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20 Hairstyles For Receding Hairline

20 Impressive Haircuts for Men with Receding Hairlines

Most men face a receding hairline sooner or later in their lives. Some have to deal with them as early as their 20’s. It is always an unpleasant problem, but it is usually unavoidable.

There are guys who go through some serious treatments and even surgeries to get their hair back in place. However, most of us settle for what the nature gives us.

If you are not ready to deal with expensive transplants or lengthy treatments, there is still plenty you can do to make your hairstyle look impressive.

There is no reason to despair if your hair is not as thick and voluminous as it used to be. Men have been creating wonderful hairstyles to help you deal with this problem the easiest way possible.

Easy to Make Haircuts for Men with Receding Hairlines

Receding hairline is a big problem for many men nowadays. Due to bad ecology and extended work hours, men are losing their hair earlier than they used to.

Over the years, stylists have been coming up with newer and better ways to arrange the hair to make the receding hairline as invisible as possible.

Guys, who have been looking for easy solutions, will be pleased with this list of 20 best haircuts for men with receding hairlines.

Most of these options are very easy to create and will make you look even better than you did before. Don’t settle for simple cuts which will make you look older. Use the experience of others to get the best hairstyle for your image.

1. Combed over taper fade


This is a very creative way to go about a receding hairline. While comb overs have been the choice of balding men for ages, this one is very intricate and gives you a really original look. Just make sure to do the styling correctly.

2. Hair extensions


If you are not ready to go through such drastic measures as transplants, you can still add some hair by using hair extensions. Ask your hairstylists to choose the ones which will suit your face best. The easiest choice is long bangs.

3. Messy spikes


Spikes are considered very stylish and they can do a good job hiding problems with your hairline. Arrange them to cover up the balding part of your forehead. While they will not completely obscure the problem, they will add a lot of youthful style to your image.

4. Side swept bangs


Side swept bangs are a good choice for men who are just starting to have problems with their hair. If your hair is curly or wavy, side sweep them to the side, which is beginning to recede in order to hide the forehead.

5. Brush it forward


Another great idea would be to grow the rest of your hair long and then brush it forward. When your hairstyle is reaching down your shoulders, it is easy to make it appear messy and voluminous. Use it to your advantage.

6. Fohawk


One of the easiest haircuts for men with receding hairlines is a fohawk. Since this haircut means shaving off or cutting most of the hair short, no one will be paying attention to the amount of strands you actually have.

7. Lateral pompadour


Use the hair you’ve got to make up for the one you lost. A lateral pompadour can play the role of a fringe and cover the parts of your forhead which are starting to become bold. This hairstyle will need a lot of maintenance, so get ready to learn.

8. Grow it longer


Once the front part of your head becomes too bald to hide, start growing your top longer. The rest of the hair must be very neat. This is imperative for a good haircut. Make sure to get regular touch ups at the barber shop.

9. Curly mess



If your hair is curly or wavy, you can create a fashionable mess on top of your heads in order to keep the focus away from the balding areas. Make sure to use enough hair gel in order not to overdo the messy look.

10. Ponytails


Many men with receding hairlines opt for growing long hair and collecting it into a ponytail. This looks good when you are just starting to lose hair. However, when half your head is bold, it is better to look for other options.

11. Wigs


If you are feeling really insecure about your appearance, you might want to consider getting a wig. The wig technologies have made serious lunges forward in the past decade. So, you’ll be surprised at how real some of these accessories look.

12. Messy wispy bangs


If you are ready to do frequent touch ups during the day, you can go for this disheveled look. You will need to brush some of your hair forward to create messy and wispy bangs. Just try not to overdo it.

13. Brush overs


If you prefer to keep your hair short, you can just arrange the top to be brushed over to one side. This will do a good job hiding a bald spot, while it is not too large. Don’t go for long hair brush overs, they look really out of style.

14. High undercut


If your hairline is receding consistently, then you can make a high undercut which will just be a little farther up than on regular hair. Don’t be afraid to make it spiky. You’ll look really fashionable.

15. Spike it up


If you are balding in the middle of your head, then you can go for the spike up look. If your hair is thick enough, the spikes will do wonders hiding the bald spot. However, you must carefully watch the progress. When the spikes don’t do the job anymore, opt for something else.

16. Highlights


If hiding the receding hairline is not an option anymore, do some experiments with the rest of your hair. Getting highlights will make you look much younger and will negate the effect of losing your hair. You can even go for wild color combinations if you wish.

17. Shave it


Another great way to hide the balding spots is to shave the hair around them. Make it look very natural by getting a high undercut. Spike your hair upwards while shaving the rest of it. This style is great for young men.

18. Keep it short


If you are not ready for any wild experiments, you should keep your hair as short as possible. Only a really neat look will allow it to appear truly fashionable and respectable. If you can’t beat them, join them!

19. Go military


This is the easiest way to go about a receding hairline. Shave it off! You will look much younger right away and forget about daily styling. Give this hairstyle a try even if your hairline is not receding too much. You will love it!

20. Let it be


Even if you are not a prince, you might be really tired of the image struggle. Some men look great with the natural hair arrangement. So, give it a try. Perhaps there is nothing extra you should be working on.

Now you know that losing your hair is just a minor problem. We hope these easy to make haircuts for men with receding hairline gave you a push toward great style experiments. Don’t be afraid of the change nature brings you. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


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