How Joey Lawrence Hairstyle Used to Look Before Losing Hair

Once a teen heartthrob, Joey Lawrence’s hair has been the eye of his large fan following. His hairstyles have been changing so often, that it sure attracts your attention in every event that he attends.

But none can beat the magic that his flowing mane of hair from the Blossom-era. The dark brown tousled, shoulder length hair with the charming overgrows eyebrows – would make every youngsters heart skip a beat.


His initial fame to stardom as a teen, Joey Lawrence hairstyle was his most marketable asset, and as a adult he has changed his styles from a shaved head to hair to shaved head again in the last 2 decades.

While the young Joey with log unkempt hair blossomed into a grown man, he probably may have experienced a receding hairline. This may have led him to try plastic surgery hair restoration.

While in his early thirties, he sported a shaved head for a while; many thought this was the style to stay, when as the original Jlaw – he opted to complete his look with  an ear bling combining it with a bronzer – enough to make the models jealous.


His mid-thirties look shocked everybody not because of his abs but because of the new hair growth. Hair loss experts explained that he had undergone a hair transplant.

When you look up close to Joey Lawrence hair, his hairline reveals the sparse and “grafted” hair. The major giveaway was the criss-cross hair directed that do no match with the hair being.

Another visible tell-tale sign was the frontal peak and straight lines which looked very unnatural.

He has been successful in remedying some of these signs with micro-grafting.

When he returned from a brief hiatus after “Brotherly Love”, his appearance as a co-host in “Splash” surely stole the show. The viewers freaked out on his tight reddish coif and social networks were a buzz with speculation about his new looks.

Currently Joey Lawrence hair is deep side parted and has a very blond look. His new dramatic comb-over is not only radically different but also gives him a super-groomed look.

And he assures that this too would soon change. Surely, as critics from the industry have really caught on his receding hair line, in his desperate attempt to revive his nineties hair, currently his hair looks like Ken Barbie doll.

Many claim that he is wearing a toupee.  The experts can argue, but the truth of Joey Lawrence hair will be very personal to him.


Joey Lawrence is the type of Hollywood celebrity who is trying his best to regain his former good looks. With his popular mane being the talk of the town those days, trying to get that back is going against nature.

When two thirds of the men on Mother Earth are balding or have receding hairlines, accepting it gracefully and moving on will help him, rather than faking the obvious.

It is not about making a style statement and dwelling in the past glory, but accepting facts and moving on gracefully is  a key lesson the celebrities teach us.

Joey Lawrence hair alone knows that there is no hope for return for his once great mane. Although his cool mane is just a distant memory there are enough posters on the web to glorify his past.

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