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How To Find The Best Virgin Hair Vendors

Hair business is a lucrative business today but it’s one thing to identify the business idea and another to make it work.

Once you decide to begin selling hair the next question that comes to mind is often where you will get the hair vendors. While you may think it’s all easy, you will have to put in some work.

Well, let’s break it all down for you.

The truth is that choosing the right vendor for your hair business can be tricky since there are millions of hair vendors out there. But with the right knowledge, you will make the vital purchase.

There’s nothing so fulfilling than if you can choose a hair vendor and make a long-lasting relationship. You both benefit and build each other thus you make profitable sales in no time.

Although you have a legitimate dream of making massive sales, you have to be careful. Some vendors may lie to you.

Lets Begin the Search

You can have the vendors from China, US, India, and the UK but unless you are willing to invest your time in the search you won’t make it.

Although you want to source for hair directly from AliExpress, it’s not always such a good idea as they have very many bad vendors and it’s hard to tell who is good. You will need to conduct legitimacy research.

But first,

Do you intend to have the hair in hand or you are dropshipping? Notice that there’s a big difference between the two. Some people do both dropshipping and wholesale hair so decide which one works for you based on the following description.

Difference between the two methods of selling hair

  • Wholesale selling

Believe it or not, the wholesale process is much easier even though it requires you to have the inventory. You will simply need to contact the potential seller and let them know that you wish to sell their products. They will then make the purchase order.

Note that you should be clear on the minimum order you can take at a time. If possible, even go for hair vendors who don’t give you a minimum order limit. You don’t have to take too much hair that you won’t even sell. This is particularly good for anyone who is just starting to test the waters.

Remember to talk also about the payment. How do they pay and let them be clear if they do give discounts?

Other things to clarify are the return/ exchange policy. Sometimes you may buy the wrong hair and therefore you need to return them. Confirm that they have such options.

Lastly, ask whether they offer hair purchase/free samples because through the photos they give you can’t be sure about the quality. If you find a good vendor then create a relationship where you communicate with ease. This will help the business.

  • Dropshipping

This is not a new method in the business arena. More people have an online E-commerce store today. I like the fact that you don’t have to keep the inventory. If you are searching for hair from a dropshipping company, keep the questions ready.

Dropshipping is more of a partnership business than it is a sole proprietorship. With this business, you have no choice but to be keener. Remember the dropshipper will send the hair to your clients which means they can choose to be mischievous. For this reason, only work with a partner that you trust.

So, like the previous one, you will need to have the right questions ready they will guide you to the right purchase.

The wholesaler vendor list

Since the search for a hair vendor is tedious and overwhelming, more sites are coming up with the hair vendor list from which you can choose the potential vendor.

With the increase in the hair extension business, there was a need for sites to come up with the vendor lists. However, you should know that not all lists are great some can mislead you. A good one though should have the list of hair suppliers who sell the hair in wholesale.

Remember the list isn’t a solution, rather it eases the process of finding the vendor by a small percentage. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase the list before you can start using it. It will cost you roughly $50 and sometimes even $1000.

Note that with the list you will have some of the most popular and best sellers from AliExpress. But you shouldn’t only depend on that list.

Start doing research

Once you have chosen the way you want the business to work, you can conduct research. In doing research, you will know which vendor would work for you.

Remember if you have to spend 200 bucks and still not making the right decision from the list then you are better of conducting the research yourself. Anyone who loves to work hard knows this is way too easy to do.

AliExpress vendors

The virgin hair market has thousands of vendors but especially on AliExpress. It can be overwhelming to find a legitimate one. The best thing to do is to go for a high-quality hair supplier who may not be on AliExpress. They will always have high-quality hair.

If you want the cheaper option though choose vendors from AliExpress. Remember to make sure that you get quality for the money you invest. Although most people are reluctant about the AliExpress hair there are people who know how to use it.

Here are the things to do when looking for a vendor on AliExpress

Filter your search: which hair are you looking for then use this to find vendors who have at least four stars and they also have positive reviews. When you use google the vendors that come on the first page are your best bet to go by.

Pictures are worth a thousand words: now you can go to each vendor to identify the right one for you. Don’t choose vendors who use very many celebrity photos. Also, watch out for those who seem to have copied the photos from other vendors.

Product description: do you have the specifications that you would love to be met? Read the description to make sure it matches the description. How long has the vendor been in the market matters too?

Reviews: since you are going to do an online purchase, you must use the reviews as your guide. Do they have the positive reviews then go on to google search the company?

Question: prepare as many questions as you can to guide you to making the right purchase.

Ask for samples: some vendors may give you free samples this allows you to see what you are about to buy. But if they won’t then buy a small percentage.

The payment: before you begin to make the payment, read the payment policy for your safety. Understand it as well to make sure you make a legitimate payment.

If this doesn’t work for you, choose the other option which is to google search the seller. In google searching the vendors, you can read their website to understand more about them. Remember you don’t want to go to a website that only has celebrity pictures.

Social media

One thing is true that social media might be after all one of the best places to search for the vendors. For anyone who didn’t know how powerful social media is you should ask yourself if Kylie Jenner, for example, would have been a billionaire without Instagram.

If you know how to use the right keywords and hashtags you will always make the right decision. There’s no particular platform that’s better than the other. You can use either Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. All will have vital information for you.

Here, the potential vendors have to be active on social media with the right and legitimate photos. This is your greatest indicator of the seriousness of the business.

Filter your search

The next step is to filter down the search immediately you identify the vendors you wish to work with. You can easily do this by using target keywords to bring you to the businesses that are in your niche.

It will also show you the very best and I do prefer to go with those who are on the front page of my search.

Research the vendor of interest one by one

Once you finish, you will need to research the vendors one by one. Visit their website to try and confirm they are legitimate. Understand that a site with only celebrity photos isn’t a good site.

Go to their social media page to see what they post and social media presence. In all this, you should have questions that can be answered by just viewing their sites. The essence is to look for red flags. From the site, you will know where they source the hair from.

Create a relationship with the vendor

Before you start the business together you should be confident about your decision. If you have any concerns then you must stop and look for a new vendor. We aim to make sure we are safe, so, you should avoid a person with red flags.

In communicating with the vendor, you should watch for any red flags. At this level only your gut will guide you to the right purchase. One indicator that you are going on the wrong road is a poor and non-responsive customer. Some vendors are never available so you don’t need such.

I prefer to find one who can speak English or your language of preference to avoid communication barriers. Use Skype, WhatsApp, and other platforms to talk to them. When choosing a vendor, the lower price doesn’t necessarily make them the best ones for you.

The only major thing that will make the business last is the quality of the hair you use. If you go for the price of the hair you may as well make a poor decision. Remember you should be one of the sellers with the best hair if you need return clients.

Go for the finer details

There are other details that you may not know if you didn’t ask. For example, do the vendors give a guarantee? Read their terms of sale to make sure it works for you. The best vendor should display the information on the website for easy access.

If they hide information, that shows you that something is amiss with them so you don’t want to deal with such vendors.

Samples are quite important

Since you are conducting the purchase online you should ask for the samples. Some vendors will require you to pay for this to make sure they don’t give free samples to those who aren’t going to purchase.

If you are serious about making the purchase, though, you can ask for purchasable samples of different texture of hair. In using the samples, you will know whether the hair is ideal or not. Once you are sure about the hair, you can order for a small purchase just to test whether you are going to work with them.

This is the time to test whether the goods arrive on time and also whether they maintain the quality. With this, you can gain confidence in knowing whether it’s a good idea to work with them.

How will you be making payments?

Your money security is necessary so you have to choose the right platform that will work for you. Most vendors let you work with PayPal but if you can use even money gram and western union you are still safe.

Remember you have to check the payment policy to see whether it works for you or not. Some policies might manipulate you so be observant.

Things to know before you go to a vendor

When all is said, like any other thing, you should know the following things before you choose the right vendor for you.

The hair quality matters

You should be careful with the quality of hair sent to you. We have so many scammers around thus you have to ensure you are safe through the process. Some vendors will only send you one piece of good quality hair and the others are counterfeit.

Some vendors start out sending you the right kind of hair but along the way, they begin to sell bad quality hair products. You won’t even know the hair is bad, but once you start selling them to your clients you will notice the customers leave bad reviews.

Without quality hairpieces, your business will soon go to drains. If you notice that the vendors you chose are selling you poor quality hair, you should leave them.

Well, I have found out that the easiest way to know the quality of the hair is by using it first. I love hair extensions and therefore I try most of them first before putting them in my shop.

Know the right questions to ask

Without the proper questions to your potential vendors, you won’t get what you wish to buy. Before you contact them to have the right questions ready to ask them. I often make a list of questions to ask but the most common ones for me include:

  • Where is the hair from?

Many countries donate hair, but the most common ones include India, Burma, Malaysia, China, Brazil among others.

  • Ask whether they do sample orders

A stable vendor should have a few pieces of hair that you may use for sampling even if it means the purchasable ones. It goes without saying that you can’t judge the hair quality on photos. Therefore, if the sellers have a few sample pieces the better.

  • How about the shipping?

How do you ship the hair? If for example, you will ship the hair from China to the US, how will you ship them? Most businesses use FedEx and DHL. Which method do they use?

  • Let’s talk of the construction of the wefts

Often when you buy the single weft types, shedding becomes inevitable. Choose those with the double weft to be sure it won’t shed.

  • Is it fully virgin hair?

Ask your potential vendors whether the hair is fully human hair or it has a mix of synthetic pieces. Confirm that this is the truth and hopefully your vendor can be honest.

  • What’s the weight of the hair without packaging?

Sometimes the hair weight may be less so you need to confirm that without the packaging, we have the hair being 100grams.

The prices

Of course, the hair price won’t be stagnant but you don’t expect rapid price change. Some vendors increase the prices rapidly. This may cause adverse effects on your business. If you are a new customer the price of the hair should remain the same for a while before they begin to alter it.

Rapid price change usually shows instability and this may affect your young business. Go for stable partners.

Is It Time to Look for Another Vendor?

Well, sometimes it may be just time to look for a different vendor because the one you have may no longer serve you. All that is okay because it’s just business after all. So how will you know it’s time to move to the next? Below are the tips you may use.

  • Customer complaints

This is business and not friendship you may ignore somethings. If your customers suddenly start to complain a lot, something isn’t right.

The customers may tarnish your reputation and this will affect the business. If the clients leave to many nasty reviews you will soon lose your following.

Don’t compromise on this your brand shouldn’t get spoilt over a vendor’s mistake. Ditch them and find another vendor.

  • The quality is no longer as high

This is a common trend among many vendors you should make sure your vendor sells only quality. Keep checking the hair quality as they come in. Unfortunately, some of the hair they send you will shed a lot over time and if this is the case, ditch the vendor again.

While most of the hair vendors don’t use hair extension they sell, it may be a good idea to use them. If you know someone who uses the hair extension aside from you, compare notes with them to know whether the hair is good.

  • Some vendors say don’t wash the hair

All of a sudden, the vendor claims you shouldn’t wash the hair this might just be an indication for a poor-quality hair. sometimes the vendor may be malicious because they used chemicals or fake color for the hair and when you wash them it will fade away.

This isn’t a good sign so you should run away. Remember theirs a difference between too much washing and just washing it.

  • Did the price change highly

Some vendors like to change the prices but if they make it too high then they will affect the business. We had mentioned this earlier though that if the vendor suddenly increases the price you should leave especially if you are new.

  • Poor communication

When you are doing business online, the last thing you need is a seller who doesn’t get back to you when you send emails. Poor communication will affect your business.

My Thoughts

Although there are many horror stories, most people are successful in the hair business. You just have to know how to make everything work. Do your homework and go for only the legitimate businesses especially when you are just starting.

Your vendors are also in business and if they don’t care about the bad reviews then something is wrong with them. Or worse still, they may not even be real business people. Make sure you only choose a reliable vendor and one who keeps his word.

Most of the time the search for the right vendor is about trial and error just like any business is about trial and error. Allow yourself to make some mistakes and soon you will be a good business person.


Whenever you wish to in bulk, you may consider buying from Hair Theme. We will deliver high-quality hair in good time and it doesn’t matter whether you want wholesale purchase or single purchase we have you covered.

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