How to Maintain Wet and Wavy Weave

The thought of the luscious, clean, full, and beautiful wavy hair makes my heart skip with joy. Well although we all wish for such natural hair, sometimes that’s not our story and we, therefore, use hair weaves. While weaves look amazing when you just installed them, you must learn to maintain the wet and wavy weave for its durability.

Wet and wavy hair gives you that princess look. But without proper care of the hair, you will wish you didn’t install it. We have taught you so much about weaves and today we’ll give you the tips to maintain the wet and wavy hair.

But first,

Wet and Wavy Hairstyle

1. Micro braid wet and wavy hair


For the love of braids, you can still use this wet and wavy weave style to achieve a beautiful style. So you will need to make the hair using the tree braids design. This is where you start by first braiding the individual braids then after a quarter-inch, you let them flow to a weave.

She uses the brown, wavy hair, and we must say, it brings out the best of her skin tone. You can let the hair flow to a long weave if you like. Here, she creates a short weave. So if you are looking for the bob style, maybe you should consider such a style.

One best thing about the wet and wavy hair is that it usually looks like you just washed it and that’s why it will keep looking new. It’s also easy to manage if you know how to handle it.

2.Long wet and wavy


The long version of wet and wavy hair is terrific if you know how to attach it to place. Always look for the right color to work with your skin tone. Here, she uses the off black color, and it blends well with her skin color. This hair is voluminous, and it will be bouncy.

If you wish, you can let it flow as this one is flowing for it to show the waves. Nonetheless, you can hold it to a ponytail if you wish. In this case, you can pull the hair to flow to the side of your face. Well, as you can see when it comes to this weave, if you will choose the best weave, you will quickly achieve the style.

3. Ponytail wet and weave


You can accomplish the ponytail using any hair texture, including the weave. One thing about the ponytail is that you will look stylish and chic. Some women have naturally wavy hair that you may use it. But if you don’t, then a weave is fantastic as well. The ponytail looks full and healthy.

Her,e she just held the hair to a high ponytail and then fixed the ponytail to finish the chick look. The style features the average length ponytail. So as you can see, you can use the ponytail to increase the lengths.

4. Cornrows with the wet and wavy ponytail


Living in this century means you get to see very many unique styles. One of the most common styles is the cornrow braids with the ponytail extension. Here, you create the cornrow braids as she has done here. It doesn’t matter the pattern you make. This is all a personal preference so you can make them thick and thin cornrows.

In this case, you use the very long wet and wavy ponytail hair extension but its also brown. If you like making the ponytail styles, here is a chance to try it.

5. Beyonce’s wet and wavy bob


Who doesn’t love a bob?

Often the bob looks stylish, but when you have it in blonde, it’s even better. Here she uses the bob to create an ombre of both the black and blonde color. To further shape the style, you can create a middle parting. Well, the beautiful Beyonce is famous for making any style work perfectly like this but so ca you.

The blonde wavy style will suit anyone as long as they have the right skin tone.

6. High knot with half down hair


When you have the long hair, you can hold it to a half up half down style or even make a middle parting and let it flow. Here we have the high knot made at the crown part then you will let the other sides and back part of the hair flow with ease.

The thing that makes the style ideal is that it shows off your facial features. So you won’t have hair strands flowing to your face. Its the perfect style for anyone who has sensitive skin.

Best Wet and Wavy Hair to Buy

QT wet and wavy hair


If you are going to buy a good quality wet and wavy hair, consider a piece that you can both straighten and maintain the bouncy wavy curls. For these options, you don’t have to wear two different weaves. Instead, you use the same one.

The hair features the use of pure unprocessed human hair which makes its quality uncompromised. Moreover, you have the double weft hair, which means that the hair will rarely shed. If you will take the proper care of the hair though then you can have it for over a year.

For a complete look, it comes to you with the 4 by 4 closure. Also, it features the use of high-quality swiss lace closure. Moreover, if you want to change its color, you can since it comes in its natural color. That’s to say it has perfect quality and ability to maintain the natural color.

This is a high-quality piece but, don’t take my word for it, go to the customer review on AliExpress to further understand why you need it.

Joedir wet and wavy human hair


This soft hairpiece features the use of 100% human hair. It has and maintains its waves which mean that you won’t have to use the hot tools to maintain its texture. You can have it in a wide range of colors; even though it comes in its original black color.

It uses Brazilian human hair, and with proper care, the hair will last up to one year. It further has a double weft to prevent shedding. Since it further comes in its original color, you may use the color to change it if you wish. Notice that this is one of the few high-quality pieces that you will get cheaply

Rebecca wet and wavy



Another one of the most beautiful wet and wavy hair for the women is this one. It features the use of the short weave to make a bob type of hair. You will always look and feel like you have poured water on your hair extension. Here we have the best quality of the Peruvian hair, which is also a Remy type of hair.

Here, you will use the hair being soft and silky, and if you maintain it, then it will never dry out. It’s a 12-inch hair, and you can have it in different colors.

Why Should You Use the Wet and Wavy Hairstyle?

The primary reason why most women prefer wet and wavy hair is that its waves and curls effortlessly. The hair will curl and relax with ease. Of course, if you want to experiment with a new type of weave, you must be open to trying different kinds available.

Anyone who loves the wet waves knows that it’s easy to change it from wavy to straight and straight to wavy. This means that you have the chance to change the style every single time.

If you buy the right wet and wavy weave, you will notice that it looks and feels so much like your natural hair. It’s always advisable to only buy human hair. Notice that when you choose the right weave, you can color and change its style.

Most of the high-quality weaves can stand the change in temperature, and the hair will look healthy most of the time.

How to Maintain the Wet and Wavy hair

The only thing that will keep the wavy hair looking perfect is keeping the hair moisturized. Although hair extension comes to ease the caring process of your natural hair, you also have to take care of them. Note that the hair extension doesn’t get nourished from the scalp and this, therefore, means that you have to find ways to cover for it.

Unless you keep the hair nourished, it will soon begin to dry out. The hair will look dull and lifeless, and this means that the style you make won’t work.

Since you want the waves, you should know that it requires even more attention. You don’t want the hair to start tangling so prevention is better. Remember, aside from detangling the hair, you will need to pack the hair with moisture.

  • Be careful about the products you

The products you use to wash the hair will determine how long it lasts. The shampoo and conditioner you use should be free of toxins. Go for shampoos that are free of sulfates and paraben. Also, take care when you are going to buy the products you will use because haphazard ones can be damaging.

There will be thousands of shampoos and conditioners to choose from. Remember, you shouldn’t buy toxic products. Some stylists recommend that you should use the conditioner on the hair before you begin to wash it. This will keep it moisturized before cleaning.

Alternatively, use the detangling spray to make it easy to remove the knots and tangles. Make sure you use the right shampoo designed for hair extensions. Finish off by rinsing it well and make sure it’s free of products. If you further wish to have the hair maintaining the waves, just slightly dry it with a towel. Next, let it air dry.

Avoid using the blow dryers. You can also shake it a little to retain the curls. Additionally, use the curling serum and other products to maintain the waves.

Do you have to use the heat?

Sometimes you will need to use the heat anyway, and when this happens, you need to know that you should protect your hair at all times. Whether you decide to use the flat iron or curling iron, you should always use it at the lowest temperature.

This is to protect the hair from heat damage. If you decide, you may even use the heat protectant spray to protect the strands from the ultimate loss. There will be heat protectant sprays for the weaves, and those are the ones you can use.

If you are however using the synthetic weaves, remember you should never use the heat styling tools. Besides synthetic weaves maintain the style memory; thus, you don’t have to restyle it.

When styling the hair

At some point, the hair may become frizzy. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the hair. Often the wavy and curly hair will frizz faster or begin to mat. To prevent it, therefore, you can always use a good quality leave-in conditioner. This will give you the chance to moisturize it every day.

Nonetheless, you may use an excellent wet and wavy spray. Also, don’t use the brush on the hair if it’s dry as that will make it tangle. It will also get rid of hair strand oils.

If you have to comb the hair, though, you will need to use the wide-toothed comb or finger-comb it.

Sleeping when you have hair extension on

Its when you go to sleep that you will often have damage the hair. However, those who know how to make these hair extensions work will follow the steps below. When you go to bed you can’t protect yourself from turning over and over that’s why most extensions dry sooner. To prevent this,

  • Always comb your hair first

The way to keep the tangle at bay usually is to keep the strands straight and smooth. You will have to comb/brush the hair from time to time. Also, you should make this work in that you comb the hair just before you go to sleep. You shouldn’t have the tangled hair when you are going to sleep.

Also, if you notice that you have a lot of tangles, use a detangler to help you get rid of them completely. In the end, you shouldn’t rip the extensions out.

You should never sleep with your loose hair. The reason you avoid loose hair is that the hair will tangle when you rough it up. It will eventually damage all of your hair strands.

  • Braid the hair

If you have long hair, you should braid it to place first. This is the safest method to make sure the hair is tangle-free. You can create one loose braid that flows to the back of your head. The good thing about the braid is that it will let you form even better waves.

Therefore, aside from your hair protection, you will form even better waves.

  • Wrap the hair with a silk scarf

You can use the silk or satin scarf but never the cotton one. The reason is that the cotton goes on to absorb your hair moisture, but the silk/satin doesn’t. Additionally, you may use the satin or silk pillowcase. Wrap the hair with the scarf making sure it’s not too tight neither is it too loose that it will come out.

I know you will find the best way to wrap the hair. But the easiest method is to bring the scarf edges to the top of the crown. That means that you pull all of your strands to the front. You should then tie it once again at the very top.

  • Alternatively, use a sleep cap

There are caps that you can use when you are going to sleep. So if you find it hard to wrap the head with the scarf or it just comes out, buy the sleep caps. Here, you wrap your hair around your head then wear the cap you purchased. It won’t absorb the moisture, and it goes to prevent tangles too.

If you have the curly hair, then you can create the pineapple bun or the ponytail to keep the hair safe. So you can loosely twist the hair to a bun then cover it with a sleep cap. When you wake up, loosen the bun and then comb or brush the hair.

When you either braid or make a bun, you won’t have the hair moving around as you go to sleep. In the end, you will have the hair looking new even when you have used it for long.

Let’s talk about swimming

Although you love swimming, the chlorinated water will tamper with the waves. If you are using the hair extensions, you shouldn’t swim. However, if you have to swim, then first wear a swim cap.

If you aren’t using the swim cap, though, saturate the hair with water to make sure the hair doesn’t absorb the chlorinated water into the strand.

Other points

How do you brush it

First off make sure you buy the best hair extension quality. There will be those hair extensions that don’t need reminders as they are naturally good at holding the waves and curls. You can decide to wash or dampen the waves then you will notice that it starts to regain its curls.

If you wish to make the waves even more visible, then you should use the round brush. Go on to brush the hair downwards. Always make sure the hair is held in place as you brush it.

When you use the heat

Remember to moisturize the hair and most importantly, don’t burn the hair extension with too much heat. Also, use a flat iron when you wish to have the straight hair and the curling iron for the waves.

Vital Tips

If you wish for your hair to last longer, you will need to set the days when you take care of the hair. Consider washing the hair at least once or twice in a fortnight. When you wash the hair though you will need to condition it too to pack it up with moisture.

Detangle the hair at least once in a day. If you want the hair to last longer, you will have to make sure it has no tangles every other time. You can use your fingers to remove the tangles or even use the wide-toothed comb gently. If you have too many knots, then use the detangler or the conditioner.

If you have to use the blow dry on the hair, make sure it’s at the lowest heat.

Do you love to exercise? I know you can’t stop exercising just because you have the weave on. You should wear the hair in braids before you begin to exercise. This will keep it free from the sweat.

If you have to use a brush, then use a soft bristle brush to style the weave.

How to Keep the Wet and Wavy Hair Looking Wet

Of course, once you have the hair on, you will need to take care of it to maintain the outlook. The following are the steps to take.

  • Wet it

Once you wash the hair and you are sure it’s clean you can saturate it with water. Your aim here is to make sure the hair is dripping wet and not just damp.

  • Section it

You must attend to it as needed so divide the hair into four sections then apply the cream moisture on the different parts. Ensure you can see that the hair is fully coated. If possible, use the curling cream on the hair strands to make sure all the strands have the coating.

  • Apply the oil to the section

You should have a select kind of oil that works for your wet and wavy hair. Make it work by applying it to the different parts of the hair.

  • Brush it

Go on to brush each of the sections you have. However, it shouldn’t show the divisions you have made.

  • Air-dry the hair

Once you have done these, you should then air dry the hair. If you don’t have it on, place it on a wig, stand to dry properly. Let it dry out completely before you can touch it.



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