How To Get Beach Waves

For ages, beachy waves have served both the celebrities and the girl next door but do you know what it entails to maintain this look?

Beach waves are the go-to style for women in society today.

beachy waveThey will always make you look your best, but one thing for sure is that they call for some work. Often the style makes you look as though you are from the beach.

The hairstyle is ideal for those summer days even though celebrities and regular people alike wear them on any day.

Which Products Should You Use to Create the Waves?

Moroccan oil beach wave mousse: the primary reason why you need to use the mousse is that it makes styling the hair easy. Take the mousse onto your palm and apply it on the dry hair. You shouldn’t apply too much mousse though.

Ouai Wave Spray: this is one of the sea salt sprays which you may use it to increase the volume of the hair. In using the spray, you make the beachy hair waves. This spray is impressive as it will hold curls.

John Frieda shampoo: when you are washing your hair, you should use the right shampoo. In using the right shampoo, you nourish the hair with moisture.

Dry shampoo: if you are using the beach waves, you should use the dry shampoo to maintain the curls.

How to Do Beachy Waves on The Short Hair

If you do love your hair, even when it short, you will find ways to make it look appealing. On your short hair, you can make the beachy waves too, but you must follow the steps. The best part is, you can make the style at home.

There are four ways to curl the short hair

Curling Without Heat

Use the buns and pins

Begin by dampening your hair first. But first, make sure it has no tangles.

Choose the right cream that will make it smooth and shiny. You can further use the conditioner to keep it soft. Remember to apply it to the ends

  • Part the hair to sections

Now decide where you would love to have the parting. You can choose the side part or middle part, which are all the same.

This is where you use the rat tail comb to make the parting clear and even.

You may need to part the hair in a vertical section on each side of your hair.

  • Make a mini bun

Take every section that you divided already and twist it to form a bun. You can then secure it using a bobby pin or hair ties.

So, you can twist your strands to a rope and then twist them to a bun. This will make them tighter and longer-lasting.

But if you wanted to have a side part, you can leave a wisp of hair on to the hairline.

  • Use the lightweight hairspray to mist your hair

This spray will generally aid in holding the curl as in place. If you want to make the waves tight then you must use the spray, but if you wish to the hair loose then you can go past this step.

  • Let the hair dry

You should then let your hair airdry as that maintain the health of the strands. However, if you are in a hurry, you can use the hairdryer even though it’s not advisable for you to use them every time. A hooded dryer is way better because it will quickly dry the hair in the bun.

Remember you shouldn’t over-dry the wisp of hair you left out. Twist it to a delicate rope then you can drape it behind your ears.

  • Undo the buns

On this step, once you are sure the hair is dry; you can undo the buns, and this will make them loosely wavy. The point is for you to make sure the bun is completely dry before you take it out. Unless the bun is completely dry before you take them out, the waves won’t hold.

  • Now to style it

Begin by loosening the clumps of waves. Remember you had tightened the hair to a bun. Run the fingers to the bun to help you loosen the strands. Go on to shake the waves just a little to form the smaller waves.

This will help to add volume and messy beachy texture.

Using the sea salt spray, then spray the brush and brush your hair to create even more volume. With this then your hair appears full.

Tease and tousle the hair at the crown for more volume.

Use the styling cream to tame the flyaway, and you are good to go.

Curling with Heat

Using the curling iron

Curling with HeatI never advocate for the use of the curling iron just because heat is damaging to our strands. However, occasional heat styling isn’t bad.

  • Apply the heat protectant

To avoid more damage, you should use a heat protectant. But you shouldn’t curl your hair when it’s still wet. Also, you will only apply the heat protectant on your dry hair.

If yours is the straight hair like the bone straight hair, you can use the mousse or curl enhancer to help in the curl definition.

  • Create the space for easy styling

Take the top half of your hair and clip it up to get it out of the way. For those with the thick hair, you can gather the two-thirds of the hair.

  • Curl the vertical sections

Start to curl the hair at the front of your face and go all the way to the back. So, you can use the 1-inch curling iron and work on ½ o 1-inch wide sections.

Remember to alternate the direction of curling the hair. One side you can curl towards your face and another away from your face.

For the bottom part, leave it without curling it, and it will give you a beachier look.

Tousle the hair then use the sea salt spray on them. Scrunch the hair as its drying to give it more texture.

Curl with the flat iron

I know what you think, isn’t flat iron designed for the straightening of the hair? Yes, it is, but it can work for creating beachy waves too. Go on to apply the heat protectant before you can use the flat iron. Wrap the hair around the iron then pull it through and slide it out.

Do you have trouble gliding the iron around the hair and through the iron? The solution is to leave some space between the plates.

How to Create the Beachy Waves with The Curling Iron (Extensive Description)?

Although we have described it briefly in the previous sub-topic here we tell you the bits and tits of the process.

You will need to use some of the products to help you create the perfect curls.

Heat Protectant Plus with Argan Oil: there are hundreds of heat protectants. So, it’s all a matter of the best one that works for you but bottom line it should protect your strands from damage.

ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray: it all depends on what spray works for you remember we are all different with the different hair types. This is great since it will absorb the oils on your scalp and volumize the roots.

Oribe finishing cream: once you finish the curling process you can use the cream, and it will help you in the taming of the flyways as it holds the curls in place.

  • Clean and dry the hair

Always start with clean hair. Use the right shampoo and conditioner for the cleaning process. Next, take the time to dry the hair, or you can let it air dry. Alternatively, use the hairdryer or the hooded dryer.

You can use the blow-dry to dry it thoroughly, but I would always let mine air dry to avoid the use of too much heat.

  • Part the hair

You will work on a section at a time; therefore, you must go through this step where you divide it.

Depending on the hair thickness, you can section it into several parts or section the top part.

  • Get the beach waves

Get the beach wavesUnlike the way, you will typically comb the hair from the bottom; when it comes to the curling you will need to start at the roots of your hair.

Take an inch section of the hair

Now, open the curling iron then slide it to the parts of the hair. You don’t have to tighten the clamp as that will often damage the strands. Leave it slightly open. Turn the curling iron around the hair strand and go all the way to the end.

Do leave an inch or two at the end.

Pull it all down as you release it from the curling iron.

Here, remember to curl the hair away and towards your face alternately.

Now the top part is remaining so you can take it and form the parting you wanted before you can start the process on it.

Divide it into two then start to curl it one side and then the next.

  • Use the texturizing spray

Although naturally, the curly and wavy hair creates more volume you may need to use the texturising spray for even more volume.

Spritz the spray to the roots to improve the texture. With this, you can finally have that cool finish.

  • To finish off

You can use your fingers to tousle and separate the waves or better yet use the wide-toothed comb to loosen the waves and make them flow perfectly.

Finally, you can apply your favorite cream to the hair this is going to tame away the flyways and thus create a smooth finish.

Go on to style the hair as you wish to.

Beach Waves for Straight Hair

We all love the beach waves, but those with straight hair know how hard it can be to create the waves. The following steps will make the process achievable.

  • Clean the hair

It’s advisable to start with clean hair and make sure you use the right shampoo that enhances the curls.

Leave the hair damp but not dripping if you want to create the perfect waves.

To help in holding the curls, you can use the mousse discussed above. So, take the ball size amount of mousse and apply it on your hair. This will help it to create the texture, and consequently it will add more texture and thus create manageable curls.

Remember to concentrate on the ends too as that will protect your ends from the heat damage. It further delivers a flowing, sleek and smooth strand.

  • Heat protectant

You should never forget to use the heat protectant spray for heat damage protection. Take it to all the parts of the hair strands.

  • Are the roots dry?

You should make sure the roots are dry as this will determine whether it holds the roots or not. You can use the diffuser to dry the hair on high heat.

Once the hair feels almost dry, you can stop and start the process.

You can divide the hair into parts and then create a bun for further drying.

  • Texturizing spray

If you find that the hair is fully dry, use the texturizing spray, and this will help you to hold the curls better.

  • Begin to curl the hair

Take an inch of the hair and curl it on the curling iron. You can use the alternate method of curling the hair away from your face and towards your face.

Through the whole process, make sure you use an extensive section on the curling iron. So, the best way is to curl haphazardly. Go on to the different parts of the head.

  • Loosen the curls

When you finish with the curling iron, you can run your hair all over the curls to loosen the clumps. Also, you should massage your scalp so that you can shake and loosen the curls.

Finish off and go on to style the hair.

How to Get Waves with The Thin Hair?

It doesn’t matter whether you have thick or fine hair; you will enjoy the beach waves. It will suit all the hair types and lengths. The fine hair is famous for being limp and lifeless. Unfortunately, you don’t want such features when the hair is limp and lifeless.

  • Begin by rough blow dry hair

Once you have cleaned your hair with the right shampoo, you can use the blow-dry to dry the hair. You should let it air dry to avoid too much heat damage.

Remember to use the blow dry at an angle, so make the strands, roots, and ends smooth. Split the hair into two sections, and this will make it easy to dry.

  • Divide the hair even further

Unlike what you may think the fine hair doesn’t only have cons. One of the significant advantages of having fine hair is that it takes it a short time to style it as you wish.

Unlike those with thick hair you can only section the hair to two parts so that you can curl one side then the next. Remember to use the clips to keep the sections out of the way.

  • Begin to curl the hair

Remember you will need to bend the hair away from your face.

Heat the curling wand, and once it’s hot enough, you can take an inch-wide section of your hair and wrap it on the curling wand. Hold the wand for 10 seconds then gently release it.

The advantage of curling the hair away from your face is that it lets your major facial features show.

Go on to curl all the sections of your hair.

Don’t start curling next to the roots because that will make the waves poufy.

  • Loosen the curl clamps

Once you finish curling all the sections of the hair, you should now try to make the curls lose. Use a paddle brush to loosen the curls. This will make the hair bouncy and glamorous. Also, it usually helps to soften the curls further.

  • Use the texturizing spray for the hair

One of the significant problems with the fine hair is that with time it gets limp and lifeless so the texturizing spray will give it life. It helps in musing your style while also volumizing the roots to make it appear healthy.

Remember to spray it moderately since too much of the spray will cause build-up.

Style it as you desire, and off you go.

The Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Curling Iron

It took me a long time to get my curls right with the curling iron, but it was because there are things I was doing wrong. Don’t be like me instead learn to use the curling iron right for easy making of the waves.

Could you be using the wrong size of the curling iron?

Contrary to most believes, we do have different sizes of the curling iron so, before you go buying you curling iron know the style you like to make.

  • You can use the 1.25-inch curling iron for the soft but voluminous curls
  • 1-inch barrel for the tighter ringlet.
  • A curling wand is great for the beach waves.

Is the curling iron too hot?

You should be careful that you won’t burn your hair with the curling iron. Most of the curling irons have a 365˚ heat which is the level where you get the hydrogen bonds breaking. If you, however, use it at a higher level, then it becomes damaging.

You used the heat on damp hair

Contrary to what we sometimes think you should only use the heat on thoroughly dried hair.

If you try to curl the damp hair, then it will damage your hair while not achieving your desired curls. Therefore, when using the curling iron on the wet hair it will sizzle on the hair which then breaks your cuticles and damages it.

Are you curling it in the direction you want?

The only way to get the results you want is in curling the hair in the direction you want it to flow. Remember alternating the curls will give it a more tousled look and thus volume.

What if you are turning the barrel wrong?

You should hold the curling wand in a vertical position if you want to achieve the curls. But if you are using the curling iron then you can hold it even horizontal. Also, remember to maintain the width for the perfect results.

Do you tug the curls sooner?

Hold the curling iron on your hair for at most 8 seconds before you let it free. For better results, you can cup the curl on your hand for 3 seconds as you wait for it to cool down. The step lets the curl flow faster.

Do you brush the hair sooner?

You should let the curls cool down first before you can start to brush the hair. Remember to use the paddle brush for this step as its more effective.

Do you clean the curling iron first?

Before you begin to use it, you should first clean the curling iron. This prevents the black residue that would typically build-up on the crevices.

How about the texturizing spray and heat protectant?

While you may want to avoid this step, it’s not a good idea. The two products both have value on the process so, make sure you use it to achieve the perfect results.

How to Create the Beach Waves in Seconds?

Even after the summer days are over, you can still create this style. You don’t have to take long for the process; you can use the simple straighteners to achieve the waves in 30 seconds thanks to Mark Townsend.

He showed us how to make the beach waves in 30 seconds while using the regular straighteners. Use the ghd platinum flat iron to create the style.

He shaped the hair to an S shape. He would then use the straightener to heat the hair strands as showing the video.

This is the simplest method you have that calls for no twists and turns.

In a few seconds, no one will tell whether you naturally have straight hair.


You can also create the hairstyle in minutes using the method below

Twisted beach waves style

Here you also don’t need to use the curling iron rather a simple flat iron.

Here are the simple steps to follow

Simply brush the hair then apply the styling mousse on the hair. Go on to spray the hair with the heat protectant spray.

Divide the hair into sections and start to twist it from one part to another.

Next use the flat iron to run it through the twisted strands and there you go.

Let the hair cool down and then undo the twists to let the beach waves flow.

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