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How to Find Reliable Hair Factories in China

Although China has the most significant hair manufacturing base in the world, it’s hard to find the most reliable hair factories. If you have ever purchased hair in China, you know how frustrating the whole process can be.

You will go back and forth in communication, but in the end, you realize the manufacturer you choose isn’t giving you what you want. Well, if you’re going to get a legitimate business partner, you will need to have a plan.

Notice that China has big hair factories. This only goes to tell you that if you genuinely want to reach a manufacturer, you have to research and get one based on what you need.

By the time you are considering this option, I know you will have thought of all the benefits that entail buying hair from China.

But as a reminder,

Benefits of Buying from China

Notice that the Chinese economy is at the peak of its growth. The reason why most business companies are moving to China is because of the low cost of production. Other countries sell goods at a high price because the cost of production is high.

As a seller, therefore, you make a low-cost purchase. That could earn you a lot of profit in terms of sales in your country, you know.

Someone will be quick to say they have counterfeit products. Don’t even start with the mentality of the fake goods. China produces both high-grade goods and inferior goods. So, if you choose to buy the low-grade ones is the country to blame no pleas.

I know what comes to mind next. So how is it they can make goods at a very low-cost.

  • It’s simple; the raw materials are easily accessible
  • Wages are cheaper compared to other countries.  You know what this means, right? The reduction in the cost of production.
  • China has mastered its technology, and you know with technology, everything is getting easier. Things that would have taken you longer don’t because you can do them first and at a snap of a finger.
  • They have mastered the art of mass production.
  • They also have organized production lines.
  • The constantly growing need for hair has led to a continuous need for more manufacturers.
  • Consider the transport cost. Of course, if you are into business with a Chinese manufacturing company, the cost of transport may scare you. But fear not, transporting goods from China to whichever country is cheap.

Finding Chinese Suppliers

Are you just starting your business or you have been in the industry?

This question will determine several factors. If you are new, do you know the kind of hair that you wish to purchase from the factories?

This question will guide you to knowing which factories to go to because, after all, there will be some that specialize in a style of hair.

You will only get this when you know what is out there in the market versus what you think your market would love. Our advice to you though is that if you are new to this business, test out with different hair types before settling on one that you think works best for you.

Remember there are different qualities of the hair. A high-quality one is easy to care for, and you can also color it or change its style if need be. We all want the hair to enhance our looks so aim a making the customers feel good about themselves thus need to return.

The one vital factor to remember is that you will have to bear the cost of your customer isn’t satisfied to protect your vendor business. This is why you should make sure you only use or buy from trusted factories.

So, know that you will need a clear plan to go through the pool of suppliers before you can crucial as to who is the best supplier for you.

But where will you get the suppliers to form online

I can imagine how tough it can be to find the best supplier when you don’t even know the keywords to use. Don’t be a perfectionist when you are searching for the right factory; it’s all about trial and error, right?

Here are a few sites to go to when you are reaching for the best suppliers

· Online supplier directory

Did you know this was even there?

If you know about it, then you are lucky as it has some of the best suppliers you can go to for expensive purchases. This directory shows you some of the proven legitimate suppliers in the market.

I like that using this item will help and it reduces the chances of being scammed. Besides, it makes it easy to identify the supplier based on the specs you need. You further reduce the time you have to spend in the research of the best suppliers.

There’s a way to know whether the suppliers you chose is a good one. Check the golden star at the side of the supplier’s name.

· Google

I love to Google. It’s the mother of all search and the answer to all questions. When we want to search for information, we visit google. So, you will also find some of the significant factories here just like any other thing you want to look for.

The problem with this, however, is that there will be thousands of factories for you to peruse through and decide which one serves you best.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell that the factories you are finding here on google are good ones for you. You will have to use your intelligence to see which one works best for you.

So, type the keyword hair factories or wholesalers then go reading the list. Take the address and phone number of the factories that sell the hair you are interested in.

It doesn’t end here though you must go on for further research on the website of the factories to know more about them.

· Alibaba and AliExpress

Well, these are the two most popular online shops in the world. This means that almost every business is here and that can be overwhelming for the beginner. Well, word has it that the manufacturers and the factory make the Alibaba list you see.

You will need to understand the simple English they use or, better yet, use a translator to know what they mean.

AliExpress, on the other hand, has many distributors who sell the goods from the manufacturers to the customers. The good thing here is that the prices are ridiculously lower than the Amazon version of the US.

You may find a few factories that sell direct to clients here but notice that suppliers are the most popular.

· Go to the tradeshows and trade fairs

Since China is a country unrelenting on the growth of the business, they hold tradeshows every so often. The good thing is that you can attend such events, whether you are international or a national Chinese.

There are thousands of businesses that attend the shows today. You will have loads of information to digest when you visit these shows.

If you won’t participate in any other at least attend the Canton fair trade show. Who knows you may find the factory you need to work with?

I love this because you get in contact with the factory of your choice, and you can interact massively with them. In these meetings, you will judge them to see whether you can work with them. I love that they come with several products.

If you feel that you can’t travel to China anytime soon, you shouldn’t worry. They do have the same trade fair here in the US. They won’t have many traders but at least you will have the necessary information as to how things work there.

For the first step, you have different places to find factories. Now I know you would ask:

How Do You Use the Findings to Get the Factory?

Once you have gotten a list, you have to sieve through, so you will go into each website for more information. Here you may read the reviews, check out the site if they have what you need. Also, you may get their contact info to reach out to them.

Go on to check Alibaba and AliExpress. Find factories that sell the hair you like and add them to the list you are creating above.

Once you have everything set, you to want to filter it further. Find out who looks more reliable and more comfortable to work with. Some clients will not communicate or deliver the goods in time and that’s bad for business so watch out.

If you want even further information visit similar to find out how many clients visit their website.

By now, you should have a small number so contact each of them to make the final decisions.

Verify that the factory is real

One thing you will have to do is verify the factory you are choosing before you go to work with them. This will need so much time and patience together with research.

Here are the steps to verify that the factory works for real

Go on to google the company and also conduct a background check

The first way to find out the legitimacy of a company is by using google. Of course, it’s the answer to most of the questions because it has a history and collection of information. I don’t want to discredit a factory but if it has no reviews and nothing bought, it’s a red flag.

So, you can go to google and AliExpress, and when you visit the potential company shop only to discover that it has no sales and reviews yet, move to another one. Although this could also be that the factory has just opened a new shop you don’t want to experiment with, I know.

Even though you should watch out for such, you don’t have to discredit them fully. If others have high star ratings and positive reviews, it may be useful to buy from them.

Nevertheless, watch out for factories that won’t publicly show their address. So, notice that not all companies that are on the first page of google are good. A good company displays all its info by showing you where it’s from and its ID plus phone number.

Could you conduct an onsite test?

Although this isn’t easy, you will need to do it for your good. This makes it easy to know whether the company is right for you or not. Could you find their business license, find out its location, some photos that show they are operational, certifications and contact information.

Let’s agree that this is not so easy to do, so you might have to forget about it, don’t worry.

How about some order samples?

Remember if you are going to the factories, you intend to buy the hair in bulk. So, you will need to see and test a sample. Find out if the factory can send you some examples, whether free or paid for to see if they offer good quality.

They will ship the hair to you, and that’s going to show you some important factors like whether they are timely or not.

You will further know the product quality by wearing it or just touching and seeing it. Remember, you shouldn’t order samples from one company instead, chose your three best companies and ordered the samples to see which one stands out.

Lets talk about their online presence

Today everything happens online. Since you will be mostly doing business online, check out if your potential customers have an online presence. Often the business people will say that they can answer your question, but they don’t.

This should show you that you will either have a smooth ride in business or not. The customer service they have taught you whether they are easy to work with or not.

If you have a burning question, then you can call them. But this will only happen if they gave you their office number or they show it on their website.

If you can’t call them though send them an email as you await the response.

One last thing,

Seek customer reviews

A good company should have its review or customer testimonial. If they have a number with the positive remarks, it’s most likely a legit company. However, if they lack entirely this reference, then maybe you should keep searching for another.

But How Do They Make the Payment?

Today it’s quite easy to make the payment, unlike the past. You may use the master card, visa card, PayPal eChecking and many other platforms. You could further use the western union, MoneyGram and cheques.

Hair Factories

Since we are talking about how you can find the hair factories, we may as well highlight some of the best hair factories.

Ted Hair Factory

Most sites suggest that this is the best choice of hair. This is a premium hair factory. They have the best hair to provide to you but the good thing is that you don’t have to struggle in finding their legitimacy.

They have an online presence together with showrooms for you to go check out. Whether you want to visit their factory in China or Atlanta is all up to you. Also, you can check them out online. They conduct both the trading of the hair as well as manufacturing.

Ted Hair gives you the best quality hair extension at a very fair price, making sure you can also make some money out of your hair business.

The good news is they will communicate promptly with you. They have some of the best customer care platforms. So, you can go check it out to confirm that it will work for you. Although it came to existence in 2009, it still has the best businesses working with them.

Kabeilu Hair Factory

Well, they focus solidly on human hair and they have their factory in Guangzhou. The factory-like the one above has been in business for over ten years yet it maintains a strong reputation. It has a competent workforce and they produce about 3.6 million pieces of hair.

To date, they ship over ten thousand pieces of hair per day as they depend solidly on some of the best shipping companies like FedEx and DHL. Not only will the hair you purchase reach you on time, but it will be in good shape too.

XBL Hair Factory

This is another factory that you will find in Guangzhou. It has been in existence for over the last 18 years. They have a high-end factory that focuses solidly on the production of good quality hair. They make the hair as per the requirements.

It further has another factory that produces just the regular priced hair extensions too.

How to Deal with Hair Factories

What hair do you want?

It’s easy to deal with them, but as we had said earlier, you must know the kind of hair that you are after. Then research to find out the best factories producing the best hair in the niche. Once you have this in the order you can then go looking for the right factory.


Once you have identified the organization you wish to work with, you should make sure you negotiate with them to sell the hair at the best fair price for both of you. Although the price matters, you should consider the fact that you want a factory that produces quality products.

I prefer to make the relationship cordial and friendly for sustained business. Only negotiate for the price when you have made the perfect relationship with them, and your business is beginning to flourish.

Remember, you don’t want to over negotiate. If you press them to the wall, the manufacturer has no choice but send you haphazard goods.

Maintain professionalism

You don’t have to be rude since the people you will be dealing with are human beings too. Don’t be like a few people who can’t be kind.

You see, kindness goes a long way. Remember, the kind of relationship you build with your client will determine whether you develop a successful business or not.

Don’t let the manufacturers so much into the business but also don’t mistreat them. If they know you as a respectful individual, they will want to work with you with all the respect and that also means that they will deliver the best hair for you.

Pay for the good on time

One thing that destroys a business relationship is when you can pay for the goods on time. That will send a wrong signal to the manufacturers that you are not good with business. Begin by making sure you pay for the goods the moment they deliver them.


You should have a set of questions you will ask them to determine whether they are appropriate.

Where do they get the hair from?

This will seclude those who buy high-quality hair and those who purchase low quality. Although they may not be honest, you can find out this information from their records online. Also, customer reviews may help you.

How do they measure the length?

You will need to know the length of the hair so that you don’t mislead the clients. If for example, they sell curly hair, do you have to stretch the hair to get the exact length or measure it without stretching?

What of the maintenance advice?

We desire to make sure the customer can keep the hair over a long time. Therefore, the factories can tell you how they require you to store the hair for durability. Also, ask them how long you expect the hair will last.

Are there extra charges in terms of taxes?

You want to know what you are getting into. Let them inform you if there are other charges you will need to pay beforehand. So, this lets you know what more you have to pay during the exportation. You shouldn’t be surprised that you will need to pay an extra lump sum of money.

Will they label it for you?

I know you may want to personalize the packaging. Often the manufacturer will help you with the labeling. So, if they can, let them help you to label it. That will ease your work even if it’s at a cost.

Once you have all these aspects in place, now you are ready to start the business. But don’t just rest there; keep yourself abreast of the changing market.

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