Kevin Costner Hair Transplant Before and After Facts

Kevin Costner hair transplant: Everyone knows Kevin Costner from his Hollywood box office hits. With his fame and glory came the steady attention and focus to Kevin Costner’s hair loss and receding hair line issues.

If you remember any of his box office hits prior to 2008 you will notice that he was losing a lot of his hair, especially at his hair line, which moved up to the crown of his head.

Despite the controversy around hair transplants and if they worked for the long haul, Kevin Costner authorized and purchased a hair transplant procedure for himself which was performed in 2008.

Many men today face these same problems, as hair loss and receding hair lines is a common issue with the aging process. Despite the fact that hair loss and receding hair lines is a natural part of life, men around the world look in the mirror and wish for nothing more than to solve the problem.

Men want a cure-all solution to the hair loss issue they suffer from however, even with all the latest breaking medical technology, medicine advancements, and proven clinical trials in medical industry, a cure-all solution to hair loss, baldness, and receding hairlines has yet to be discovered.


While the photos of Kevin Costner show a dramatic improvement from the once drastically receding hair line he had, the more recent photos and movies starring Kevin Costner reveal the unsettling fact that his hair transplant procedure did not stick around with the same glorious and hairy results.

I guess this goes on to say that even the rich and famous aren’t immune to the aging process, at least in terms of hair loss, baldness, and receding hair lines.

No matter the amount of money one chooses to spend on obtaining their once youthful look, aging is natural, happens to all of us, and mother nature has made it impossible to reverse.

This doesn’t completely rule out temporary fixes on disguising the hair loss, balding, and receding hair lines completely, as there are so many methods of covering up these signs of aging.

From hair plugs, stylish comb forward hair styles, to spray paints and scalp pigmentation, something can be done. The question is, who really wants to spend so much money on something they will have to continue to deal with until they finally throw their towel in and surrender to old age?

Most balding men would raise their hands and say “Not Me!”, if only they could afford lifetime procedures and products.


So while Kevin Costner underwent an undoubtedly costly hair implant procedure, it didn’t last for the long haul.

Yet, it isn’t stopping Kevin Costner from carrying on with his Hollywood life and he still captivates the hearts of millions around the world.

I guess this goes to show some men, that regardless of your hair loss problems, baldness, or receding hairlines, you can still be the star of the show and bring about positive attention. So embrace it guys and be proud of your receding hair line.

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