10 Wonderful Hairstyles For Doctors

One of the hardest and most respected professions in the world is a doctor. While working hard and not having too much free time for themselves and their families, doctors still spend a moment or two thinking about choosing the right haircut for themselves. Just like policemen and fireman, doctors work in harsh conditions.

Sometimes they don’t have a chance to go home, change and even to brush their hair. That’s why men of this profession need short hairstyles which are easy to take care of in the most extreme conditions.

Hair cosmetics is often very uncomfortable to use and deal with in the hospital environment. So, doctors prefer something short and simple in order to have one less thing to worry about.

Amazing Short Hairstyles for Doctors 2016

Long hours of hard work are not something that help you look your best. However, just like other men, doctors care for their apperance. In fact, a doctor who looks tired and disheveled is absolutely unacceptable.

That’s why these men are looking for simple short hairstyles for doctors to make them look as fresh and neat as possible. We have prepared a list of 10 wonderful hairstyles for medical workers to consider.

All of them are great for the conditions these men work in.

1. Keep it simple


This is one of the simplest haircuts for men out there. It looks stylish and is very low in maintenance. The hair is cut to be almost the same length. The top part is left to be a little longer to keep shape. All you will need to do is brush it.

2. Wet look


If your hair is curly and wild and you want to tidy it up as much as possible, then this cut is for you. The hair is trimmed to be the same length – about an inch long. Some hair gel is applied to keep it neat all workday long.

3. Undercut


This undercut variation is good for doctors, who don’t spend time in the surgery. In fact, it is perfect for those who deal with children. A high undercut makes a doctor look younger and more attractive to help the patients relax.

4. Short and creative


This hairstyle is perfect for doctors who really want to make a statement. This is an undercut with absolutely shaved sides and a long top. The top part is carefully shaped not to cause the owner any hassle. All you’ll need to do with it in the morning is some brushing.

5. Taper fade


A short taper fade is an ideal hairstyle for doctors of all ages. It requires absolutely no maintenance and looks extremely stylish. If you want to experiment a little, you can add some short bangs to the look. They will make it even more fashionable.

6. Make it high


This is a hairstyle for doctors who are not afraid of challenges. It will require a little maintenance in the mornings and will not suit someone who needs to wear a cap. Try not to overdo the hair gel or the hair will not be standing up.

7. Short shag


This short and neat shag will appeal to doctors with thick and straight hair. If your hair is curly, then you would need to cut it shorter. Straight hair can be left a little longer and will require regular brushing. Otherwise the look will be messy.

8. The crest


This is one of the more complicated short hairstyles for doctors and medical workers. The sides are shaved and the top is left quite long. Side swept bangs are added into the picture. No gel is needed here, just regular brushing.

9. Fohawk


A fohawk might seem to be an outrageous choice for a doctor. However, it is a great way to keep hair out of your face. There is almost no maintenance needed for a short fohawk. Even if you forget to brush it, it won’t lose its originality.

10. Short shag with wispy bangs


Bangs might seem like a hassle but, in fact, they don’t take up much of your time. So, if you want a really stylish look, make wispy side swept bangs and you will surely get the attention of some pretty nurses.

Doctors have a wide choice of different hairstyles. We hope the short ones we are offering helped you make that choice in the shortest amount of time. If you are busy, you can go with simpler options. But if you have a little time in the morning and are not afraid of challenges, we urge you to try something more complicated.

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