How To Braid Hair With Weave

Whenever you are looking for some hair change, braiding the hair with weaves is the way to go.

There are thousands of styles from braiding your installed weave, crocheting, box braids, micro braids, and braided cornrows just to mention a few.

Braid Hair With WeaveFor some people, the focus is mostly to use the style over during spring or summer.

However, you can use any of the styles at any time of the year.

Since we have different weave braiding styles, it can be overwhelming to know which one to make.

I’m going to show you the styles to try.

Different styles to try


The good thing about cornrows is that anyone can make them even if your hair is straight. When you add the braids though, you just enhance your outlook.

For those who were born in the 80s and 90s cornrows aren’t new. In fact, hip hop musicians used it to add up the spice to their music. The good thing about it though is that you can make thousands of patterns to suit you at different times.

There are thick and thin styles, braided and twisted styles and to add the flare to it is that you can use the different colors. Hair stylists have used the cornrows to jog their creativity every time.

This led to the many styles and often times we are confused about which style to pick.

Below are the few ones you can choose from.

1. Cornrow mohawk

If you love mohawk then not even cornrows will stop you. Simply make the zigzag braids on the sides and at the center of your head from the forehead all the way to the nape, let the curly weave flow.

You can even decide to attach the extension at the end of the cornrows it creates a full looking mohawk style. And you can use it for all the professional purposes as well as the casual ones.

2. Cornrows afro

Cornrows afroEvery black woman loves afro it has been in existence for ages and we still rock it in different ways. Here, make simple cornrows at the front part of the hair. You can style the cornrows however you want.

From the simple push back cornrows with a middle parting to the swirling ones. You have every reason to look feminine and flirty. The afro you create halfway to the nape is your powerhouse. Wearing the style gives you a boost of confidence.

3. Cornrows top bun

Cornrows top bun
For those who love simplicity why not use the style that starts from the hairline all the way to the crown to form a bun. To enhance it further you can add some bling.

In this case, the hairstyle is made using the feed in style of cornrows. However, you can make them without feeding in.

4. Burgundy feed in braids

Burgundy feed in braidsThis is the regular feed in style but the burgundy color is meant to add spice to the hair. Additionally, making them longer is even better. In fact, if you have thick hair you can wear this style even during winter since you won’t feel cold.

5. Golden blonde style

Golden blonde style

The gold blonde braids look great on any woman. What’s more, you will feel like a queen when wearing the style. It features a feeding in the style that runs from the temple down to the back. in the end, you make the loose bun with the flowing hair.

This look is classy and elegant to wear to any dignified meetings.

6. Twisted cornrows

Twisted cornrows

When it comes to this style it’s all about creativity. Make some twisted cornrows from the temple going all the way to the back. You can use all braids of different colors but also add bling if you wish to.

7. Lemonade braids

Lemonade braidsYou all know where the style came from right? BeyoncĂ©’s album lemonade brought the style to light. As you can see, they feature the long cornrows style that is normally side parted. You will also have the braids being closely made to avoid seeing the scalp.

8. Wrap around braided ponytail

Wrap around braided ponytailHere you have the sleek cornrows that make a ponytail. Both the ponytail and cornrows are trendy today. The reason for both styles is the versatility that they offer you. It features the fed in large cornrows.

You can choose the different colored braids though for a flashy look. This is a blend between the dark brown and gold.

9. Half up half down

Half up half downThis style is a popular style loved by many. You can use the look to update how you look between spring and summer. The braids are made long enough and you can, therefore, decide to leave them just hanging.

How to Cornrow Braid Your Own Hair

  • Prepare

To begin with, you should detangle the hair using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

If you hadn’t washed the hair this is the time to wash the hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. If possible, even use the deep conditioner as it will shield your hair from breakage.

Dry the hair by blow-drying it on medium heat. At this point, you can use different kinds of oils. But use minimal oils.

  • Part the hair for individual cornrow sections

This is easy if you know how to at least make braids or plaits. The difference between them is that braids hang freely from the scalp while the cornrows you braid them on the scalp.

Using the rat tail comb, section the hair choosing the size of hair you wish to work with. Note that you will make either large or small cornrows.

Depending on the style you wish to create, part the hair in a row from the front all the way to the nape. The rest of the hair is clipped away to make sure you don’t take other loose strands.

  • Braiding

Once this section is clearly parted, separate a small part of the front. Take the same thickness of extension as the amount of hair you section. Go on to find the middle part of the hair extension.

Begin to braid the small section of the hair you had parted. It should be around the hairline. Alternatively, you could twist the extension around your natural hair and this then makes the three strands that you need to braid and keep the hair close to the scalp.

Here is how it works: hold the pinched extension between your thumb and forefinger.

Another side of the braid should be between your other forefinger and thumb. Continue to press the extension against your own natural hair. Next, do the same to the other finger so that you again have the extension pressed on your natural hair.

Go on to pull another side of the extension to create the third strand.

Let it flow as you cornrow the three strands. Keep the hair tightly knit on the scalp but not so tight as that is painful.

Plait the hair to the nape and add braids when necessary to make the hair long.

Now go row by row until you are done.

  • Sealing

Although some people skip the process, it’s essential to keep the hair from running.

The best way to go about this is in dipping them in a bowl/basin of hot water. Next, bolt the hair on a towel for a further finished sealing.

Some people simply burn the ends.

  • Take care of the scalp

Immediately after braiding you may experience some form of itchiness. For this reason, you should spray your hair with the right oils that will keep scalp moisturized. The spray will also add some shine to your hair.

  • Wrap up

If you use the right satin scarf to wrap your hair especially when you just braided them, you will keep the flyaway off the hair. If you want, you can add on a little sheen.

Take proper care of your hair and it will last for about 6 weeks.

Other styles

Box braids

This is another one of the most famous styles across Africa and other women with afro descent hair. The style is often referred to as boxy because of the square division that you make when braiding the hair.

It not only looks elegant but also lasts longer than most other styles.

10. Box braid bob

Box braid bob

We all love bob, right? Lucky for you because you can make even the box braids into a bob style. They look long but also cute. The problem with them is that sometimes they are heavy. It’s ideal when you want it to frame your face.

The other advantage is that it’s easy to maintain style which you can use for both the party events and official ones.

11. Big triangle box braids

Big triangle box braids

Here is a bold new style that you may use to get heads turning. They look pretty on almost every woman. The details of these braids are in the parting style. They are heavy since you use more hair extension.

12. Long twist box braids

Long twist box braids

Even with the box braids if you love twist style you can make them. The trick is to use enough braid. You can choose different colors if you wish though.

How you hold the braids is what makes it even better. For example, you can make a half bun or a side ponytail the choice is all yours.

13. Justice braided updo

Justice braided updo

For that sassy new look go for the elegant style. The braids remain thick and sassy. They are just your regular box braids but with the difference in the style it creates. You can coil them to a single side so that you form a feminine and softer look.

If you have always longed to wear a crown, this is your chance to do so.

14. Jumbo poetic justice braids

Jumbo poetic justice braidsThe style requires you to use jumbo braids to create this look. They are simple and loose but also elegant. It has two sides sections that you pull and tie together to a single section.

15. Braided ponytail with weave

Braided ponytail with weaveSo many people still underrate the ponytail style. Here is an easy look to try. Simply braid the end of the ponytail to a fishtail end.

Also, make sure you make some thick and thin cornrows that are defined on the head. When you further add the rings, you make the style even more elegant. Of course, if you are a trendsetter, this is the style you want to rock.

16. Braid into a high weave ponytail

Braid into a high weave ponytail

There’s no perfect combination than that of the braids and weaves. It makes your hair all stylish. With this style, you can change the braids however you wish.

Make a large braid at the center and other tiny braids on the sides. The braids end up creating a trendy design. Remember you could use the style with almost any kind of braid style.

17. Curly ponytail with weaves

Curly ponytail with weavesThis is a perfect blend of the curly hair weave and the box braids at the front. It then brings along the two loose braids at the front. You can use the gold hair cuffs on the hair to recreate the hair.

The curls make the high ponytail even more stylish. Remember to make the box braids large and triangular.

18. One braided ponytail

One braided ponytail

Sometimes it’s just simple to make a classic braid. It’s a style that will show you how you can wear a braid in a trendy manner. The secret is to make sure your natural hair lies flat on your scalp and then make a simple braid at the end.

You can also try the different colors for the braid.

19. Senegalese twist

Senegalese twistYou don’t have to twist the whole hair. You can wear a afro style weave at the back. Therefore, you are combining two different types of extensions to create a single style. Simply make the twist at the forehead that will look so much like a headband.

Some people may decide to even use their natural hair at the back part and that is okay. You will look elegant in this style for all kinds of roles.

20. Face-framing Senegalese twist

Face-framing Senegalese twistWith this style, you not only have a voluminous looking hair but you have the choice to also make the Senegalese twist at the front thus using it as a face-framing braid. Simply hold part of the weave at the front section and make the twists.

At the back of the head, you can make the Yaki weave or even rock your own hair it will still be a great choice.

21. Faux locs

Faux locsThis is a temporary protective style that’s almost similar to box braids. You do it when you twist your selected hair and then cover them around with the faux loc hair extensions.

This is another form of braiding where you use the faux locs braids. Simply make the locs chunky and you can blend in a few colors for an even better look. When you hold the hair into a bun though you change the gem.

22. Goddess faux locs

Goddess faux locsThe goddess faux locs have worn women over for so long. The best way to enhance this look is to further accessorize it. You can use the long locs and even make them curly if you will.

23. Braided micro braid

Braided micro braidWe all somehow love micro braids even though it consumes too much time in installing but it never lets you down when all you are looking to achieve is elegance. To pull up this style, you should make the braids long.

Once you have them installed, braid it into a high bun.

24. Crochet braid with weave

Crochet braid with weaveEven crocheting you would use a weave. The braiding style makes it easy to attach such hair. Be sure you know where to part the hair to enhance your facial features.

The reason why this style is on the list is that you first have to braid the natural hair before you use a crocheting needle to attach the weave.

25. French braid

French braidDon’t be shocked by the name. It’s just a simple braid that first originated in the north of Africa and it was quickly embraced in France.

For those days when all you are looking for is simplicity, go for these French braids. They are easy to make. They look classy but they are also easy to manage. It’s ideal for those with long hair or you can even just use the weave to achieve the style.

How to make the 2 braids with weave video

26. Upside French braid

Upside French braid

Let them see what you are made of but from the backside. So, you simply flip your head upside down to have it made for you. Once you have it done then make the bun at the top.

How to braid with weave

Before anything, you need to buy the right hair extension. You should have noticed that there are thousands of styles for the topic of braiding the hair with weave. This is to tell you that there are also thousands of hair types for a different style.

You can’t just go and say buy hair that is designed for crocheting and expects to make feed in braids with the same.

  • Shampoo the hair and condition it

Like all other hair extensions, you need to cleanse the hair with a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner first. Begin though by combing the natural hair so that you get rid of tangles and knots then wash it with a good shampoo and conditioner.

Next, dry your hair using a blow dryer or hair dryer only make sure you use medium-low heat. In some cases, you may need to wash the extension as well especially if it’s synthetic. This will help get rid of the chemicals that may cause allergies.

Don’t dry the hair extension with a blow-dry rather air dry it.

For the box braids

  • Part a small section of your hair

To begin, part the hair into small even sections where you intend to make the box braids. Now you can use the band or pins to secure the other parts of the hair. The section should be made into a triangle or square. Use a tail comb as that will make the parting clear.

  • First

Take a section of the hair extension to use in the braiding. Take the hair extension while holding the piece of the sectioned hair on one hand. Go on to circle the hair extension around the natural hair.

When you do this, expect to have two strands of the extension and with your own hair being the third strand.

  • Keep braiding

When you have formed the three strands, take your natural strand then cross it to the middle strand making the former middle strand go on the outside. You will have your natural hair strand at the middle and the former middle one being on the outside.

Go on to crisscross the hair over the other and the other until you reach the ends.

Remember to secure the ends though.

Do this to the whole head.

Tip: make sure the braids are flowing uniformly and tighten to avoid its quick loosening.

Caring for Your Braided Hair with Weaves

Without proper care, your hair won’t last as long. Below are the tips for having the braids last long.

  • Cleaning

Most of this braid’s styles will expose your scalp and no one wants to see dirty scalp. Therefore, make it a routine to clean you braids once a week. You are aiming to get rid of the dirt and natural oils build up.

Don’t rub the scalp as you are cleaning it. Also, wash the hair from the scalp to the ends. This will keep it from frizz.

  • Spritz and Moisturize

Moisture is hair food. Use whichever product or method you know of that moisturizes the hair. A hot oil treatment works, the right hair spray too will work for you. Sometimes you can just use coconut oil as its still as effective.

  • Dry the hair nicely

If you don’t dry the hair nicely then you are giving room for the mold and bacterial formation. Whether you want to air dry or heat dry is all okay just make sure the hair stays dry.

  • At night

Cover the hair with a satin scarf. This keeps it from becoming unruly while also maintaining the moisture.

  • Remove the hair when its time

Sometimes all you need to do is listen to your body and hair. When you feel like it’s time, you should remove the hair. If you let your hair on for a prolonged time it will lead to damages.

How to make box braid with weave step by step

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