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John Cena Hair Styles – What Does John Cena Look Like

If you know what wrestling is, you must know all about John Cena. He is one of the most famous WWE stars. He is known as the ultimate wrestling champion. Besides being a star, wrestler John Cena created a music album “You Can’t See Me”, which debuted in 15th place on the US Billboard 200rating. He also stared in a popular movie “The Marine”. All these achievements made Cena even more popular.

And, as it usually happens with stars, he is able to dictate hairstyle trends to his fans. Men who are into sports like short hairstyles which don’t make them spend to much time in front of the mirror.

However, they still want to look stylish and that’s why they often turn to their idols for advise. Following John Cena hairstyle trends is a great idea for any man who likes  sports and fashion.

Trendiest Haircuts from John Cena in 2017

Wrestlers can’t have their hair covering their eyes, or getting into their face. That’s why John Cena is choosing the trendies short hairstyles, which will surely appeal to you, even if you are not as much into sports as he is.

We have chosen 5 best John Cena hairstyles for 2016 and 2017 to help you pick the best one for yourself.

If wrestler fashion doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you will like to follow John Cena the musician, or John Cena the movie star. Give it a try!

1. Blond undercut


Always wanted to dye your hair but thought that it will make you look like a girl? The time has come to give it a try, since even John Cena is not afraid to do it. Make a classical undercut and dye your hair any color you wish. Add some hair gel to create a stylish wet look.

2. Buzz with bangs


Buzz seems to simple? Not for a brutal man. Cut your hair to be about 1 inch long, but leave some in front to create stylish bangs. All you will need to do in the morning is apply some hair gel to make them stick up. Or you can leave it as it is.

3. Military


Military hairstyles never go out of fashion. If you are not afraid of changes, shave your head! You will surely look very stylish and forget about any hair maintenance for a while. This is an especially rewarding haircut for those who frequent the gym.

4. John Cena mohawk


This is an amazing hairstyle for men who don’t want to shave their heads completely but still want to forget about hair stylist appointments and throw away their hairbrushes. Leave a circle of hair on top and shave everything around it. Voila!

5. Short and respectable


Think that a wrestler can’t look respectable? You are very wrong. All you need to do is sport a short undercut and keep it neat with some hair gel. This hairstyle is perfect for going to the gym, swimming in the pool or holding a press conference.

Always wanted to look like John Cena but were afraid to try? The time has come for a change. Take another good look at these fashionable and trendy hairstyles and give it a chance. You won’t be growing muscles right away, but it will be the first step to perfection.

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