So today, we open our doors to let you into our factory. We know for us to serve you well, we have to be transparent in our operation and never compromise on quality. So are you ready to see and learn how we make our different hair types?

You should know that we believe in authenticity and quality, so that’s all you will see in our factory.


Our factory is located in Guangzhou, China, and I must say we are lucky to have an ambient environment both in the factory and outside.

There’s so much work that goes on in a hair factory; that’s why you’ll notice that our factory is spacious to all easy operation. Besides, we make sure you have everything our employees need to produce the hair. The environment is conducive and free of all harsh toxins. Anyone can work here comfortably.

Satisfied staffs

You have to know that when your employees are happy and appreciated, they will work swiftly and deliver the best. Well, we care for our employees’ wellbeing.

  • We give them free meals
  • They work for eight hours a day
  • They have worker insurance and
  • They have the weekend and holiday leaves.

With our quality control managers’ help, you can be sure the quality of the hair we sell is the same high. As such, the hair production process is monitored all the way.


We offer both retail and wholesale services, which then means the prices differ. However, one thing is true that you can save a lot of money either way.

Notice that since we have the capacity, we produce high volumes of hair, which then spreads the cost of production. This goes to show you the reason why our hair products are much cheaper. The labor cost is equally lower than in most other countries.

We can, therefore, produce all the different kinds of hair extensions, wigs, and weaves.

You will like the packaging

Our company adheres to environmental requirements. We, therefore, only use recyclable packaging. We also use the soy ink to create the logo and brand name on the package. You will find it easy to reuse the package for other duties too.

The products we make

We like to focus on the most authentic human hair products. We make virgin hair, raw hair, and mostly we focus on Remy hair. All of these hair types feature the superior quality of raw hair we collect from human hair donors.

With this in mind, you can be sure this hair will last long. The hair never tangles or sheds since it has all the cuticles intact and aligned. Therefore, you can restyle it if you like. It looks more natural yet healthy.

You will like all our hair products just because they look so much like your natural hair. Furthermore, it blends in easily.

The material

Of course, if you want the colored hair, you will find it here. Most of our Remy hair are also colored. You can also buy the raw and virgin human hair that’s in its natural hair color form.

You don’t have to worry, though, because all the hair you find here is from real human donors. Our distributors have a history of only sourcing the authentic hair from our donors.

Notice that all the hair donors will be paid for their donation. If you also want the virgin human hair or the raw ones, you will find them on our site. Such hair doesn’t go through processing, and thus it maintains its authenticity.

The history of hair theme hair factory

We founded our hair factory back in 2007, intending to make sure different women can have the best hair they like and want to use. Over the years, we delivered the best hair thanks to the fact that our staff have been in this business for ages.

Today they know what works and what doesn’t. They will never disappoint when making the wigs.

Additionally, if you want a custom made wig, you can have it here. Mostly the hair you will find in this site comes from the rural villages of India, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, and many other parts of the globe.

We take the time only to choose the best quality hair. One factor we consider is the health of the donor, and that’s why we only select the best hair from the young and healthy donors. Notice that we take the hair from women of ages 18-25 years more than any other generation.

Well, today we have a huge hair mall where you will find different kinds of hair. Whether you want the wigs, weaves, or hair extensions, you will find it here. If you wish to the Brazilian, Peruvian, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Malaysian, or any other type, you will find it today. We also sell different colors and lengths of hair.

We are also very fast to adapt to the changing marketing needs. This is why we keep changing the hair as they come.

So then why should you buy the hair from us

We have the best quality.

We already talked about this, remember. And of all other things, this is the most critical point when it comes to hair. You want the hair to be the highest quality, especially when you want to have the return clients.

Our staffs are skilled.

You can be sure that Chinese workers are skillful, detail-oriented, diligent, and passionate. We work as a team to produce the best hair. Although we provide the hair on an industrial scale, we are meticulous in ensuring the quality is never compromised.

You should know, though, that the hair goes through different steps before you receive it.

To summarize:

We take the hair through a selection process, which will isolate the short from the long hair. It’s on this step that you also have the bad quality hair discarded.

Next, you wash the hair to get rid of the debris as well as any pesticides that may be formed. The next part is to weft the hair together or makes it to a wig. Sometimes we even make the clip-ins and tape-in hair.

The last part then is to counter-check the hair making sure we have all the perfect qualities of hair. After this, then you can package the hair ready for exportation.

The price

Let’s agree on this point yet again; the hair is affordable in our factory even though it’s exotic. When you buy from our shop, you can be sure it will help you make profits.

We are the best vendors in the hair market.

You always want to work with those you can trust, and of course, you will trust us for our effectiveness. We have proven to be the most trusted brand, thanks to our efficiency and work ethic. We have all the positive reviews, which makes it one of the most loved brands.

We focus on selling hair that we haven’t chemically processed to make sure anyone can use them without skin reactions. It will further last longer since we choose the best quality.

We use the best quality hair from the best donors. We want the hair to serve you over a long time; that’s why we choose the perfect quality that you can use.

We ship the hair to you sooner.

We like to ship the hair to you as soon as you order. You will hear from us within 24 hours of sending us an email. If you have a burning question, you are free to send us an email.

Vital tips to remember when choosing the vendor

If you are going to have a legit vendor, you must consider the following points.

  • Work with anyone ready to video chat with you.

I encourage people to visit the sites, especially if you are going to buy the hair in bulk. Go to China and see the whole process. If you then can’t, the other option is to video chat with the vendor, let them show you around their hair factory.

  • The positive reviews

Confirm that they allow their reviews to be visible. This will show you what their clients say about the hair and thus guide you in knowing whether to buy it or not.

Don’t fall victim of fraud.

The majority of the sellers online are fraud, which means you need to be vigilant in knowing the right vendor.

Only go to sellers who have the website.

They should have a brand name, and it should be registered. Check to confirm that this is the reality. If they don’t have a registered name, get out they aren’t legit.

Will they video call? It’s just like anything else. I mean, you want to prove that they are honest. When they video call, you can see the different aspects of their factories.

Are they in a rush for you to pay them? If people are legit, they won’t rush you to pay they will be comfortable to let you ask as many questions as you like.

They know very little about hair, yet they want to convince you to buy from them.