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How To Take Care Of Peruvian Body Wave Hair

With summer here, we must choose the best protective style for us. When you want a distinctive, vibrant, soft, lustrous, and beautiful hair, choose the Peruvian body wave. It’s easy to maintain, and you will see that below. Most people like that it looks perfect for anyone.

When you have just attached the weave, it will look vibrant and stunning. But unless you take good care of the hair, it will soon lose its shine and look. In this article, we show you how to take care of your Peruvian body wave hair.

Know the hair

Of course, once you have bought and attached the hair, there’s nothing much you can do than embrace it, whether it’s exotic or not. However, you need to make sure you only buy the best quality hair. Now such hair, you will only get in our hair theme shop.

We sell the exotic human hair donated by the young Peruvians, no wonder it’s durable. It has its cuticles intact and aligned. That’s why it maintains the shine and smoothness. Therefore, for it to retain the shine texture and elegance, you will need to take good care of it.


You will need to make sure the hair is free of tangles and clean. When your hair tangles a lot, it won’t last as long as you would like it to.

To start, finger detangle the hair by running your fingers through the parts of the hair. This will help you reach the knots and mostly try to loosen them.

Take your paddle brush or wide-toothed comb and run it through the hair. But first, brush the hair from the ends to the roots making sure you get are free of tangles and that the hair is flawless. Once you have brushed it from the ends to the roots, you can try to brush it from the roots to the ends to make sure it brushes smoothly.

However, if you notice that it’s still tangled, you can use a detangling spray of your choice. This will make the detangling process just a little easier.

To be on the safe side though, consider preventing the tangles in the first place. Check out our how to keep weave from detangling.

To wash the hair

You won’t just go in to wash the hair you will need to prepare the tools you need for the process. Choose the best shampoo for the process. The shampoo you choose should, therefore, not rip the hair of its oils and shine.

Today there are a few options you can use that are also nourishing to your natural hair. Next, prepare a good conditioner but especially a deep conditioner. The only thing that your weave hair needs is moisture. Often you can get it from the conditioners.

So when you choose the toxin-free shampoo and conditioner, you are good to go. But not so first, do you have a clean and soft material towel? That’s ideal for the drying process of the hair. It will help you when you need to dry the hair without roughing it up. Finally, don’t forget the wide-toothed comb and brush. Also, remember, you will be using lukewarm water.

Now washing the hair.

Now that you have brushed your hair and it’s free of tangles, let’s go to washing.

  • Wet the hair

If you are using the shower, run the water on your hair. Remember, some hair will take longer to absorb the water. Just give it time to make sure the hair is damp because then it will make it easier to wash the hair.

  • Shampoo the hair

Once the hair is damp, you can apply the shampoo. When the hair is nicely wet, then you can apply the shampoo. Go on to spread the shampoo all over your head. Also, start to massage the shampoo to your scalp gently.

For the first round, it may not lather quickly since the hair is still dirty. So rinse it out and then apply some more shampoo on the hair.

This will help the hair lather, thus making sure you correctly clean the hair. At this level, then the shampoo will help you remove the oil, dirt, and debris. Gently massage the shampoo to your hair, making sure you reach even the scalp.

Remember to rinse your hair correctly, making sure you get rid of the shampoo completely.

Condition the hair

This part is equally important as it will keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant. So take your best conditioner and apply it to the hair immediately. Cover the hair and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. This often applies if you are using the deep conditioner.

Rinse the hair finally making sure you get rid of all the products. Take your time on this step because if you don’t rinse properly, the hair will form build-ups.

Drying the hair

Take the soft towel to dry and make sure you thoroughly dry the hair. Don’t rub it through the hair, though. Notice that the towel won’t fully dry your hair. So then once you have removed the excess water, it’s best to let it air dry.

We don’t mean you put the hair in the direct sun; instead, you allow it to air dry. Some people will prefer to use heat tools because it will dry the hair faster. If this is you, remember to use the heat at medium temperature instead of a high one.

You can further use the heat protectant spray for the same. This will make sure the hair maintains its health even when you are using the heat tools. Remember, we are talking of the Peruvian hair, which can stand the heat.

Styling the hair

Once the hair dries out entirely, you can apply the hair care essential oils. It will keep the hair even shinier as it nourishes the strands.

You can use coconut oil or the olive one to make sure you maintain the newness. If you, however, need to use the curling iron to regain the waves it had. One thing about body waves is that with time it does lose its wavy structure and then straightens. Use the curler to retain the waves.

Finally, spray the hair and go about your business. You will be feeling fresh and with great hair.

When you are going to sleep

If you want to maintain the hair, take care of it even when you are going to sleep. It’s during sleep time that the hair may lose its vitality more.

If you ignore the hair and therefore lie in bed without caring for your body wave hair, it will lose its structure immediately.

Often the hair will get dry and straight.

Before you go to bed, brush the hair again. This makes sure you have no tangles or knots. Then you can create a loose braid, especially if you have longer body wave hair.

Once you do this, cover the hair up using the silk or satin cap. This material never absorbs the nutrients of the hair. Also, lie on the silk and satin pillowcase.

When you wake up, you will just undo the braid brush and set it on with your day.

Daily body wave hair care

The one part that matters the most when you have the weave is often the daily care. Before you go to work, you will need to make sure the hair looks healthy and safe.

So, detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Make sure you have no tangles on all parts of the hair.

You can’t wash your hair every day like you do your natural hair, which means that you will have to use dry shampoos and leave-in conditioner on some days.

So then spray the hair using the leave-in conditioner and then style it as it’s appropriate to you before you go about the day.

How to keep the body wave wavy

Usually, the hardest thing is to keep the hair wavy, but we will show you how to make it work here.

The first thing to do is keep the hair clean, but that’s just one of the many choices you have to do. Clean hair keeps the waves free from build-ups.

Avoid high heat or heat altogether. Of course, the hairdryers are the best to use if you want to dry the hair fast. However, you should let the hair air dry it. Be gentle when drying the hair because it’s at that time that you can damage your hair more.

Remember to add on some hair care oil to prevent the drying out of the hair.

You don’t need too much oil, so just a few drops here is enough.

In the process of applying the oil, you can further finger comb the hair.

Finally, find ways to make the big curls on the hair that will create waves, especially when the hair is not yet fully dry. You can use the curling iron or the different kinds of curling methods to get the curls together.

Remember to spray the hair every so often to maintain its look from time to time.

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