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5 Great Hairstyles For Runners

Fast and Fabulous Men Hairstyles for Runners

Sport is life. Everyone knows that running is a great way to keep your body in shape. It helps your heart and lungs function properly, while keeping your leg muscles toned.

Running in the morning is a wonderful way to start a day and it will give you energy to work or study until the evening time. Choosing the right hairstyle for running is very important. If you are a diligent runner, you will be facing all kinds of weather conditions, including strong wind.

So, the hair must not get into your face. However, it doesn’t mean that all you should be choosing are very short haircuts. Professional runners have been creating fashionable hairstyles for decades.

There is a lot to learn from the way world champions are dealing with their hair while running.

The Best Men Hairstyles for Runners

If you are a runner, you must wonder what to do with your hair during exercises. Runners all over the world have been creating different ways to keep their manes neat while running without cutting them very short.

If you really care about your image and are not ready to get rid of your favorite hairstyle, you can take a look at what people have done to keep their hair stylish and safe from the wind.

If you are wondering what to do about your hair and are about to make a hair salon appointment, take a look at these 5 top men hairstyles for runners .

1. Short spikes


If you opt for a short haircut, but still want to add some zest to your look, create low spikes on top of your head. This hairstyle is perfect for running, since it will definitely not be getting into your face. At the same time it looks great for going to school or office.

2. Shag


If you like longish hair, no reason to say goodbye to it because of the running habit. A well styled shag will not become a problem during your morning runs. Just make sure to keep it medium in length, otherwise it will be hard to manage.

3. Shoulder length


Shoulder length hair can create a problem for a runner. But does it mean you need to run to the hair salon? No. All you must do is choose the right accessories to keep the hair in check. Pull a cap over your locks and the job is done.

4. Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks are a great way to deal with long hair if you are into sports. Be it running or football, dreads are very easy to manage. You can either hide them under a cap or a helmet or pull them into a tight ponytail.

5. Headband


If your hair is long, a headband will save the day! Whether you sport a bob or a shag, it will be kept neat and out of your face by a well-chosen headband. It can also become a great part of your image.

Now you know that running doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your long hair. Choose any one of the given options to deal with your mane while running and you will be looking your best all day long.

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