68 Easy And Cool Hairstyles For School Boys In 2021

Short hairstyles for school boys: Hairstyle has a great impact on the face and body.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the haircut you will have will suit your body and face structure along with your personality and trends.

Schoolboys can have some of the funkiest and yet easily manageable haircuts that will keep them at the top of their game. 12 such cool short haircuts for schoolboys are listed below.

1. Super short crew cuts


Crew cuts are the most convenient of all hairstyles for school boys.

It can be maintained at home with regular trimming with an electric razor. The hair stays in place and does not gather any dirt easily.

2. Side bangs


This is one of the most popular haircuts among school boys because it is stylish, smart and adds volume to the face without the image of having very long hair even though the hair needs to grow out quite a bit to achieve this look.

3. Medium length layered hair


Most of the educational institutions allow boys to have medium length hair as it reduces the chances of fuss while maintaining it and also gives smaller scopes for using too many hair products.

Medium length layered hair can be stylized in several ways too!

4. Spiked hair


Spiked hair can be achieved by having a voluminous hair in the center of the head.

These can be spiked up with the use of some hair serum that nourishes the hair too.

5. Shaggy hair


Most little boys love to have a ruffled and rugged look in their hair because it makes them look older than their age. The shaggy haircut is very easy to maintain and can be achieved even with short hair!

6. Bangs:


Many young school boys are following the little starlet, Greyson Chance for his uber stylish hair which he often wears with uneven bags messily placed on his forehead.

This makes the face look lovelier and more stylish without having to use any hair product.

7. Curly hair


Having naturally curly hair is a blessing in disguise to many people. But often than not, kids miss out of the number of ways curly hair can be stylized.

It is also very convenient because there is no need to add volume artificially. Also, you do not need a comb to keep it in place!

8. The Funky Cornrow


The cornrow never goes out of style no matter what year or season it is. It is one of the most stylish haircuts and one of the most, if not the most convenient hairstyle for kids going to school.

It does take some time to get it done but once it is done, you can go around without any fuss or bothering about how your hair looks because the cornrows will stay just in place till you untie them.

9. The razor cut


If you want to look formal and also stylish in school depending on the occasion, the razor cut is definitely for you. It is easily manageable and can be styled perfectly depending on the occasion.

10. Side parted hair


This hairstyle imparts a classic look to the face. It is also suitable for formal occasions like inter-school events. A partial parting to the hair will give a softer look to the face.

11. The Faux hawk


This haircut is evergreen and it never goes out of style. It can also be transformed into different hairstyles depending on the occasion.

12. The Caesar cut


If you have a round face, then this haircut is most suitable for you. It is low maintenance and can be set with the use of fingers alone!

13. Spiky undercut


A spiky undercut hairstyle is a great option for men who want to look attractive. A little hair gel and some imagination will turn any regular and boring haircut into a spiky sensation.

This dreamy look is bound to turn some heads and make a great impression.

14. Highlighted spike


The highlights do wonders to create a cool and spunky look. A spike and highlights make a winning combination. The colors you choose can be different and can go from regular blond to fabulous red or even violet.

15. Side swept bangs


Side-swept bangs are a great way to diversify the usual fohawk or undercut.

Leave the hair on top long enough to play around with the bangs. A little hair gel will let the bangs take any shape you want. From spike to ivy league.

16. Ivy League cut


The ivy league cut will never go out of style. It can be worn on any occasion and will fit any type of hair and face structure.

It is the classical short haircut that is often popular among school boys thanks to being low in maintenance.

17. Blown over bangs


Blown-over bangs are a great style for those boys whose hair is long enough to allow it. This hairstyle is easy to wear and requires little to no maintenance during the day. The blown-over bangs open up the forehead and draw attention to the eyes.

18. Mohawk

filenameIf you have never tried wearing a mohawk, you missed out on a lot of fun. Mohawks come in all shapes and sizes and can fit a man of any age. Choosing the simplest mohawk to start with is a great idea for any schoolboy out there.

19.  Long upper mohawk


This type of mohawk is a rather bold way to cut a boy’s hair. However, it is bound to turn some heads. Shaving most of the head and leaving long enough hair on top is a great way to surprise the schoolmates with a new style.


20. Asymmetrical spike


Spikes always look great on young men. However, regular spikes might get a little boring. So, it makes sense to use some imagination and create asymmetrical spikes. If styled correctly, any spike will look fantastic.

21. The shag


Shags might not be popular with moms, but any boy with a messy shag looks adorable. This hairstyle might be a little uncomfortable to wear due to its length, but its look is fabulous. No brushing allowed!

22. The classics


This classical haircut will never go out of style. It takes minimum effort to make and is easy to maintain. While it might not call for any “wows” from the crowd, this classical haircut is always a way out for those who just don’t want to bother with brushes.

23. High fohawk


Fohawks are fun. High fohawks are even better. Shortly cut temples and styled long hair on top produce a wonderful fohawk, which will make any boy or man stand out of the crowd. This style needs some up-keeping, but it is definitely worth it.

24. Geometrical cornrows


If you are lucky enough to have hair that is suitable for cornrows, then they are a must. Try geometrical cornrows at least ones and you will never look at boring haircuts the same way again. They don’t need much maintenance while intact.

25. Messy shag

Shags are the best choice for those boys who like to wear long hair but don’t want to do anything about it. Shags are practically maintenance free. All they require is brushing once in a while and regular visits to the hair salon.

26. The classical undercutfilename

Undercuts can be different, but the classical one is always in style. Shorter hair on the sides and longer on top is a great way to keep the hair manageable without any hair cosmetics. A lot of men prefer this style for its low-maintenance and neat look.

27. Side swept mohawk


If you are not ready to go for an induction cut but want to get rid of most of your hair, a side swept mohawk is a great choice for you. The top part leaves and impression of at least some hair on your head, while the shaved sides and back lets the skin breathe.

28. Asymmetrical bangs


Classical undercut seems boring? Diversify it with asymmetrical bangs. It is hard to make them look neat, so a stylist must do some serious work . But once it is done, the asymmetrical bangs are bound to get some positive reviews.

29. Medium length


This medium length haircut is a great hairstyle for any school boy who cares for his serious image. There is nothing wild or impressive about this cut. However, it is a great choice for any serious student.

30. Right-out-of-bed


At least once any boy or man has dreamed about throwing out the brushes. This hairstyle doesn’t require any brushing at all. However, it will not suit just any occasion and requires frequent hair salon visits, since once it grows just a little longer it will become unmanageable.

31. Textured Caesar’s cut

Textured Caesar’s cut

A Caesar’s cut is a great short hairstyle for boys with thick hair. Textured Caesar’s cut will add some diversity to the haircut while keeping the amazing style intact. Any school boy will look great with this haircut.

32. The real mohawk


This is what the real mohawk looks like. Only the bravest boys can allow such haircut to be made and maintained. Keeping the real mohawk looking like this takes a lot of time and effort. So thinking twice is in order.

33. The pompadour


Pompadours are a fun way to making a short haircut without getting rid of long hair. The long bangs can be easily made into a stylish pompadour with the use of some good hair gel. The funkiness of this hairstyle is unbelievable.

34. The funny style


You are a boy, so why not have some fun with your hair. A little gel and some imagination will help you come up with a great variety of funny hairstyles which will make your day. Forget the boring undercuts and ivy leagues, bring on some fun!

35. The wet look 


The wet look is great for any short hairstyle. All you need to do is get one of the short haircuts and make friends with hair gel. Hair cosmetics is an absolute must for the wet hairstyles. Spikes are the most popular part of the wet look.

36. Short bangs 


Leaving some short bangs in order to create a spiky look is a great idea for a man of any age. When bangs are a little spiked up the haircut looks much more creative than without them. Lucky owners of thick hair won’t even need any hair gel to keep the bangs spiky.

37. Textured cut with long bangs


Getting a textured haircut is the best way to forget about the hairbrushes. Long and side swept bangs are a wonderful addition to any short haircut. Such hairstyle is great for boys with large foreheads and thin straight hair.

38. Volume on top 


This funky hairstyle might not fit all the boys out there. But those who are brave enough to try it are sure to turn some heads. The style requires long thick hair on top which need to be shaped with some hair gel. Sides can be cut short.

39. Side swept long bangs 


Side swept long bangs do wonders for accentuating facial features. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, long side swept bangs are a must. This style is a little high-maintenance since it requires frequent barber shop visits for keeping the bangs length in check.

40. Fohawk with a spike


There are a lot of different fohawks out there. A spike is not a compulsory part of them but will make any fohawk look even more fabulous. Spikes require long hair on top, and this hair needs some good care in order to keep its shape intact.

41. Lateral comb over


This stylish short haircut will fit boys with fine straight hair. The sides are kept short to create a sort of an undercut, while the top part is left long enough to make a comb over. Keeping this style intact will require a little hair gel.

42. A flexible undercutfilename

Boys with fine and straight hair will appreciate a cute undercut which doesn’t require cutting a lot of hair off. The sides should be neatly trimmed to be as short as possible. The top part is left long enough to create different styles.

43. Wispy bangs


Bangs look great on school boys, but they rarely want to take care of their chair. So, wispy bangs is a great idea. They will look terrific without any tough maintenance. If you want to create a neat hairstyle, just use some hair gel.

44. Curly shag


This is one of the neatest short haircuts for school boys. If the hair is curly, then there is no reason to cut it very short. Leave some curls on top to create a cute school boy look. Such curls will need regular brushing.

45. Spiky top


Tired of an old and boring neat haircut? No problem! All you need is some hair gel and a little imagination. Squeeze some gel onto your fingers and work them upwards through the top part of your hair. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

46. Highlights


Any short haircut will look great with some natural highlights. Use natural hair dye to make a boy’s hair look fresh and vibrant. Any kind of blond mixes will do. Let your imagination go wild!

47. Fohawk


Fohawks are always very popular and so easy to create. If the hair is long enough, there is even no cutting required. The hair gel will do the trick. This style will need some maintenance, but can easily be turned back into a regular cut by simply washing the hair.

48. Wavy bangs


This is a neat hairstyle for boys with wavy hair. Bangs are a complete must here. They are cut to be wispy and a little asymmetrical. No hair care products are required. This smart school boy hairstyle needs regular barber shop visits.

49. Stylish bob


Bobs look wonderful on young boys, especially when the hair is straight. A neat bob with long bangs will make any boy lok fantastic. This hairstyle needs regular maintenance and a lot of brushing. Otherwise, it will always be messy, which might be cute as well.

50. Medium bob with side swept bangs


This hairstyle is adored by mothers, but might not be too comfortable for a boy to wear. However, it undoubtedly looks cute. The hair is left long enough to cover the ears and the bangs are carefully styled to be side swept. Good idea for a photo shoot!

Now you have checked out the best and most popular short haircuts out there and can make your own choice. Consider your hair type and facial structure in order to choose the hairstyle that suits you best.

51. Quiff


It is a combination of the pomp dado rand Mohawk hairdo.  Quiff has flattop with Mohawk kind of design. This emerged from Britain and then moved to Europe in early 80s.  A lot of celebrities like doing this shave for instance Ale Turner, Tom Meighan and many more.

52. Psychobilly Wedge

Psychobilly Wedge is a mix of Mohawk haircut plus Pompadour. This hairstyle is done by trimming the hair on the sides of your head completely, leaving the hair on top of your head long. This hairdo is simple as well as friendly to maintain.

53. Mohawk

This hairstyling was established in the 50s and is one of top favorites in 8 hair designs for boys. Since then it has transformed immensely.

It among the most appreciated hairdo in the globe. It is a unisex hairdo. To get a Mohawk hairdo, you have to shave the sides of your head completely, leaving a strip of hair running from the top of your head to the back.

In a Mohawk kind of hairdo, you can either comb you hair back, forward or make it stand like spikes.

54. Jheri curl

Jheri curl is one of the simplest hairdos that youth love doing and is simplest of the 8 hair designs for boys.

This style was very popular in early 80 as a matter of fact; Jheri curl hairdo was mostly by the black Americans like Mike Jackson and many more.

You can get Jheri hair style by using a specified hair chemical.  Jheri curl is maintained by using hair gel.

55. Ivy League

An Ivy League is also referred to as Princeton; it is sort of a crew cut where the hair on top of the head is maintained long whereas the hair on the sides is a little lower.

56. Hi-top fade

This kind of hairdo is done mostly by Black American. The hair on the sides is trimmed lower that the one on top of the head.

I would say it is tricky to get such a hairdo from anywhere; this style is done by the professional barber, who have a HI-Tech precision in their work. Hi-top fade is complimented an outline cut that is done along the edges of your hair.

57. Fauxhawk

This kind of haircut is also referred to as frohawk. It is more or less like Mohawk hair style; however, there is no or very little shaving is encouraged on sides of your head in this type of hairstyle, giving it a Mohawk shape like.

The name Faux come from a French word that means fake, which truly means Fauxhawk is an imitation.

58. Devilock

Devilock is a very rear hair style; however, it is liked by youth who love looking astonished.

The hair on the side, as well as the back of your head, is trimmed short whereas the hair on top of your head is left to grow longer.

Best Hairstyles for School Boys with Glasses

59. Wear a cap


If you don’t have time to run and make a hair salon appointment right now, you can always wear a cap. A backwards cap always looks stylish and does wonders for hiding whatever it is you have on your head. This is also a great solution for bad hair days.

60. Shag with long bangs


Messy hairstyles look amazing, but they need a lot of care not to look messy. If you can deal with this challenge, then you can create a long shag with a nice fringe. This hairstyle is perfect for making a statement regardless of what kind of glasses you are wearing.

61. Go blond


If you have gotten fashionable glasses, then you should do all you can to flaunt them. A great way to outline the accessory is to color your hair. Make sure to get the advise of your stylist about which shade to choose. All will depend on your hair and skin type.

62. Undercut


Don’t know what to choose? Get an undercut. This is an all purpose hairstyle, which will look good with just about any type of glasses. It will free some time up from hair hassle and will make you look neat and decent.

63. Short shape up


Shape ups are in style nowadays. If you have coarse and curly hair, all you need to do is cut it very short and do a shape up around it. This makes a very fashionable haircut. Coupled with glasses your image will be extremely respectable.

64. Comb over


Ready for some hair experiments? Try the comb overs. You will need to cut the sides short and leave some volume on top to brush it back. Such hairstyle is kept intact with hair gel or spray. Comb over looks great with square frames.

65. Very short pixie


A very short pixie is perfect for young school boys with glasses. It look especially well on straight and fine hair. This hairstyle requires absolutely no maintenance except for brushing and will be really appreciated by any school boy.

66. Shag with side swept bangs


If your eyeglasses are very stylish, it makes sense to keep them in focus. In order to draw attention to your eyes, you can create long side swept bangs. Such hairstyle is considered to be very fashionable, but requires a bit of daily hair care.

67. Brush it up


This undercut is great for guys with wavy and curly hair. The top is left to be about 2 inches long and is brushed upwards for a voluminous look. If your face shape allows round glasses, then volume on top will be a great addition to your image.

68. Bangs


Bangs are in style. So, if you want the best hairstyle for school boys with glasses without putting in too much effort, make short bangs. If you hair is wavy, the short fringe will look especial great when side swept.

Easy High School Hairstyles for Boys

69. Short tapered hair for wavy hair


This is a very stylish hairstyle but also quite easy to maintain. The top section of the hair is left medium length and the sides are given a bald to semi-bald finish and all you need to do is brush back the top section to give it volume.

70. The modern wet look


This needs a little use of hair gel but we promise you will look fantastic! This hairstyle gives a surfer look and a “wash and go” look.

71. Short wave fade


The hair fades out towards the ears and it is very light. The messy texture in the top section makes it stylish.

72. Haircut with side parting and fade


In this hairstyle, the hair towards one of the sides is faded out and the other side is combed slick towards the ear on that side. The parting can be made not very far away from the centre.

73. Side bangs and undercuts


This haircut has the top section cut and styled into a bang and the sides have a very low fade. It is easy on maintenance and can be grown out easily.

74. Spiked hairstyle


This hairstyle is very easy to achieve with the use of hair gel and a razor cut on the top section of the hair thus making the spikes easy to style and also prominent.

75. Short mohawk


This is probably the most low maintenance haircut and also high on the style quotient. The hair needs to be given a clean border and a crisp appearance. It gives a little weight to a round face.

76. The brush cut


This haircut has tapered sides and a textured front section. This is a classic haircut among high school boys and looks flattering on anyone.

77. Razor rock star look


This hairstyle has a lot of sharp edges and layers to make your face look more angular. This hairstyle is one of the most popular haircuts among school boys.

78. Dreadlocks


After Jaden Smith made it popular, the dreadlocks came back with a bang among the school kids.

79. Medium length textured hair


This look is also quite popular among boys in high school. The cut is soft in terms of texture and does not require much of added styling thus making it easy to maintain after getting the cut.

80. The “good boy” look


It is basically, straight hair in medium length with shortened edges on the sides and back that fades out slowly. It can be left messy too, just in case you are wondering.

81. The Fohawk


A fohawk is a high school hairstyle which will keep the heads turning. Keeping hair very short on the sides and longer on top creates a great fohawk style, which leaves room for imagination. The more hair is left, the more styles can be created.

82. The Ivy Leage cut


The Ivy League cut never goes out of style and looks great on men of any ages. This cut looks neat, requires little to no maintenance and fits men and boys with any face type. The Ivy League hairstyle is a classic which should be tried at least once.

83. Long mohawk


Mohawks are always popular, so making one can’t be a mistake. Shaving the temples completely, while leaving a thin strip of long hair on top of the head makes for a great long mohawk. This type of mohawk can be styled very differently, including an impressive pompadour.

84. Curly comb over


Curly hair is often hard to manage, so cutting it short is usually a way out. Leaving enough curlyy hair on top for a comb over is a bold move. This haircut might be a little hard to keep neat but the result is amazing.

85. Textured bangs


Bangs always look great on boys but they are often hard to keep neat. The textured bangs implicate a messed up look, which any school boy will appreciate. Such hairstyle doesn’t require any maintenance and needs very little brushing.

86. Long crew cut


A long crew cut requires shaved temples and enough of the hair left on top to do create some volume. The hair must be left long enough to stay standing up without falling down to make short bangs.

87. The undercut


A short undercut is very close to mohawk. The sides are shaved and the top part is left intact just like in a mohawk. However, an undercut doesn’t require any hair on the bottom part of the head and neck. It is more of a traditional hairstyle.

88.The classical mohawk


Mohawks come in all shapes and sizes but a classical mohawk is very rarely made right. The head must be completely shaved except for a thin line of hair which goes from the forehead down to the neck. The length of the hair can vary from very short to extremely long.

Now you are absolutely sure that glasses don’t just add style to your image, they become a great motivation for a fashionable haircut. Great hairstyles coupled with well-chosen glasses will make you look truly amazing.

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