12 Best Hairspray for Synthetic Wigs

With the current changes in the world, both the women and men love to look good.

For women, the condition of their hair describes their beauty regardless of their ages. No wonder hair products are on high demand.

It’s one thing to buy a great wig but it’s another thing to take care of it so that it showcases your beauty.

Additionally, when it comes to slaying your hair, you need the styling skills but you also need the right conditioners, treatments and hair sprays that will put it in place.

I like it that synthetic wigs have been around for ages and they have upgraded over the years. With the upgrades today, you can’t tell whether one had a new haircut or it’s a synthetic wig or weaves they are wearing.

Can You Use Hair Spray on A Synthetic Wig?

Of course, this is a question that most people ask and for a good reason. For the human hair wig, you may use all the different kinds of sprays but not with synthetic wigs. One reason why most people prefer synthetic wigs is that it holds its curls after washing.

use SprayHowever, for the synthetic wig to last you should minimize the styling. There are further only a few hair sprays that you may use as you will see below. You should always use only the products meant for synthetic wigs.

So, the answer is yes, you can use hair spray on the synthetic wig only make sure you choose the specific spray meant for synthetic wigs.

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Why Can’t You Use the Spray on Your Synthetic Wig?

Most people have asked why the other sprays may not work on the synthetic wigs and the answer is simple. The synthetic wig is made using the plastic fiber and for most people, it seems stronger than human hair but it’s not.

Although the synthetic wig poses a very strong front, it’s not as resilient as the human hair wig. Your regular hair spray that is meant for human hair is often made using alcohol and silicon.

Unfortunately, when you use this on the synthetic wigs it forms a buildup and eventually deteriorates the hair. This sprays further contain chemicals that react to synthetic wigs differently. The reactions will ultimately destroy the wigs.

With that said, what constitutes the best spray for wigs?

Sprays For Synthetic wigs are mostly water-soluble. It further has a milder formula as opposed to the regular sprays. Since they are mild, they may work for your human hair as well as your natural hair. The synthetic hair being an ultimate investment means that it should be handled with care.

Best Types of Hair Sprays For Synthetic Wigs

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1. Revlon Finishing Spray for Synthetic Hair 8oz

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This is the ultimate solution to everyone who has a problem when it comes to styling their hair because it has a low level of alcohol which makes it easy to style and hold your hair. The hair isn’t stiff or natural rather it’s flexible and smooth when used.

Although most synthetic wigs hair sprays contain no alcohol, the minimal alcohol in this spray doesn’t interfere with your expensive hair. In fact, it retains the wigs luster. The spray is further designed to tame the frizz from the synthetic wig spray.

I often use it whenever I have the stiff wigs as it smoothens them. The best part is that the spray is humidity resistant thus it maintains the same texture and moist look. You spray your hair from a distance then work your way into the hair.

This spray makes it easy to style your hair while at the same time giving you a flexible hold.

2. Brandywine Wig Spray Non-Aerosol (Pump) For Synthetic and Natural Hair Wigs

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This is one of the common Brandywine wig sprays. It’s most famous for those looking to effectively style their synthetic hair yet not deteriorate it. This pump wig spray works the same way as the aero one does. The spray is however known to give you more control.

Do you have some of those old synthetic wigs that have even lost their curls?

This spray will work to regain the curls while giving it a luster look. Additionally, for those wig types that lose curls within a short time, this is your spray to go by. It will maintain your beautiful hair while holding the hairstyle.

Your hair remains easy to manage and comb. The spray is water soluble, crystal clear and it dries quickly. You will no longer have complaints about sprays that are sticky and gummy when using this spray. What’s more, it dries quickly and remains crystal clear.

Whether you intend to use it on synthetic or human hair wig is all up to you as it remains effective in both instances. Using the spray assures you the ease of maintenance.

3. Simply Stylin Light Silk Spray 4oz

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This hair product entails a composition of pure silicone. You will find most other hair products claiming to contain silicone but this isn’t always the case. They mostly contain fillers. For the silicon spray for a synthetic wig, I couldn’t think of any other better spray than this one.

You further that you don’t have to worry about the texture as it’s concentrated and effective. For this reason, styling your hair is a breeze. The spray also works to avoid the fizziness, make your hair manageable while adding a shine to the hair.

You may use this spray for detangling the hair without struggling. The fact that it’s made using silicone makes it ideal for the wigs and hair extension restorations. Moreover, you only have to use a minimal amount for styling and enriching your hair.

This hair product is usable on curly, straight, wavy or relaxed hair. You may also use it on your colored hair as it will only enhance the color. What’s more, it retains the shine for longer. It protects your hair from heat. For that extra shine, apply the spray evenly to the hair.

4. Brandywine Wig Spray, Aerosol, 10 Ounce

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I like anything about Brandywine for wig spray as it never disappoints. In fact, one of its major features is that it keeps your hair in place and healthy. It remains crystal clear when used and its non-sticky. This means that the beauty of your hair is enhanced.

You can bet that it’s easy to manage and comb the hair when you use the spray. I further like that it will retain its shine. It’s a quick-drying solution that leaves your hair crystal clear. The best part is that your hair remains beautiful and firm.

The hair is water-soluble and firm thus ideal for all your synthetic wigs. It has a cap for the spray safety since its flammable. Additionally, avoid exposing the hair to flame as this may result to accidental fires.

You only use a little bit of the hair to attain the shiny look and it doesn’t attain build up. On the downside, for those who are sensitive to scent, this might not work for you.

5. Awesome Synthetic Wig Leave-in Conditioning Spray

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There are those who would rather use the leave-in conditioner. It’s designed for synthetic wigs which means that it aims at prolonging the lifespan of your wig. This spray will always make it easy to detangle the hair and therefore easy to comb.

The leave-in spray is easy to use and it retains the silkiness of the wig while preventing dryness. Your hair looks healthy and moist with a full body when you use this spray. It’s water-soluble which makes it ideal for use with all your synthetic hair.

I’m not surprised that most people had all the positive ratings to give the product as it’s an effective kind. It’s not gluey and the hair remains crystal clear when used. So, with the product, you shouldn’t worry as the wig won’t develop build up.

6. Jon Renau Holding Spray

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Here is another spray designed for use with only the synthetic fiber wig. You may also use it for your human extensions. The essence of this sulfate and paraben-free wig spray is to hold your hair in place better than any other spray you know of.

Jon Renau is the leading manufacturer of wigs and therefore we credit them with the knowledge of what spray is best for their wigs among others. While the spray provides you with a healthy shine it also gives the hair a stronghold for an extended period of time.

It’s further among the few high-quality sprays used on your natural hair too. I like the fact that it’s lightly scented which makes it ideal for those who are allergic to strong scents. I further believe that it gives you the luxury of styling your hair with ease.

7. Style & Hold Hairspray by BeautiMark

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One major advantage of using the style and hold spray is that you may use it for both the synthetic wig and human hair wig. For the style and hold company nature, when combined with science, will give you the perfect hair product.

The spray is paraben-free which makes it ideal to use with almost all kinds of wigs. Furthermore, the product contains fruits extracts. This is meant to protect your wig from antioxidants and therefore prolonging its lifespan. It further retains the color of the wigs.

Although most other hair you buy is styled when dry, this one is styled while wet and once it dries it holds the style in place. It extends the lifespan of your wigs and is mostly used for professional purposes. Your hair will remain beautiful and shiny throughout the day.

8. Extra Strong Hold Hair spray for All Hair Types

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This is designed for all hair types and especially those that aren’t able to hold the styling. In the end, if your hairstyle can last through the day, the better. This is especially ideal for those hair curls.

What’s more, the hair spray is designed to tame your hair from hair frizz. With this feature, your hair remains pristine over a long time. The spray contains fruits like blueberry which is an antioxidant. It keeps your hair shining and looking the best way it should.

Furthermore, the fruits help to nourish your hair thus enhance its lifespan. Moreover, with this spray, you will keep your hair together through the day and way into your wee outing hours. Some even worry that dancing will spoil the hair but not when you have used this spray.

Whether the hair is curly or straight Osensian will hold it in place yet keep it flexible. In addition, it works to revive your damaged and chemically treated hair. The best part is further that it nourishes all the hair strands.

In fact, it will even lengthen the hair since blueberry is known to encourage growth. The product here is unparalleled when it comes to holding your hair together.

9. Best Hairspray For Shine And Hold-Heat Protectant

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Both the men and women need a great spray to ensure that they look great for various levels of presentation. We all like our hair to hold together and maintains its shine. Unfortunately, it’s not everyone who has this kind of hair.

Using this product will leave your friends wanting to know your secret as it offers you the perfect hold. The best part is that it’s a thermal protectant spray that will handle all the hot tools for your hair. Whether you wish to blow-dry your hair or flat iron it, you can use this spray.

If you have a problem with your hair thinning, don’t you worry as this will increase your hair body thus giving it an authentic look. Since this hair is never affected by heat, it retains the color of the hair over a long period of time.

The spray seals your hair shaft thus protecting all kinds of hair especially the one that is chemically processed from damage. It gives your hair a medium hold thus retaining its style for more hours than most sprays.

It retains your locks in place and retains the hair moisture, moreover it eliminates frizz while reducing the fly away. You are sure to have it work in retaining and enhancing your hair color and color-treated hair.

10. Honeybee Gardens Hair Spray Alcohol Free

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I’ve always found this alcohol-free hair spray to be effective. The spray gives your hair all the natural hold which is a result of the use of natural botanical ingredients used. Since it contains no alcohol this is to say that it will remain soft and silky.

It’s ideal for all hair types and for both the men and women. In fact, it uses more clean ingredients like aloe, lavender, sunflower among others. The spray will even add your hair volume over time when properly used on the roots of the hair.

If you want to volumize your hair you may use it on wet hair. The hair remains nourished yet beautiful to see. With alcoholic spray, your hair may become dry and flaky so choosing a spray like this without alcohol is essential.

11. Just a Little Hairspray- Non-aersol – Vegan -Gluten Free- Alcohol Free

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This is yet another that is an alcohol-free spray that is professional yet organic. It’s also an all-natural product that is water based and wet to enhance the ease in styling your hair. Using this spray makes it easy to comb and brush it.

It will look excellent through the day. Since it’s wet you may want to use a blow dryer to quickly dry it. The spray is commonly used in different salons professional and mostly by those who wish to use natural plant products.

It further takes care of those who are allergic to strong scent.

12. John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray

This is one of the best hair sprays in the market that will help to frizz-free hold your hair yet maintain the perfect lustre within all types of hair. This is another spray that holds your hairstyle for more than 24 hours. It locks out moisture under all the different kinds of weather.

The spray is able to dry quicker and it has the shining boost formula to maintain your hair shine. Its UV filter keeps the hair from the damage of excess heat and UV rays. Moreover, it has keratin that nourishes the hair.

Its microfine mist makes it easy to comb and brush. Which means you could quickly brush it when you are going out after a long day’s work. Mind you, it gives you a firm hold without being heavy. You will further never have the build ups on your hair.

Substitute for Hair Spray

  • Pomade

Pomade is a great alternative for your hair spray. It varies in texture, ability to hold your hair and finishes. It’s basically a form of hair wax or paste that ensures to attain the perfect texture. It gives your hair the perfect shine and a slick look.

You can have it in oil and water-based formula. Oil-based formula keeps your hair shiny and sleek although its harder to wash out than the water-based ones.

  • Gel

This is commonly used for those with shorter hair to retain the smooth finish. In fact, it’s the closest substitute in regards to giving you the perfect hold that a spray would. It’s easy to use and you determine the amount you need.

The one thing to avoid however is clumps as that will show that you are using the styling products. The best way to use this product is by applying it on wet hair after which you let it dry.

  • Shea butter

This is ideal for those with curlier hair. Applying a little bit will hold your curls together and in case you don’t have the right spray this might just be as effective. I like that it not only gives your hair a hold but also gives it hydration.

  • Egg white

Most people know this to work as effectively as the hair spray. However, you may use it amidst different other ingredients.

The other ingredients include aloe gel, different essential oils, and water. It keeps your frizz under control while giving it the perfect shine. It will last for almost a month in the fridge.

  • Sugar spray

The sugar spray is another ideal alternative to keep your curls in place. The sugar cane extract will keep your hold for a longer period. It’s a growth enhancer as it unclogs the hair pores. In addition, you can DIY it.

Hair Spray Expiration

Most of the hair spray that is non-aerosol will take about 18 months to spoil once you begin using it. This is because it gets contaminated with the air which has bacteria. However, the unopened hair spray will take about 3 years to get spoilt.

Avoid using this product after the stipulated expiration date. They may become harmful to your hair. Some content, however, suggests that you should keep the sprays under the ideal temperature condition and if you do then the set expiration date matters not.

Removing the Hair Spray from Your Hair

Notice that the hair shampoo only isn’t enough to remove the hair spray from your hair if you haven’t washed your hair in a while. In such cases, you may use the dish soap as it contains ingredients that will get rid of the buildup and loosen up the hair.

Some people add baking soda to shampoo and this will get rid of the build up as you will see below.

Clarifying shampoo instead of regular shampoo is effective in keeping the hair clean and healthy when you like using hair spray.

Step one

Put a tablespoon of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of shampoo in a bowl. Baking soda will get rid of the hair spray build up while the shampoo cleans your hair and remove the hair spray. Remember to mix the shampoo and baking soda until its properly mixed.

Step 2

Using your wide-toothed comb, put the mixture on the dry hair making sure the hair is soaked in the mixture. Let it rest on your hair for 15-20minutes. Let it break the hair spray before you rinse.

Step 3

Rinse the hair thoroughly to get rid of the mixture then shampoo it again but this time without the baking soda. This will help to get rid of excess baking soda. You can then condition it if need be and rinse it thoroughly before you begin drying it.

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