Everything About Hair Grade – The Secret Behind Hair Grade

With the current focus on natural hair movement, more and more people want to know their hair grade but even more, we are interested in knowing the hair extension grade.

This will help you choose the hair that is closer to your natural hair.

I understand that the hair grading system shows you the quality of your hair versus the products you ought to use on the hair.

In this case, understand that the grade of the hair is determined mostly by the factory that sources and manufactures the hair.

This grading system will not only show you the quality of each of the strands you have but also the length of the hair.

What Is It Actually and What’s Its History?

The hair grading system was invented by the Chinese hair vendors as an easier method of determining the quality of the hair.

The History of Its Formation

For all we know, this is more of a marketing tactic.

The system was formulated by the Chinese hair manufacturers to make the clients understand how good a hair type is.

So, as the hair industry evolved so did the hair grading system.

When a better quality of the hair manufactured was made by the manufacturers, they added another A to the previous one.

No wonder today you will realize that the most popular hair is between grade 6A to 10A. I don’t always choose the hair based on the set grade though because I know that the grading is done by the same people who manufacture it.

Why would you give your product a low grade only to make fewer sales?

Here’s how it works: You can purchase the same hair extension from two different companies. One company focus on the quality and they, therefore, go for the highest quality hair from the donor.

Another group would focus on the cost thereby they choose to go for low-quality hair and grade them the same as the high-quality hair to make the same sales.

There’s no question about the fact that in these two scenes, there’s a difference in quality and price.

This is, therefore, to say that unless your manufacturer can assure you that the hair is of high quality using other methodologies, the grading system isn’t the ideal method to use in determining the hair quality.

How to Grade the Hair Extension?

Apart from this Chinese system of grading the hair extension, there is no other method.

The funny part is that the Chinese manufacturer will add another A to the grade just to stay relevant in the market. Remember this is just another marketing tactic.

The sad thing is that there’s no single and universal standard of grading the hair and for this reason, anyone can decide to call their hair a 12A grade even though the hair tangles, its smelly and the worst quality.

Here are the factors you need to consider when you are buying the virgin hair.

Wefts: you can have the hair being single weft or double weft. The double weft hair is meant to reduce the hair shedding.

Purely human hair: if you buy a 100% human hair, chances are that the hair will not be mixed with other synthetic hair types.

The weight: the standard weight for your hair extension bundles is 100gms or 3.5oz.

It should be Remy or non-Remy: this is where the Remy hair has all its cuticles facing the same direction. It’s going to stop even the possibility of tangling as well as frizzes.

Is it from a single donor or multiple donors? if it is from a single donor, you should know that it was sourced from one person. This is the highest quality because the hair won’t tangle from the cuticles not being aligned in one direction.

For the multiple donors, the quality is compromised. You make the hair from the different donor’s hair which then means that the hair cuticles may not be aligned. This is the hair that is normally graded for the low grades.

The color: here the question is whether you can color your hair or not. The best quality hair allows you to color it even to the lightest color without tampering with its quality. This factor also determines the price and for this reason, if you won’t color it, you should buy the cheaper one.

Styling: good quality hair allows you to use heat on the hair. If you have bought the human hair extension you shouldn’t have an issue styling it in any way.


What’s Really the Difference Between Grade 4A 5A 6A 7A8A 9A 10A?

I’ve been asking myself this question for a long time and recently I realized that there’s not much difference in the hair grading system. And this is why the Chinese grading system doesn’t refer to the authenticity of the hair anyways.

In a nutshell, if you have 100% human hair, the one referred to as raw hair is the hair that is cut from a single donor. This hair is often unprocessed. For me whether its graded 7A and another 10A the quality might as well be the same.

With that said, it’s right to say that the difference is in reference to how much short hairs you have in your hair bundles.

For the highest quality hair, you will find short hairs in the bundles. This is to say that if you have shorter hair strands in the bundle then it’s given a lower grade.

If you have realized, there’s so much more negation of the system so we find out why the system is sometimes considered a sham.

The grades have grown rapidly first. At one point we had grade 5A being the highest quality today it’s just but the medium quality hair.

Not most companies are honest about the hair quality. Sometimes they will even use the top grades to make sales and this compromises other manufacturers that are honest.

No one regulates the grading system. The manufacturers decide what grade to give their hair products. Unlike food which has to pass through FDA to be certified and rendered a quality piece, this one you set the grade yourself.

While you can use the grading system, you should understand other factors about the hair before making the conclusive decision.

Why Should You Use the Grading System?

It’s the work of the hair vendor to make their clients happy. This is, therefore, to say that they give their clients different options. There’s nothing wrong with you calling your different hair types a different grade especially when you are sure of the work you put to it.

The major importance of this item is that it will offer guidance as to which hair you should use. It makes it easy for you to choose the right hair. It will give you the best hair that works in relation to the set price.

In summary

6A hair is usually made of 100% human hair. But it’s not a Remy hair.

7A hair: this is purely human hair and its Remy hair too.

8A hair: this hair is closely related to the 7A one. The cuticles are aligned yet it’s unprocessed. It’s thicker than the 7A. It further normally has lesser short hair mixed with the long one.

10A hair: this one features 100% raw human hair and it completely has no short hair mixed in the long hair bundles. They feature the same length of strands for the hair.

With these differences, the manufacturers made it easy to choose the grade you want. The only thing you should never do is compare the same grade of hair between companies. What one company calls grade 8A could be grade 10A in another company.

Use other factors together with the grade numbers to choose your hair extension.

You will, therefore, have low grade, middle grade or high-grade hair.

The low-grade hair is the one that was the highest grade a few years back-3A AND 4A.

Not everyone can afford or is looking to buy high-grade hair and if you want the low-grade one then yours will have the following features.

Although its human hair it will be mixed with other synthetic fibers and human hairs.

  • The cuticles aren’t aligned thus it’s a non-Remy hair.
  • It is most likely a processed kind of hair.
  • The hair manufacturer influences the color of the hair. This means that you won’t receive it in its original color.
  • It will be a low-cost hair that suits you if you are on a budget.

Different Grades Hair

If you have read this article then you will know that there has been an additional grade every year. At the moment we have eight different grades and you can expect more. Below are the grades we are talking about.

Grade 3A

While it was considered a high-quality type some years back, this hair is of low-quality today. It features the low-quality hair that hasn’t been properly maintained by the donor. It’s often a thin hair type. While it’s a human hair you will find a mix of synthetic fibers or animal ones.

This hair is processed and it’s chemically treated. It’s possible for it to be smelly. You may also find its ends being split. With this quality, you will find that the hair tangles, sheds and doesn’t look nourished.

The hair is never durable, unfortunately. In fact, the color may not last more than a few washes. It’s not as popular today as it was.

Grade 4A and 5A

Another budget-friendly hair. It’s rated between the lower level to the medium one.

It often comes in as a pure human hair type and it’s not a Remy piece.

The cuticles, in this case, aren’t aligned and they are stripped. They never face the same direction and it may be sourced from different donors.

Like the grade 3A above it’s a thin hair type. For this reason, it can tangle mat or shed. It can only last to a month with proper care.

If you love long hair, don’t buy this hair type. This is normally because it fuses with your own hair and making it hard to get it out of the head.

It requires you to detangle then yet they will need more maintenance.

Grade 6A

This is one of the high-quality pieces that come in being 100% human hair and Remy one sometimes. Such hair has a medium thickness and you are allowed to dye it to the medium blonde level.

This hair is durable and it will last up to 8 months. Furthermore, you can use it even when your hair has a length of 18 inches.

The key to having a great piece is in taking proper care of it. You should use it more if you are wearing straight hair.

Grade 7A

Here is a choice that will deliver quality on a budget.

This hair normally has the cuticles intact and it’s a Remy hair type. This hair is called the double drawn hair because its double weft to avoid shedding and tangling.

You can easily dye the hair to a blonde color yet the hair it is often thick and strong. The hair will last up to a year with proper maintenance.

You should always use a detangling shampoo every after a short while. This is not to say that the hair tangles excessively but you should just be safe.

Grade 8A and 9A

Now, this is almost the highest quality of hair and it features the use of 100% human hair. It comes from a single donor. For this hair type, it was never processed and it has all the cuticles intact.

This hair has a lifetime of about 1.5 years to 2 years. This hair type allows you to re-style them although if you do restyle them then you reduce the life expectancy.

It has fewer short hair mixed in the bundles. The hair won’t tangle and it’s easier for you to maintain them.

Grade 10A

In the hair industry grading system, this is the highest quality of hair we have today. Equally the hair is the most expensive you can ever have.

This features the 100% unprocessed hair that is also from a single donor. The hair has thick ends and a strong structure.

You can dye it to even white color and it will still maintain its own structure. You don’t damage it from coloring it.

It will tangle and mat lesser than altogether hair types.

With this hair, you can rest assured that you won’t need too much maintenance.

So, someone will ask is there a difference between the grade 8A and 9A and grade 10A?

Yes, there is. Sometimes you will find your grade 8A and 10A having almost similar qualities but the hair strands may be thinner than the ones that you have with the grade 10A.

Peruvian hair extension

This hair gives you amazing value for your money. If you can get the natural 1b color it will blend well with other hair types. You can also style it with ease.

This features a 100% human hair

The hair has double stitch wefts.

Its cuticles are usually facing the same direction.

Most of the Peruvian hair can be colored to even lighter shade.

They come from a single donor and they don’t have thin tips.

The standard weight is 100gms.

This hair normally comes at the grade 8A level.

Malaysian hair

If you can get the Malaysian body wave or straight hair you will have the amazing value for your money.

This hair comes in the color 1b and it can blend easily with most other hair types.

It features 100% human hair.

The hair is double stitched.

You will have the Remy hair with cuticles facing the same direction to avoid tangling.

You can color it up to a honey blonde level.

The hair is single drawn and not thin at the tips.

For most people, this is a grade 7A hair.

Brazilian hair

In most cases, the Brazilian hair is of high quality and grade 8A. But for some companies, it might be rated at level 9A or 10A.

It features 100% human hair. You then have the double stitch wefts to avoid shedding and tangling no wonder you will rarely hear of tangles.

The cuticles are normally facing the same direction making the hair a Remy type of hair.

It will be pricier than your regular Malaysian hair but that is mostly in regards to the hair you use.

Indian hair

Often times you will get the Indian hair being at the grade 8A. When this is the case it means the following

You are wearing a 100% human hair extension.

The hair is double stitched. This will then prevent shedding and tangling.

The cuticles face the same direction which makes it a Remy hair.

The Indian hair is best bought curly or wavy.

The Indian hair is quite popular and for this reason, it’s often cheaper than most others.

It then matches most hair types.

Is There Any Human Hair Grade That You Would Say is The Best?

If you are into hair business you must know about the grading system. But is there a hair type that you will call a good type of hair?

Of course, most people want to believe that when you have a high hair grade then it’s the best but this is never the case.

Remember there are no set standards that the hair should meet to fit a certain grade. And while 10A is the highest grade, there are instances when the highest grade in one company is actually a grade 8A in another one.

Besides from grade 7A, we have all the hair types coming in being referred to as best quality hair. In addition, there’s no honesty in the grading system because you can call your hair whichever grade that interests you.

However, if you will go checking other features too like the Raw and Unprocessed hair you will then buy a high-quality piece.

At the end of the day, all you are looking forward to is to buy a great piece whether graded or not. So, we may have different opinions in regards to the grading system and that’s okay. Allow yourself to either use the grades or not.

Can You Really Know the Quality of The Hair Using the Grading System?

The problem is that most suppliers keep adding to the list of qualities you expect with the different grades. However, there’s no clear-cut line as to the features you expect the hair grade to have.

For this reason, unfortunately, you can say that your hair is of high quality or low quality based on the grading.

Do You Think There Wil Be A Universal Grading System Any Time Soon?

Unfortunately, although the system we use in the grading is haphazard it’s here to stay. No one is thinking of coming up with a standardized method of grading the hair. Besides, this hair grading system has dominated the market.

Initially, when you still had grade 5A or 6A everything was working fine but with the addition of the many A’s came the need to make profits rather than sell quality hair.

Can You Compare the Grade 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A?

Unfortunately, much as you would want to say yes, we have the answer being absolute No. There aren’t set qualities you expect with each hair type. In fact, today we only have people marketing grade 6A to 10A.

We haven’t had any advancement in the wafting, shucking and manufacturing of the hair. Thus, even if you heard there’s now a grade 12A expect not much difference from your grade 9A.

Wrapping up

With that said, what do you think? Would you use the grading system to determine the quality of your hair? I still stick to my system use other factors together with the grading system to determine the quality.

Marketing is good and ideal for the seller but to the buyer, if you aren’t vigilant you may buy the same product at a higher cost where you would buy it at allow price. Nevertheless, I hope this article helps you achieve a better understanding of the grading system.

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