How Much Hair You Need (How Many Bundles Do I Need) – The Complete Guide

If you are a stylist you will have heard this question a million times in your lifetime.

How much hair should I buy?

While figuring out how much hair you need for your hairstyle is hard, it’s not entirely impossible.

How Much Hair You NeedThere are important factors that determine how much hair you should buy and they include:

  • How full you want your head?
  • Are you going to use closure/frontal?

These are a few of the many questions you ought to answer.

Always remember this, when you are making the hair weave you are making it for you and not anyone else.

Factors to Consider

  1. Length

Do you like it long? You are going to need more bundles because hair tends to thin out at the tip. When you are going for a fuller and long weave, go and buy yourself more bundles.

You don’t expect to use the same bundles you would use if you are wearing a 12-inch weave when wearing a 28-inch weave.

You can check the hair length chart here. If you want to know more about choosing the right length of hair extensions, here comes what you need.

  1. Texture

Do you love the silky straight or the wavy hair? I know most people like to change the hair from curly to wavy hair. Whenever you are deciding how many weave bundles to buy, remember curly and wavy are on two ends of the stick.

When you are buying straight weave, you will use more hair than when you are buying curly weave.

Further reading: Different Types of Textures Hairstyles

  1. The head size

Notice that if your head is smaller or larger than average you will need to adjust the hair bundles. The average head of an American woman is often 22.5˝.

  1. Are you going to use frontal or closure?

We all know what they do, they give us the natural finished look. But what else they do is that they occupy some bit of space which then means that you do reduce the number of bundles you use.

The braids

I know braids have been in existence for a long time. People like them more when it’s getting hot. This is probably one style that will not go out of fashion especially for the women of color.

The box braids are even more popular and while you can use your natural hair, you need to use the braids to help you in adding the length. The secret to maintaining that perfect look of the braids is in making a great parting.

While some people find it easy to triangular part others find it easy to box part. Mind you the braids are protective, they are never out of style, they are low maintenance.

1. How many packs for box braids?

braids hairThis is a question of personal preference.

If you like to have medium and mid-length braids you should go for about 6-7 braids depending on the size of your head.

Other factors that determine the number of braids include how thin your hair is and how long you want them to stay on.

Generally, it goes back to the size you are installing as well as the length. Most people work with 8-10 Kanekalon braids. Nevertheless, if you are using xpression braids then you should prepare 4-6 packs.

Let’s not forget that some people like the braids being super long to the waist length. If this is you then you will use about 12-13 Kanekalon braids. Though for the xpression braids you need about 8-9 braids.

When you are making the medium length and medium width braids you only need about 9-11 packs of regular braids and 7-9 packs of xpression.

For the short braids, on the other hand, you can make 7-8 packs of Kanekalon braids. You can also look for xpression 5-6 packs.

With all this said, you should know that even how full you want the braids matter. You should, however, be wary of straining your hair strands when you add more weight than it can handle.

The medium length with medium width is normally the ideal size and length of box braids you should use.

2. How many micro braids for the box braids?

micro braidsMicro braids are generally the tiny braids you use to fix the box braids. They are great as they suit almost every other person you could think of and they never strain your hair. They even happen to be the easiest style for you to rock.

They further allow you to style it in different methods. Depending on the length you are opting for you will need at least 3 packs for the micro braids. But remember, as you increase the length so do you need to increase the braids. Sometimes you may even use up to 5 braids.

3. The goddess braids

goddess braidsThis goddess braids are usually similar to the cornrows except for the fact that the braids are larger than cornrows. Well, the secret to a great look of the goddess braids is to ensure you create about 4-6 braids. They, unlike the cornrows, use more hair.

For the number of packs, you need it depends on the style you are choosing. Some people just like to make two braids while others may make up to six. Nevertheless, the average braids packs you will use is 3-5 packs.

Remember if it’s longer you will need more braids if it’s thicker the same. Aside from the braids, you will need a few more items like the gel, Denman brush, rat-tail comb, hair clamps, moisturizer.

4. Cornrows


We all love cornrows, right? Cornrows are versatile and they allow you to have all the different hairstyle you can think of in the long and short form. This is a traditional African braiding style. This happens when you braid the hair very close to your scalp.

The most important thing, in this case, is to make sure you can create the perfect lines. You use these cornrows when you want to protect the hair and enhance the growth. Depending on the style you are creating you may need to use a different amount of hair for the different styles.

If you are making the feed in cornrows you only need a pack of xpression braids and 2 of Kanekalon braids.

When you decide to make the medium sized 10 rows you need about 2 packs of xpression braids and 3-4 packs of Kanekalon hair. Albeit, if you have thin hair, you should add a little more braid for increased body and length.

In all essence though, don’t go all in for your cornrows if you have thin hair.

5. Fulani braids

Fulani braidsThere’s a reason you must have noticed many celebrities including Alicia keys wearing these braids, they are hot. If you haven’t yet worn the braids, know that you are missing out. This kind of braids is inspired by the people of West Africa as well as East Africa.

I think the reason why this style has made it into the market once again is because of the natural hair movement we have today. You can wear these braids using the different color, length, and thickness and this is what may cause the difference in the packs you use.

Generally, if you would like the braids to go a little past your shoulders, you ought to use about 9 packs of Kanekalon hair and if you are using xpression only 7 are needed.

6. Lemonade braids

Lemonade braidsThese braids got their name for one of Beyoncé’s album that hit the market in the 21st century called lemonade. The lemonade braids although not new were worn during the release of the songs. It had the hair swept to one side of the face.

To date, the women, call for this side swept braids. This style is you’re on the go-to style when you are out of styles to try. You only need about 6 packs of the regular braids but if you have a lot of hair you will need a couple more braids.

While you may like them shorter, lemonade braids are often best made longer.

7. The braided updo

Justice braided updoThis is another one of the most popular braiding styles we have in the market. Some people call it Ghanaian updo. It’s fantastic yet easy to make. This is an easy style to make and you need not more than 2-3 Kanekalon braids.

For those of us who have thick hair, you ought to use 3-4 braids. Nevertheless, whenever you want to use the xpression braids you will use lesser braids as usual.


How manypacks should you use?

The crochet braids were popular around the 90’s they then just lost their popularity and again today they are quite popular. They are a little different from the ancient ones though. The hair used in the crocheting braids is a little more natural today than it used to be.

crochet braids

Often this hairstyle makes it easy for you to DIY if you like the DIY method. This hair braids are normally inexpensive. And it will take you such a short time to install. You must, however, braid the hair over your natural hair.

You see the packs you need vary depending on the style you are using, the length as well as the volume of hair you use. Some people love to wear bulky hair while others don’t and all these are important factors of consideration.

Nevertheless, on average you may just need 5 packs.

If you are making crochet braids locs or twists you need just 4-5 packs and for the curly and straight braids you will need just 5-6 regular braids.

For the xpression hair, depending on the style you are choosing, you may just need a 1-1½ pack of hair.

If you are using the Kanekalon hair then you will use at least 4 packs.

8. Senegalese twist

Senegalese twistThis hairstyle is also known as the rope twist hair where you wrap your favorite braiding hair around the roots of your natural hair. Then two strands twist the hair from the roots to the ends. This style makes it easy to protect all the afro-textured hair.

You end up protecting it from the environmental factors like the heat and humidity. You can use the human hair braids for the process or the synthetic braids. However, most people go for synthetic braids as they are easy to knot and twist.

For the Senegalese braids if you are making medium-large braids, use 3-4 packs of Senegalese twist xpression braids.

If you will get the small twists you should also use 2 packs. This is when you are using the xpression braids.

When using Kanekalon braids you should use 6-8 packs for small twists and 8-12 for other brands.

9. Kinky twist

Kinky twistThis is another common style among those who have kinky hair. This has especially become popular because of the common natural hair movement. Nevertheless, if you have people who know how to make it you will soon be turning heads.

So, the most common style that the people applying the kinky twist do is to make a color combination.

You only need about 4 packs of noir collection twists. If you are using the Kanekalon or other brands you should buy about 5-6 packs.

10. Havana twists

These are thicker fuller twists that you apply using just two strands. With this style, the secret is to make it loose so that it appears fuller. They are very close to Marley twists although they have a different cost. They further feel different and look different.

The good thing about the Havana twist is that they can be used with different hair types. They appear cute and funky but you don’t need to leave them on for longer than 6 weeks. Even when you are wearing it make sure you don’t strain your baby hairs.

They further act as a protective mechanism for your hair. You only need 5-6 packs of the xpression braids. When using other brands, you can wear at least 12 packs.

11. Tree Braids

Tree BraidsThis makes one of the most popular braid styles in the African American community. It works with the hair extension when you need to add the length and make the hair look full. This hairstyle you do when you create tight and small braids.

You may use the hairstyle with any of your hair types although it works best if you have kinky and thick hair. It works to protect your hair and it then gives it time to relax. It takes about 3-4 hours to attach.

There are hundreds of styles you may use to make the tree braids and you will need to use 3-4 packs of loose hair.

100 Grams of Hair Is How Many Bundles

All this depends on a number of factors which include the length of the hair and the thickness. However, the general rule of the thumb is that a single bundle will most probably make for 100grams of the hair.

I have found most hair extension to be the same as the following statement.

1 hair bundle = 4 oz=113grams. So, like we stated the 4 oz should make for the over 100g of hair.

Are 3 Bundles of Hair Enough for A Full Head

It all depends on the kind of hair you are wearing and your head size among other factors. However, generally, 3 bundles should just be enough for you. This will even make your hair look full and voluminous.

You have to put into consideration your head size length cut and head shape.

Sew in-How Many Bundles Do You Need?

When you are making a sew-in hair or other hairstyles. Consider the fact that the type of hair you are going for will most likely influence the number of bundles you wear. Note that the curly hair is less dense than a straight one.

What to consider when making the hair

What is your head size?

Of course, the head size will determine the number of bundles you should use. On average the head is usually 22.5 inches. If you have a bigger head, you should expect to use more bundles than if you have a smaller head.

The hair length

hair lengthYour need for more bundles when you has greater length is inevitable. The more the inches the more the bundles because long hair tends to thin at the tip of the hair. When you are using more hair then you will achieve the full look.

The texture

Whether you have curly or straight human hair, you may use the textures of hair. With the curly hair, you only need a few bundles because you already have a fuller look. Consider buying just 2-3 bundles for that full look.

If you are wearing a straight human hair extension, you will need about 3-5 bundles of hair. This is also dependent on the length you are reaching for.

The volume of the hair

If you need more volume, you will need more bundles. But it’s also dependent on the sew in style you are going for. If you are reaching for a part sew in then the bundles you use are fewer.

Packs Vs Bundles

You can either choose your hair bundles in pack form or bundles form. Either way you will have what you are looking for but let’s check the difference.

The cost

The packs of hair are often affordable but the downside is that you can never reuse them. You can’t alter them and they tangle easily and shed quick.

The bundles cost a little more although they are a long-term investment. The secret is to take good care of them. They are furthermore popular because they are versatile and allow you to change the style. You will even treat them in the same way you do with your natural hair.

Bundles are more versatile in texture and density. And they look natural to use.

How Many Brazilian Bundles Do You Need?

Even for the Brazilian hair, it mostly depends on the type of hair you are choosing. The length and texture equally matter. Notice that, you will need anything between 2-4 bundle to achieve the natural look you are going for.

Body wave, for example, requires that you use 2 bundles if short and 4 bundles if long.

How Many Bundles Do You Need for A Full Sew in With Closure?

The factors above will come into play although most closures occupy just a small space the difference it will make is massive.  For a full sew in, you will need about 3-5 bundles of hair or 4-7 packs of hair.

When you are using the closure, you will need about 3 bundles as long as you are using between 8-18 inches. But when you go beyond 18 then you need to use at least 4 bundles. Now if you are wearing a lace closure wig, you will need 2-3 bundles of hair.

How Many Bundles Do You Need When You Have A Sew in And Frontal?

The frontal will run from ear to ear therefore if you are going for a full sew in you will need 2-3 bundles of hair. Although you can add the 3-4 bundles for the full look.

How Many Bundles Do You Need with A 360 Frontal Do You Need?

You should know that the 360 frontal covers the entire perimeter of your head. Like the frontal and closure above and including other factors, you should only use about 2-3 bundles.

How many bundles do I need for the curly hair extensions?

Simply you will need lesser bundles compared to the ones you use when you are wearing straight hair. You need about 2 bundles. Although if you are going for an even Fu look you can use 3 bundles but be careful that it shouldn’t look unnatural.

How Many Packs Do You Use for Quick Weave?

For the quick weave, you should only use 2 packs whereby the second pack is meant to cover for the hair in case the 1st one isn’t enough.

Which hair is best for box braids?

Of course, you can have the synthetic or human hair but, in this case, the synthetic hair is the best as it’s easy to hold and braid at the roots without sliding. Most people, in fact, go for the Kanekalon hair. Xpression is the most common brand of Kanekalon hair.

It’s smooth and full. Nonetheless, there are other brands you may use. Human hair won’t last if the synthetic hair.

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