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How Much is Human Hair?

Human hair is no longer a luxury for women but a necessity for their beauty. Whenever you feel the need to alter your look slightly, you should go and look for human hair. Now we have different qualities of human hair that come at different prices. The truth is that you get what you pay for.

The very best quality of human hair wigs will equally cost you a lot. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a suitable hair type at a lower price. This leads us to the question you hear time and time again, how much does human hair cost? Well, I have news for you, there’s no precise cut cost for the hair. The price depends on several factors.

Factors that determine the cost of the human hair

The quality of the hair

Although we are talking of the human hair here, be informed that if say you use synthetic hair, you will make a cheaper purchase. But well, we are talking of human hair here, and that’s often a little pricey. The difference in price depends on the quality of human hair.

A good example is that: the higher grade is more expensive than, the lower grade. Here the highest grade is 10A, and that will always cost you more than when you have to buy say grade 6A. Of course, if you want the most affordable and quality hair, you should choose grade 8A & 9A.

For example, if you have the grade 10A of a hair type costing around $200, another similar type of hair that has a lower grade 7A will cost about $120. As we said theirs no precise cost because different hair sellers set different values.

The length

This will further determine the cost. You see, making long hair means that you have to invest more hair and time to make the extension.

Of course, different people prefer different lengths, but the different human hair lengths will cost you differently.

For example, a 12 inch to 4-inch wig will cost you anything from $50 – $80 in our shop. But then an 8-inch wig will cost you about $40.

Heres a first-hand example to make sense

100 Human Remy 99J 3 Bundles Body Wave

We have the hair lengths ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches. Now the 12 inches one will cost $92.51, but the 24 inches one will cost $174.72.

2 Bundles Russian Curly

This comes with a length range of between 8-32 inches. If you are buying the 8 inches hair, you will buy it at $46.08, but if you are purchasing the 32 inches one, then it will cost you $221.09.

Now, aside from the lengths, there are other factors like the color and the type of hair that determine its price.

The texture of the hair

The one thing that influences the cost here is with texture popularity. Straight hair is more popular, yet it appears more comfortable to make. Therefore it costs lesser than the curly hair. Of course, it takes even more time to make the curly hair than it does the straight one.

For example

Brazilian Deep Curly Virgin 100% Human Hair

It will cost you about $105.04 for the virgin hair that’s 10 inches.

Best Virgin Brazilian Straight Remy Human Hair

This will cost you a cheaper $62.22 for the same 10 inches.

Now this gives you the clearest indication that the texture sometimes also influences the price. Remember, the harder it is to process hair, the higher the cost.

The color

You can choose any color that pleases you. Some women love to wear natural-looking colors, which means they go for the hair in its natural form. Also, you know, since you don’t have to change the natural color of the hair, it’s cheaper than if you change its color.

But the color is just one factor that influences the price amidst various other things.

Brazilian 13×4 Wavy Short Bob Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

This will cost you $71.83, but of course, it has other better facts like the lace closure

613 Bonde Brazilian 13×6 Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

They will cost you about $125.23, but of course, this is a slightly longer hair.

So as you can see, the color of the hair can and will create another difference in the hair you choose. So if you want a cheaper option, it would be best to go for the natural color.

The quantity of human hair

The other factors that will influence the cost is the number of bundles you use. If you want to increase the length or volume, you will need to use 3-4 bundles depending on your head size. If you are going to make a sew in with the closure, you may need two or three bundles with the closure.

It further depends on the size of your head to know when you want to see the number of bundles to use. Notice that its cheaper to buy three bundles of hair than it is to buy one. If you say buy the curly hair of 10 inches, it will cost you $105.04, but when you buy three bundles, it doesn’t cost you $315. Instead, it comes at about $290K.

Keep in mind that the size and length of the hair also matters. Generally, the bundle of hair varies based on the color, the texture, and the length of the hair. Some will cost as little as $38 or as much as $300. Some factors will determine its price.

Where did you buy the hair?

Are you buying the hair from India or China? Or are you buying it for the UK? The cost of production determines the price of the hair. There’s a reason why we have many people buying from China and India. It’s because its cheaper to source hair for there.

In a nutshell, it will cost you, on average about $400 for good human hair. But if you want the wig customized, it will cost even more. Also, the different colors influence the cost of the hair. The name of the hair also determines the price. If you bought Brazilian hair, it’s not the same price as purchasing the Eurasian hair.

Brazilian hair is often cheaper than the Eurasian because the Eurasian hair isn’t easily accessible. Also, the Vietnamese hair is expensive because they say it has the best quality.

In the end, notice that many things will influence the price, as you have seen above. Therefore, the many things we are saying is there’s no clear cut price for the human hair. It depends on the factors above.



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