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How to Become A Hair Vendor

There are many businesses you could venture in but the most popular niche today is the hair industry. You could have a retail hair shop, dropship the hair, own a salon among others but the one business that could give you massive leverage is becoming a hair vendor.

Even though you are going into a market that’s perceived saturated, there’s a reason why we still have thousands of hair vendors.

Most people feel that the business is saturated but I like the fact that even new vendors are still making massive sales.

The hair comes in different textures, styles, prices, lengths, and colors. Mind you; the hair industry is ever-changing. I love that like our blog here, vendors give you all the vital information you need to care for the hair as well as the best choice of hair.

Benefits of Becoming A Hair Vendor

  • Be your own boss

Remember just because you are your own boss doesn’t mean it’s all easy. You will work to make your business successful and the passion for hair is enough to push you to greater heights. You should take time to find out if you really would love to sell the hair.

There’s fun in becoming your own boss but it does come with its own challenges.  You will need to know how to make maintain and increase sales. Thus, an entrepreneur has a lot of research to do.

  • It’s flexible

Notice that as a hair vendor you are an entrepreneur which means your work schedule is flexible. You design when you need to work and when you wish to rest. So, the advantage is that you will balance work and family.

This is something most people hope and pray for. They know not that sometimes on the downside you can become a business slave with too much work.

  • It gives you the freedom to make the decision

There’s nothing that makes your work so easy than the ability to make your personal decisions. You can decide by yourself. In the process of all this then you experience career growth.

  • You learn

With proper research, you learn the hair business and you can decide how much you can earn thus the push to work.

  • You choose who to sell to

Some customers can be stubborn and ungrateful but when you are a vendor you don’t have to work with those who drain your energy. You will choose the customers who are cordial and respectful.

  • You can be creative

If you have your hair factory you can choose to create even more hair designs for your clients. Hair types and textures keep changing therefore more manufacturers are working day and night to mimics our natural hair.

This means that every day you can go into the factory to try and come up with a style for the world to use. For this to happen though you have to be passionate about hair.

  • You choose the hair you want to sell

It doesn’t matter whether you have a factory or not, as a vendor, you will know the quality. Therefore, you can choose to only buy from clients who sell you high-quality Remy hair for example.  For this reason, you reduce the possible complaints from customers.

Becoming the Hair Vendor

The way you operate the hair business will determine whether you make it in the hair industry or not. So, before you go in, ask yourself why you want to be a part of the business. If you are only going into the business because of the money you won’t make it.

Sooner or later money stops satisfying you then there’s just something deeper to fulfill. The hair vendor business may only be for those who naturally love hair and are passionate about making women look their very best.

Conduct a research

If you have never been in the hair business or you don’t understand anything about hair, you may need to research. In researching, you will identify what hair interests you more to sell and from where. Through this research, you will identify the name of the extensions and their origin.

Learning about the hair will help you understand the hair better. This will then help answer the questions asked by your customers. This knowledge particularly comes in handy when there’s a new kind of hair in the market. You may use your website platform to teach your clients.

Those with blogs win clients’ trust since they pose a level of confidence in the knowledge of hair. Everyone loves people who know their business field therefore to become a good vendor, learn.

When you research you will also study the hair climate too. It will make you prep for the adversities that may attack your business. So, remember the first step is to research but then you will continually learn as you go.

Which hair will you sell?

You know there are hundreds of hair types in the market and I mean you can’t just settle to sell every hair type. In choosing the line that pleases you the most, you will make more sales out of it.

Some businesses for example only focus on wigs while others go for other kinds of weaves. Choose as to which hair serves you best.

This can be a tricky part if you don’t know much about the hair. It’s, thus, important to familiarize yourself with the hair industry. Choose a hairline or a few ones that interest you and go with them.

Prep the business plan

I like to create my business plan for any business but for one reason, it makes it easy to operate the business. It makes you show clearly some of the anticipated problems thus helping analyze how you could solve or avoid them.

Your business plan is your map for running the business. It will guide you because you won’t remember everything if you have them only in mind. But if you have the plan it will remind you some of the things to do.

Who will you sell the hair to?

As a vendor, you will sell the hair that you either purchase from someone or you have your factory. If you have a factory the better because you don’t have to struggle with quality. You will always make sure the high quality of hair is maintained.

Remember the ‘customer first’ quote? The quality you sell to your customers will determine whether they keep coming or just walk away. So, you may buy the hair from the manufacturer but you must be careful about the quality so that they don’t hurt your business.

Most vendors start well, but over time, they start to only sell the poor-quality items. This may be a result of the manufacturer sending you bad hair. Don’t be a victim of the manufacturer’s faults. That will subject your business to losses for a mistake that’s not yours.

Therefore, the best trick is to find the best distributor or manufacturer then create a relationship. If, however, their hair quality deteriorates, don’t stick their you are free to walk away. Don’t be a part of the bad rep that other hair vendors already have.

Now you should know the potential customers for your hair as that will guide you to buying the right hair types for your target audience. Learn what the potential clients need and give them that. You shouldn’t have hair that no one will buy. You will understand it in studying the market strands.

Do the business feasibility test

Here, we are still finding and making sure we succeed with this new business. So then create a list of things that will make your business succeed. With this list, you can come up with the traits that will make you stand out and commit to developing them.

Know how much money you need to invest in the business in terms of capital. You can start with as much or as little as you wish. But, depending on the capital you will have a definite revenue you expect.

Also, you should have decided where the hair is coming from. You can either take hair direct from the manufacturer or distributor, but remember the shorter the chain the better.

Create the website

Nowadays most vendors have websites and most of them work online. Be prepared for this especially if you intend to reach a large target audience.

First off create a website by choosing which platform you would like to hold the business on. Don’t worry if you don’t have such knowledge you can hire someone online to do this for you.

In this website, you will advertise your hair extensions and give informative blogs on various topics that are hair related. Again, you don’t have to do it yourself you can hire someone to do it for you.

Your website should indicate every vital info about you. Let the person visiting the website understand you and not need to ask you anything.

Social media

When you have the website ready you should now create a social media account. Although most people ignore the power of social media, you can make massive sales just by advertising the products here.

Have Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts to start. But they shouldn’t just be there, use them to make yourself visible. You should tell everyone in the media about your new business because this makes it easy for them to support you.

It’s upon you to build a network too and you will do this by joining the various group that is hair-related. Also, become a part of those who love hair, you never know, you may just win them as your clients.

If, however you have this business offline you can make an effort to meet up with your clients at the places where they like to hang around. If you then market the hair properly you will soon start making the sales conversion.

Sometimes you could make use of the webinars and campaigns as that may further increase your sales conversion.

Set the payment policy and method clearly

You see this is very important as it will guide the way you receive and make payments. Professional clients also like to see the payment policy. It makes them decide whether they will work with you or not.

Set the price right

If you are just starting, you will need to convince people to come to you. Often the best method is to use the price game. You shouldn’t have the price being so low to hurt your business neither should you make the price extremely high.

Remember, even when you are using the price strategy you should make sure it’s reasonable. You shouldn’t have to change the price rapidly as that will push clients off. My best advice is for you to create offer campaigns where you slash a percentage of the price just to have the people buy from you.

The decision you make in regards to price matters remember. If the price is too low it will send the information that the hair isn’t of high quality. If it’s too high to the potential clients will go to other stores. In short, be smart when it comes to the price.


Whether you will make sales or not depends largely on your marketing strategy thus you have to plan on this. Often the marketing may be a trial and error at first. But without trying you won’t know which marketing strategy will work for you.

You may want to ignore this topic but you just can’t because it’s the most essential part. Surely, there’s no business across the globe that will exceed expectations without proper marketing. When you are advertising the products, you will catch the attention of potential clients.

You have to go all-in for this topic if you want more sales. Make the information precise and on point to catch the attention of the potential buyer. I never used to love advertising but trust me if it’s something I have to do for sales conversion I do it nowadays.

Additionally, the research you did should guide you in knowing what the clients need. When making the advertisement, make sure you provide the solution to your potential client’s problems. The arguments should be convincing without leaving the clients with any more questions.

If you begin to make sales, use their reviews as proof that you are legitimate. Remember it’s hard for the potential client to know why they should buy from you and whether you are even legit. Prove to them that you are a business with their interests at heart.

I find Facebook ads, YouTube videos, and IGTV being descriptive enough. Nothing goes to the drains. Soon you will start making sales with this too.

Your mindset

At the end of the day, your mindset will determine how much sales you make. Are you going into the business afraid or you are confident you will make the sales? Alter your mindset to a positive one so that you can make sales conversion.

Make it a daily practice to not worry and believe that it’s all going to work out and it will. You don’t have to believe me right now but you just have to wait for it.

Now attract massive buyers

If you are a wholesaler your aim to make massive sales and for that to happen the customers must first believe in you. The fact that you have the social media presence and a hair blog will by law start to reap benefits for you.

If you have the hair blog, you show that you are interested in hair for sure. You can also use the google keywords to make sure you are on the google front page. This makes it likely that the potential buyer will visit your page when looking for some answers.

Although the professional hair vendors may have their blogs already, find ways to make you stand out in the crowd by creating all the informative content.

You are welcome to visit my hair theme blog for all the answers that regards hair as well as different hair types you can buy from us.

Important advice

There are many pieces of advice I would share with you as a new one in the business but this one stands out.

Only source hair from the manufacturers. It’s easier to contact the manufacturer if you notice that the hair isn’t the right quality as opposed to having to go through another middleman. This is especially ideal if you are starting with minimal funds.

You can go to the local manufacturers and buy the hair to sell. This will cut too much cost involved as well as bring to you the same quality every time. In the future, you can use the middlemen if you want to import abroad.

Features That Will Make You Stand Out as A Vendor

Remember there are thousands of vendors and you need to stand out among them. One thing you should do as an entrepreneur is to make your clients stick to your site. This means that whenever they want hair, they will come to you.

  • Prompt communication

When you have started having customers on your site you should give the best customer service and if possible, have a virtual assistant to do it for you. The one thing that will put potential clients off even if you have the best hair is lack of communication.

If they send you emails and you don’t get back to them, it’s just a matter of time before they leave. Check the emails and answer your phone calls to communicate. You are here for business; therefore, you should stay open to communicate with your clients for even more business.

  • Honesty

A hair vendor will work with other salespeople or direct customers. One attribute that will make you increase your sales is honesty. Customers want to know what they expect. Let them know if the hair isn’t fully human hair for example.

Let them get their hair on time for continuous business and trust. Remember they are also going to sell to another person. The quality maintenance makes you trustworthy too.

  • Is your price realistic?

A good hair vendor will give you a realistic price and not overly priced. Remember the price shouldn’t be unrealistically low too as that makes it looks fishy. Make the price moderate and normal for those interested to afford. Customers will even compare the prices thus make yours stand out.

  • They have a good environment to operate

Those websites that only post celebrity hair isn’t often legit. They will most probably be selling low-quality hair. Sometimes you will need to post the hair form your shop. Pictures are the most important part of any online business.

Let people see that you are organized and ready for this business. If possible when they contact you on skype, let them see the hair around the shop.

  • They are caring

We are all human and we are more attracted to those who treat us nicely. Since this is a give and take business, you should sell them the item that even you would gladly use.

Sadly, some vendors are here to just con their clients and vice versa. Let’s be human and respect the other person’s business.

What Customers Are Looking for From You as A Vendor

There are a few things that the customers require from you and they include the following

  • Reliability

The one thing that will make your clients stick to you is reliability. Do you respond to questions promptly? Do you sell at a realistic price and do you deliver the exact products in the photo? Make sure you are reliable.

  • Stability

Some vendors aren’t sure about the hair business. They are just testing the water. Clients can spot it and don’t ask me how because your website sells you out.

If you know you aren’t fully in it then just leave the business. Otherwise, most clients want to go to those who have been in the business for a while already. Don’t worry though it will take you some time, but you will soon reach there.

  • Do they have a good reputation?

The only way to keep the buyers coming is if you have all the positive reviews from your actual buyers. Let your buyer give you some review and preferably the positive ones to make you popular among customers.

So, Lets Sell

There you have it all the steps you need to become a hair vendor. Remember if you put in the effort it will pay off. Make marketing campaigns and adverts for even more sales.

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