

  • The smell

If the dye first has a foul smell, it should be indicated as spoilt.

The side effects of using expired dye

Using an expired dye is never a good idea because it has side effects that include:

  • You will develop the dark green hair: this is as a result of the alteration on the chemical composition. The way it then reacts with your hair is that it just gives it a green color.
  • You get the wrong color: if you still have it coloring, it might get a different color than you have in the box. In fact, you won’t even know what color you might end up with after coloring your hair. Sometime it might be ineffective and other times gives you a new color.
  • The coloring achieved is uneven: your hair will have patches of uneven colors. They may even create different shades of the color you wanted.
  • The hair feels frizzy: this hair color will cause some serious damage to your hair. You might even end with a frizzy mess that will need treatment or chopping it off altogether.
  • You could burn: it’s possible that you can burn your hair and scalp. You see dye is a chemical composition and you can imagine applying expired chemical compounds on your hair. This will ultimately lead to hair loss.
  • Fading away: what if it fades quicker. Once the dye expires chances are that it will lose its strength, intensity and pigment. This then means that it fades away fast or a few days after the application.

Tips to Care for The Hair Color

If unopened

When you have the unopened dye, remember to store it on a cool dry place. Also, keep it off direct sunlight as well as humidity. In such conditions, the hair may last for a good 3 years.


You need to protect the dye from the following factors to keep it safe from expiration,

Direct sun: sun warms up the chemicals in the hair color and cause them to separate this will make it be useless.

Air: this causes oxidation. Especially when your product has peroxide.

Moisture: if you didn’t receive the dye in a bottle and you have it in a moist place, oxidation is impossible to avoid.

Microorganism: if you leave the hair color open, the bacteria in the air and other microorganisms will interact with the chemical to cause the dye to go bad.

How to Remove the Color?

Color removal is the other thing that can damage your hair. But in following these steps the process is easy.

  • Shampoo the hair

Begin to clean the hair so that you get rid of any form of dirt and thus make the color remover effective. Use a clarifying shampoo or even a detoxifying one.

Add the hair color remover to the combination to ease the process. I particularly love to use the pravana hair color extractor. It comes with the ideal shampoo that is safe to use since its sulfate free.

  • Rinse your hair

Now ensure you rinse the hair well especially if you have just recently colored the hair. After you are sure you have nicely rinsed the hair, thoroughly dry it since the remover will most likely not work on wet/damp hair.

  • Mix it

The set of color remover usually comes in two bottles. One is a Sulphur reducing agent and the other is the acid concentrate. If you follow instructions, they will guide you on how you ought to mix them. They require you to mix the two in equal parts in most cases.

  • Apply

Work fast to apply the mix before it reacts. Use a tint brush to apply the mixture. If you can apply it fast then you will have used it before it loses its concentration effectiveness.

  • Let it rest

Give the hair a few minutes to absorb the extract. Cover your hair and expose it to medium heat for 20 minutes.


  • Rinse the hair

This is an essential step. You will need to rinse the hair of any particles. Take your time to ensure you get rid of all the extract and color. You will have a strong smell and it’s okay as this is just chemical odor.

Once you are done, your hair will feel dry so use a conditioner to moisturize it immediately.

Do not expose your hair to treatments again for at least two weeks. Take time to treat it and help it regain its health and strength.

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