7 Best Hair Weaving Techniques (Types Of Hair Weaving)

Whoever invented the hair weaving techniques saved a whole globe. This is the easiest way to achieve a new style of hair. You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow thicker or longer.

With weaves, you already meet the best hair technique.

For you to understand this better, weaving technique is the method you use to add the weave to your natural hair and scalp. So, you will have the hair woven to the root part of the hair. Often it will appear to be growing naturally with your hair.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman; hair weaving technique is impressive.

Who Can Use the Weaves?

There’s a reason why weaves are very popular today, and it’s because more people find it useful. But who are these people using it?

Anyone can use the weaves no rulebook says so and so can’t use it.

Whether you have long hair, short or you are bald hair, you have every reason to use it. The point is, you should know the technique that will work best for your hair type.

Why Use Hair Weaving Techniques?

There are different reasons why anyone uses weaves.

For lengths

Well, for some reason human beings often want that which they don’t have. No wonder, the hair industry business thrives.

If you have tried to make your hair grow to a certain length but it just won’t, maybe the alternative is to wear the weaves. It can be frustrating to invest so much on the hair when it can’t retain the lengths.

Even when you use the hair vitamins, and be as gentle as you can with the hair, often the hair won’t grow as long as you need it to. Well, weaves and other types of extension are here to save you the frustrations. You can achieve the lengths in minutes.

Sometimes you just decided to trim your hair then as we all say human beings like change, you start wishing for longer hair. No magic will lead to rapid hair growth, so, you may decide to use extensions instead.

Color change

We all admire the unique colors on other individual’s hair. But sometimes the colors can strain our natural hair. Therefore, choose to use the weaves instead. For those who would love to try a different color that you have never done before, use the weaves.

The good thing about such hair types is that you can play around with different hair color. And since it’s a weave, if you don’t enjoy the color, then you can get rid of it.

When coloring your hair, you will need to commit to taking good care of it. On the contrary, when you use the weave, you only need regular attention. If you don’t like the way the color looks on your head, you can remove it.

To enhance the volume

Some of us have thin hair that can’t even go with many styles. If this is you, then use the weaves to add volume. Some people naturally have thin hair. Thus, using the weave, you will make your hair appear naturally healthy.

In other instances, you may be experiencing hair loss due to some illnesses. You don’t have to lose your confidence just because the hair is shedding. Choose to use weaves to feel natural.

I’ve noticed that natural hair ends are thinner, and this can make you uncomfortable. So, to combat this problem, consider using the weave types.

A different style

Well if you have beautiful natural hair with long lengths and thickness, you may use the weaves to amp the style. Naturally, the hair weave will make your hair more appealing and stylish. Whenever you want to change your style, you can use the weaves.

There are styles that your natural hair won’t achieve, but if you use the weaves then you get it immediately. A good example is if you have curly hair and you want the bone straight hair, even if you used straightening tools, it wouldn’t reach the same texture.

Weaves will make you change up your look. Most people won’t recognize you when you use the weaves to achieve a style difference.

Sometimes people want to create accessories on their hair for more style, and that’s okay. For example, if you want to create a braided halo crown, you will need to use the extension.

Special occasions call for special attention to your looks. A good example is that you can achieve the voluminous curls with the weaves as opposed to your natural hair.

Weaves protect your hair

If you use the weaves right and know when to remove them, they will protect your hair. Notice that it will cause no damage to the hair if you follow the instructions on how to maintain it. Seek the services of a professional stylist when attaching it to your hair.

The only problem often occurs when you don’t apply the extension right. Or you don’t care for your natural hair beneath the weave. Remember to care for your hair even when it’s beneath the weave.

I know you are protecting it from the bad weather and constant manipulation but remember to care for the natural hair.

Its easy to use

Well, you don’t need to go to school for this, you can make the hair stylish regardless. Once you have it attached, then you will only need to brush and style it to place. Therefore, you will save much more time and still look your best.

They are a low commitment

Well if today you decided to cut your hair, you will need to give it a couple of months to see it grow. Weaves can let you wear short hair or long one within a short time.

The good thing is, if you want to change it then you will remove it and change it. No one requires you to stay with the hair longer than you are ready for.

Weaving techniques

There are several weaving techniques as you will see below.

1. Sew in

This is mostly popular among black women because of their hair texture. Well, it’s one of the weaving techniques that you have to do in the salon because it takes a bit of some skill to get it right and secure. The essence is for you to make the style appear as your natural hair.

It doesn’t matter the hair you want to achieve with it. You can use synthetic or human hair for the same. They all will come out perfect if you know how to make it.

How Do You Sew in A Net Hair WeaveHeres what you need to do

The first thing to do is to make tiny cornrows braids that attach to your scalp. This will keep the natural hair flat and close to the scalp.  Remember how you plait the hair determines how long the weave will last. Don’t make the braids too tight nor too loose.

If you make the braids too tight, you will start experiencing headaches, and sometimes it causes hair shedding.

Once you have the braids on, you can sew in the wefts onto the braided hair. Use the curved needle and thread to go through the weave, then to the first braid. Remember to form a knot here. Do this across all of the cornrows.

In the end, you will have a perfect connection between the hair extension and the scalp. Also, make sure you loop the ends when wafting.

You will need to sew in all the bundles of hair you have, whether three or four. It all depends on the number of bundles and how thick you would like the hair to be. Fill in the space you may have left to create a complete finish.

Depending on how you intended for the hair to come out, you can blend it in with the natural hair or use the frontals in the front section. Now style the hair as you wish and off you go about your day.

A sew in will help you change your style, length, texture, and volume. Furthermore, it completely protects your natural hair.

Notice that this style suits almost any kind of hair even though black people wear it more often.

Remember the following

  • You will need between 2 – 5 hours for the installation. It does take you time during the installation, and thus you should have time for the style.
  • The weave style will last longer, depending on how much care you give the hair. It does last between 8-12 weeks. Well, this makes it one of the best styles to use by those who want to keep their hair from constant manipulation.
  • You may use the synthetic hair, but it often doesn’t look like your natural hair. If you use human hair, it will look so much like your natural hair.
  • Remember where you are installing the weave at determines how much it will cost you. Often its anything between $150-$800. I know you may ask why the wide gap and as I said it’s because of the location. Hair professionals charge you differently, so be ready for it.

Things to know about the sew in

Although this is the most common weaving technique, you will need to know a few things before you attach the weave. I only recently started to make my sew in style. But the following are the things I wish someone told me long ago.

  • It takes a shorter time to install

As a black woman, I must agree that braids have been my style for so many years. I loved box braids, goddess braids, micro braids, and just about any braid in the market. While we enjoy the braids, it’s unfortunate that you take too long to install it.

The sew in will take you such a short time to install. Micro braids, for example, look so good but they can take up to 12 hours to install. A sew in will take you about 3 hours depending on the stylist you use.

  • Girl, the sweat and sew in are enemies

I don’t know the texture or style you have chosen, but you will need to revitalize it to keep you looking fresh and maintained. If your weave is curly, use a curling wand to maintain the texture. But, don’t worry it won’t take you long to help it retain the style.

It’s only sad if you sweat a lot. Those of us who love the gym, for example, sweating will be inevitable. But the sweat will damage your hair faster. Make sure you cool and clean the scalp after your workout.

I find it advisable to use the fan during the workout. It will minimize sweating. I know the essence of working out is sweating but what if it will damage the hair? If you use a fan, therefore, you won’t have to wash the hair often.

You can choose to wash the hair after a workout and dry it with a blow-dry to not only get rid of the foul smell but also keep it dry.

  • Wash day is a hustle

You see you have the hair extension on, so washing the hair will take more work than washing your natural hair. Your natural hair is often light even if you have thick hair, but since this is an extension, it will be either too long or too thick.

Washing it requires you to have time. You need to give it a thorough wash and thorough drying to maintain the style and cleanliness. It’s even different if you have left-outs because the way you wash both hairs is different.

Remember you also have to condition the hair if you need it to last longer. The products you use on the hair matter so you shouldn’t just pick any products. The hair products you choose shouldn’t deteriorate your hair quality.

  • Before installation, you will have to prep the hair

Don’t just go into attaching the weave before you have conducted some preparation for it. Although some people don’t care for this, it’s such a vital part of the weave installation. Clean the natural hair with the right shampoo and conditioner before you install the sew in.

This makes sure you keep it itch-free and smelling fresh. Have you ever smelt the dirty sew in weave? It’s a foul smell, therefore, keep the hair clean and fresh. Don’t let it develop molds.

Don’t be the one that we talk about tomorrow. Clean the hair before you attach the weave but also when you have the weave on. Moreover, consider cleaning the wefts before you attach them on the head. This will keep you safe from any form of allergic reactions.

  • This hair will take longer to dry

We always like to air dry our hair just because we don’t want to damage it, but sadly it will take so long to dry out. Even if you are using the dryers, it takes some time to dry even your natural hair beneath the weave.

Have some time after your wash day to keep it dry. If you don’t properly dry the hair, it will also smell. Sometimes if you don’t correctly dry the hair, it will form molds which deteriorate your scalp and hair health.

Don’t be a victim of hair loss due to your carelessness. Well, although you can go beyond eight weeks with the hair, it’s advisable to remove the hair once it reaches the six weeks mark. This lets you wash your natural hair properly and give it some TLC.

  • The style isn’t always protective

Although the belief is that this style must be protective, it’s not always protective if you don’t know how to use it. If, for example, you had leave outs, the sew in can’t protect that part and thus the damage still occurs.

Of course it will protect you from heat damage and bad weather. However, if you don’t care for your hair, you will still experience hair shedding.

An important tip when making the sew in is you don’t need leave outs to blend in anymore because that subjects your natural hair to damage. If you want to protect your hair with the sew in, then maybe you should use the closures and frontals.

If you have to use the leave outs, though, you should take a weave texture that’s very close to your natural hair. You should take a texture that will force you to over manipulate the natural hair.

2. Net Weaving

You may classify this style among the most permanent style of weaving the hair. It’s a stable method of weaving the hair. Most of those who use it have balding and thinning issues. This style is similar to the one above but with a few alterations.

Net WeavingHow to net weave

Like the sew in, you will need to make your natural hair lie flat. This you can do by braiding the hair to cornrow patterns of your choice.

Once you have this on, then you will need to wear a thin film net. This net is often breathable to make sure your scalp has the proper circulation of air. So, you can sew the net in place first before the sew in process.

Well, the net is the barrier between your natural hair and the weave. It also makes the natural hair lie very flat on the head surface. Some people even decide to tie their natural hair with pins beneath the net.

Once you have this on, you can begin to sew in the wefts of hair onto the net for a complete look. The process of weaving netting requires professional expertise.

Why do you need to use the net for sew in?

This method is the same as the sew in style above except for the use of a net. But below is the reason why you all need to use a net for the sew in.

  • Keeps your natural hair from strenuous pulling

If you have to attach the weave to your natural hair directly, you must be careful. Otherwise, you risk pulling your hair with the thread and needle. Well, the essence of the net is to provide a barrier between the hair and the extension.

This means that you won’t subject the hair to damages. You may pull the net but not your natural hair.

  • It lasts longer

Since you don’t strain your natural hair, the sew in will last longer than when you have sewn it direct on the braids.

  • It flattens your braid making it look more natural

Well, the net will make the sew in look flatter and thus more natural-looking. The essence of the net is often to flatten the braids.

  • The net sometimes has nourishing oils

The hardest part is often reaching the scalp when cleaning and you have the net on. However, some of the nets have the hydrating oils that nourish your scalp, making it healthy.

  • Keeps the hair in place

It’s like the anchor of the style. Wearing it means that your weave will look like it’s in place for a long time.

How long will it last?

Like the style above the weave may last a maximum of three months, but you should have it off your head after about six weeks. This gives your natural hair time to breath and you can take good care of it.

3. Clip in

Brazilian Human Hair Extensions Clip In 3B 3C Kinky Curly Extensions Natural Black (4)Are you one of those who aren’t patient? Consider the clip in style.

This is one of the most common styles that will help you not only immediately increase the volume, but also lengths. The best features of this style is that they are the cheapest of all styles yet temporary. It’s famous because you can attach it quickly.

This style is popular among Caucasian women but also Asians and Latinas. I’m not saying that black women can’t use it, but it’s not as popular with them.

Often black women struggle to retain the lengths, and that’s why they prefer a style that doesn’t leave their natural hair out like the clip ins.

Getting the hair with a similar texture as your hair isn’t always easy. Sadly, the clip in the extension must blend in with the natural hair. If it doesn’t then it’s noticeable. I believe this is the reason why black women don’t wear them often.

Other women with different textures ranging from straight to wavy hair use it more. It’s easy to find the clip in extension with the high textures and color. If you want to enjoy it, make sure you attach it right. Otherwise, it will strain your natural hair and ultimately cause hair loss.

How to get the clip in extension on

You should see where to install the clip ins, and you will only know this when you brush your hair. So, the very first step is to brush the hair.

Also, confirm that the length of the weft fit in with your natural hair. You can measure it against your natural hair and it should be at most 4 inches longer than your hair.

Go on to the middle of your head and clip in the hair on a section of the natural hair. Before you go to the next step, confirm that you have clipped-in right by gently pulling the hair. It shouldn’t come off. If it does, then it’s not attached right.

Attach another piece of hair over the first one but after a section of your natural hair. And go on to add a few more.

Blend in the hair by brushing all the hair together. Finish off by mussing the hair, and you are good to go.

Do this clip in damage your hair?

Well, this is a question so prevalent online, and I bet answering it will clear any doubt as to whether you should use it or not. Although most people claim that the style will damage your natural hair, the cause is that you didn’t apply the extensions right.

I must say that although hair extension can damage your hair, clip ins are the safest to use just because they are temporary.

Does it pull your hair?

Well did you attach it right?

If you attached the hair right then how will it pull l your hair? In fact, the clips today come with a little rubber on them, and that means that they will rarely pull your natural hair. They won’t even snag or damage the hair.

Remember, although you will have a large weft, there will be several clips to distribute the weight evenly. Anyone with more delicate hair should add even more clips for a secure hold.

Is it a taboo to sleep in your extension?

Well, this one I wish we should use a loudspeaker to scream it out. Even if you went out last night, and you came home drunk make sure you remove the clip ins. They are damaging if you sleep in them.

While you go to sleep, you will most probably roll on and on. Rolling pulls the clips and thus lead to snag and strain on your natural hair. You may even pull out the hair if you aren’t careful. Clip ins are great but don’t sleep wearing them.

This clip in will cause traction alopecia

By now, you should know that any form of hair extension or tightening your hair will lead to hair loss and shedding. So, clip in isn’t the only reason that you may develop the problem. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t wear the style over a long time.

If you wear the style every day, then you risk developing traction alopecia. I like though that you can remove the clip in every evening after wearing them to let your hair breath.

Do they stop the hair growth?

Your hair grows; naturally, there’s nothing like the clip ins stopping the growth of hair. Practice the safe use of the clip ins and you will realize an increase in the lengths and volume over time and not the vice versa.

How long do they last?

The good thing about clip ins is that you won’t wear it daily. In fact, you won’t even sleep in them and this is why it lasts for almost six months.

It, however, depends on the kind of hair you are using. If you use the good quality hair, it will last longer but if you choose a poor quality one, then it won’t last. Also, the trick to having it last longer is in proper maintenance. Be careful about the storage when you remove the extension.

Notice that the sew in, and other permanent styles won’t last as long because you will have them on when you are going to sleep.

So, whats the secret to making it last longer

It doesn’t matter whether you are using the synthetic or human hair, if you want it to last longer, it will last longer. You, however, have to maintain it, clean the hair, and brush it.

The essence of brushing the hair is to make sure it doesn’t tangle easily. But the disclaimer is don’t wear the extension every day if you intend for them to last longer.

The cost

Clip in extension will cost you anything from $20 – $300. Again, it will depend on where you are buying the hair.

4. Fusion

Fusion hair extensionsLet’s say that this is the best style but it’s the most expensive I believe than all the others. It’s more permanent yet, it gives your hair a more natural look. From the name, this style is about the fusing of the hair extension to your natural hair.

At least some of the styles above you can apply on your own. But Fusion needs you to go to the salon and not any salon but one with a professional in this area. Notice that you have to attach the extension one strand at a time.

This style has no braids, no wefts or tracks, and that makes it look the most natural. You may treat the hair as your natural hair. Running your hands to the scalp is easy and won’t even damage the weave.

Types of fusion weave

There are two dominant types of fusion weaves. Cold fusion and hot fusion

Cold fusion

This is one of the modern methods of attaching the weaves that aims at being gentle on the hair. So, you will use the keratin-based polymer in attaching the hair to the root of your hair strands.

To install it, you will use tiny weaving pliers and then attach the strands to a section of your natural hair. You do all this while it doesn’t use any form of heat on the hair.

Cold fusion is also called the micro loop/micro link. So, you expect to weave small sections of the hair to your natural hair but through tiny loops or tubes. This is the most natural hair way of applying for the extension.

If you are looking for a style that will not want you to change your lifestyle, you should use the cold fusion style. It will last about six months after you apply it. The good thing is that it won’t damage your natural hair but be sure to maintain the style.

Hot fusion

This is the older method that uses the heating method in attaching the hair. You will have other people refer to it as keratin hair extension or tip hair extension.

Here you attach the weaves to the natural hair using the heated keratin adhesive. You will apply small bundles of hair to your natural hair.

Often when attaching the extensions, you will need to use glue. We try to avoid glue on our hair. The good thing with this is that you use the keratin adhesive. That’s perfect because you seem to give your hair the same dose it has.

Remember your hair contains 90% keratin protein. The protein is often gentler on the hair than the regular glue.

One thing that makes it a lot popular is that it allows you to style your hair in a variety of ways. You can create updos with your hairstyle or even hold all of your hair down.

It should take at least 3-5 hours to install, depending on the stylists.

It further lasts about four months without damaging your hair in any way.

I love that the style is easy to maintain.  In fact, you can wash your hair as frequently as you like. But the best part is that you may use the hair products that you would typically use on your natural hair.

So, you don’t have to wonder about the lifestyle change when you have the extension.

General benefits of fusion hair

Well, like any other hair extension, there are reasons why you would wish to have it on.

  • They are the easiest way to get longer and fuller hair

You will have the pre bonded hair weave, and that like other styles is an easy way to achieve an increase in lengths and volume. You will have to fuse the hair to your natural hair and that you know makes all the difference in people.

  • They are durable

Fusion hair extension is permanent compared to most other weaving methods. Remember you will be sleeping with the style but it will last between 4-6 months. Of course, you should go for touch-ups though to make sure it lasts longer.

Remember the kind of hair you use and the installation quality will mean the hair either last longer or not.

  • It will hold on to the natural hair

Most people can’t even tell you are wearing weaves unless they run their fingers to your scalp. The fusing method gets the hair held tightly onto your natural hair. You should make sure the hair is properly installed if to keep it lasting longer.

  • It’s an excellent choice for thick hair

If you have weak and thin hair, fusion hair won’t work for you so you should use it if you already have the thick hair.

  • The cost

This hair will take longer to apply, and it also involves thousands of dollars. You should expect to use at least $1500 for the style.

Specific maintenance tips for the fusion style

There’s only one trick to making sure the style lasts, and it’s in the maintenance and care. Remember that you will have spent a lot on the same so you should learn to maintain it.

  • Only use the quality products

Of course, this is the easiest hair to maintain. But you should observe the kind of products you use on the same. You may use any products that you often use on your natural hair but make sure they contain no sulfates and paraben.

Also, consider the use of lightweight products for styling.

  • Brushing the hair

You will need to brush the hair to blend it in with your natural hair. Always use the soft bristle brush that doesn’t pull the extension. Take time when you need to detangle the hair. This will make sure you don’t pull it.

  • Sleeping

Unfortunately, you will have to sleep in this hair extension. It should be your call to make sure you don’t rough up the hair in the process. Hold the hair in a low ponytail then cover it with a satin cap. Most importantly dry the hair before you sleep.

  • The heat tools

Sometimes you may need to use the hot tools but keep them off the roots of the hair or where the fuse is.

For more information on this visit my all about fusion hair extension blog.

5. Drawstring weave

Drawstring weaveWith most of the weave styles calling for you attach the weave to the root of your natural hair; this is quite different. The other techniques are mostly permanent, but with the drawstring weave, you only need the style if you are fond of ponytail style.

The ponytail is not new in the hair extension market. It’s one of those styles that have existed for a long time. The hairstyle is quite versatile and that’s the reason why with every waking day we still have it in the market.

The ponytails are high on any length but if you want, you can accessorize it to make it more appealing. If you want to make it even better consider using the drawstring ponytail. You can make use of the chic and sleek hairstyle.

The style is safe to use because you don’t have to worry about whether the extension will damage your natural hair. It further means that you can remove the hair easy and safely. The secret to the style is, however, to make sure you choose a style which won’t come out quickly.

It uses no adhesives rather the combs or the elastic bands to stick the hair in place.

How to attach it

Gather your natural hair to a ponytail and choose where you want it to be. Is it a high, medium, side or low ponytail style? Pull the hair to whichever part you like. Make the natural hair ponytail, firm and a little tighter. You don’t want it to slide in the day.

Create an easy bun with the natural hair ends ponytail. The essence is so that it doesn’t peak through the extension. Alternatively, you can twist the hair then secure the ends.

Take the ponytail extension and use the clips to attach the hair to your natural hair bun. So, you can simply secure the hair with the drawstring and then lock the hair to place.

To finish off, wrap the ponytail with a small section of the hair extension. This will usually give you a more finished look.

Spray the hair and then off you go.


Notice that you may wear this style for as long as you wish, but it will form build up and cause damage if you overdo it.

Of course, you can remove the hair in the evening. Always remember to brush it and store it safely on a mannequin or its package.

Remember to wash the hair after a couple of uses. This will keep it looking fresh and new. Always use the sulfate-free shampoo. Once you wash it, then you can air dry it as opposed to using heat tools.

I don’t like synthetic ones but they are the most popular therefore you should read its instructions on how to maintain it.

6. Tree Braiding Weaving Technique

Tree Braiding Weaving TechniqueDo you even know what this style is, though?

Individual tree braids

Some people refer to it as the invisible braid weaving. The reason for the name is because the braids are invisible, yet you notice the weave at the end of your hair. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the salon, tree braiding may override the regular micro braids or box braids.

This style is great since it gives you different styling options.

Notice that there’s no restriction as to the kind of human hair you can use. You will choose the style, but you can use wavy hair, straight or even curly.

So, the stylist creates a braid on a portion of the hair then quarter way through; they let it flow to a weave. Remember you have to create a knot though because you don’t want the hair to unravel.

You should do this all over your head and in the end come up with a simple weave style. Finish off your style then spray it and style it.

Notice that how you care for your hair determines how long it will last. Like any other protective method, you will wash your hair with the toxin-free shampoo and conditioner. Remember to be gently when brushing the hair though.

At least this style has your scalp being open so you should focus on the scalp making sure it’s clean and nourished.

Method two- pull out tree braids

The other process of creating the tree braiding style is where you make the cornrows and add the artificial hair on.

Here’s how

Part the hair from the front to the nape of the hair then add the weave at the beginning part when creating the cornrow. You can then make 2-4 strokes of braid twist then pull out a piece of the artificial hair.

Continue doing this until you have all the hair pulled out. You can add more of the weave hair then go on pulling the hairpieces to the end. Finish off by sewing in.

7. Hair Bonding Technique

Lastly, we have the bonding technique, which is to say the most popular method in the market. The common thing to do is to part the hair into two different sections. You then add the hairpieces to the hair close to your scalp.

This style uses the glue to attach the hair to your natural hair, and the style appears more natural even though it’s meant to last for a week. For some people, we may refer to this style as the glue in method.

Lately, more people are using glue to attach their wefts to their natural hair at home. However, people suffer from hair damages when they use glue. You may use glue, but you have to be careful, remember.

Remember to apply the glue right to avoid hair damage. Although it’s the fastest method you may use to increase the volume and length, you will need to know how to separate the hair. Also, you have to apply only enough glue not too much.

In other instances, you may use the bonding method to apply the hair on a bald area. Its, therefore, like a hair replacement method. It usually forms the silicon bond on the scalp. I love that in such circumstances you can still wash, comb or shampoo the hair.

This style is quite flexible, but it will require maintenance. Also, you will need a lot of time when making it.

Things to Do Before Getting A Weave

The hair quality matter

Whether your hair remains healthy depends on the kind of hair you buy. That aside, if you want to look natural, a human hair and proper installation is the answer. Notice that not all soft hair is right contrary to most beliefs.

Check the quality of the hair but most importantly avoid the synthetic hair. You should make sure the hair doesn’t irritate your scalp. Some hair will cause too much itching that it’s uncomfortable to have it on.

To avoid this, wash the hair before you wear it. It will get rid of the packaging treatments it may still have.

  • Maintain your style

You see one’s style is often based on their lifestyle. Therefore, you should choose one that is easy for you to use. Where do you work and what’s your natural hair texture are some of the questions to ask. It also means that it’s easy to manage.

  • Wash your hair

Before you wear the weave, wash the hair with the right shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will be under the weave for a long time so you should give it a thorough clean and conditioning. It also reduces the chances of you itching.

When it comes to conditioning, it might be ideal for you to deep condition the hair. This makes sure the hair is nourished and moisturized.

  • Install the hair rightfully

Depending on the style you choose, you should make sure you install it right. Don’t tighten the braids and neither should you pull your natural hair because you may cause hair shedding. By all means, do not be the cause of alopecia.

Choose the right color and length

You may want to choose any length of weave as well as the color, but that will make you look so fake. Choose a color that blends well with your skin tone. When it comes to the length, anything above 4 inches is terrible.

It should be no more than 4 inches longer than your hair.

Choosing the Weaving Technique

There are several weaving techniques as you have seen. But when you are making the decision, many things influence it.

  • Durability

The question here is, do you like the weaving technique that lasts longer or the temporary one.? The one that lasts longer include the fusion method, sew in, netting and tree braids. The temporary ones include bonded weaves and clip ins.

If you are a person who gets tired of hair extension quick, you may need to use the temporary techniques. But if you want a permanent style use the durable techniques.

  • Maintenance

Let’s talk about maintenance.

If you are anything like me, then I would suggest you use the temporary method or any other style that doesn’t need too much manipulation. I often get tired of brushing the hair which means that curly hair would be better since you have to spray it then tousle it a bit.

  • Professional stylish

Some styles need professional stylist. Otherwise, you risk causing hair damage. Styles like fusion call for professional expertise. If you know you don’t want to use the professional, use styles like clip ins.

  • Cost

Sometimes your budget will limit your options. But a good style may cost you a lot more, you know. Fusion technique cost you thousands of dollars.

How to care for your hair beneath the weave

The last thing you should do is to neglect your natural hair beneath the weave. Remember the hair every time.

  • Shampoo and condition, it

With the help of an applicator bottle, you should shampoo and condition your hair. When washing the hair take all the time to ensure the shampoo reaches the scalp. If you don’t do this, then the hair will stink too.

  • Oil the scalp

Just the same way you would normally oil your scalp when you don’t have the weave on, you should oil the scalp when you have the weave on. Don’t over oil the hair and scalp though.

  • Remove the weave

When the time comes, you should remove the weave. Leaving the weave on for extended time will cause more damage to your natural hair.

Essential Things to Do Once You Have the Weave Out

When you remove the weave, there are a couple of things to do as you will see. But bottom line maintains gentleness in everything you do. In fact, take time off the hair weaves and give your hair some TLC.

  • Undo the braids

The first thing to do is to undo the braids. Maintain gentleness when removing the braids. The way you remove the braids determine whether the hair will last longer or not.

  • Detangle

Be as gentle as you can as you want to retain the lengths. Notice that your hair must shed a little but don’t be the reason why it sheds excessively. Work with your fingers through the growth before you begin to comb it.

Also, use a wide-toothed comb when you are combing the hair. If need be, use the detangling lotion and sprays to make the process easy.

  • Shampoo and condition

Now you will need a lump sum of shampoo on your hair. So, run the hair underwater to soak it in water first then shampoo it the first time and rinse it. Next shampoo it one more time but this time make sure it lathers. Finish off by cleaning it thoroughly.

Next, you may deep condition the hair. If you can, go for a deep conditioner that works on dry hair to pack the hair strands with moisture. Leave it on for a few minutes before you rinse it again.

  • Trim the ends

Trimming the hair will mean you chop off the split ends. This further ensures your hair doesn’t look and feel dry all the time.

  • Give the hair some time

Don’t immediately install a weave again. Let it breathe for at least a week before attaching another weave.

  • Keep off the heat

Even when you wash the hair, don’t use the heat on it because this can be more damaging. Let your hair air dry.

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