15 Wonderful Hairstyles And Haircuts For College Guys And Students

Many college boys care a lot about their image. For men of all ages, hair is a big part of their appearance. Which means that a lot of special attention should be given to how it is both cut and styled.

Since a hairstyle is usually the easiest and the cheapest thing to change about the way a man looks, a hair salon is the first place they go to.

College students often don’t have enough time to spend on their hair, since they are quite busy with their academic and social life. That’s why medium hairstyles for college boys are every popular.

They are easy to make and more or less simple to maintain. They are very appropriate for going to school and can be easily changed into something a little funky for a party.

Simple and Stylish Medium Hairstyles for College Boys

Most young men want to be stylish. But none of them want it to be hard. So, easy medium hairstyles for college boys are a perfect solution for everyday wear.

There are many different options to choose from depending on face type, hair thickness and personal tastes. We have prepared a list of simple and very stylish hairstyles for college boys to choose from in 2017.

1. Comb over



Comb overs look very stylish and are quite simple to make. You need to keep the sides short and the top long enough to brush back.

Use some hair gel to secure the brushed back part and the hairstyle is ready. You can make it as high as the hair length allows.

2. Highlights


Simple hairstyles are a little boring. So, why not give them some zest.

Ask your hairstylist to choose a color a little lighter than your own to make amazing highlights. You will surely keep some heads turning with this style!

3. Medium and wild


This attractive hairstyle is perfect for guys with fine hair, who hate hair gel.

All you will need to do is make a side part and allow the top part of your hair hang freely on one side. This haircut is a little messy, but this is what makes it popular.

4. Ivy League


Ivy League haircuts have been popular for ages and the modern times are no exception.

This haircut is perfect for any occasion, including a lecture in a classroom or a wild party at the dorm. Make one and you will forget about daily struggle for style.

5. Blond and disheveled


If your hair is naturally blond or dark blond, it will be a crime not to flaunt it. Make a little mess on top of your head by brushing the top part with your fingers. Add some hair spray in order not to overdo the disheveled part.

6. Fohawk


If you haven’t tried a fohawk, you surely missed out on a lot of fun. The time has come for experiments, so leave the sides short and make the top part long and amazing. Such hairstyle needs a lot of maintenance, so be ready for it.

7. Textured spikes


This amazing medium hairstyle for college boys is absolutely perfect for any hair type. Give it a try and you will have a hard time choosing something else. It is both very simple and very stylish. And all it takes is 30 seconds in front of the mirror.

8. Long bangs


Long bangs are considered to be at fashion’s peak nowadays. They are not very easy to take care of, but their effect is just amazing. Depending on your hair type, choose blunt or wispy side swept bangs and flaunt them with pleasure.

9. Keep it simple


This very simple hairstyle is perfect for boys who don’t like too much hair hassle.

All you will need to do every morning is some brushing. If you want to add some style, brush the top part upwards and secure it with hair spray.

10. Modern pompadour


Pompadours catch a lot of attention. So, if your hair is long enough, you can use hair gel to create this modern and quite impressive pompadour.

Don’t forget that it is not a daily hairstyle, since there is too much hassle with hair gel. But it is perfect for special occasions.

11. Messy spikes


Messy spikes are perfect for college boys, who are not friends with brushes. All you need to do in the morning is apply some hair gel and style the top with your fingers. The messier you make them, the more outrageous your hair will look.

12. Eye-covering bangs


Eye-covering bangs are considered to be a very sexy hairstyle. However, it will not be a good idea for everyday use. So, when you are tired of these bangs, you can brush them back and get a very stylish comb over.

13. Side part


Side parts are great for men with widow’s peaks. They do wonders for obscuring this hairline. The result is very stylish and can be worn on any occasion. Some hair gel is needed to keep it intact all day long.

14. Textured undercut


A textured undercut is a great choice for guys with thick hair. It makes their locks look and feel lighter while creating a really fashionable hairstyle. This haircut will surely get some attention from college girls.

15. High and mighty


If your hair is thick, you can use it to your advantage and flaunt it. Use some hair gel to spike it upwards. Don’t cut the sides too short. Leave some hair above your ears to add this hairstyle a special form.

We hope these options were helpful to you and you are now ready to choose the best medium hairstyle for yourself. We know that college boys can be very picky, so you can change your mind as many times as you wish. Some of these hairstyles can be interchangeable.

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