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How To Take Care Of Deep Wave Weave

For almost any woman, the way we look determines how confident we are. Although you will need to dress right, if you will look perfect, you will need to work on the hair. There are different hair textures but today we are concerned about how to maintain the deep wave weave.

Once you invest in one of the best hair types in the market, you will have the hair lasting longer. This will, in essence, save you the money you have to spend on buying new hair every time. If you are one of those who doesn’t know how to maintain the hair, read on.

But first,

Whats A Deep Wave Weave?

This is one of the most common hair textures we have. The style is close to the jerry pattern, but it has tight curls. In fact, they are close to the body wave and loose wave but from the name, it has tighter or deeper curls.

Deep Wave HairSome people can’t tell the difference, especially when the two hair types frizz but it’s never the same hair type. Often, it’s so voluminous and this makes it look like you have such full hair growing from your scalp.

It will make your hair look strong and healthy, and that makes it even more attractive for those who have weak hair.

Why Would Anyone Want to Use the Texture?

They feature the S pattern, which makes it look so natural. In fact, if you have naturally curly hair, then you will look as though you are just using your natural healthy hair. You can use this hair type regardless of the hair texture you have.

Always remember to wear it right, though. If you wear the hair right, then no one will tell you are using a weave. You can even use the clips to attach the hair and that will make it look far more attractive.

Where to buy Deep Wave Weave hair bundles?

It looks stylish and you can use it for any other style you may want to wear. It has tighter curls than the body wave and loose wave. The best thing is that you can use it for different styling options.

The style will even complement your facial features. It particularly shapes your face while showing the best facial features. If you can have a style that makes you look natural, the better. In using this style, you will feel smart and more capable.

It’s easy to maintain it if you know how to. You won’t automatically know how to manage it but if you follow the steps we show you, then the hair will be with you over a long time.

For you to understand how you can maintain the deep wave style, then use the following guide.

How Do You Wash the Hair?

Notice that how you wash the hair will determine how it looks and how long it lasts. This is usually the essential part of maintaining any hair type you may have. There’s a difference in the steps you may use in washing the different hair types.

Detangle the hair

Before you do anything, you will need to detangle the hair. This will keep it soft and without knots. If you are washing it for the very first time, you can run your fingers through the weave.

This will guide you to know if you have tangles and knots. If you notice that your fingers continue to get stuck, comb the hair or brush it to get rid of the knots.

The essence of this is to make sure the hair doesn’t continue to tangle up when you are washing it as it will damage the hair.

If you are washing the hair for the first time, you have gotten it out of the package; you can decide only to use the conditioner and not the shampoo. In that case, you may choose the option of co-washing the hair.

Get that hair and run your fingers all through the hair. You will then get rid of the tangles that would have otherwise formed.

You should then apply some conditioner on every part of the head and hair. If you want it to spread evenly, you can use the wide-toothed comb. Run the comb on the hair to make sure the conditioner spreads evenly.

You can then let it stay on for at least 15 minutes. Next, finish off by rinsing it with lukewarm water and pat dry the hair with the towel to absorb excess water.

Let the hair airdry, or you can also use the dryer if you are in a hurry.

When you are using the shampoo and conditioner

If you notice that the hair contains some dirt, grime, and germs, you may use the mild shampoo.

As for the option above, detangle the hair by running the fingers within the bundles and using the wide-toothed comb. Wet the hair or rinse it first.

Apply a generous amount of shampoo to help you get rid of dirt and grime. You may also apply the shampoo if you notice that the hair has a lot of product build-up.

You can rinse the hair using the cool to lukewarm water then apply the shampoo again. Make sure the shampoo reaches every part of the strands.

You can then use the conditioner. Apply it generously on the hair from the roots to the ends. Then go on to rinse the hair with the lukewarm water.

Always air dry the hair after this as opposed to using the blow-dry that will normally cause the frizz.


You will need to wash the hair at least once a week.

You should also wash it when you have just bought it.

Every time you want to wash the extension, remember to precondition it first. This helps it to pack on the moisture first. The good thing is that the conditioner will make sure your hair remains protected.

Even if you have to use shampoo after preconditioning, it won’t strip your natural hair of its natural oils.

You don’t have to massage the hair; instead, just apply the products gently then rinse it. Massaging it may lead to even more tangles.

How to Deep Condition the Deep Wave Hair

Although this isn’t your natural hair, you should take care of it as though it’s the natural hair. This means that you have to take good care of it and prevent any form of damage.

The deep conditioner will always pack your hair with moisture. It, therefore, works like a regular co-wash. If you are however going to use a deep conditioner, you should use the shampoo to clean the hair first.

The deep conditioner you choose matters. Make sure you choose the one that will pack your hair with moisture.

So, to begin with, wash the hair with shampoo making sure you get rid of all the grime, grease and oil. Once you wash the hair, then you can apply a generous amount of conditioner. Apply it in a downward motion then coat each of the strands.

Once you feel like you have coated the strands right, you can let it rest by first covering it with a shower cap. This is the most crucial part if you want the deep conditioner to work.

Finish off by thoroughly rinsing the hair. Always use the running warm water to rinse the hair. Also, run your fingers through the hair to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned. You will notice that the hair gets its bouncy curls back.

Let the hair air dry or, if necessary, use the blow-dry to dry it.

Bleaching the Hair

If you have human hair, you will normally have the choice to bleach it. You may bleach the hair when you want to alter its color. Notice that you can bleach it to any color you wish as long as you are using human hair.

For any curly and wavy hair, you may follow the procedure below. Remember the curly hair is texturized which is a harsh process on it. This is why you need to be careful about its bleaching.

Although it feels like a simple process, it may not be as simple since we are dealing with some delicate strands, and a simple mistake could damage the whole hair.

You should prep your hair before you begin the bleaching process. Moreover, take the extra effort to make sure the hair is safe.

So, you should use a pre-condition to keep the hair moisturized. So, you should use the deep conditioner and shampoo three days before.

Once you have applied the hair bleach, you can then maintain the daily treatment to keep it safe and vibrant. Only use the right shampoo and conditioner to tone the color. In the end, you will get rid of the brassiness.

Remember, with proper care; then the hair will last long.

Notice that since this is a hair extension, it will always begin to dry. It doesn’t have the oils from the scalp that nourish it so you should use the healthy products for nourishing the hair. You will, therefore, control the dryness and thus reduce the shedding.

Use non-weighty products when you are styling the hair. If you have to use the curl control product, then you should buy the light ones.

How Do You Rinse It?

The way you rinse the hair determines how long it will last again. So, you can run the water on the hair extension to get rid of all the conditioner and shampoo scam. It’s further during the rinsing process that you will know whether the hair is still tangled up.

How to Brush the Hair

You can use the brush easily when you have straight hair, but when you have the deep wave hair, then it’s a little tricky. Brushing them will often tamper with the curls. Remember the brush will unwind the curls.

You should instead first finger comb the hair. Next, use the wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles.

You should never start combing the hair from the roots instead from the tips of the hair. Always be gentle through the process to make sure it doesn’t shed. Work the hair upwards making sure you get rid of all forms of tangles and knots.

Tip: you should never use a fine-toothed comb for the hair.

When You Install the Hair

The whole installation process is delicate. Be careful that you don’t cut the wefts as you are installing the hair. The reason why you don’t want to cut the wefts is to keep it from shedding. If you noticed that you had cut the hair, you should seal the wefts.

Sew the wefts carefully if you are going to use the sew in method. If you stitch the wefts, then you begin to damage or loosen the hair by destabilizing the tracks. You shouldn’t have the hair wefts getting too hot as that also is detrimental. It will keep the hair texture maintained.

If possible, only seek the services of a professional stylist to make sure your hair maintains its stature.

Lets Talk About the Sleep Care

Often, your hair will get damaged when you are sleeping because as you turn over and over, you rough it up. It will therefore tangle, dry up and get cluttered.

You should plait the hair to one braid. Also, you can hold it with a single braid. Remember to cover the hair with a satin bonnet and then sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.

This then keeps the hair moisturized through the night without roughing it up. It further ends up leaving the scalp dry and itchy.

Deep Wave Weave Hairstyles

1. Half up half down style

Half up half down deep wave hairThis is the style that gives you a full view of the face in holding half of the hair to a high bun. It also lets the hair at the backflow as it shows you the length you have. After you set the top part to a bun, you can also brush the front sides down to flow in the back part.

Such a style is ideal for those with round faces, but don’t worry if yours isn’t around since it will still work. The style goes on to create a hump effect.

2. Double ponytail style

deep wave ponytail - double ponytail deep wave styleIf you want to be stylish, consider wearing this double ponytail style. You can decide to attach the deep wave hair to the ends of your natural hair. The best wavy hair is the one that’s thick and voluminous.

Sometimes you may use the weave to achieve this whole hairstyle. So, you can hold the two sides of the hair to two high ponytails sides. Go on to slay the baby hairs for a complete look.

3. Braids with the deep wave hairstyle

Braids with the deep wave hairstyleBraids are quite common today. The fact that you can create them together with different kinds of ponytails makes it more appealing. Make sure the braids pattern is unique and amazing. Make the braids on the sides and create the weave on the crown.

Mohawk styles have been in existence over a long time. I like it that you can find the different ways to create it with natural hair and hair extension. Whether you have a naturally deep wave style or you are wearing a weave, you will look fabulous.

This weave is medium length, and it works on almost any person’s head. Notice that it brings even more volume to the hairstyle. Let the mohawk flow to the forehead to create a bang like a hairstyle.

4. Deep wave high bun

deep wave hair high bunSometimes you may need to use very professional styles. At such times, consider this option. Even though you already have the deep wave hair, you don’t always have to let it flow. Hold your hair to a high bun.

If you want, you may create a clear parting. This will guide you to holding the hair strands high. Remember to pull all the strands to the high height then go on to wrap it in a circular motion. If you want, you can personalize the style by either creating a bang or laying the front edges.

5. Normal deep wave hairstyle

normal deep weave hair tyslSometimes the simpler the style, the better. You only need to attach the weave or the wig then let it flow without trying to create any other style. I know you would ask, ‘is this a style?’ but yes, it’s a style.

Take a keen look at the hair, wouldn’t you wear it that way? If you want, you can pull some of the hair strands to the side of your face. This will create a side-swept style. In fact, for most people, this style will look as though it’s your natural hair.

Just make sure you seek the services of a professional to make it appear perfect.

6. French braids with deep wave end

French braids with deep wave end Here you only need to wear the full lace wig, then make the French braids or use your natural hair to create the French braids. You can then attach the deep wave hair extension. Divide your hair into two then braid them to sleek French ponytails.

Finish the style by attaching the deep waves to the ends, making it flow freely. Since your hair is further black, you can use a different color to bring a color contrast and make the hair look and feel amazing. Finish the style by slaying the edges and baby hairs.

7. Round deep wave hairstyle

Round deep wave hairstyle This short hairstyle is easy to achieve. It features the use of hair extension to balance your facial features. With this style, you will look natural and stylish. Notice that she has a full weave that makes it feel and looks as though it’s a natural afro style.

The secret is to allow a few deep wave strands flow on your face. Thus, create a graceful and lovely style. Sometimes the only thing you need is to create a unique and straightforward style to maintain elegance.

8. Deep wave faux style with an undercut

Deep wave faux style with an undercutNowadays, there are so many hairstyles where the women shorten the sides by shaving them. This is one such style where you will have the sides cut. Now you can wear the deep wave hair on the crown to let it flow to your face creating a bang.

To finish off this style, make an undercut just below the weave where you have the deep wave flowing. Also, you can make the hair blonde brown and blend it with the black roots. Remember to redirect the hair to flow to the side of the face.

9. Deep wave bob with bang

Deep wave bob with bangI love that you can create the bob style with any texture of hair. In this case, we have a deep wave bob style. So, you can make the side parting and this will direct the hair to flow to the forehead but on the side of the face.

This style will then go on to create a side bang. If you love the bangs, use this style to make even the bob style a bomb one while you also personalize it. If you love short hair, then this is another one of the styles you will try.

10. The long deep wave style

The long deep wave styleIf you love long hair, we have you covered with such a style. You need to buy a long weave or wig that’s also a deep wave style. So, let the hair flow to the side or push it to the back.

This style features a waist-length hairstyle and its further voluminous. Buy such hair type that mimics your natural brown hair color.

All in all, if you want your style to last over a long time, whether it’s your natural hair or the weave, you will have to take care of it. Maintaining the hair, however, doesn’t have to be tricky. You need to follow the steps above and you are good to go.

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