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How to Get Rid of Frizz Hair

Frizz Hair

Almost every woman suffers from frizz at one point in our lifetime. This is regardless of whether you use anti-frizz products or not.

While the heat damage and weather change cause frizz, sometimes the frizz occurs for no logical reason.

Frizz HairWe all want to learn how to maintain our perfect hair structure. But before we delve into the topic, let’s understand the fact that although manufactures have preached to us the way frizz hair is terrible, sometimes minimal frizzy hair will add texture to your hair.

What Is Frizz Hair

Frizz HairThe frizz is the messy, dry, and tangled hair that occurs on your hair occasionally. It occurs when the hair cuticles are raised, which then lets the moisture pass out and thus swell the strands.

When that happens, the hair becomes dry and frizzy.

Naturally, you should have the smooth and defined strands. But it doesn’t always happen. If you have curly hair, you are more prone to frizzy hair than other hair textures. This occurs because of the dehydration of the strands. It will leave your hair more vulnerable.

There are four types of frizz, and they include the following:

Surface frizz: this from the name shows you that you will get this frizz on the surface of the hair strand. So, you will have the frizz only on the outer layer of your hair. In this case, the hair looks static.

Halo frizz: sometimes, you may have the frizz occur on the crown of your head only and no other parts. This is what we call the halo frizz.

In the curl frizz: this occurs when the curls frizz. You will then have the curls not looking as amazing. The hair looks frizzy, and the curls aren’t defined. Such kind of frizz calls for enough hydration.

Frizzy ends: sometimes, the frizz will occur at the ends of the hair. Those with color-treated hair are susceptible to this kind of frizz. If you like to use the color-treated hair too, you will develop this kind of frizz. The solution is for you to keep the ends hydrated.

Signs That Show You Have Frizz

Sometimes it may not be so direct that you have frizzy hair. The following are the signs that show you that you have frizzy hair.

  • Summer days

You do know what summers are about. You can wear as light as you want, but then you when it comes to your hair, it just won’t cooperate. You see, summer days are characterized by humidity, and unfortunately the humidity is equal to frizz.

When the weather changes to summer, you handle dryness. That is a good indication that you have frizzy hair.

  • You dread brushing the hair

While brushing the hair will supply the strands with the natural oils, when you have frizz brushing the hair is a nightmare. The hair, in this case, will puff up if you brush it. I know people with frizz only brush the hair when they are from the shower.

  • You feel like it should remain wet

When you have washed the hair, it’s the only time you enjoy looking at its straight texture. When it dries it then it loses its flowy straight texture. You only wish to observe the hair in the mirror when it’s wet. But within a short, while it starts to frizz up again.

  • Ponytails and you are friends

The easiest way to style the hair is by holding a ponytail. Anyone with frizzy hair knows that the ponytail becomes their everyday solution. It’s the most effortless style to make yet the most appealing.

  • The questions when it’s not frizzy

For those days when the weather is good, so many people will ask you what you did to the hair to make it look that amazing. That is in itself an indication that your hair was frizzy.

What Causes the Frizz Though?

Often, the frizz comes when there’s humidity, but there are other things you could be doing that end up causing the frizz too. One of the most common ones is the use of very hot water in the shower. Other causes are as follows.

  • Using very hot water

Although you may be one who loves very hot water in the shower, using it for your hair will dry the hair. It strips the strands of its natural oils. Notice that the natural oils are responsible for the moisture and smooth texture. So, go easy on the hot water.

  • Hot tools for styling

Often we may want to use the hot tools, which include the curling iron, flat iron blow-dry and many more, but sadly they will cause the frizz with time. The devices will damage your hair strands by stripping them of the natural oils.

Always opt for the air-drying method. If you, however, must use the drying tools, make sure you use them in the lowest settings possible. If possible, you should further use the heat protectant sprays too.

For the case of the hot tools, we prefer for you to use the ones with the ionic technology. The ionic technology tools produce the natural negative ions that will smoothen the cuticles. Also, use the smoothing nozzle and comb the hair in the direction of the hair growth.

  • Towel drying the hair

We have all done this at some point, right? This is where you scrunch your hair in the towel once you finish washing up. While it’s the quickest way to dry the hair, it won’t help you get rid of the frizz.

The towel will normally rough up the hair cuticles, which then causes the hair cuticles to lift. Notice that the hair is weakest when it’s wet. Avoid wrapping the hair in a turban if it’s prone to frizz.

You should also invest in the microfiber towel to avoid frizz as it absorbs the water gently. Also, don’t rough up the hair.

  • Touching the hair every time

Touching the hair, especially when it’s still wet can cause the frizz and disrupt the regular curl pattern. What you should do is apply the hair products to the damp hair and then let it air dry. Also, avoid touching it until its dry. This will help you maintain the curls and prevent the frizz.

  • The hair products you use

Often, the shampoo and conditioner we use is the source of the frizz. You should use toxin-free shampoos. Sulfate shampoos will typically strip the hair of its natural oils. The good thing is that many shampoo brands that contain no sulfate.

Another culprit to damaging hair is the use of alcohol products. Naturally, products that contain alcohol will dry your hair then keep it prone to frizz. You should always use the cremes and hair oils. The essence is that they will lock in the moisture.

  • Water

Generally, water is like medicine to both our physical bodies and souls. You should learn to drink water if you maintain the right hair texture and body. At least eight glasses of water per day are what you need together with a balanced diet.

  • Sleeping routine

Most people aren’t careful about their sleeping gear, but they may also be the reason why you have frizz. Before you go to bed, you should tie your hair to a bun then use a silk or satin head wrap to cover it.

Also, sleep on the satin pillowcase as this will tame the strands as you turn your head from tangling up. Never use materials like cotton because they will dry the hair up still.

Why Your Hair Looks Frizzy Once It Dries

The one thing that every other woman love is when they wash their hair. However, sometimes the hair gets frizzy once it’s dry, and we can’t stop asking why this sometimes happens. The following are the reasons why it happens.

  • Too much hair breakage

Unfortunately, when there’s too much breakage, frizz is inevitable. We are not talking about the normal hair breakage of at most 100 strands per day; rather, we are talking of the massive shedding problem.

The solution to stop unnecessary breakage usually is to cut the split and damaged ends. If you can’t avoid the inevitable breakage, you will experience frizz. Remember to treat your hair to a little bit of protein mask. This will give you the healthy strands.

  • Do you brush the hair immediately after a shower?

I know you need to brush the hair or comb it to make it smooth, but you shouldn’t detangle the hair immediately after you have washed it. Remember, your hair is weakest when it’s wet. It will even clump more when wet. Therefore, if you decide to detangle it then, you will damage it.

If you brush the hair at that point, then you will get rid of the curl or wave definition. If you have to brush the hair, though, you can do it when you are washing the hair. Use the conditioner to achieve the perfect slip and then brush and comb the hair.

Don’t start washing the hair before you have detangled it, though. Also, choose the right brush that won’t snag on the hair strand and pull them out.

  • Are you moisturizing the hair?

Whenever your hair is dry, it must also be frizzy. In essence, the hair is calling for moisture. If you keep the hair sufficiently moisturized, then it won’t form the frizz. To moisturize it, you should deep condition the hair at least twice a month.

Also, use a good quality leave-in conditioner for the same. Use the right oils that will seal the moisture within the strands.

  • What styling products do you use?

The kind of products you invest in matters too. You should only choose the styling products that give you the perfect hold. It matters the texture type you have about the kind of products you use.

Therefore, anything you do, make sure you maintain the moisture and use the right gel when you have curly hair, for example. If you use the wrong products, they will lead to hair drying, and that causes more frizz.

  • Which towel do you use?

We had mentioned earlier that you should use the microfiber towel on the hair because it’s gentler than the regular towel. Even when drying your hair with the towel, remember to not rough up the hair.

Check the towel, though, and if it’s a regular one, don’t use it on your hair. Regular towels will typically cause the curls to clamp up, and thus, they lose the curl definition. When drying the hair, you shouldn’t use an abrasive instead use a gentle cloth.

While you want the water out of your hair, you shouldn’t have a towel that takes off all the water.

  • Heat tools

Generally, the heat tools will strip the hair strands of its natural oils. This makes the hair frizzy thus you should air-dry the hair. If you, however, have to use the heat tools, use them at the lowest settings. You can also shield the strands with the heat protectant spray.

  • You touch the hair when it is wet

Even touching the hair may cause the frizz, and it will show once the hair is dry. You should apply the hair products then keep off the hair until its fully dry.

  • You need to cut off the hair

Sometimes the hair gets irreparably damaged, and at this point, your only option is to cut off the hair. If you keep working with it at this level then you will deal with the frizz over a long time. So, the best thing is to cut off the ends of the hair to maintain its health.

How to Make the Hair Less Frizzy

  • Choose a moisturizing shampoo

There are thousands of shampoos in the market, but you can’t use them all unless you don’t care about the hair.

The first thing to do is to confirm that the shampoo is sulphate and paraben-free. This means that it’s a toxin less shampoo. If you can get such shampoos then they will boost the moisture and natural oils of your strands, thus nourishing it.

Sulphate, on the other hand, will strip your hair of its oils and make it dryer then ultimately frizz. There are many restoring, hydrating, moisturizing and strengthening shampoos you can try.

  • Skip the daily shampoo

When your hair is frizzy you want to avoid too much shampoo as well. You can shampoo the hair a few times a week, but you shouldn’t do it daily. If you use the shampoo daily, then you strip the strands of their natural oils.

This is a significant point for those with kinky, curly and coily hair. So, have days when you only wash your hair with the conditioner or co-wash. For those with fine hair, you may wash it, with the moisture conditioner.

  • Condition it again and again

If you have frizzy hair, the number one fighter is the excellent quality conditioner. Remember, the weakest part of your hair is the ends, so you should apply more conditioner from the middle of the strands to the ends.

You don’t have to apply the conditioner on the hair roots. When you use the daily conditioner then you can let it rest in for about 10 minutes before you wash it out again.

  • Deep condition the hair

Aside from the regular conditioner, you should deep condition the hair. This is your key to long term moisture and ultimately frizz-free hair. Apply the hair mask and deep conditioner on the hair at least once a month.

Remember, the excellent quality conditioner is necessary if you will maintain the deep moisture. Also, consistency is vital to see desirable results.

  • Hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatmentI love hot oil treatment as it keeps the hair nourished. The good thing is that they are easy to do at home. It will make it easy to keep the hair shiny and nourished. You should, therefore, clean your hair and dry it then apply the hot oil.

Ensure you saturate the hair with the hot oil treatment. Use a plastic cap to cover the treated hair and then let it rest for a few minutes under the sun or use a blow dry to get the cuticles to open. Finish off by rinsing the hair with lukewarm water.

This you should do at least once to thrice a month. The oil will create the sheen, and be sure not to overuse the treatment as that will make your hair look greasy.

  • Don’t use the heat tools

We have said it before that you should never use the heat tools as they strip your strands of their natural oils. You should get used to using less heat, and that will keep your hair nourished. Sometimes you may need to use the heat though; therefore, you can use the ionic tools.

  • Coconut oil

Go into your kitchen, and if you have the coconut oil, know that you have the right product for your hair. Coconut oil is beneficial but not only to your skin but also your hair. Ensure you get the right coconut oil that is organic to reap the benefits.

Therefore, you should apply the coconut oil on the whole strand then let it sit on the hair overnight. It will smoothen the strand cuticles and then tame the frizz. You won’t even have the flyways anymore.

  • Consider the ends

Your ends tend to break down, so you should make sure you oil them regularly. If you use the blow dry, remember to use the nourishing oils on the ends. It doesn’t only smoothen the hair strands, but it also adds the gloss and shine.

The good thing about the oils is that it will penetrate deep into the strands. When this happens, then the hair becomes less dry.

How to Avoid Frizz and Keep the Hair Smooth

  • Try different things and products

For you to avoid the frizz altogether, you will need to try different options discussed above. Make a regimen and stick to it then change to another one once you are through.

You can try the different anti-frizz methods; this will then indicate to you the one thing that works for your hair.

  • Use the anti-frizz spray

You can use the anti-frizz spray, but not always. Remember, the anti-frizz spray is not the ultimate solution to your frizz. You should only use it sparingly.

  • Volumizing spray

With time, your curly and straight hair will lose shape. It will, therefore, keep the curly hair and straight hair from going limp. The volumizing spray will instead maintain the bounce and body.

  • Avoid styling dry hair

If you notice that hair becomes frizz, you should style it when it is still wet. Once the hair dries out you won’t be able to change its structure and shape. This hair should be moist when you are styling it, and that will keep off the frizz.

  • Be strategic

When you are using styling products, you should be strategic. You want to retain the moisture in the hair strands. So, you should use the sealants to protect the moisture loss once you have conditioned it.

  • Wash the hair less often

Although you may be tempted to wash the hair regularly, you shouldn’t if you intend to keep it free of frizz. You should have skip days when you don’t wash the hair especially if your hair is curly, kinky or coily.

Also, avoid the regular shampoo on particular days and use the conditioner only every once in a while.

  • The brush you use

You should know the brush you intend to use. Some of the brushes will pull the hair strands and thus lead to breakage.

However, if you use the boar brush, you can be sure that the brush is gentle on your hair.

  • Use silk pillowcase

When you are going to sleep, you should find ways to make sure the hair doesn’t dry off. Cotton will absorb the hair moisture, yet you need the moisture. Invest in a good silk pillowcase to make sure the moisture is retained on the hair.

  • Frizz fighting oils

Since frizz is something we have to deal with at some point in life, you can use the following oils to make sure your hair sticks free of frizz.

Argan oil: this oil will tame the frizz that is a result of bad weather. In essence, it’s a suitable sealant.

Olive oil: with vitamin E, you will have the right moisture content, and the hair usually grows. It further penetrates the strands to nourish the hair deeply and ultimately avoid frizz.

Avocado oil: it also goes deep into the strands and then provides it with sufficient moisture.

Sunflower oil: is an excellent hydrating oil, and thus it will tame the frizz.

  • Cut the hair

The very first point is to make sure you cut your hair ends at least once in two months. This helps you to get rid of split ends, and your strands maintain their structure.

Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair

It’s not all the time that you need the salon to help you take care of the hair. When it comes to frizz, you can use the following remedies to tame the frizz.

  • Use apple cider vinegar

Use apple cider vinegarFrom thorough cleaning to taming the frizz on the hair, ACV is one product that you need. It usually tames the unruly hair strands. It uses the mild level acid to smooth your strands and then deliver a power shine.

You should mix a little bit of the ACV in the water and then pour it on your head after you have shampooed and conditioned the hair. Let it sit on the hair for about five minutes and then rinse it out with cold water.

Let the hair air dry and style it before you can go about your day to day business.

  • Avocado and olive oil mask

Avocado and olive oil maskThis is a natural conditioner for your hair. Remember avocado has vitamin C, and it’s naturally hydrating. This is a blend that will nourish the strands as it repairs the damage. It then also tames the frizz.

To use it, make an avocado and olive oil paste, apply it on the hair and let it sit on the hair for at least 30 minutes then wash it off.

Remember to apply it at least once a week.

  • Coconut oil

This one contains vitamin E and coconut oil, which are nourishing to the strands. Naturally, coconut oil has a soothing effect on the strands that smoothens the cuticles. Just make sure you use the right organic coconut oil.

Apply it all over your hair, cover it, then go to sleep. In the morning, wash the hair with shampoo and rinse it, dry, and go about your day.

  • Make dietary changes

Sometimes the kind of food you consume determines the health of your body and mind. Ensure you eat a well-balanced meal with omega 3s. In the process, you will develop shiny and healthy hair.

  • Hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatmentSince the hot oil treatment is mostly a blend of oils, they usually tame the hair of the frizz. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil to make the hot oil treatment. All the different oils have different functions. But they are all nourishing.

Once you have blended the oil and then applied it on the hair, you can let it rest for at least 40 minutes. Next, shampoo the hair and condition it, and this will strengthen the hair strands. You will also avoid the flyaway.

So, to tame the frizz, you will need to be consistent and practice the care and maintenance of the strands.

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