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Hair Extensions VS Weaves VS Wigs, Which One Should You Choose

Hair Extensions VS Weaves VS Wigs

The fact that you are here means you are a little confused about the artificial hair just like many men and women out there.

For a very long-time, women struggled with their unsatisfactory natural hair.

This might be because although the weaves, wigs and hair extensions have been in the market for over 5000years, it was only the celebrities who were using them for their acts. Today more and more people are using the hair extensions.

Hair Extensions VS Weaves VS WigsI can attest to the fact that almost every woman feels that her hair is insufficient in one way or another. It might be the color, the length or even the volume.

Thanks to these hair extensions because today you can come from no hair in a minute to the longest beautiful and healthy hair.

The problem, however, is that it’s tricky to know what kind of hair fits you by just looking at them. This is because there are thousands of hair types in the market.

1. What Are Weaves?

woman with weaveIt simply refers to the artificial, natural and synthetic hair that you attach on one’s hair to alter the appearance of their hair. Specifically, the hair is woven, clipped, glued or stitched on the human’s natural hair. This makes it appear voluminous longer or of a different color.

Weaves have also made it easy to protect your natural hair from heat. This then lets it even grow further.  But do you know where it originated from?

History indicates that weaves originated from Egypt where in around 3400BC, the people there began to dye their hair into their favorite colors. Also, they took the sheep hair then they attached it on their hair with beeswax and resin.

It’s during that time that Cleopatra became famous for her peacock blue weave. Today the weaves are more common in various communities across the globe. So, unlike the hair extensions that you can just clip-in and remove them at night, this one will stay for a few weeks.

What Is Weave Made Of?

The weave is made of the following

  • Synthetic fiber

The synthetic fibers are made of many different materials but not human hair. This is why they are used to make weaves. They will also make braids. A major characteristic about them is that they don’t last as long as the human hair does.

Unfortunately, they are easily affected by heat and friction. Moreover, they vary in quality and they are usually a lot stiffer. They are also cheaper than your regular human hair.

  • Futura

This is another type of synthetic fiber that can stand a high heat of up to 400 degrees. It actually outlasts human hair. The hair has a natural sheen and is similar to human hair since it’s usually tangle-free.

You may wash it and straighten it or curl it to your desire although it will take longer to set than the human hair.

  • Human hair

Sometimes they are made using the hair from human hair donors across the globe. The hair normally comes from Venezuela, Brazil, Malaysia, China, India among other countries. It normally just looks like your natural hair.

Different kinds of weaves

Before you know the kinds of weaves in the market, you ought to know that there are a number of weaves that will suit you and others not suit you. There are a number of factors that determine why the weave is right for you. They include:

  • How long you would like the weave to last
  • The length of your desired weave and how much volume you want.
  • The weave makes up.


Let’s say that this is the most common type across the globe. It entails you just making cornrows on it. Next, you have the weave sewn on the cornrows.

This one can either be painful or feel like you have nothing on the hair which depends on how tight you make the cornrows or how tight you are sewing it on. Ensure it’s not so tight to avoid the hair pressure.

Net sew-in

The style is similar to your regular sew-in method. However, you sew the net over the braids. It’s a better method to release the pressure over your hair. But this keeps you from taking care of your natural hair.

Strand by strand

You divide the hair into small sections, then braid an inch or more. You can then secure it with the extension.


This is another common method today that most people have mastered the art of DIY. You simply attach the weave to sections of your hair using glue. It also should be close to the scalp. If you know how to maintain it, it will last over 2 months.


In this case, you have strands of human hair attached to pieces of your own natural hair. It’s often important to make sure that it matches your own hair.


Another one of the sewing techniques where you don’t make the cornrows. Here you sew micro thin weft to lose hair.


Your hair wefts are glued to the shaft of your hair mostly close to the scalp.

Why You Should Consider Wearing A Weave

  • A variety of choices

You will have different types of weaves in different shades and lengths. You can have the synthetic ones but you can have those that come from human hair donors.

  • It’s the shortcut to your boost of confidence and beauty

Can you imagine how long it has taken you to literary grow your hair to that length you have right now? For most women, this takes time and even if it grows long, you won’t have it all. You may have the hair long but not voluminous or lack the color that pleases you.

So, with this hair you can DIY at home and in a few minutes, you have the length and volume you have always admired celebrities having.

  • It lasts longer

Unlike other hair types, weaves can last up to 3 months depending on how good you are taking care of them. If you will maintain it, the hair will look good 3 months after you make it.

  • Your hair gets a break from the scorching sun

Since the weave literary covers your hair, it has the time to build up and grow in volume. It also develops a great color.

  • Do you want the long hair but you know it can’t grow that long?

Go and sew in some weave to enjoy the long hair of your dream.

Different Weave Terminologies You Should Know Of

You can have various brands of hair but until you understand the following terminologies, you may not find it easy to buy the hair.

  • Virgin hair

Here you have the hair cut with the cuticles facing the same direction. This hair is in its natural state and you don’t have chemicals added to the hair. The hair is taken from any race and it’s expensive as it takes time to grow. Furthermore, virgin hair is not as common in the market.

  • Remy

This is another kind of hair where you the cuticles going in the same direction. However, this hair has some chemicals. Which means that the hair has colors or it’s permed.

  • Weft

You simply hold the hair together using some fine threads. This is done by a machine or sometimes by hand. Hand wefts are natural-looking and desirable but the popular ones are the machine weft types.

  • Pre-bonded ones

This is the type that uses keratin. You connect the hair in tresses using a bonding agent. You can either have u tipped type or the I tipped ones.

Tips to Having A Great Weave

  • Invest in it

The more you spend in the hair, the more likely it is for you to buy a great textured hair and great type ultimately. While synthetic hair is quite popular, I would always prefer that you buy the human hair because not only does it feel like your hair but it also gives you an edge.

  • Take care of your hair and scalp

You should deep condition your natural hair before you attach the weave on it. Even though you have your weave on, remember your aim is for your hair to have a break. You don’t also want to damage it in the process.

Remember to always take care of your scalp. Oil it with the natural oils and wash the hair as often as you can with the right shampoo then deep condition it.

There is almost every color you would want to put on your hair. Make sure you choose one that blends with your skin and improves your features.

  • Choose the best style

Even if you buy the weave and you don’t attach it right you won’t be confident. Choose the one style that works best with you.

Can Weave Damage Your Hair?

The weave is often a protective mechanism for your hair. It will also help you increase its volume and protect it from direct sun. However, there are things that if you do will spoil the hair.

  • Leaving the weave on your hair for too long

The weave and hair stylists are mostly so expensive. But you should always change it after it has stayed for about 6 weeks. This allows you to clean your scalp intensively as you let it breathe. If you won’t change the hair soon, the hair may become dry and brittle.

  • Don’t tighten the natural hair

When you feel the hair is too tight and you are about to cry from pain, it’s better to undo the weave altogether. The problem with tightening your hair is that it damages your hair and soon you will start seeing it breaking.

  • Excess heat

You must have at least seen this in so many places. You shouldn’t have a lot of heat on your hair all the time. This normally happens when you want to dry the hair or even style it. You don’t want to place your hair under 200 degrees every morning.

  • If your scalp is injured

Don’t fix the weaves when you still have injured scalp. If you realize that you have irritative scalp, keep away from weaves because they may just enhance the injury.

What Is Hair Extension

Basically, the hair extension just describes all the different types of artificial hair that you attach to your natural hair. In a nutshell, all the weaves, wigs and human hairs are classified under the list of hair extension.

The difference normally comes in the way they are made.

  • Clip in hair extension

Clip in hair extensionThese ones come in strands of contoured pieces of hair that you attach at the base of your hair with silicone or fabric. The clips are normally attached to the base and they come in ready to use. This means that you can easily DIY at home.

They aren’t permanent and you should remove them when you want to sleep. You can have those that are fixed to last anything from 3-6 months. It takes you only 15 minutes to fix.

  • Tape in hair extension

Tape in hair extensionThis kind of hair is pre-taped and when you want to attach them to your hair, you simply, glue them or tape them on your natural hair. You have to align the hair with your roots. Unfortunately, most glues usually damage the natural hair so not many people like them.

  • Weaves

As earlier stated, you simply sew-in the weave on your cornrows. They are best preferred by those with thick hair.

  • Fusion

Fusion hair extensionsHere you have the pre-bonded hair being attached to your natural hair. This uses keratin glue and heat sometimes.

  • Micro link hair extension

You apply them by attaching tiny wefts to your natural hair using the silicone lined bead. This bead keeps the hair in place. It doesn’t use heat or glue but if you don’t use a professional, chances are that it will spoil your hair.

  • Wig

There are different forms of wigs and they are literarily applied on top of your hair. Most people actually like those that will cover your whole head.

How long they last is dependent on the care you give them. But since you don’t wear them for a long time they can go up to a year and sometimes more.

Weaves Vs Extension

Most people can’t tell whether there’s a difference between the two or not. From our descriptions above the only major difference between the two is that all weaves are hair extensions but not all extensions are weaves.

With the weave, you have the entire hair being braided and then attached with extensions from one end to the other.  The hair extension, on the other hand, has the weave type as well as the strands being attached to your natural hair.

3. What Is A Hair Wig?

hair WigA wig is often referred to as a hair covering. It’s mostly made using human hair or sometimes even animal hair. You can also find hair wigs that are made using synthetic fiber. They often cover the whole head but you can also have those that cover your hair partially.

Different people wear wigs for different reasons

  • You might wear it because you wish to hide your hair loss. Sometimes hair loss is inevitable. For this reason, the cheapest method to still maintain your good look is to cover your hair with wigs.
  • Celebrities will wear it to act the part of the movie they are acting. You see it’s tricky to change your hairstyle so frequently so the best way to go about is to change wigs instead.
  • Some people just love wigs and they will wear them for fun and a change of look.
  • You might have a bad hair day and you have some important place to go to. In such cases, consider wearing a weave.

Can Wigs Damage Your Natural Hair?

If you wear the wigs for prolonged periods of time without taking proper care of your hair, chances are that you may lose your hair or even damage your scalp.

Just like other hair extensions, the wig protects your hair from damage and direct sunlight but you should let your scalp breathe every after some time.

There are two types of wigs

  • Synthetic Wig

This is made from synthetic fiber as we had mentioned about such weaves. Luckily today the synthetic wigs have improved to emulate the natural human hair. They are easy to use since you can wear them directly from the box.

They are designed to hold up to bad weather and can stand the different styles you would often want to subject it to.

  • Human hair wig

On the other hand, the human hair wig is made using human hair. They are easy to style and they look just like your regular hair. They are usually very soft and with a great shine. The hair is also versatile. You can easily cut them to suit your style.

There are four types of hair wigs which include:

Chinese hair wig: this one is usually very straight and thicker. It’s however resistant to curls.

Indonesian hair: this one is more abundant and it is inexpensive.

Indian hair is thinner with rich texture.

European hair: it’s finer and one of the most popular in the market.

Generally, the human hair wig is more of a high-quality one than the synthetic one.

Wig Vs Weave

Both of these are hair extensions. Both hairs allow you to change your hairstyle without having to cut down the hair. There are various methods of wearing a weave like clip-ins, sew-ins, fusion but none of them allows you to just wear it to cover your whole head.

If you use human hair then there are many advantages including the fact that your hair won’t tangle.

Wigs don’t take a lot of time to wear. Therefore, they are mostly preferred if you need to frequently change the hairstyle for different acts.

Wigs are durable since most of them are meant to last more than a year. The good thing about them is that you don’t wear them every day. Even if you bought the low-quality wigs it would be durable.

You get to let your hair breathe below the wig. As long as you remember to take care of your hair, it will maintain its healthy look.

They, however, require that you re-install them every day. It could also embarrass you if you are not careful by coming off. This is because wigs are never sewn in.

Which Is Best?

If you are the person who likes to change your hairstyles every so often, wigs are the best. The hair is inexpensive and it will easily blend with your hair. If you will remember to take care of your natural hair then your hair will be rich underneath the wig.

Maintaining Your Natural Hair While You Have Hair Extensions

  • Always massage your scalp

Wearing the different kinds of extensions is great but one downfall to your head is that it lacks proper circulation of blood. Your wig or weave, in this case, is tightly attached to your head. Consider massaging your head when you remove the wig to allow for proper blood circulation.

  • Consider cleaning your hair

Even when you have this extension you still have to take good care of your natural hair. Make it a routine to wash your hair at least weekly. This will maintain your hair strength and health.

  • Never use damp hair

Sometimes people forget and wash their hair extensions at night and then they want to sleep with them without drying it, this will cause tangling. Always dry the hair first.

Don’t ever wear any hair extension when your hair is damp. This may make room for bacterial growth. Dry the hair first before you can attach the wig weave and any other human extension.

  • Treat your hair

Once you remove the wig, remember to apply the deep conditioning and treatment to your hair.

Caring for Your Hair Extensions

The one thing that makes it important to take care of your hair extension is that you may damage your hair if you don’t take proper care of it. They will further look dehydrated and not at all a pleasing look.

If you further want to lengthen the lifespan of the hair you ought to take good care of them.

  • When storing them

If you are using wigs or you have the hair extension that you can recycle, you should take care when you are storing them.

Gather that hair together and brush it together this will get rid of knots. Remember to be gentle when brushing the hair. This will reduce breakage.

  • Tier them close together at the base then roll it into a circle before you place it neatly into the box.
  • Don’t wash the hair frequently because that will kill its luster.
  • Always prevent tangles.

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