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How to Wash A Wig (Human Hair Wig And Synthetic Hair Wig)

How to Wash A Wig

A woman’s hair is the crown of all her beauty.

Today you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow long or short, straight or wavy; you only need to know which extension works for you.

There are thousands of wigs you can use for different occasions; however, for it to serve you over a long time, you must maintain and care for it.

One of the care options includes keeping the wig clean. It doesn’t matter whether you usually wear the wig just once or you wear it every other day, you should remember to keep it clean. It will also only last long if you keep it maintained.

Can You Wash Wig?

Yes, you can do it if you know how to do it right. You should wash the wig but with the right products. This is the sole way to maintain it.

Can You Wash A Wig with The Regular Shampoo?

Notice that using the regular shampoo on the wig is not the best decision. Some shampoos are solely made to clean wigs. The wig strands aren’t growing from the scalp. So, the products you use should nourish your strands.

There will be baby shampoo, hair shampoo, or regular shampoo, and all of them have varying roles. And none of them will work well on wigs.

Generally, the regular shampoo is made to clean the scalp oils when they form oil build-ups. So, it focusses more on cleaning out the natural scalp oil build up. Nonetheless, wigs are sometimes not attached direct to your scalp.

We often use the wig cap, and that means that wigs don’t come to contact with your scalp. They often won’t develop oil build up as your natural hair would. The only thing causing dirt is the sweat once you wear it over a long time.

So, the dirt you get rid of is the environmental dirt and not the common scalp oils. Other wig dirt comes from the product build-up. A good shampoo will quickly get rid of this.

If you decide to use regular shampoo, you are going to cause some major problems to the hair strands. Some of the problems include stripping the strands of their natural oils. This is particularly true for the synthetic wig.

If you are, however, using the natural hair shampoo, then using the regular shampoo makes it change the color. It further deteriorates its value.

Nevertheless, there’s no cause for alarm if you have only used the regular shampoo a few times. You should stop using it and then start to nourish the hair using the deep conditioner.

Should You Wash the Wig Before You Wear It?

This is often more of a personal choice than it is a mandate. However, if you are using human hair in particular, you should remember to wash it first. I always say that some of the hair may contain lice, so you should get rid of them before you go on to wear the wig.

Advantage of Washing It Before You Wear It

  • For cleaning

I often assume that the same way I buy new clothes and not wear them before cleaning, we should do it for the wig. Make sure you wash it first to clean it off the packaging dust and debris. But then again, it will help you get rid of the ticks and other parasites.

  • Safety of the expensive purchase

Before you install the wig, you ought to give it a thorough check and even wash it. This will show you whether it’s a quality purchase. Remember, if you had the hair shipped, it would sometimes smell due to the preservatives used to keep it safe.

  • You need to maintain it, so you wash it first

We have said it before; you will need to keep the hair clean and ultimately maintain them. In washing it, you will sustain it.

But how often should you wash the wig?

It all depends on how often you wear the hair wig.

If you do, wear it daily, then you should wash it at least once every two weeks. But even when you don’t wear it frequently you should keep it safe. This is the only route to maintain it and its cleanliness.

How to Wash Synthetic Wig

  • The way you wash the synthetic wigs and the human hair wigs is a little different.

Always remember that when washing the synthetic hair, you should be gentle on using the harsh chemicals. Here you must be very careful because a simple harsh treatment will cause fraying as well as the strands sticking out.

  • If you don’t wash the hair properly, your hair will become frizzy and frayed.

One thing to remember is that if you like to wear a synthetic wig then you should wash it at least once a week. Remember, this hair normally has the style memory, and if you don’t maintain it then it loses its bounce sooner.

So, consider the place where you live, if you live in a hot and humid place, you will need to wash your wigs more often.

Always brush the hair before you start washing it. Therefore, consider detangling the hair first. So, you should brush it or use your fingers to detangle it.

Put the water in the bowl and make sure it’s partly full. Make sure the water is warm and not hot as the hot water will damage the hair. Go on to add the wig shampoo to the water and find out if it lathers.

  • Soak it

Next, place the hands into the caps as you turn the wig inside out. Go on to submerge the wig in the bowl with the lathered soap. Swirl the wig around a few times, but do not rub it, then leave it in for about five minutes to soak.

It doesn’t matter whether the wig is soiled you shouldn’t rub it ever. Also, don’t even twist or wring it.

  • Clean the hair

After the elapse of the five minutes, you should take it out of the bowl or dip it and remove it a few times. Check to confirm that the cap is clean, and when you notice some of the make-up stains, you can use a small brush to remove them.

  • Rinse the hair

You can decide to rinse it under the running water or basin water, but the running water is good. You should use lukewarm water.

  • Condition the hair

The only way to sustain your hair is by using the conditioner to moisturize the hair. So, you can take a clean bowl and add on some water and two tablespoons of conditioner.

Leave the hair in the clean bowl with conditioner for about two minutes. Conditioning the hair will not only moisturize the hair, but it will further restore its style. In using a good conditioner, you will maintain the perfect luster as you soften the dryness.

  • Rinse it

After about five minutes, remove it from the bowl and rinse it thoroughly in cool water.

  • Dry it

This is a vital step that you may sometimes assume. But if you don’t dry it properly, then you still cause memory loss. Thus, you should pat dry the wig with a microfiber towel then use a wig stand to let it air dry.

For the synthetic wig, you shouldn’t try to speed dry it using the blow-dry unless, of course, it’s a heat resistant type. It will take it a few hours to air dry the hair, but it will remain healthy as opposes to heat drying.

Best Shampoo for Synthetic Hair

1. Awesome Synthetic Wig Shampoo

The trick to healthy hair is in the right hair products. However, if you have synthetic hair, you have to use the right shampoo for synthetic hair. This shampoo will prolong the life of your wig as it prevents the dryness.

In the end, you will promote the silkiness and shine of the wig as it nourishes the strands. Also, you will have the shampoo enhancing the volume of the hair. The freshness of the hair is inevitable when using the shampoo.

Notice that it has coconut oil, which is rich in nourishing both natural and hair extension. In using this shampoo, you provide a healthy feeling. It further eliminates any form of static on the hair. The wig will never be dull.

2. Jon Renau Shampoo for Synthetic Fiber Wigs

This is another one of the best shampoos that you may use to cleans synthetic hair. Synthetic wigs have a shorter lifespan than a human hair. However, when you use the right products like Jon Renau shampoo, it may last a little longer.

This is one of the best shampoos that will mix well with the cold water and lather easily on your hair. In using it, therefore, you will revive the wig and maintain its shine. It will further feel smooth as it smells clean and fresh.

Best Synthetic Hair Conditioner

3. Awesome Synthetic Wig Leave-in Conditioning Spray

If you prefer the leave-in conditioner to keep it shiny and smooth through the day, then awesome conditioner is the best. It will act as a detangling spray as well, and therefore, you can maintain the smoothness of the wig.

It contains the coconut oil, which is a natural conditioner of both the skin and the hair. This conditioner will, therefore, maintain the silkiness and shine. It further prevents dryness by keeping the hair moist.

In using the conditioner, you prolong the life of the wig.

4. Brandywine Revitalizing Conditioner

This is yet another type of synthetic wig conditioner. It will often leave the hair softer and shinier. If you have a problem with detangling the hair, you should use this conditioner as it makes it an easy process.

It doesn’t matter whether you intend to use it for synthetic or human hair; it works in both instances. It has the perfect blend of ingredients that you will use to nourish your strands.

5. Revlon Revitalizing Conditioner

Here is another choice specifically for your synthetic hair. Its essence is to revitalize the hair, thus maintaining its perfect shine. It’s the perfect wig refresher. In using the conditioner, you will regain the original luster as you also use it in the detangling.

It will then prevent the frizz that is sometimes caused by the environment. I love its size since it can fit in your small handbag.

Can You Blow Dry A Synthetic Wig?

It all depends on the type of synthetic wigs you use. If you are using the regular synthetic wig, you can’t blow dry it, but if you use heat resistant synthetic wigs, then you can blow-dry the hair. Remember, though, to blow-dry the hair under low temperature.

How to Keep Synthetic Hair from Frizzing?

One major problem with synthetic wigs is that they often frizz. But when you have the hair frizzing, it will look unkempt. With proper care, though, you can prevent such problems. If you know how to keep the natural hair frizz-free, you can use the same process on the wig.

  • Brush the hair

This is not your natural hair that you can brush once a day, and it will be fine. Brush the hair with a soft bristle brush at least thrice a day. This will keep the hair from tangles. Remember to do this before you even wash the hair too.

  • Consider the shampoo you use

Remember, we have said that the products you use on the hair will determine its lifespan. The shampoo, particularly, should be toxin-free. Go for the high-quality shampoo that nourishes your strands. If you want, you can seek advice from your stylist.

A good shampoo should have no alcohol, but it can contain natural ingredients.

  • Hair washing

When washing the hair, remember to wet the hair first. It’s said that synthetic hair since it made using fabric is often dryer than any other hair. This is the reason why it often dries, tangles easily, and frizzes more.

However, even when you are wetting the hair, remember to do it slowly. When you pour too much water at once the hair will still frizz.

Check the method you use to wash the hair. Wash the hair using a downward motion. Work on the hair from the crown to the ends as you avoid rubbing it to free it from dirt. Remember to be gentle through the whole washing process.

When drying the hair, then use a towel, but do not rub the hair to dry it. This will also cause you unnecessary frizz.

  • No heat for synthetic hair

You should know that the synthetic hair doesn’t allow the use of heat on it. Even when you have the heat-friendly synthetic hair, use the heat minimally. Heat tends to dry the hair as it strips it of its natural oils. It’s, in fact, the number one contributor of frizzing.

  • Apply the serum

Naturally, the serum will smooth the strands and cuticles and ultimately tame the frizz. Once the hair is dry, apply a dime size of serum.

You can also use oils like the coconut oil to retain the structure of the hair as you keep it free of frizz.

How to Brush and Comb the Synthetic Wig

How to Wash A Human Hair Wig

Washing the human hair wig should be an easy process if you know the tools products and style to use in the washing process. Sadly, while most people wash their wigs, they do it the wrong way. In washing the wig wrongly, you quickly damage it.

Things you need

  • A wide-toothed comb
  • A mannequin
  • A large sink
  • Microfiber towel
  • Shampoo and conditioner

Important Steps

  • Detangle the wig

Before you can put the hair in the water, you should detangle it by brushing it or combing it. For brushing it, use a paddle brush. This will help you get rid of tangles and knots. If the tangles are extreme you may need to use the detangling sprays.

Remember, in combing or brushing the hair; you should always start from the ends of the hair as you go to the roots.

  • Wet the wig

Gather the products you will need for the washing process.

I love to wash my wig in running tap water, but you may also hold the water in the basin then place human hair to soak in water. Remember to only use Luke warm water not so hot nor too cold.

Tip: run the water in the same direction as your wig does. In short, rinse the hair from the roots going all the way to the ends. This will prevent tangling and ultimate frizz.

  • To shampoo the hair

Once the hair is nicely wet, you can use the toxin-free shampoo that is further hydrating on the hair. Remember, you shouldn’t limit the shampoo. Apply the shampoo on the crown of the wig as you smoothly and gently apply to the ends too.

  • Rinse it out

In rinsing the shampoo, you should do it on running water. Start rinsing from the crown as it moves to the ends down. I like running water as it will always remove all the products. So gently run your fingers in the wig and under the tap water.

The water that comes out will indicate to you whether you need to wash the hair again with the shampoo or condition it. If the water is too dirty, wash the hair once again to make it thoroughly clean.

  • Condition the hair

Which conditioner is using? It matters the conditioner you choose for the hair extension.

So, apply the conditioner again from the roots going all the way to the roots. Make sure you have the conditioner supplied to all parts of the hair. You shouldn’t concentrate the conditioner on a single part only.

  • Rinse it

Repeat the same method you took when you shampooed the hair. Let the tap water run on the hair.

  • Drying the hair

This is the step that can damage the hair, so it’s best to air dry the hair. Place the wig on the mannequin and give it up to 24 hours to dry properly. If you are, however in a hurry, use the blow dry at the lowest temperature possible.

How Often Should You Wash A Human Hair Wig

It doesn’t matter the hair wig you have; you will have to wah it occasionally if you want to lengthen its lifespan. How frequent you wash the hair, though, depends on how often you wear the hair.

You should wash it every after about six weeks, that is assuming you don’t wear it daily. You should wash it after at least ten wears. If you want, though, during the hot weather you can wash it more times than you do in cold weather.

Best Human Hair Shampoo

6. Awesome Human Wig Shampoo [pH5]

The major reason why this shampoo is best for human hair is that it prevents dryness. It does that by moisturizing the wig. This product further contains the coconut oil that works for maintaining the health and shine of the hair.

I’m one scent sensitive person, so the fresh and subtle fragrance makes the shampoo the best for me. The fact that it will rejuvenate the shampoo as it increases its volume makes it the best shampoo for human hair.

It will further reduce hair damage. This is one of the few shampoos that is made to suit only the human hair. So, you can rest assured it will serve you.

7. Jon Renau Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo for Human Hair

The best thing about this shampoo is that its gentle yet hydrating to the expensive hair. Moreover, it contains no toxins that would harm the hair. Since it has argan oil, your hair won’t dry out, and that means that it won’t also tangle.

The shampoo will keep the hair feeling soft yet shiny, but the good thing is that you may also use it on the colored hair. In using the shampoo, you will maintain the natural look and feel. These shampoos moisturizing feature is the most appealing feature for me.

8. Brandywine Non-Static Shampoo & Revitalizing Conditioner

This is one of the rare shampoos that are non-static. The essence of the shampoo is to make the wig clean by getting rid of all forms of dirt including product dirt. The good thing is that the set works on both the hair extension and the natural hair.

If you know and have used aloe in any of the skin products, you will know how vital it is. This set has aloe Vera and vitamin E, among other ingredients to nourish the hair. In using the set, you will nourish the hair thus enhance the lifespan.

Using the set means you will revitalize your human hair, thus enhance its lifespan.

How To Wash The Human Hair Video Guide

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