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How To Style Brazilian Body Wave Hair

If you like the versatility, easy maintenance, and super elegance for your hairstyle, you should use the body wave hair. Women of different ages and races enjoy this style no wonder it’s one of the most popular choices. Today though, we are interested in the Brazilian body wave hair. You will love it for its shine, its glossiness, its versatility, and elegance.

The hair is further readily accessible; no wonder it’s one of the most sold hair types across the globe.

When you buy your favorite body wave hair, there’s a question that lingers on, how can you style it to make it authentically you or maintain it. Well, today, we have your answers, and hopefully, you can maintain the body wave style in the process.

Describe the Brazilian body wave

This hair is the closest we have to the straight hair. It takes on the shape of S, which creates very loose waves. If you want, you can even let it straighten up over time as it does. But some people want to maintain the waves or get another style out of it.

The Brazilian loose wave is perfect since it has the natural luster, and in most cases, it will look fluffy, and you can’t deny the shine.

This style is further the fashionable type that you can use for your different creative styles too.

What makes the body wave accessible?

It’s versatile

The primary reason why anyone likes body waves better is that the hair is versatile. You can use it to create straight hair or a curly hairstyle once you are tired of the usual wavy hair. This style will make it easy to maintain the body waves nonetheless.

Mind you; you can use it in different colors, lengths, and styles. All these features make it easy for you to attain the dream style you are looking for. You will further enjoy the fact that you can use it for any occasion.

Its waves are soft

Everyone loves such sleek, silky, and shiny waves for any eventful day, and that’s why it’s popular. Nonetheless, you will need to work towards maintaining it if you want it to serve you over a long time. This hair is lustrous yet manageable, and if you will look for the best quality, then it doesn’t just look beautiful, it will last longer.

You can wear it straight

Whenever you want the straight hairs from the body wave, you will realize that it’s much easier to attain. You can also straighten it using the flat iron, and since you don’t strain the hair, then it won’t affect its durability.

The hair makes you youthful

Every woman wants a style that will make them look younger. The body wave style is one such style that will make you look youthful. The waves flow stunningly, and if you can be a little creative, then the hair will look elegant for you.

This hair is easy to style

Compared to other styles like the curly hair, the Brazilian body wave is easy to style. Wavy hair like this doesn’t need too much effort; you will always get it right. Remember to use all the right tools and products, though. This hair is easy to style.

How to style it

While we all love the hair, unless you maintain it, then you can be sure it will soon lose its style. You can use heat or no heat when styling the hair. Check the following choices.

Using rollers

You should have enough time to do this, especially if you’re not going to use the heat with it.

  • First off dampen the hair

Spray it with some misty water to get it slightly wet. This will give your hair a quick reset, though. You don’t have to wash it in this case entirely. We are assuming you already washed the hair.

  • Spray the curl enhancer and leave-in

This step makes it easy for the curls to form since the curl enhancer is just as the name suggests. The leave-in then is just to nourish the strands making them look perfect with the waves.

  • Section the hair

Now take a small section of the hair and roll it on the satin roller. Try and keep it away from your face too. It all depends on the style you are trying to create. If you use the larger section, then the waves will be loose. So part the hair in large or smaller sections for the different sizes of waves.

  • Cover the head

For better results, you can leave the hair rollers on for the whole night. So once you roll the entire head or parts you need to, you can cover it with your head wrap and go to sleep. During this time, the hair is getting wavy.

  • Remove the rollers

Now gently get the rollers out, making sure you don’t pull them as that will cause even more damage.

Finally, run your fingers over the curls you already formed gently to loosen them all out. Spray the hair too, and off you go.

Braid it up

Another simple method to use in creating waves is to braid the hair.

  • So spritz the hair with some misty water
  • Next, up part the hair where you want to create the braids. Make the parting uniform or slightly uniform.
  • Then create two large cornrow braids on two sides of the hair. Also, remember to start close to the roots to create the best looking waves. Note that the braids should be tight so that the hair doesn’t frizz up in the process.
  • You can go to sleep with these braids to give it enough time to form the waves.
  • Undo the braids in the morning, finger-comb your hair and spray it to get the body wave looking nicely shiny.

Using a flat iron

This is one of the most common methods we use to style the body wave.

  • Clean the hair

It’s best to work on very clean hair. Using both enriching shampoo and conditioner, you nourish the strands making the hair look more elegant and shiny.

  • Use the heat protectant

If you like the hair, then you will know that you need to shield it from excessive heat. Get your best heat protectant spray for the process. Now take your time to spray the whole head and in all parts of the hair. It will create a layer to prevent heat from ripping the hair of its nutrients.

  • Start to roll the hair

Take a section of the hair and comb or brush it before anything. You should make sure you get rid of all the hair knots.

Starting rolling it up from the part, you would like the rolls to form. The good thing about this style is that it gives you a choice to either create the waves all over the weave or just parts of the hair.

Do the same thing to the small section of your hair until you have gone through the whole hair and weave.

Remember, you have to twist and pull the hair throughout to make the waves.

  • Finish up

Once you finish the process, you can apply the shine spray and tousle the hair a bit as you style it to make it look new again.

Alternatively use the curling iron

Another one of the most common methods you can use to style the hair is the curling wand.

  • Clean the hair

Again make sure the hair is clean and remember you will only work on sections of the hair at all times.

  • Apply the heat protectant

This is a step you never want to miss, as it will help you make sure the hair remains safe when you are curling.

  • Part the hair

If you are creating the waves, then you should take the thicker sections of your hair to work on.

So take the section you have parted and wrap it on the curling iron. You can cover the hair closer to your scalp but turn the tool away from your face.

Also, press the curling iron with your thumb. And keep turning the hair as you go. Continue to curl the different sections until you have finished all the parts of the hair. Remember to hold the curling iron on the hair tightly for at least 15 seconds.

  • To finish up

Once you are through with this, you can run your fingers on the hair to loosen the waves.

Finish off by spraying the hair with a beautiful hair spray that will boost the shine. Tousle the hair a bit to get it in shape and go on to style it as desired.

How to maintain the weaves?

Remember to wash the hair

Contrary to beliefs that washing the body wave will cause the hair to straighten up, you must keep the hair clean. Of course, over time, it does lose the waves, but this is not the reason to not clean it.

I still say you can dry the hair using the hair drying process.

You should use the microfiber towel when drying the hair. But don’t press the hair too much when drying the hair. Once you dry the hair, you can apply the care oil on it to get it shiny, as earlier mentioned.

Finger comb the hair

Although you would love to brush the hair often, you can also finger-comb it sometime during the day. Only use the brush or comb once a day.

You can also use the curling or flat iron for the process of enhancing the curls if you want. Alternatively, just use the rollers for the process to improve the waves when need be.

Apply the mousse

You will then need the mouse for the finalization of the wavy style. You can also maintain the shine or keep the hair smooth.

We prefer air drying

Although the heat drying methods are significant, we prefer to use the air-drying for it to maintain the style. You can then use the rollers to make the drying even easier. But if you keep using the heat tools to dry your hair, then it will soon lose its nutrients.

Don’t use too much hair products

Although we want to let you use the hair product, not all of them are great for your hair. Only use the essential ones. Unfortunately, if you use many products at a time, you will weigh the hair down, leading to damage. Shampoo, conditioners, heat protectant and some spray is enough.

When going to sleep

If you don’t take proper care of the hair when you are going to sleep, the hair will lose its waves and dry up. So you should make sure you care for it.

First off, brush the hair or finger comb it. Braid it all loosely, then cover it with the head wrap. Make sure the wrap covers the whole head. And the wrap should never be cotton as it absorbs moisture. Use a silk head wrap.

Lie on the silk and satin pillowcase. The reason why you are using these materials is to prevent the absorption of the hair moisture.

In the morning

Loosen the braids, spritz it with the leave-in and then brush/comb it to make you ready for your process.

Tips for maintaining the body wave

If you are going to have the hair being healthy, then you have to maintain it at all times.

Daily care tips

You need to make sure the hair remains silky and smooth

  • If you want the hair to serve you longer, you can use the products that will get it looking healthy. Avoid any product with harsh chemicals.
  • An excellent moisturizing conditioner is all you need. But for your daily use, you can buy the leave-in conditioner.
  • Also, remember to keep it clean. But interchange the products sometimes you can use the shampoo and other times the co-wash.
  • Brush the hair every morning to make sure the strands are all in place. This also keeps it free of tangles.

But if you manage it properly, then it will be durable for you. You can also have to treat the hair to make it last longer.

Now to you

We all want you to look your best. Therefore, you can use the tips above with the right weave products for your hair.

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