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How To Buy Hair Extensions (Best Place To Buy Hair Extensions Online)

There’s nothing so frustrating than going to buy hair extension when you aren’t clear about what you want. Most people don’t make the right choice since they get overwhelmed. Today we guide you on how to buy hair extension amidst the confusion.


The type – human hair and synthetic hair extension

Permanent and temporary hair

Difference by the method of attaching

The factors determining the cost of hair extensions

The texture of the hair

Length of hair extension

The best hair texture for your personality

The right color for the hair extension

The weight of the hair extension

Factors to consider when buying the extensions



The Type – Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Extension

The first thing you think of when buying the extension is whether it’s a human hair or a synthetic one. It makes it easy for you to rule out a section that you aren’t interested in. Thus, you already minimize the number of extensions.

Whether you buy the synthetic or human hair extension, you will get ample service. They are both good quality hair that serves different needs you may have.

Human hair extensions

As the name suggests, human hair extension is made using real human hair. Here, you can get the highest quality of hair extensions ever. The manufacturers source this hair from the human hair donors and can decide to process or just treat them and pack them.

The human hair is collected from countries like Brazil, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Peru, Vietnam, Europe, and many more other countries.

They will come to you in your favorite style and you get to choose the hair based on the qualities that match your own hair. We have straight hair, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, curly and kinky styles.

The human hair terminologies

We have the highest quality of human hair but you need to know what the different terms mean before making the purchase.

Virgin hair: this term is the most popular in the extension world. It refers to human hair that has never been processed or chemically altered. This means that the donor has never color-treated the hair, bleached, permed it or even relaxed the hair.

Virgin unprocessed hair: the donor has never chemically treated the hair and even when it comes to the factory, there’s no chemical processing done to it.

Raw unprocessed hair: it has not been chemically processed. It hasn’t also undergone any heat or steam treatment. This is the most natural form of the human hair you can ever have. Its quality is high and so is its lifespan as a result.

The manufacturers only sanitize the hair once they receive it from the donors before packaging it. Raw unprocessed hair is a rare hair in the market. For this reason, it’s usually quite expensive.

Remy hair: I know this is another popular term. Unfortunately, marketers have been abusing it just to make sales. They would pose a hair as being Remy hair so that you buy it but in real sense, it’s not a Remy hair.

Remy hair initially meant that the hair was collected from a single donor thus it had the cuticles aligned in one direction. Today due to the scarcity, the hair may be collected from up to two donors if you can make the cuticles be aligned in the same direction.

The hair is, therefore, one of the finest in the market. It usually feels natural and it’s easy to take care of because its cuticles are intact.

Synthetic hair

This is also the artificial hair. Some people prefer them because they are not comfortable wearing another person’s hair. This hair type is made using selected fibers that resemble human hair.

The fibers have gone through different alterations and today there are even better synthetic fibers. For some, it’s not as easy as it used to be to tell the difference between the synthetic fibers and the human hair.

They have been designed in such a way that the density and texture feel just like human hair. The reason why it’s still thriving is that it requires minimal styling and it’s often cheap compared to human hair.

It’s, in fact, the best hair if you are usually affected by extreme weather conditions. It doesn’t change with the change in weather. No, it won’t frizz and tangle like the human hair does when the weather changes.

On the downside, it’s not versatile and it has a shorter lifespan.

Synthetic Hair Vs Human Hair

In conclusion, if you are willing to pay more, go for human hair to get more quality hair, if you want less budget hair, choose a synthetic one.

I personally recommend human hair when you are the first time to buy hair extensions.

Permanent and Temporary Hair

Next, you could divide the hair based on how permanent or temporary they are. So, if you want something to wear just for a day you can have it. You can also get those that last to 6 months and over.

  • Permanent hair extensions

This word is used a lot in the extension world but it doesn’t mean permanent per se, it just means that the hair lasts longer. It also shows the extensions that are normally attached closest to your scalp and directly on your natural hair.

It’s best to attach and remove the hair types by the help of a hairdresser.

Tape in extension: simply have the hair extension being pre-taped and then attached to your own hair on either side of the tape. You, therefore, have the extension sandwiched between your natural hair.

Micro link: here you attach small sections of your hair extensions to small sections of your natural hair using tiny silicone beads.

Read the guide about Microlink Hair Extensions.

Fusion hair extensions: from the name, you fuse sections of the extension to your hair using glue or tape adhesives.

Sew in extension: you attach the weave over your hair after you first braid your natural hair to cornrows. You simply sew the wefts on the cornrows.

  • Temporary hair extensions

Here you have extensions that you can apply on the same day and take them off the same day too. They are meant to last for a day to just a few days.

Clip in extension: here you attach the clips to the base of the extensions then clip them to your natural hair. They are temporary since you can quickly attach or remove them.

Halo extensions: another simple to wear and remove the halo extension. The hair is attached to a wire. This is what you wear on top of your hair then cover it with your natural hair. I’m sure you have seen them in movies with celebrities like Jenifer Lopez wearing and removing them.

Some wigs: sometimes you can classify wigs here especially those that use the elastic band and clips because you can remove them in a day too.

Difference by the method of attaching

There are many different types of hair extensions as you can see. The other easy way to identify them is by the method you use to attach the hair.

Factors determining the method of attaching

Your lifestyle: if, for example, you are a person who lives an active lifestyle, there are styles that won’t suit you. This is true for styles that require the use of adhesives. Sweat quickly breaks the bonds you have with the hair.

The budget: how much money you intend to invest in the same matters. There are hair extensions to suit all your different pockets needs. Mind you, we have even very expensive hair and cheap ones.

The hair type: what type of hair extension you have mattered. For example, not most Caucasian women like to make the sew in wefts. While it lasts long on the black women hair it doesn’t on theirs. This may be attributed to the texture of the hair.

Similarly, not most black women like to make the bonded hair extension. This is because most of the hair used for the style is long and straight. This only fits the Caucasian women hair. For the kinky hair, it might be tricky but not impossible of course.

Strand by strand method

With this method, you have about 20-40 strands of hair extension that you attach to your natural hair. For the attachment, in this case, you use glue, tapes, keratin bonds or polyurethane.

Types of the strand by strand method

1. Cold fusion (micro link or I-tip extensions)

Cold fusion (micro link or I-tip extensions)Installation time: 4-6 hrs.

Duration: 2-3 months

the cost: it should be $700-$2500

it’s not easy to know the cost because they vary per city and the kind of hair you are using as well as your stylist price.

Cold fusion is also referred to as micro link and I-tip extensions. So many people are confused by the cold fusion and hot fusion but we are going to break it down here for you.

In this case, you simply attach a few strands of the extension to your natural hair using a micro link tube. To install the hair, you need to use special weaving tools. This tool will help to secure the hair in place.

Cold fusion is a newer version of the strand by strand method that was created to be gentle to the hair. With the help of the keratin-based polymer, you attach the extension to your hair strand.

The best advantage of this is that you don’t need to use the heat. This is then what makes it the better alternative.

This polymer bonding method uses ultrasound waves. These waves are transformed into mechanical energy. It only occurs where you place the ring to be attached to the natural hair thus form a bond. This bond secures the hair to the natural strands.


  • You know that heat is not good for our natural hair. This method uses no heat and this makes it a safer option.
  • You can add the extension even to the front of your head.
  • You can apply it so close to the scalp and it will blend naturally with your hair.
  • You could wash the hair the same way you often do with your natural hair.
  • It works even if you have fine hair.


  • You should set time aside for the process as it takes so long to attach. Averagely it will take 4-6 hours. However, some experienced stylist will take 3 hours.
  • The bond formed are often hard because they are made using copper. This makes it uncomfortable for the wearer.
  • When you first install the hair, you will experience some form of headaches.
  • You need to use a special tool that will clamp the bond and squeeze it into place.

2. Fusion/HOT FUSION/U-tip/pre bonded hair extension

Fusion pre bonded hair extensionInstallation time: 6-8hrs

Duration: 4-6months

The cost: $400-$1500

With this method, you use the keratin wax method and it’s also referred to as the U-tip extension. Notice that, this is an involving method that requires the aid of a stylist. It also makes for one of the most popular methods you can ever have.

The difference is that you have the glue having been already attached to the ends of the strands where you intend to attach it to your hair.

It’s also an old version of extensions. It like the cold fusion method requires you to use about 20 strands of hair to attach to the natural hair using a heat gun. The heat gun melts the glue and attaches it to your natural hair.

It then solidifies the keratin bond and finally flattens it. It gives you a strong hold and therefore slippage is unheard of when you are using it. It’s no wonder it’s a traditional style but still loved by many including celebrities.


  • It’s long lasting if you properly maintain it. The hair will last up to 6 months with proper maintenance.
  • The bond is invisible so don’t worry people won’t be seeing that you are wearing extensions.
  • In most cases, the hair will blend with your natural hair.
  • It’s an easy way to earn full and thick hair that is also long.
  • It is one type that gives you a firm hold so you won’t experience slippage.
  • They are best used by those who have coarse and thick hair.


  • You use heat and glue for the installation which may be damaging to your hair.
  • You must use the help of a professional for the attachment process.
  • Removing the hair is a lot of work. You must be careful so that it doesn’t damage your own hair.
  • It takes so long to apply. Roughly 6-8 hours.
  • For the first few days expect to feel some form of headaches, itchy sensation, and discomfort.

Weft extension

Here you have the loose hair that is wafted together that creates the extension. You may use a sewing machine for more security of the hair. In short, a long piece of hair extension is weft together. You then cut the wefts into pieces and attach to your hair.

They usually vary in size and it ranges from an inch to 60 inches. So, for the weft in extension you can apply them using tape, glues and sew in method.

  • Machine weft

This is the most popular and, in this case, you have the hair strands being sewn in place. The process involves the use of a machine. In the end, you have a tracking effect. The hair is sewn in together facing the same direction.

  • Hand tied weft

Here you weave a few strands of hair to the strands of your fishing line. It’s usually a little more expensive even though its thinner.

  • Skin weft

This is a new method whereby you attach the hair together using the polyurethane tape. And to attach them you also use tapes. This is a semi-permanent method of attaching the hair. It takes a short time for the attachment.

Weft hair extension method

3. Tape in extension

Tape in extensionApplication time: 1-2hrs

Duration: 5-8 weeks

Cost: $200-$1000

This is a hair extension type that you will attach within a short while. It’s a hair fusion extension method where you have the extension using small pieces of tape adhesives to connect to your hair.

The tapes that you use for the attachment are normally invisible and they are usually just small pieces. As the hair grows the tape in extension grows down with it too. This is to say that you must regularly tape the extension.

Since the tapes are often double-sided, you will have the extension being sandwiched between your own hair.


  • This is amongst the easiest and fastest method of application. You just need at least 1½hrs.
  • You can even DIY at home. It’s so easy to fix so you don’t even need to spend money in the salon.
  • Doesn’t need heat for the application. Therefore, your hair maintains its structure over a prolonged time.
  • It’s a safe method because you spread the weight across various sections of your head. Thus, you don’t weigh down your hair at any point.
  • It’s quite comfortable and even the most comfortable extension to use.
  • The extensions are reusable which means they will serve you over a prolonged time.
  • It looks natural and blends well with your natural hair.


  • You must give the tapes at least 48 hours before you engage in any rigorous activities. This time is when the tapes cure. If you don’t give it this time, it may not attach properly.
  • You shouldn’t use oily products or those made using silicon on your hair when you have the tapes on. This will cause slipping.
  • Do you swim a lot? This is not the best style for you.
  • Unless you get a good tape, some tapes are usually messy especially during the reapplication.

4. Sew in hair extension

Sew in weave hair extensionApplication time: 1-2 hrs.

Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: $100-$1000

This is also referred to as a weave or braided extension. In this case, you simply braid your hair into cornrows then attach the wefts by sewing them in. They are best used by those who have thick hair.

This style works for all kinds of hair. Although most women that have the afro descent hair are the ones that like making it.

You don’t need to use any kinds of adhesives or heat for the attachment. It appears to be a safer option to use. But that is only true if you go to a stylist who knows how to make the cornrows not so tight.

It’s further a great versatile style where you can wear the curly wavy or straight hair and comb it as you wish all while covering your natural hair.


  • It’s versatile and allows you to style your hair as you wish.
  • Do you have the thick or coarse hair? this is your style.
  • Considered a safer choice since you don’t use heat or adhesive.
  • It covers your hair almost the same way as the wig does. This keeps it safe from adverse weather conditions.
  • From length to volume, you can have it all with this style.


  • If you have thin hair, this is not yours to try. It will weaken the hair further.
  • The braids will cause you more pain and even lead to hair loss. Especially if your stylist makes them too tight.
  • Some people complain of headaches. This happens because of the hair extension weighing down the hair.
  • You must wash it properly but also dry it properly to keep it free from the bacterial formation.
  • Be careful when removing the hair to ensure you don’t cut your natural hair in the process.

Read more about Sew in Weaves hair extensions.

Temporary hair extension method

The other set of extensions are temporary and you will wear them fast and remove them fast as well.

5. Clip in hair extension

Clip in hair extensionInstallation time: 5 minutes

Duration: if you have them because you put them on when you want to and remove them when you want to again.

Cost: $30-$500

The most common temporary extension is a clip in extension. It gives you longer and voluminous hair within a few minutes. In fact, this requires no help from the stylist. They are the easiest and most temporary DIY method.

You can have them come in multiple pieces or a single piece. They vary in width size. You, therefore, use the pressure sensitive clips to attach the hair to your own hair. In fact, it will cause no damage to your natural hair.


  • This is the easiest to apply extension that you can even attach the morning before you go to work. They are also easy to remove at night after your day at work.
  • You can use the extension just when you really need to. Other days, just go without if you don’t want them.
  • For versatility, buy them in different colors and styles. It will allow you to change the style every so often.


  • You can’t leave them on the hair over a prolonged time. The clip may strain your hair and cause damages.
  • You must not sleep while still wearing them. This is tiresome especially if you have that one day that you were too tired.
  • If you have thin or fine hair, this may not work for you. Although they are tiny clips, they will be visible.
  • The hair extension isn’t durable and you have to take good care of it still to maintain them.

6. Halo extension

Halo extensionInstallation: instantly

Duration: as long as you are still taking time to maintain it.

Cost: the cost differs per brand.

Here you have the hair strands attached to an invisible wire in the form of a headband. You can wear this extension around your head. And the extension will then blend seamlessly to your hair.

It poses no risk at all and it’s quite easy to wear and remove. You can literary wear it and remove it.


  • The hair is easy to wear.
  • It’s a washable piece of hair.
  • If you get the extension in the color and texture of your hair then it will blend easily.
  • You can brush the hair while it’s on the head.
  • It will never damage your hair and it’s, in fact, ideal for anyone looking to wear extension though they are afraid of the damages.
  • It adds volume and length instantly.


  • You can’t have them on when you are going for a swim. You have to remove it.
  • You won’t use it if you are wearing the updo styles like a high ponytail.

7. Wigs

There are thousands of wig pieces today. As the days go by more are being invented. They are being designed to mimic your natural hair and it’s been effective. They replace your natural hair by covering your whole head.

They are effective for a different reason. In most cases, in the past people who used them were either experiencing baldness or hair loss from different medical conditions. Today, however, people wear wigs just to change their hairstyle.

You can glue in the wigs for a more natural look, sew in, tape in or use elastic bands and clips.

The wigs like all the other hair extensions above come in the form of human hair or synthetic hair.

Synthetic wigs

They are made using synthetic fibers. You can have them being handmade or machine-made.


  • They are usually cheaper than human hair wigs.
  • They have the memory so they will maintain the style for a prolonged time. You, therefore, don’t need to style the hair on a daily basis.
  • You can use them for different styles and colors.


  • Its shine doesn’t look natural.
  • They are easily affected by heat. In fact, the strands will easily burn under the influence of heat so stay away from heat.
  • They may not look realistic sometime.

Human hair

This features the virgin hair from countries like China, India, Brazil, Peru and others.

The hair is made to mimic human hair. So, it’s even easy to take care of and it feels as though you are wearing your own hair.


  • They look so natural as they are made using human hair.
  • You should treat the hair like your natural hair. Use the same styling tools and even the products.
  • You can wash it and brush it just like your own hair.
  • It offers you the versatility of styles to try.


  • They are mostly expensive.
  • You can dye it but you shouldn’t dye it many times as that will affect its outlook.
  • You can use heat but be careful using the heat as that can easily damage the hair.

The Factors Determining the Cost of Hair Extensions

So many people love hair extensions but they are normally afraid of the cost involved. While it’s true that hair extensions can be costly, there are some that are high quality and still affordable to the higher population.

On the subtopics above, we gave you a rough estimate of the money you will part with when wearing the different kinds of extension. So here we explain to you what often determines the cost.

  • The salon

Not all salons are the same. You have high-end salons and average salons. This means that they set their prices differently. Also, salons are often situated in different cities across the globe. The prices, in this case, differ.

You don’t expect the cost of going to a salon in Los Angeles to be the same as the cost of going to a salon in say Minnesota. The prices will vary.

  • Where you buy the extension

Assuming you are even buying hair extension in the high-end salon, the cost will be higher. Those who know the trick will buy the hair from the manufacturers and online stores like Amazon and Alibaba.

With this, you buy a high-quality hair at a reasonable price. Remember if you decide to make an extension for yourself the price will be high.

  • What is the method you are using?

As you have seen in the previous chapter there are different methods to attach the extensions. They also have different and varying prices. Below is the range of prices when the salon supplies the hair and attaches it to your hair.

  • Tape in extension: the extension here will cost you anything from $250 $1000.
  • Cold fusion and v tip: it will cost you $300- $900.
  • Hot fusion hair: will cost you a little more and at $800-$2000.
  • Sew in: $100-$1000.
  • The length and weight of the hair

The manufactures usually measure the length and weight of the hair and this will determine the cost. Long hair doesn’t cost you the same as the short one. This is simple arithmetic you know. Don’t expect that they use the same amount of hair.

When the hair is long, it uses more strands than the shorter one. Just make sure though that you are paying for the same hair you wish to buy.

  • The brand

Notice that the hair extension price will vary from one brand to another. Don’t expect the same price for the extension you are looking for. However, you can seek the help of the stylists to help you buy hair from a brand that doesn’t sell hair to the general public.

They can sometimes buy the hair at a wholesale cost. This will only happen if the stylist is a certified stylist.

  • Hair quality

The hair quality also determines the price. By quality hair, we mean virgin hair or Remy hair or even unprocessed ones. If you are seeking a quality hair type, the price must be high.

The good thing though is that most of these hair types will allow you to reuse them over a prolonged time.

The Texture of The Hair

There are different textures to suit your different needs at different times.

  • Straight hair

In this case, the hair is often bone straight and smooth and it looks more like the Chinese hair. Chinese hair is said to be the definition of straight hair we have in the market. You can also buy those that usually have no defined wave patterns.

Cheap Good Bundles Indian Straight Human Hair Weave 2&3 Bundles With Closure Middle Part (3)They are suitable for you if you have straight hair naturally. Although, if your hair is wavy you can use the flat iron to straighten it every so often for it to blend with your natural hair. If your hair is curly and you would love to wear straight hair, you can use the sew in method.

This keeps you from changing the structure of your strands. But if you have to use the styles like pre-bonded styles, make sure you texturize and relax your natural hair for it to blend.

  • Wavy hair

This is the hair that has wave-like movement on the strands. There are many types of wavy hair for example we have

Body wavy hair that takes on the s shape. It has the curls being the loosest there is. Though it forms the S curls, it looks more natural. It’s best described as the hair between your straight hair and curly one.

Loose wavy hair, on the other hand, has a bit more definition on the waves. Its waves are much deeper and they give you more volume.

  • Curly hair

Curly hair makes you feel and look younger especially when you get that which looks like your own hair. You can use the curls if your hair is naturally curly and it would naturally blend in. In addition, if you have straight or wavy hair, you can wear the curls as wigs or sew in.

  • Kinky hair

This hair came into effect to cater to the women with type 4 hair. We usually have very tiny and kinky curls. The curls are best used by black women who would love the hair to mimic their natural hair.

Length of Hair Extension

For the length of the hair extension, it easy to choose the length when you have chosen the hair of your dreams. Ideally for you to look natural you should stick to not more than 4 inches of your natural hair.

If you wish to extends it even further, add an additional pack of the extension. This then will increase the volume of the hair extensions.

The different hair types length

Of course, if you are going to use the hair extension style you should stay with the four-inch range. But if you want even more inches then add more hair too. So just buy a pack of say 14-inch hair and another one of 18 inches.

For the straight hair, it’s easy to get the measurements because the hair measures the same length. So, you should then buy the extension based on an extra 4 inches.

However, if you are using the curly or wavy hair, you will have to measure the hair after you have stretched it. The measurement you are given is of the stretched hair. Once you find the exact measurements, you can then buy an extension 4 inches longer.

Which length of hair would suit you though?

  • For anyone who just wants full hair

If you have long to medium hair but you feel as though it’s too thin, you should get the extension in the exact length as your own natural hair. It adds the fullness to your natural hair as well as the right weight to it. So, you will have voluminous hair but not necessarily the length.

  • If you are looking for longer hair when you have short hair

As earlier mentioned, if say you have a 10-14-inch hair and you would like it significantly long, you should go for 16-20 inches. Only make sure you add enough weight for the hair. For example, if yours is 12 inch and you would like 20 inches, just buy more hair.

  • What if I have very short hair and I want the length?

If your hair is very short, you should buy hair that will reach your shoulder length. That is about 10 inched hair. You can also use the 16 inches one but make sure you balance of the weight. Otherwise, you will look weird.

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The Best Hair Texture for Your Personality

Buying anything including your hair extension involves your energy. I believe it’s very easy for you to choose what works for your character trait. However, if you are having a problem choosing the hair extension that suits your traits then here is the guide.

  • The perfectionist

What happens if I’m a perfectionist and I know it? I will have to buy the hair that suits a perfectionist. For such people, you either give us the perfect hair or we won’t leave the house.

I know it’s tough to be a perfectionist because sometimes it works to your disadvantage as no one is ever perfect.

Go for the straight hair

It’s sleek and noticeable but also long. What makes the straight hair ideal is that it has each strand in its place and no messes.

For the short hair choice,

Use a bob style. If you can make a perfect cut with an angle that suits your face, you will have each strand in its place again.

  • For the fun-loving adventurous woman

If you love fun and are easy going with the love for adventures you will have minimal to no restriction.

You can take the bone straight hair and next wear the perfect Malaysian curly hair and next even the body /deep wave will work for you.

  • Are you shy?

There are some of us who are born shy and we aren’t about to get out of our comfort zone because anyway we like it here.

Wear the deep wave texture

This is ideal for you if you want to come out of your cocoon. It will make your hair voluminous while improving the attention on your face.

You can go for the shorter curl as that gives you more style. It hides part of your face making you more comfortable.

Straight hair

This one blends easily with your own hair. It will make it easy for you to look like a very confident person even when you don’t feel it yet. Thus, you don’t have to feel scared while handling different situations.

You can try the long straight hair. It will help you feel more confident.

  • What if you are not sure about your personality?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just go for any style that calls you. Try all the styles and soon you will discover which one works best for you.

The Right Color for The Hair Extension

There are let’s say thousands of colors in the field of hair extension. But not all of them will bring out the best in you.

Besides anything else what matters when choosing a hair color is normally the skin tone. Notice that even though you may be adventurous, that orange hair you saw your friend wear may not suit you.

The problem is the skin tone differs even though you may have the same complexion.

You will know your skin tone when you look at your skin under natural light. If you notice that it has a pink or neutral look, know that you are cool toned. If your skin appears red or yellow under the natural light, you are warm toned.

So, if you are cool toned you should wear the warm toned hair colors. On the other hand, if you are warm toned you shovel wear the cool toned colors.

Go on to choose a color that is close to your natural color and enjoy the advantages that come with it. You will look like you are wearing your natural color. Although if you are looking to go wild just make sure you choose a color based on the right tone.

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The Weight of the Hair Extension

Of all the most important factors to consider when buying the hair is the weight and the length of the hair you are buying. Though you may not see it as important, they will have a great influence on how you look.

Notice that the weight is measured in grams. If you notice a small weight, the hair must be thin and when it has large weight, its thick hair.

  • 80g

Here you have the smallest weight and this one won’t even cover the whole head especially if yours is thick hair.

You should use it if you have thin hair or you want it to reach a shoulder length height and your hair is not too short.

  • 100g

They will work to add instant volume to the thick hair

  • 120 g

This is quite common as it adds both the length and volume. You should however only use it if your thickness is average.

  • 160g

This one works for you if you have naturally thick hair and it will add both the volume and length.

  • 180g and above

These ones aren’t quite common but they suit you if you have very thick hair and you are looking for the increased length.

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Extensions

  • What is your style?

Before you choose the hair extension though you should find one that suits your style.  Make sure it complements your face and therefore brings out the best aspects of your face. Nevertheless, this is about personal preference.

  • How long do they last?

Anyone investing in hair extension knows that the question they should ask themselves is whether the investment is worth it. We want to know how long the hair will last before we can invest in it.

  • There are many fake hairs

You see the demand for hair is over the roof and this makes it easy for scammers to venture the same markets and lie to you. The keyword Is, be cautious when buying the extension.

Do your research and question the vendor to find out any hints of illegitimacy. So, when it comes to quality, you get what you invest it. If you notice that the hair is cheaper than the market range, run as they may be scammers.

  • Read reviews

Since you are making the investment, you shouldn’t invest in something that is not worth a dime. The reviews from other verified customers will guide you in making a proper purchase.

Conclusion-is it really worth it?

Do you struggle with your own natural hair? Then you know what I mean when I say its 1000 times worth it. The hair extension will boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. The hair extension mostly feels like your natural hair so why not use it?

2 thoughts on “How To Buy Hair Extensions (Best Place To Buy Hair Extensions Online)

  1. Lindsay says:

    From where I can buy a hair bonding machine please?

    1. Louise says:

      Hi Lindsay,
      I could see that there are some products about bounding machine on Alibaba, please search on it, thanks

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